27 March, 2006

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New DVD – The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled

(You may need to click on this link to see embedded links, picture, etc.)

(Note: I am scheduled to be interviewed live by Michael Collins Piper at 7:00 PM EST [6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM MST, 4:00 PM PST] February 27th. You can listen to this live online at the Republic Broadcasting Network -  – or on Shortwave Radio 5.050.)

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26 March, 2006

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Jew Mercer (Israeli, S. African, Canadian, American … and Jew evermore …)

However you slice it, the half-baked folderol that is “The Israeli Lobby” isn’t “scholarship.” Scholarship appeals to evidence and reason. Theirs is a randomly yoked together bit of pamphleteering in the postmodern tradition – its authors don’t reason or argue. Instead, they propagandize …

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26 March, 2006

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Morning, Alex.

I came across this  ( http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,189110,00.html ) on FOX this morning. I wondered what was happening as I drove through LA on I-5 yesterday. Now I know. When I saw the Mexcrement flags being flown from overpasses all along my route, I expressed my hearty displeasure with the Mono-Digit Salute. Good thing there wasn’t a cop around, I’d probably be arrested for ‘Racial Insensitivity’. The only ‘Diversity’ I wish to embrace is  my choice of .38 Special, .357 Magnum, or .45 ACP.
Enough for now,


26 March, 2006

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[Samuel Jared Taylor claims HALF the AmRent attendees at his recent conference were jews.]

Republicanizing the Race Card

Max Blumenthal

It would have been like any ordinary Saturday afternoon at the Dulles Hyatt. Inside the lobby of the sterile suburban Northern Virginia hotel, a gray-haired man busied himself at a baby grand piano, filling the room with the sound of schmaltzy jazz standards. Traveling businessmen sat around chatting, puffing cigars, drinking cocktails and chortling at one another’s quips. In the corner a woman cradled a sleeping baby. It would have been like any Saturday at the Hyatt, except for the obvious plainclothes cops guarding the hotel’s entrances, the employees forbidden by management from speaking to lurking reporters and the presence, in a hallway, of the beaming white supremacist David Duke, surrounded by a gaggle of admirers.

“The Jewish supremacists not only want to control Israel, they want to control America, Europe and the whole world,” Duke announced to a dozen men who crowded around to hear his every word. “The best thing we can do is expose Jewish influence. Then one day the world will rise up, people will fill the streets and call general strikes–just like in Europe.”

[He’s got the problem right. The general strikes part is fanciful, as the model he has in mind requires millions in funding and sympathetic media coverage; i.e., Soros + NYT = “democratic” revolution.]

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26 March, 2006

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26 March, 2006

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Leo Burnett, whose agency is responsible for the loxist Washington Mutual campaign described in a post below, is credited with revolutionizing American advertising. We don’t know if he’s a jew but we’re just going to guess that he just might be, as he married a girl named Naomi Geddes. If he’s not, he’s pretty much the only non-jew major figure in American advertising in the 20th century. In that case he would join Alfred Kinsey, Alger Hiss and John Dewey as, in effect, goyfronts for radical jews.

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26 March, 2006

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rousseau.gif Rousseau’s ability to love mankind with a passionate, theatrical love while abusing the actual men and women with whom he came into contact set the precedent for abhorrent 19th-century “idealists” like Shelley and Wagner. The most glaring of his sins, which his enemies loved to use against him, was his abandonment of no fewer than five of his children to a foundling hospital, where they were very likely to die, simply because he refused to live the bourgeois life of a husband and father.

Like other impossible geniuses, Rousseau had no trouble attracting patrons. Leading figures of the ancien regime were eager to be associated with the man who blasted the aristocracy, the church, and society in general in works such as “La Nouvelle Heloise” and “Emile.” But few remained his benefactor for long, since he was as proud as any Spanish grandee, quick to repay kindness with suspicion. By 1766, Rousseau’s radicalism had made both France and Switzerland unlivable for him – his house in a Swiss village was stoned by angry neighbors – and he determined to try his luck in England.

Fortunately, as it seemed at first, Rousseau had a perfect cicerone in Hume, who was just about to return home after a stint as a British diplomat in Paris. Rest of article on Rousseau.

‘Cicerone’ comes from Marcus Tullius Cicero.

You play cicerone to your visitors as you show them around your home city. Rousseau’s Confessions is worth reading. Back then you had to step lively lest a pederastic jebootineer molest or the local duchess find you fell afoul of the prevailing shade of ‘booismus.

26 March, 2006

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To boost its new checking account, Washington Mutual has kicked off a national ad campaign created by Leo Burnett. Showing a clever negro bossing around a pen full of sixtysomething white bankster dinosaurs, the ads set a new standard in loxist obnoxiousness.

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26 March, 2006

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You’re born what you are, as the saga of Courtney Love and her rancorous clan proves.

26 March, 2006

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Thomas Kinkade…painter of light by day, Pooh-pisser by night.

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