14 March, 2006

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A Legacy of Dead German Children

By Manfred Ertel

Thousands of German children — many of them toddlers fleeing the Soviet advance — died in Danish refugee camps at the end of World War II. A crusading doctor has set out to document their suffering and break long-standing beliefs about post-war Danish humanity.

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14 March, 2006

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schluessel.gifThe same jews who whine endlessly about McCarthyism practice it themselves, sans surcease.

Debbie Schluessel is a faux-Aryan jewess hungry for publicity. After all, she’s no dumber than Ann Coulter, and Ashkenazi-appeaser Manny Annie is big time. Why not Lil Deb too?

In recent weeks we’ve posted various comments from James Wolcott, who writes for Vanity Fair. Certainly we do not agree with Wolcott on race, or many other things, but he’s right on when it comes to bushy and the bush-leaguers like Schluessel doing wicked things to foreigners in America’s name.

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14 March, 2006

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[Pike is one of few Christians who grasp the nature of the jewish beast. If jews had their way, it would be illegal to practice Christianity. Jews’ every official act is to demonize then criminalize life as lived by ordinary Americans.]


By Rev. Ted Pike

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, believes anti-Semitism will last as long as Christians accept the New Testament’s “lie” that the ancient Pharisees were responsible for the death of Christ. 1

In his recent book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, 2 Foxman claims this “deadly” 3 deception has caused untold Jewish suffering through the millennia. Such New Testament-generated hate culminated in the Holocaust, he claims – but it breaks out afresh as the “Christ-killers” charge is inferred in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ and readings from the “anti-Semitic” Christian story at Easter.

Foxman says another wave of global anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews could be on the way unless Christians agree to ignore large sections of the New Testament.

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12 March, 2006

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Just last week I visited a well-known high school in Jerusalem. A good many of the students I spoke to told me appalling things. They said: When we are soldiers, we will kill old people, women and children without giving it a thought. They said: We will expel them, we will put them on planes and fly them to Iraq. We will fly hundreds of thousands of them. Millions. And most of the students in the audience applauded those opinions. They supported them even when I pointed out that that is how people talked 60 years ago in Europe.

— Avrum Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset: On The Eve Of Destruction

Enjoy the comments surrounding this quote from jew Debbie Schluessel, an exceptionally vicious she-jew maquillaging as Aryan.

12 March, 2006

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by Armen Nazarbekov

I suppose I should read the Weekly Standard more often. It is, after all, the political flagship of Yiddischkeit’s controlled press — and thus an excellent source of the ruling ideas. As it is, I turn to it only under the gun. This week’s cover story (dated February 27) is one such case, devoted as it is to Nicholas Sarkozy, France’s Interior Minister and one of the rising stars on the French “right.”

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12 March, 2006

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1988/A made-for-TV movie loosely based on a true story/starring Lindsay Wagner and Randy Quaid/Written by William Schmidt/Produced by Jewish neoconservative Lionel Chetwynd and possible-Jew Steve Tisch/A review of the 2004 DVD version

When you think of the word “evil,” what comes into your mind? For most people, the word brings forth thoughts of the Devil, a demon or maybe a hairy Jewess who runs an abortion clinic.

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12 March, 2006

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[Truman Capote, subject of recent Oscar-nominated movie, was the homosexual author of In Cold Blood, a masterpiece in a new genre, concerning the murder of a Kansas farm family. Capote, like any top writer, was well aware of the, uh, peculiar milieu that is New York publishing, which is to say jew/mediacontrol/print.htm, in Internetese, as it were.]

Truman Capote spread fears of a literary cabal. So what to make of his forgotten first novel?

Essay by Ben Birnbaum

Once upon a time in America, when the Playboy “Interview” was a cultural laurel, Truman Capote used the occasion of his preferment (alongside pictorials on body-painting and “Hollywood Honey Jane Fonda”) to warn of a “Jewish literary mafia,” a “clique of New York-oriented writers and critics who control much of the literary scene through the influence of…Jewish dominated” publications and who “make or break” careers in letters by bestowing or rewarding attention.

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11 March, 2006

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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of March 11, 2006

Hello, welcome to American Dissident Voices, I’m your host, Shaun Walker.

This last weekend, I drove out to Kentucky to visit with Chester Doles. Many of you listeners have heard of his name and some of you know Chester personally. Chester is a good man, but is unfortunately sitting in jail for his political beliefs. I would like to explain his situation, give an update and explain how this fits into the bigger picture.

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11 March, 2006

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March 10, 2006

Downloadable audio files of Crash Course in Propaganda:

Streaming mp3: Good (16 kb/16 khz), Better (32 kb/24 khz), Best (48 kb/44 khz)

Latest Nickel Rants:
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1/10/06 – WhirlyBen, the Globo and the Great American Gold Grab streaming mp3 (5 mb, 42 minutes)
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My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant.

I just watched Crash, released on DVD this week. Let’s talk about it while it still is fresh in my mind.

First, Crash is a very well-made movie, if a little disjointed because of the many separate stories it tells, only some of which intersect, usually surprisingly. Second, Crash is one of the most effective pieces of propaganda I ever have seen, including that dished up on a daily basis by America’s current regime. Propaganda? Where? I can hear the questions welling up out there already.

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11 March, 2006

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Breed, scream in the streets, and murder. As that nigger comedian used to say, “People…will get out of your way.” You conservatives will perhaps pull your thumbs out of your mouths long enough to jot down the not tiny fact that writing letters and making phone calls are not on that list. The Muslim M.O. is to have 27 kids, kill anyone who insults Allah, use the freedoms of our White West to position themselves to deny our rights the minute they have the chance. This is made easier by see-no-race ekwalitarians and the jews who define their agenda.

The jews, by contrast, sneak around behind the scenes, passing laws that making it illegal to criticize their poisonous little sect. Sharing syndicated column space with Ashkenazi appeasers and precisely zero critics, they simply never tell their readers about the thousands of honest men in jail for speaking truths they don’t want known. They use the Muslims not to fight for their ostensible principle, free speech, but their real principle: jews first, everybody else sucking hind tit.

Christians? They may be abused freely by all parties? Whites? Just getting started. The reason the neocons instigate wars is their personal lack of fear they’ll ever face consequences, physical or legal. As long as they believe they have the upper hand, jews are the most arrogant peoplelike creatures on earth. Itz time the curs were at our feet and off our throats again. Article.

To coin a phrase: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.