17 March, 2006

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by Stojgniev O’Donnell

Not much logic to history.  Big names in civilizations come and go, at the whim of unpredictable trends and processes.  One of the ugly realities of modernity is that the world has become a junkyard of failed ideologies.  To live in the present is like trying to relax on the comfortable porch of a home surrounded by unsightly putrid piles of garbage.  (The upside of this situation is that the thinking person can identify the values which are worth cultivating, simply by noting what is missing in the failed ideologies).  One ugly ideology of the present is what I call Americanism: the politics, culture, and morality of the United States since the mid-twentieth century.

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17 March, 2006

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“Good Night and Good Luck�


reviewed March 16, 2006


Perhaps no political figure in history other than Adolf Hitler has been vilified by the jewsmedia more than Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957).  In fact the word “McCarthyism� was coined during the 1950s as a shorthand to demonize political opponents and is still in common use even today.  It was said that he recklessly smeared as Communists hundreds of innocent patriotic Americans and cast a shadow of fear across the land.  This sinister image of McCarthy has been sold as gospel, just as the danger of internal subversion by alien anti-American conspirators has been ridiculed.  The Oscar-nominated film “Good Night and Good Luck� (GN&GL) does nothing to contradict this conventional wisdom, and in fact perpetuates the myth for a whole new generation of moviegoers.


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17 March, 2006

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Study: U.S. Mideast policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby
By Shmuel Rosner

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Middle East policy is not in America’s national interest and is motivated primarily by the country’s pro-Israel lobby, according to a study published yesterday by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Chicago.

Observers in Washington said yesterday that the study was liable to stir up a tempest and spur renewed debate about the function of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby. The Fatah office in Washington distributed the article to an extensive mailing list

“No lobby has managed to divert U.S. foreign policy as far from what the American national interest would otherwise suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that U.S. and Israeli interests are essentially identical,” write the authors of the study.
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17 March, 2006

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by S.R. Nunnally

It’s 8:10 p.m. Samso Time, Thursday, February 23, when the ferry pulls into dock at Kolby Kas after a two-hour float from Kaludborg. It’s dark…and dusty. And cold.

There are no streetlights between cities, I notice, as I blindly follow the car ahead of me to the center of the 20-mile by 6-mile island, to Tranebjerg and Flinch’s Hotel – my home base for the next two days. The island feels deserted, and it is in a way… February is Denmark’s coldest month, and many of Samso’s 4,300 residents are burrowed snuggly in their warm homes – a stark contrast to when an influx of several tens of thousands visit the island during the tourist season.

Many come in July for the popular music festival, the beautiful beaches, and sailing. But of late, Samso has been invaded by a different kind of tourist… an eco-tourist.

That was my mission… why I traveled over 4,000 miles: to discover Samso’s Eco-Revolution.

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17 March, 2006

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Apostle of Ireland, born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387; died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, 17 March, 493. [Editor’s Note: Other sources say 460 or 461.]

He had for his parents Calphurnius and Conchessa. The former belonged to a Roman family of high rank and held the office of decurio in Gaul or Britain. Conchessa was a near relative of the great patron of Gaul, St. Martin of Tours. Kilpatrick still retains many memorials of Saint Patrick, and frequent pilgrimages continued far into the Middle Ages to perpetuate there the fame of his sanctity and miracles.

In his sixteenth year, Patrick was carried off into captivity by Irish marauders and was sold as a slave to a chieftan named Milchu in Dalriada, a territory of the present county of Antrim in Ireland, where for six years he tended his master’s flocks in the valley of the Braid and on the slopes of Slemish, near the modern town of Ballymena. He relates in his “Confessio” that during his captivity while tending the flocks he prayed many times in the day: “the love of God“, he added,

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17 March, 2006

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This is pure treason. Call it NAFTA, free trade, what you will, it is nothing but a pure treasonous sell out of the interests of American citizens. The idea of letting in shitskins, the humanic weeds called Mexicans, and letting in their filthy, farting trucks – no honest leader would dream of allowing such. The entire Congress should be hanged for this monstrosity alone, and it is but one of hundreds that merit the gibbet.

California’s air-quality regulators say the imminent opening of the state’s freeways and ports to older, diesel-fueled Mexican trucks could produce a dramatic increase in toxic pollutants, a new source of smog equal to another 2.2 million cars on the road.


16 March, 2006

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‘Blame-the-Jews’ official endorses Gore
Rep. Moran sees former VP ‘stronger and more committed’

Jews don’t control the media. It’s simply a coincidence that anyone who offers the slightest criticism of them is defined ever after by that one ‘slip.’ In the full-blown Jewish Tyranny known as AmeriKwa under ZOG, you are never, ever to observe the obvious: that we’re being led around by the nose by a pack of lying, warmongering, nation-and-race-wrecking loxists.

Nice quote on bushy:

In an interview with the Raw Story website, Democrat Jim Moran of Virginia said, “The only actual news that [Bush] reads is the sports section. All the national news, all the opinions that he gets have been filtered, and it goes to his daily briefing that has already been pre-screened to give him what he wants to read. He doesn’t read any books, and he doesn’t talk with people that don’t already agree with him. He’s surrounded himself with ideological sycophants. And the biggest a– kisser of all is Dick Cheney.”


16 March, 2006

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The fool you flatter is the fool you become. Here’s our Bushy, talking tuf:

“If necessary, under long-standing principles of self defense, we do not rule out use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy’s attack,” the report reads.

“We choose to deal with challenges now rather than leaving them for future generations. We fight our enemies abroad instead of waiting for them to arrive in our country,” it says.

Jewish paranoia: what a great foreign policy. We attack whoever we like, for whatever reason we make up. When people point out we’re vicious, paranoid liars, we smear them as realists.

We bomb people, and force the survivors to vote, at gunpoint. If they don’t vote the way we want, we cry. ‘Democracy,’ in practice, means the right of the people to elect their own leader…acceptable to the jews.


16 March, 2006

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by James R.

The entirety of America was deeded-bequeathed to White Man by his Forefathers.

When the American “Frontier” was closed in 1890, American White Man owned 100% of America, coast-to-coast, lock, stock and barrel, free and clear of debt.

Now lookee!

Five percent (1 in 20) of the people residing in America have looted-expropriated 80% of all the wealth (the assets — the land, the businesses, stocks, bonds, precious metals, cash) of the White People of America.

7,500,000 jews arrived in America mostly after 1914. They make up just 2.5% of the American population. This relatively small cabal of paper-shuffling jews has stolen the title to 50% of White American’s wealth.

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16 March, 2006

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Sentences can be lengthened for crimes that cause fear or unrest. Mexican non-Americans are responsible for a huge portion of Utah crime. Will they receive extra punishment for causing unrest among Whites? No, they won’t. What causes fear or unrest is a political determination, whereas the committing of a crime is an objective matter. No matter this bill doesn’t go quite as far as the legislation already on the books in all but three states, they’ll work on expanding it next session. As with any so-called civil rights law, ‘hate’ crimes is jews in blackface using the law to attack Whites. Article.