15 September, 2006

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Direct mp3 download (23 MB): GoyFire_39.mp3

Archives and Streams: here

Podcast :

The Roundtable includes: Agis, Alex Linder, Geoff Beck, and Craig Cobb.

Topics: NJ School Corruption, White Terror, WTC & Prof. Steven Jones, TNB: a black serial killer on the loose, Aryan Communities.

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15 September, 2006

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JPAWPs: the New “White” People

[Ruth]: “Hi!”
[Dave]: “Hi!”
[Sarah]: “Hi!”
[Joe]: “Hello!”

[Ruth]: “Who are we?”
[All]: “We’re JPAWPs!”

[Ruth]: “What’s a JPAWP, you ask? That’s a Jew Posing As a White Person. We’re everywhere these days: in Hollywood, in the media, in big corporations, even at your local restaurant. Consider me, for instance: I used to be an arrogant, black-haired, big-nosed, New York Jew who ridiculed White culture. But now, I am White culture! Thanks to a name-change, a nose-job, a sexy wardrobe and, most importantly, blonde hair dye, I’m now a California beach girl with a condo and a fancy sports car. In fact, I’m starring in a new TV show about a surfer-chick named Bunny who sleeps with hunky blonde lifeguards! After all, to transform a culture that you hate, you must first become part of it…right?”

[All]: “Right!”

JPAWPs: the new “White” folks.

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15 September, 2006

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If nobody has their own sign like this guy, do you own a home or a business near an elevated railway?  What about a sign on the roof in big letters that just says “GOVNN.COM”?  Thousands of commuters will see it every week.



Anti-immigration billboard stirs emotions, debate

15 September, 2006

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Good example of just how far things have fallen. Fags are open and shrieking in public; Whites are supposed to be embarrassed and cringe in private. Please note all images appear on page two, so if you’re going to bitch, don’t.

Faggotry is both approved and funded by government – the same government that hates normal Whites, and viciously and routinely mocks and discriminates against them.


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15 September, 2006

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Near-Illiterate Liberal Pushes ‘Responsibility’ at Cost of Readers’ Safety

Below is a Between The Lines on Greg Orear’s recent editorial regarding the rapes, snatchings, shootings in our non-urban area…

[No link to original because it will be archived and inaccessible soon.]

Alright [sic] folks. Chill out.

15 September, 2006

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Land of dope and Jewry
Land that once was free
All the Jew boys praise thee
Whilst they plunder thee

Poorer still and poorer
Grow thy true-born sons
Faster still and faster
They’re sent to feed the guns.

Land of Jewish finance
Fooled by Jewish lies
In press and books and movies
While our birthright dies

Longer still and longer
Is the rope they get
But — by the God of battles
‘Twill serve to hang them yet.

15 September, 2006

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The reason the war on Iraq and the rest of the non-jewish world continues is that there are NO CONSEQUENCES, in America, for the jew-appeasers and paleo-kikes supervising the atrocities. Just an echo chamber called the free press. In Iraq, it’s a different story. Iraqis aren’t interested in being ruled by American soldiers, which they call “jews.” If there were any — I mean, the very slightest — risk of assassination, Rumsfeld, Gingrich and the rest of these jew-appeasing hobbyists would run for the hills between days. And that is the reason that so-called WN who preach legality are pulling your leg & wallet: They well know that the only people currently defeating the jews are those who kill them: the Iraqis willing to lose their lives to free their land of jewish dictatorship. War, for the Republicunt sixtysomethings, is simply a more interesting form of shuffleboard. Win, lose, draw, they’re still rich and safe at the end of the day. How ’bout you, White man? What’s in our Jewish Tyranny for you but mockery, drafts, tax bills, and funerals?

Nearly 100 Bodies Found in Two Days in Baghdad

Police found the bodies of 32 more death squad victims scattered around Baghdad on Thursday, bringing the two-day total to nearly 100. Bodies of victims bound, tortured and shot have been found in Baghdad for months.


15 September, 2006

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31 AUG 06. Dear [ ]! Many thanks for your letter of 20 AUG 06 & the oustanding enclosures! The Debt Bomb is certainly disastrous & very dangerous, for it may cause desperate criminal regimes like the ZOG to opt for war, as a distraction for the masses. Thanks for correcting that claim, which I read in only one Canadian source, that there were so many Chinese in Sudanese oilfields. I wondered how Sudanese oil was being transported, for one thing, since I’d never heard that Sudan was rich i oil, nor in chinese! The Chinese must be related to jews, since their numbers are infinitely variable!

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15 September, 2006

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In order to make possible a better understanding of the relations between Julius Evola and the S.S. cadres and, particularly, with their leader, Heinrich Himmler, and, beyond this, of Evola’s views on the setting-up of a new elite in the 30’s and during WWII, here is an article published in Regime Fascista on the 2nd of May 1939, ‘La Razza quale Costruttrice dei Capi’. With an article by Heinrich Himmler translated into Italian (‘Principi per una Nuova Elite Politica-Razzista’, in Regime Fascista, 15/6/1939 – ‘Principles for a New Politico-Racial Elite’) and two other articles by Evola on this matter, ‘L’Animatore delle ‘SS’ e il Problema delle Nuove Elette’, in Regime Fascista, 17/12/1940 – ‘The Driving Force behind the ‘SS’ and the Problem of the New Elites’ ; ‘Le ‘SS’, Guardia e ‘Ordine’ della Rivoluzione Crociuncinata’, in Vita Italiana, August 1938 – ‘The ‘SS’, Guard and ‘Order’ of the Revolution under the Sign of the Swastika’), it can be found in a small volume published by Associazione Culturale Raido.

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15 September, 2006

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See Survivor on CBS? Here’s the beautiful irony. The black team, who couldn’t seem to get their raft together, lost the first challenge. They were granted the right to exile one member of another team to Exile Island.

And whom did they choose? The Jew, from the White team! Why him? Cause he had ‘stolen’ a chicken! The Jew, exiled!

The White team was the only one portrayed as not exhibiting ethnic pride and solidarity. Shocking!

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