30 August, 2006

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Organizing a lobby (CAIR) to contest the jews? If its effective, it’s anti-semitic. If they can frame you out of the game, you can’t win. Being called “anti-semitic” is a sign that you just might be headed in the right direction.

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30 August, 2006

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This is the four-hour complete version of “One Third Of The Holocaust.”  Click the play button below the photographed text at site and it will immediately play– no download wait.


30 August, 2006

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I saw this on Slate and thought it might be of interest. I’m surprised Slate would publish an article that says in effect that these guys are being framed by the NYT as well as the police and prosecutor.


hey, wait a minute
Witness for the Prosecution?
The New York Times (Duranty’s home paper) is still victimizing innocent Dukies.
By Stuart Taylor Jr.

Posted Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006, at 5:22 PM ET

Imagine you are the world’s most powerful newspaper and you have invested your credibility in yet another story line that is falling apart, crumbling as inexorably as Jayson Blair’s fabrications and the flawed reporting on Saddam Hussein’s supposed WMD. What to do? If you’re the New York Times and the story is the alleged gang rape of a black woman by three white Duke lacrosse players-a claim shown by mounting evidence to be almost certainly fraudulent-you tone down your rhetoric while doing your utmost to prop up a case that’s been almost wholly driven by prosecutorial and police misconduct. And by bad journalism. Worse, perhaps, than the other recent Times embarrassments. The Times still seems bent on advancing its race-sex-class ideological agenda, even at the cost of ruining the lives of three young men who it has reason to know are very probably innocent. This at a time when many other true believers in the rape charge, such as feminist law professor Susan Estrich, have at last seen through the prosecution’s fog of lies and distortions.

30 August, 2006

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[Conway & Whitman home site:


Listen to Conway & Whitman online:


Background: Tim Conway Jr is the son of the comedian; Brian Whitman is an impressionist who also does a political talk show Sundays on WABC in New York. Occassionally he fills in for Sean Hannity. The Conway & Whitman show is based in Los Angeles.]

30 August, 2006

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I am often asked on the ways German national-socialist economy used to work before the war, and their relevance for modern economic theory. While in the American academy the subject has a near-taboo status because of the jewish domination of U. S. colleges and universities, so as to be either hushed or dismissed, in Europe the subject is discussed more widely, though with references, disassociating authors from the national-socialist ideology. Today I will write on the most important parts of the NS financial mechanism, and how the elements of it can be employed in modern White Nationalist activities.

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29 August, 2006

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One hour delay. At midnite CST Linder will appear on “The Conway and Whitman” CBS/L.A. radio show:


It is possible to listen online through:


29 August, 2006

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The NAFTA Superhighway: Coming Soon

By Patrick J. Buchanan – August 29, 2006

This is a “mind-boggling concept,” exploded Lou Dobbs. It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have “gone utterly mad.” What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor?

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29 August, 2006

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A Jewish group purchased this full-page newspaper ad begging whites to donate to israel, which ran in today’s (august 29 2006) edition of Washington Post Express (circulation of 190,000/daily). It appeared near the beginning (page 5):


I was surprised to see such a blatent example of “chutzpah”, thought you might be interested too.

29 August, 2006

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Good stuff, worth a rehash every now and then in underlining our mutual point that the “freedom” lovers are the last people in the world to defend real, actual freedom where it meets the censors – in 2006 that means men speaking the truth to Holocaust powers, and men speaking the truth about race.

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29 August, 2006

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Pay No Attention to The Soldier Saying the Government is Lying about 9-11

By Curt Maynard

Can’t you just see some producer at Fox News calling his friends at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, ABC, and NBC confidently telling them it’s time to arrest Warren Jeffs, the Mormon polygamist, who has allegedly been dodging federal authorities for the last few years? I can –- I can see them calling their allies at the FBI, who have known where Jeffs has been for a long time and telling them, “since the titillating JonBenet Ramsey case is over, why don’t you arrest Jeffs now, and we’ll plaster his face all over every television in the United States, and over every front page in the print media for the next four months in order to keep America’s mind off issues that really do have some importance.”

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