31 July, 2006

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If I was Greta Van Susteren, I wouldn’t let the camera shoot me from the side.

Which side?

The outside.

Seriously, that woman is scary-ugly. Her chin always looks like it’s clenching to deliver a punch. The weird and frightening thing is that at least two other potentially normal to cute Foxies are screwing up their jaws in some pattern-parroting half-conscious female way.

Aside from her you-lookin’-at-me grimace, van Susty is less obnoxious than most on Fox. The so-called liberal Colmes is probably the least offensive, simply because he doesn’t smirk or mug, and seems to be pretty much the lone camera object on the channel that doesn’t think he’s Jesus II.

Comedy 101:

Why is it funnier to call Susser disturbingly womanish than disturbingly mannish?

31 July, 2006

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If you live anywhere near the shadow of a building worked on by this hysterical bobby-soxer, RUN, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Lord, I hope they didn’t let Sean-John mix the cement.

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31 July, 2006

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Neil Cavuto interviewing President Bush can only be compared to…

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31 July, 2006

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Guy makes a movie against every form of fast-mutating kike pressure, that movie grosses roughly ONE BILLION DOLLARS, he gets drunk, speaks a few common truths about jews, and now HIS CAREER IS IN DANGER!

Maybe Bill O’Reilly’s trying to speak to his middle-class morons in a language they understand: fear of losing one’s All-Holy Job. Ok, that’s great. Even a mope can see it’s misplaced fear in that particular case, but even if it weren’t so what. Remember Canny Sammy, mouldering career girl? He “couldn’t” say what VNN says – because he was afraid to, and for no other reason. Then he died. It doesn’t last that long, folks. As the kikes say, if not you, who? If not now, when?

* * *

Bilge’s grandmother made bad remarks about blacks. She was “uneducated,” says loyal Bilge. “Have you ever met one?” he asked her. Bilge, of course, met many Nazis.

Too fucking funny. Not for Juan Williams and Bilgy to say whether  jews should forgive Mad Mel. Those jews may just have to make a business decision next time he comes a-askin’ for money. These jews turned down his billion-dollar baby last time, but certainly not because they’re prejudiced against Christians!

It takes a Christian coprophage not to vomit these Foxmen.

31 July, 2006

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The New South Africa, body politic by Jake, is a crimson joke…

Along with many exciting new stories about humans being robbed, raped, and butchered by negrids, the weltberuehmt “South Africa is Crap” blog has spawned a bloglet:

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31 July, 2006

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Earlier today I got the message below from a correspondent I consider
A.R. Butz

I heard it from a normaly reliable friend in UK just now via an E-Mail.

I immediately (10 A.M. C.S.T.) telephoned David’s brother John, and spoke to his wife who said it was

NOT TRUE as they had just spoken to him on Sunday, and it had been first posted on the internet on the 26th !

I can only imagine someone made a comment to the effect that “at his age under those prison conditions, he COULD suffer a stroke at any time”; and then it
took off from there

31 July, 2006

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A lengthy police probe was conducted in Palm Beach to investigate allegations that Epstein paid young and underage girls to massage him and have sex or engage in sexual activity with him. Police had wanted to arrest him on four counts of illegal sexual activity with minors. While that investigation was ongoing, Epstein’s lawyers were already hard at work. His defense team includes Alan Dershowitz, Roy Black, Jack Goldberger, and Gerald Lefcourt.

Jew paying minors for sex.

31 July, 2006

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1. lose – We didn’t win. We losed. [That would be ‘lost,’ technically.] Either you win or you lose…or you get rained out.

2. loose – I forgot to zip ma pants and my dick got loose!

I forgot to lock the cage and the dog got loose!

Fancy-pants wording for the hyperadvanced.

Repeat after me, class:

When niggers get loose, we all lose.

31 July, 2006

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[I thought the woman reporter I spoke to was with the Ottawa Sun, however I may have been mistaken. I don’t pay much attention to such since one agenda-burrocrat is as good as another. Anyhow, one more jewstream article has been printed that I’m aware of, and Bill White has two here from Overthrow, the usual mix of fact and fancy.

The bottom line is that VNN did nothing illegal, but Canada, including Warman and possibly other parties, did interfere with our lawful business. The line under that is we will…


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31 July, 2006

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Christianity has been freeriding on Aryan genes for 2000 years. Time to shuck it.

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