15 November, 2006

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by Max Hadden

Leon Degrelle on Germany’s economy, Poland

Belgian Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle discusses the opinion of famous Brits on Hitler, the mass media hate campaign against Germany, the Third Reich economy, and the Danzig problem.


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15 November, 2006

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[Some media. No mention that Rudolf was denied his Ph.D. for proving that gassings were a Big Lie. See lower on the page that the ADL, with the new Dem-controlled Congress, will be trying in the new year to put in place in America the same laws that Rudolf is being persecuted under in Germany.] 

Neo-nazi holocaust denier goes on trial in Germany

Mannheim, Germany (dpa) – A neo-Nazi who denied the Holocaust ever happened went on trial Tuesday under a law against incitement to racial hatred.

Germar Rudolf called the Holocaust “a gigantic fraud,” at the start of proceedings in the city of Mannheim.

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15 November, 2006

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Tonight I was reminded of the total kike infestation of all the non-creative aspects of the art world: Court TV’s excellent series “Masterminds” featured an art dealer who bought lesser-known works of famous Impressionist & modern artists and hired chink hacks to make meticulous copies. He then took the certificates of authenticity from the real works, pasted them onto the backs of the fakes and sold them to gullible Japs, thereby reaping many millions. The last name of the shyster didn’t sound particularly hebeish, and the actor playing the role looked like a dothead – but at about the mid-point in the show, they let the kike outta the bag: the bastid was an Iranian chew who, in a typical display of yid humility, had his moniker emblazoned next to a menorah on a Talmud center he graciously paid for with a small portion of his mountain of purloined shekels.

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15 November, 2006

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Alex — Dr. Kevin MacDonald, the professor who wrote the trilogy of books on Judaism from an evolutionary psychology perspective, is under attack by the SPLC. I think many, if not most VNN readers are aware of Dr. MacDonald and his huge contribution to our understanding of the subversion of western european societies by Chosen influences in academia, media and government. The following link to Dr. MacDonald’s site shows just what the SPLC is doing to harass him. We all need to discuss this: will it be long before there are Irving/Zundel/Rudolph-like trials in this country for saying true things. Truly, “we live in a time when stating the obvious is a revolutionary act.”


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15 November, 2006

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Rev. Ted Pike discusses ADL’s attempt to complete its takeover of U.S. airwaves by shutting down all criticism of jews and anybody jews don’t want criticized.

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15 November, 2006

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One Type of Book, But Not the Other Type

There must be hundreds of books about Jews having to flee or hide from the Nazis during World War II [1].

But we have never seen a book about the reverse situation, i.e., about non-Jews having to flee or hide from the Jewish-led, communist regimes that came to power in Europe both before WWII [e.g., the Soviet Union or Bela Kun’s Hungary] or after WWII [e.g., Poland, Hungary once again, or Romania] [2] [3] [4].

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14 November, 2006

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Alex, Agis, and Craig speak with Kievsky about Aryan principles of living off the land and working together to beat the jew.

kievskysegf.mp3 (11 MB)

Podcast and archives here.

14 November, 2006

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[From Spectator, not online]

Not funny, but it struck home

Rod Liddle

Apparently almost a million British citizens have left the country since 2000, to live somewhere else. Last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, 380,000 people left Britain, of whom about 200,000 were British citizens. At the same time, though, 565,000 immigrants arrived in Britain, the overwhelming majority from the Indian subcontinent (largely Pakistan and Bangladesh).

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14 November, 2006

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[plus details on recent stabbings; also, don’t miss at least one college response to anti-Hannah posts on different thread]


…the bar behind Toons (now called Coyotes) will be made into a queer bar called Rainbow Club, opening very soon. That makes one big building full of diversity, spreading crime and disease, all for the edification of local hicks.


14 November, 2006

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The Silent People


The Jews (in whom we must rejoice),

Are arrogant and loud of voice,

They never cease, throughout the land,

To criticise, on every hand:

Our attitudes, the ways we think,

The ways we speak and breathe and blink,

They thus deserve our gratitude,

Since given any latitude,

The brutes we are, and they are not,

Would rid our planet of the lot.