1 April, 2006

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Missouri produces, with taxpayer dollars, a monthly magazine called Missouri Conservationist, free to residents. In it are frequent references to foreign species clashing with natives – for every animal but man. I’ll record these examples here, as they make nice and pertinent parallel to our human struggle with mexican and other non-native weeds.

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1 April, 2006

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1 April, 2006

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[After a thousand played-down nigger-on-human rapes/murders, the male cunts at ESPN turn with pleasure faced with synthetic horror to a ‘rape’ case involving white Duke lacrosse players and a nigger stripper.

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1 April, 2006

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[Neocunt Merkel will send 1,500 humans to patrol square feet in Congo, Booliestan.]

Angie, Don’t Take Our Boys to Town

To Kinshasa, that is. Following the latest folly of Euroventionism in the wake of post-colonial failures, Germany is going to send one thousand five hundred soldiers to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ever since independence from Belgium in 1960, Congo has been torn to shreds by tribal warfare, badly disguised placeholder wars like the Katanga “crisis” or the Biafra civil war, open tyranny and rivalling warlords who are trying to get rid of the central government. Rich layers of precious ores like uranium, copper, gold and diamonds should be able to provide rich incomes for busily working productive people. Poverty and starvation are ruling instead. Many mines have been closed after 1960, the rest is a bloody shambles. Not anarchy is the problem, but “too-much-archy”. All the competing parties are stealing from the few who still can produce, and if they insist on earning their living, their lives are in jeopardy.

This situation is completely insane, not worth wasting a life in order to keep the status quo alive. To the contrary, the sooner this nightmare ends, the better.

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1 April, 2006

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1 April, 2006

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Because everyone counts.

1 April, 2006

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The philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that there can never be harmony in a community unless there is a government; some person or group exercising the power to coerce the rest. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe has pointed out, it is a logical consequence of this view that if 2 men live together, isolated from other people, one of them would have to be the ruler, or else there would be no end to their fighting lest death. This conclusion is obviously ludicrous…

Is it?

Men rarely look in each other’s eyes, whereas women can’t get enough of direct contact. Men are animals, and staring equals testing, or at least pre-fight measuring of strength. It is quite possible these libermartians don’t realize this because like women they gaze lovingly at each other to gauge, hell i don’t know, willingness to engage in licit acts of intercourse?

If not libertarians, then humans, at least, have a pecking order – always, everywhere.


1 April, 2006

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Dirty Eco-Tourists Killing Gorillas

Gorilla UGANDA — Scientists investigating the cause of death for gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo, determined that many of the gorillas were killed by dirty eco-tourists.

“These eco-tourists tend not to bathe, and that allows harmful bacteria to invade and kill these helpless creatures when they come into close proximity,” said Dr. Harry Simian. “While these granola types might love nature, their poor hygiene is killing the very thing that they love. We’ve tried to require that everyone bathe before going to tour the gorilla habitat area, but it’s like trying to put a cat in a bath with these people. They just won’t let soap touch their bodies.”

Rangers in the protected sanctuary have begun training the gorillas to flee when they smell the eco-tourists coming their way. The future of the species could depend upon their success in teaching the gorillas to recognize the scent of eco-tourists and run away.


1 April, 2006

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Now available worldwide!

1 April, 2006

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I have no time to research this, but how much you wanna bet there’s some kind of kike manipulator behind this, uh, highly dubious investment appeal now appearing on Schlussel’s and numerous other kikenseiten?