11 August, 2019

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(Above: Victor Borge: not a “Dane” but a Jew)

Based upon several genuine studies, it is apparent that one of the key traits of White people is honesty [1]. They are usually truthful to a fault. Not so the Jews — they are just the opposite. The Jews are The People of the Lie. They live by lying and faking.

The “musical comedian” Victor Borge (1909-2000; real name: Borge Rosenbaum) was funny enough, I suppose. But that’s not the issue here.

Borge was billed as “The Great Dane,” implying that he was Danish — in other words, implying that he was White European.

But Borge wasn’t European. He wasn’t Danish. He may have lived in Denmark, but that doesn’t make someone Danish. Borge was a Jew who happened to be born in Denmark. He wasn’t White. Yet, he spent his life posing as “White.” (Jews are, genetically speaking, “near Eastern” and are similar to Arabs and Armenids).

Jews have had amazing success posing as White people.

Jews are the People of Lying. They live their lives posing and deceiving.


[1] “A country’s average honesty correlates with the proportion of its population that is Protestant” (you can translate “Protestant” to mean “White” in almost all cases, i.e., he’s talking about White countries, not African or “Latino” countries); study titled “Honesty and beliefs about honesty in 15 countries” by David Hugh-Jones, October 2015

10 August, 2019

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Liberal #1: “Oh, thank God! Now, 400 powerful liberals won’t be going to prison!”

Liberal #2: “Thank you, Lord!”

Jew #1: “Praise the Mossad!”

Jew #2: “Praise the sayanim!”


10 August, 2019

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“Systemic racism is a white problem” — Pete Buttigieg.

Here we go again. What about “the system” in many places such as Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit or Santa Ana, CA? In those places, “the system” is Brown or Black, not White. But regardless, ethnocentrism (a.k.a. racism) is more common among Browns and Blacks, who are raised on it from birth (e.g., parents telling their kids “White people hate you,” etc.) [1]. In the White community, racism has nearly vanished, thanks to decades of multicultural propaganda pushed by the schools, the media and Hollywood. And the Jews are the most ethnocentric of all humans; indeed, Judaism is a racist creed posing as a religion; Jews were the first people to claim racial superiority (“the chosen”!) in their official doctrines and in their day-to-day lives; read about Judaism’s halakhic/Talmudic laws [2].



[1] “In general, blacks and other minorities have much stronger explicit ethnic identities than whites do.” — research paper “Psychology and White Ethnocentrism” by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, The Occidental Quarterly, Winter 2006/2007

[2] the halakhic religious laws are strictly followed by orthodox Jews; those laws compare non-Jews to dogs and farm animals and they allow Jews to cheat, and steal from, non-Jews

9 August, 2019

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Before John Bonham, there was Ginger Baker: [Drum solo; duration is 10 minutes].

9 August, 2019

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Yes, we must be intolerant of the people who are intolerant towards traditional Americans, who hate us and attack us daily. We need a giant PAC (Political Action Committee), so to speak. A huge one. Five-million-people, or more, strong, acting as one giant unit, one giant body, one giant mind, to respond to the haters who hate traditional America. Groups of people are always much more powerful than lone individuals. (Disclaimer: this is not a call to any violence — see VNN’s legal disclaimer far below, at bottom of page). [Article].

9 August, 2019

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“Life under Robespierre and Stalin meant the relentless threat of anonymous charges, secret investigations, and public executions. We face similar threats today. If they are more subtle than the guillotine, they are equally ominous with respect to freedoms that Americans have long taken for granted. The great authors of the twentieth century have provided us with a chilling forecast and new adjectives: Orwellian and Kafkaesque.”

Indeed, according to today’s Left, if you are White, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” Just ask the Covington Catholic High School students. Just ask Donald Trump.


9 August, 2019

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Liberal #1: “Okay, we have two strategy options for winning the 2020 election. Option 1: we tell the American people the truth: that we’re going to raise their taxes 3,000 percent in order to pay for health care for illegal alie…oops, I mean, undocumented workers. Option 2: we call Donald Trump a ‘racist Nazi hatemonger’ as many times as humanly possible.”

Liberal #2: “Don’t we have any other options?”

Liberal #1: “Nope. That’s all we have. We’re liberals, remember? We don’t have many weapons in the armory. Taxing, name-calling, banning things, that’s about it.”

Liberal #3: “Uhhh, I vote for Option 2.”

Liberal #4: “Yeah, let’s go with Option 2.”


9 August, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The part of our message that caused the most distress to the Politically Correct folks at the University of Texas was our warning to White women to stay away from Black males. That upset the Jews and Marxists, of course, because they have been pushing hard to encourage interracial sex. That’s the ultimate cure for the race problem, they claim. When everyone is a mulatto, when we’ve all become the same shade of brown a few generations hence, then there will be no more racism, and we all will live together happily forever after. Well, of course, we expect that sort of poisonous propaganda from the Jews and the Marxists. What is really disappointing is the degree to which this poisonous attitude has taken hold in the university community generally, and also among the general public.

And you know, it’s worse than simply having been taught incorrect information about racial differences. And it’s worse than simply a change of opinion about racial matters. It’s a general softening, a general feminization of public attitudes. American universities not only have been dumbed down in the name of equality; they also have been wimped down. They have been demasculinized.”


8 August, 2019

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Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Wait, here’s some more: ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! The book’s author, Theodore Allen, was a Marxist and he co-invented the now-ubiquitous “White privilege” meme. How can humans be “invented”? The book says “When the first Africans arrived in Virginia in 1619, there were no ‘white’ people…” (Note: British Whites officially settled in Virginia in 1607, and earlier than that in a piecemeal fashion. So much for Allen’s “facts”).


More about the book Here.

8 August, 2019

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“The Supreme Court has twice ruled in the past 11 years that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual pre-political liberty. That is the highest category of liberty recognized in the law. It is akin to the freedoms of thought, speech and personality.”