21 April, 2006

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[Even during our highest highs, we dirty goyim must remember to shed a state-required tear for the six million imaginary jews got to stepping when a White nation ripped the veil and figured out what they were up to.]

What comes to your mind when you think about a county fair? Most people probably imagine carnival-type rides, cotton candy and other amusements.

But at the current Pima County Fair near Tucson, AZ., there is something else to be found: Holocaust memorial exhibits [1].

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21 April, 2006

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[No smoking outside, thanks, but feel free to bring your nigger!]

A community as diverse as its landscape, Sonoma Country is located less than 30 miles north of San Francisco.
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21 April, 2006

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[The last thing in the world we need are millions more of these hapless, brainless shitskins in formerly civilized USA. But we’ll get them until the day we decide to do something about hymie. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.]

A man snaps a photo from his cellphone of a protest of nude farmers in downtown Mexico City, Mexico, Friday, April 21, 2006. In recent years, the protests from the group 400 Pueblos – who fight for land rights for poor farmers – have become an anual event for city residents, as the men and women from rural southern Mexico stand naked or nearly-naked along the city’s busy avenues. . . Article.

21 April, 2006

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You simply cannot trust man-in-the-street interviews as conducted by jew-owned media. You can bet your LIFE — That’s right, your LIFE…that these responses were handpicked to put across the jewish view, which is that the more non-Whites pollute America, the dumpier the dump. Which is great when you’re a shithouse ratstein. The creation of false consensus is one of the very best reasons to own a newspaper in the first place. The truth doesn’t put food on anybody’s plate, as Oliver North, Anglo-Christian cunt extraordinaire once said.

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21 April, 2006

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21 April, 2006

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[She was trained by jews, no surprise she’s loyal to jews-Israel first, and America not at all.]

BREAKING | Condoleezza Rice Implicated in New Leak Scandal

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice leaked national defense information to a pro-Israel lobbyist in the same manner that landed a lower-level Pentagon official a 12-year prison sentence, the lobbyist’s lawyer said Friday.

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21 April, 2006

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[There is nothing new under the sun. Guess what year the following was written?]


Most Americans, hearing this question, would answer promptly, “Yes, by all means, hate should be outlawed!â€? Their eagerness to reply can be accounted for all too easily. During the last decade and a half, they have been pounded with a propaganda barrage calculated to leave them in a state of dazed affability toward the whole world. Those advertising techniques that are normally used to encourage Americans to be choosy in matters of soap and toothpaste are now being enlisted to persuade them that there is no such thing as a superior product in matters of culture and creed. On billboards, on bus and subway posters, in newspapers and magazines, through radio and television broadcasts, Americans are being assured and reassured, both subtly and boldly, that “Bigotry is fascism … Only Brotherhood can save our nation … We must be tolerant of all!â€?

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21 April, 2006

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[Kim Roberts, the second stripper…]


… story gets better and better …

One stole a car and tried to run over a cop. The other is an embezzler and a mercenary opportunist. So she consults a PR firm to sweeten her image and collect some cash.

They are the “victims”. White boys called them names.

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21 April, 2006

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Russia’s military prosecutor closed the case recently, refusing to recognize the massacre as either a war crime or a crime against humanity. Some 22 thousand Poles were killed in April 1940 on the orders of Stalin.


Families of Katyñ victims to launch legal case

Relatives of Polish officers – victims of the Katyn Forest Massacre in 1940 are to lodge a complaint against Russia before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

20 April, 2006

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[from Instauration, February 1998]

The latest outrage perpetrated by feminists, especially those with pans like the pan-faced Betty Friedan, is what they’re doing to Barbie. They are raping that Aryan image of female perfection because she glows with an iconic beauty impossible for women to achieve. Imposing such unduplicable standards of perfection, we are told, destroys female self-esteem.

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