24 July, 2006

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SIDEBAR: Getting Fed Up
By Brad Macdonald
August 2006

Fueling the intensification of German nationalism is the rise of Islam. Germans are growing fed up with Muslims. This development promises to have serious repercussions. In fact, Germany and Islam are traveling a path that can only end in an unparalleled clash of civilizations.

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24 July, 2006

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Izzies prefer the nerf warfare of shooting fleeing civilians in buses and cars. Jews are like that. So are the christian warm-up humans who patronize and worship them.


24 July, 2006

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White identity = protection in prison.

Paganism Gaining Popularity in Prison

– – – – – – – – – – – –

By KRISTEN GELINEAU Associated Press Writer

July 23,2006 | STAUNTON, Va. — A pagan religion that some experts say can be interpreted as encouraging violence is gaining popularity among prison inmates, one of whom is scheduled to be executed this week for killing a fellow prisoner at the foot of an altar.

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24 July, 2006

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Izzies are big men…from 30,000 feet, dropping American bombs from American planes. On the ground? Eh, not so much…

Would you laugh as hard as I would if some of the God Partiers strolled into the U.S. across jew-opened borders and blew up a smirking neokike or two?

Some good analysis from, of all places, a Christian source…


24 July, 2006

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The appeal of the title does not derive from its simplicity or its specificity but rather from the existential truth of it. It’s as if the author read the screenplay aloud to his two sons and asked them what the film should be called. The first son might reply, “Death Flight! Wait, wait, no! Poisonous Air!” The second son, if he were autistic, would reply, “Snakes on a Plane.” The second son would be right.


Chimp on Plantains

The underlying assumption here is that if a movie is an underwritten, overproduced turd kept afloat by an evil and powerful network of producers and distribution studios, the title has probably been expertly cleaned and perfumed to a degree greater than or equal to the shittiness of the film itself. 

“African American” nigger  “diversity is our greatest strength” squalor beats civilization “affirmative action” fuck you, whitey! “positive discrimination” fuck you, whitey!

24 July, 2006

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Just Another Prayer for the Dying

The traumatized little daughter of a murdered White Cape Town guesthouse owner, could not make it through all of the memorial service for her mother yesterday in Cape Town.
Little Michaela Kellerman (7), left the NG Durbanville Church in tears halfway through the service for Renate Kellerman, (39), who was cruelly stabbed to death and possibly sexually assaulted by a Coloured former convict, whose claim to fame is that he is the current boyfriend of the winner of the South African version of the TV show ‘Idols.’

Renate’s husband, Wynand Kellerman, remained in the church, sobbing. Michaela and her brother, Armandt (4), sat between their father and their grandmother in the church pews.

Sobs could be heard throughout the church when Renate’s nephew, Ricko Visser, read a tribute to her: “Renate, my dearest child, I just wanted to tell you that my heart has been shattered because I have lost something so valuable and I cannot even beging to express it in words. From the time you were born, you were a ray of sunshine, and there was not a moment when you were not a joy.â€?

Each person attending was given a card with photographs and letters from Wynand and the children, along with a picture of a laughing Renate.


23 July, 2006

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Sorry, this is so good have to repost. You must read the comments, read the whole damn blog.

Follow Jeboo down the shithole…or not. Choice is entirely up to you.


ALL of the houses here look like this. I recall that the chief photographer for Associated Press in 1990 (I won’t say his name here) telling me how happy he was to be buying a house here, and he looked at me all funny when I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea. Like all good liberals, he has probably since voted with his feet.

Liberal, of course, is a polite word for cunt.

23 July, 2006

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Tour of begniggering of Jo’burg continues – the political district formerly run by humans is a filthy, feculent hole now that the ekwalz are in the driver’s seat. Of course, they won’t get far because there aren’t any gas stations. Too many stickups. Well, niggers have plenty of time to walk. Not like they have jobs to get to! Think of the depravity of the jew advocating “civil rights” knowing this is the result. Think of the “conservative” president happily splashing in mental wading pool filled with the same liquid manure!


The BP Garage on the north corner of the major Rockey and Bezuidenhout Street intersection. One of two petrol stations in Rockey Road, both closed down due to being continously robbed out of business.

The Death of Johannesburg

23 July, 2006

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Revolution talk always seems a bit fruity, although there is no other word for what we need, given the circumstances and humanic forces at work. But, in this seemingly unrelated story, as we track the Big Pig, the biggest pork barrel in U.S. history, we see that the two divisions of the Responsible party see only one thing threatening their codominance, and that is utter breakdown. The only thing that makes them step lively. It ain’t as good as empty stomachs but when 3,000-pound cement anvils are falling on da people’s heads, some of the fucknuts might destuporize! And that might lead to Winky McDipshit ‘n’ Twinky MacDingleberry O’dangling from wires… Few things in a lazy-ass reclinerocracy will make people look up like direct fear of crushing personal death from cement smashing right down through their bought but not paid for SUVs… Whatever alertens the people is the ENEMY of democracy! (Style note to college profs sniffily thinking alerts is enuf. No dipship. I need the extra syllable for music WHICH YOU CAN’T HEAR YOU TONE DEAF PASSIVE FUCK!)

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23 July, 2006

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Liberal gWaPo might defox some war coverage? Not likely. Not when fellow kikes are in the mix.

Since Israel has inflicted far more damage on Lebanon than it has sustained, a heavy focus on the more than 300 civilian victims in that war-ravaged country could help tilt public opinion against the Jewish state. But that would overlook two key facts: that Israel retaliated only after Hezbollah crossed a U.N.-sanctioned border to kill and capture several Israeli soldiers, and that Hezbollah fighters hide — and hide their weapons — among civilians to make counterattacks more difficult. 

“…could help tilt coverage” — does your practiced eye recognize stand-up comedy? Which channel out there shows the Lebgore? Not one. Which channel hints at the disparity in weapons, money or plays it any way but tiny, heroic Israel fighting back against forces-that-wanted-her-destroyed-from-day-one? All channels except Al-Manar, which American-gifted Israeli F16s took out the first day of the war, follow Fox in denying the reader the background and the facts necessary to gain the whole picture – regardless of the viewer’s bias? Not one. They’re all run by jews, and lib or con or com, a jew is a jew is a jew is a jew. You haven’t been reading VNN long if you don’t realize that. Each Katyusha reachable by fruity Cooper is treated with loving, synthetic horror. And let’s face it, the Katys are much more embraceable – literally. You can get your arm around them; pick them up and stick ’em in the camera. You can point and shriek at the new skylights they thoughtfully open. Not so easy to do with Godzilla stomps ten miles to the north. Fox covering Israel is as neutral as Dick Vitale covering Duke. Someone ought to outfit Shemp Smith and the rest for pleated skirts.