17 July, 2006

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‘Radio Priest’ Father Charles E. Coughlin’s
“Driving Out the Money Changers,” 1933

How and why is America burdened with debt-money, interest and usury?
17 July, 2006

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bushleague.jpeg Fox News for Children and Dogs reporting Bush, chomping away with his mouth open, not realizing sensitive mics pick up his words to Blair, more or less: See, what they need to do is pressure Syria on this shit, then it’s over.Fox devotes a couple full minutes to a single Katyusha rocket hitting some ugly woman’s house in Israel – slightly more than it gives to Israel destroy whole apartment buildings, roads, harbors, radar installations, airports, hotels, …

Fox shows a bunch of Israeli children. We can only imagine their horror, having to grow up amid the threat of a handful of 1950s rockets sprinkling their land every now and then.

Tens of thousands are being driven out of Lebanon by jewish hate, and jewish bullets and bombs paid for by the U.S. Fox isn’t even interested on reporting on Americans, let alone Lebanese. The identification with Israel in its opinioneering masquerading as reporting is 100%.


17 July, 2006

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My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant.

I can’t take it anymore.

Every morning, I sit at this keyboard and think this will be the day I rant about Israel’s genocidal insanity and how George Bush splashes my hands with blood in furtherance of that derangement.

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17 July, 2006

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Will We Go to War for Israel?
Israel says “Jump!”
Americans ask: “How high?”
by Justin Raimondo

Listening to Newt Gingrich bloviate on Meet the Press, advocating U.S. intervention on Israel’s behalf against Syria and Iran – and the pathetic Joe “Me Too” Biden effectively agreeing with him – one can only wonder how or why anybody listens to these crazies. As Newt, the megalomaniacal has-been, gleefully declares that “World War III” is in progress, and weaves a conspiracy theory linking Iran, Syria, North Korea, Hezbollah, and – believe it or not! – Venezuela, old Joe just sits there nodding out. Given a chance to reply, his only objection to Gingrich’s vision of war on all fronts is that, yes, we need to go to war, but we have to do it with the support of our allies. “Fighting Joe” Biden is no weenie: his voice hardens as he avers we should tell the North Koreans that we have the capacity to “annihilate” them. Gingrich smiles.


17 July, 2006

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We’re Being Set Up for Wider War in the Middle East

by Paul Craig Roberts

The old adage, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” does not apply to Americans, who have shown that they can be endlessly fooled.

Neoconservatives deceived Americans into an illegal attack and debilitating war in Iraq. American neoconservatives are closely allied with Israel’s Likud Party. In the past, some neocons lost their security clearances because of “mishandling” of classified information. According to Insight magazine, “the Pentagon has banned security clearance to Americans with relatives in Israel. Government sources and attorneys said the Pentagon has sought and succeeded in removing security clearance from dozens of Americans, mostly Jews, who either lived, worked, or have relatives in Israel.”


16 July, 2006

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“Israel has the right to defend herself from terrorists, no matter how young.” — George Bush

16 July, 2006

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Your IQ must be THIS LOW to worship Jeboo.

Yes, itz shooting fish in a barrel, but can you really blame us when they make it this easy?


16 July, 2006

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[The neocons and the Coulters who lick their ass never end remarking on PC covering for Muslims in France – this below is the other side of that coin, which they NEVER mention. Jews, as ever, as everywhere, are the prime beneficiaries of political correctness – after all, jews were the ones who invented it. Wherever jews appear, immediately flow demands to privilege the jewish version of history, i.e., a common narrative lie, departure from which is grounds for firing, ridicule – even murder. Jews set themselves against the truth, and this is why they buy up media as quickly as they can. It is the only way to make their lies stick.]

France’s Le Pen to stand trial for Nazi remarks

Reuters Wednesday, 12 July 2006 / 7:58 PM BST

PARIS- French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen will face trial for saying the Nazi occupation of France during World War Two had not been “particularly inhumane”, a judicial source said on Wednesday.

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16 July, 2006

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This afternoon Goyfire #34 was taped. After completion of post production work links to this lastest episode shall be posted.

Stay tuned.

15 July, 2006

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The Electronic ‘WATCH ON ZION’

Issue No. 7, Saturday 15th July 2006.

Address: BM Box ICR, London WC1N 3AA, Great Britain.
Phone: 07932 049019

Why Palestine is Important to
White/European Nationalists

Last Thursday I circulated to a few nationalist friends a press statement issued the Palestine Center for Human Rights [see below] recounting the latest extermination of a Palestinian family and their neighbours — men, women and children –  via an Israeli F16 bomber.

A hunt for the heads and limbs of mutilated children has become par for the course among the wretched people who are imprisoned in the Gaza dust bowl by the Jewish supremacists who have stolen by force of arms 78 per cent of their homeland.

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