21 March, 2006

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[Roberts article on media bias here.]

Liberal Media Bias and Republican Eunuchs

March 19, 2006

Nicholas Stix

by Nicholas Stix

There’s a new blog in town, by Matthew A. Roberts: The Politics of Prudence. I hope the title is just for show, since there are already too many “prudent� Republicans writing.

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21 March, 2006

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Niggers don’t work. They don’t have to. They’ve got us. That’s not how the Kike Times portrays it, of course, but it’s the truth.

Niggers don’t work because they don’t want to. They don’t have to because White earners have money stolen from them by the jews of ZOG and turned over, minus healthy transaction costs, to their own worthless, violent, stupid, lazy nigger selves – so that they can breed even more of their feckless ferals next time around.

Who’s likelier to breed? A guy who comes home tired from work, or a nigger who’s chillin’ on the porch all day, maybe smoking a blunt, waiting for the mailman to bring the ho’s AFDC/WIC/etc check?

White people are the best things that ever happened to niggers. They get their grub on a silver platter, where in Freaka they had to extend themselves, and move their own appendages to tip over rocks for their protein.


Look at the picture the NYT uses. Finding a nigger married to its sow is statistically unlikely. But snoop soggy pa here is dedimacated an’ shit. You can see it in his loving, chocolate eyes. After a hard day of begging the Man for a janitorship, he’s back to tend baby ‘boo. Lawsy, lawsy, I jes prays little Detrito will have the chances ah I nevah had.

Every nite I pray to god that the Muslims get a nuke and use on the vomit-licking buzzards who type this cotton candy. This piece is pure loxist laffer, “It’s hard out there for a pimp” set to prose.


21 March, 2006

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Are you self-satisfied?

21 March, 2006

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The syphilis rate among U.S. men soared 81 percent between 2000 and 2004, primarily as a result of increases in reported cases among homosexual males, federal health officials reported yesterday.  Article.

21 March, 2006

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21 March, 2006

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Darwin evolved from a Christian into a man, and for that the silt slurpers will never forgive him. How you gonna keep ’em gawking at the fag in the funny hat after they seen books?

Those with faith in God have no faith in evidence, thus they are easily duped. The Catholic apologists want it both ways. They want to claim the church, by which they mean their sect, is responsible for science, while ignoring that their entire religion being based on the Big Lie that a man came back from the dead. Physical laws: now they exist, now they’re waived. You doubt? “Go pray.” The church has been charged with encouraging passivity and stupidity. The charge is sustained. All the prayer in the history of the world ain’t worth one bent finger.

Orwell observed it is extremely difficult to focus on things right in front of your nose – and religion does its screwy best to remove what little concentration men are capable of. Confusing cause and effect plays into the preacher’s plate. If there’s anything rarer than a attractive nun it’s a priest who believes in God. Priests use ‘God.’ Hell, if He didn’t exist, they’d have had to invent Him.


21 March, 2006

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[Domino’s pizza founder has around a billion, and has built his own Catholic law school. Very much the sort of thing WN can and should be doing, except we should build our communities on the rock of race, rather than the sand of jeboo.]

SET ON 5,000 ACRES in the swamplands of southwestern Florida, Ave Maria is lauded as a place where people of all ages can safely walk the streets at night without fear of being raped (“except by priests!” one lapsed Catholic told the Miami Herald). Plans call for 11,000 homes and 20,000 residents. The town’s centerpiece will be a European-inspired town center with a mammoth cathedral. Press reports, however, have focused on plans to build the largest crucifix in the nation, at nearly 65 feet tall. Not to keep vampires away, but, the media seemed to suggest, non-Catholics.


21 March, 2006

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Districts where Sunni and Shia lived together for decades if not centuries are being torn apart in a few days. In the al-Amel neighbourhood in west Baghdad, for instance, the two communities lived side by side until a few days ago, though Shias were in the majority. Then the Sunni started receiving envelopes pushed under their doors with a Kalashnikov bullet inside and a letter telling them to leave immediately or be killed. It added that they must take all of their goods which they could carry immediately and only return later to sell their houses. Article.

21 March, 2006

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No newspaper in America gets better pics from the anti-war rallies than Zombie, whose latest finds were from an anti-war rally in San Francisco on March 18th. Of course, that’s largely by design. When you have liberal reporters, sympathetically reporting on an event you can be almost sure that they support — like an anti-war rally — they don’t want you to see pics like this…

21 March, 2006

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[Jew Steyn we particularly detest, but he’s got some good thumbnails of Europe today. The jews and muslims both hate Europeans, and the hatred is implacable, will not go away, must be stopped.]

Getting There From Here

We may have to change the name of this column to “Unhappy Warrior�, or “Reluctant Conscript�, or “Impending Deserter�. The last few weeks have made me consider not the possibility that we might lose this thing (which I’ve always weighed) but that we might lose it more easily than even the gloomiest of us thought. The “Cartoon Jihad� might have been explicitly devised as a scientific experiment to provoke the greatest degree of infidel capitulation for the most footling pretext.

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