26 August, 2006

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26 August, 2006

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[From Telos, Fall 2005]

By Helgard Mahrdt

The “Ideas of 1914”

Arendt never systematically developed her thoughts about the intellectuals who propounded the so-called “Ideas of 1914.”[1] Yet we do find critical comments on them scattered throughout her work, where they figure as an element in her theory of totalitarianism as a radical break with tradition that renders all former political categories useless.[2] In her letter to Karl Jaspers on March 4, 1951, she points to a relation between the drive to render human beings superfluous and the drive toward total power.[3] She insists that neither a state nor a nation nor a people can or should be seen as one and total, as embodying all power. In contrast, we find anticipations of such thinking the “all-powerful one” in “the ideas of 1914,” e.g. in Ernst Troeltsch’s, Die deutsche Idee von der Freiheit and in Paul Natorp’s Deutscher Weltberuf.[4]

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26 August, 2006

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In Germany, under Jewish Tyranny, to tell the truth is a crime.

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25 August, 2006

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[Some remarks interpolated.]

The Confederate Defeat, The Fall Of New Orleans
And The Importance Of Legitimacy, Will and Action To Victory

By Bill White

Commentary — I’ve been reading recently about the Civil War, following my recent readings on French Revolutionary and Napoleonic history. I had never known much about the Civil War — I knew how it went, generally, but I did not know all the battles and maneuvers and details of how the conflict was conducted. Just as I had known, generally, about the French Revolution, but not all the ideology and maneuvers that had occurred in it. While probably a step above many Americans, I had important gaps in my understanding of history.

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25 August, 2006

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[via Mark Farrell]

U.S. Gov’t Censors TV that Exposes Israeli Atrocities

Here in the land of so-called “Free Speech,” the government has recently arrested a man for airing Al-Manar TV on cable.

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25 August, 2006

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Iowa Man Convicted for “Threatening” Judge

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Judges are treated as a class above the law.  They are free to follow or not follow the written law in making their decisions, but should anybody resent their Diktats in any but the very mildest, lawyer-formulated language, they run shrieking to the cops, and demand the revolutionary be stuffed a dungeon – or deeper in the dungeon as is the case with this Myers in Iowa, below.


25 August, 2006

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By George Lenz

Today’s post will deal with incorporation – an opportunity many WN small businessmen and tradesmen encounter sooner or later as their business grows and becomes more stable. Few manage to incorporate without incurring huge and often unnecessary costs, charged by lawyers. This post will explain the basics of incorporation as well as way of incorporating a small business.

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25 August, 2006

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Jews to Register as Foreign Agents?

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25 August, 2006

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Guaranteed rights under the Constitution created by our people – you know, the one the loxists are trying to do away with. Learn more about your rights at SecondAmendment.net…

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25 August, 2006

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Advocate for whites runs for NIC post
Hess wants more European studies

Filing for candidacy

Anyone interested in running for a spot on the North Idaho College Board of Trustees – NIC’s governing board – has through Aug. 31 to file candidacy. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and reside in Kootenai County. Those interested can fill out a declaration of candidacy at the county election office or with election clerk Rolly Jurgens, NIC’s vice president for administrative services.

[paper runs helpful sidebar to encourage non- and self-hating whites to run]

Meghann M. Cuniff
Staff writer
August 24, 2006

A man who hopes to fight what he said is a pattern in the U.S of discrimination against people of European descent will challenge the current North Idaho College Board of Trustees vice chairman for a seat on the board in November.

[it’s a matter of Hess “saying” that affirmative action etc etc exist; not an objective fact]

Stan Hess, 61, filed his declaration of candidacy Wednesday morning, making himself and vice chairman Denny Hague the only candidates who have filed for the seat thus far. The filing deadline is Aug. 31.

“It’s all about the European American human rights movement,” Hess said in an interview at his home in Hayden.

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