29 March, 2006

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[Hard to spot against the background of native nigger ordure, but, surprisingly enough, adding a bunch of low-rent niggers hasn’t improved Houston.]

Katrina Evacuees Wear Out Stay in Houston

ASSOCIATED PRESSHOUSTON (AP) -Seven months after taking in about 200,000 Louisiana residents left homeless by Hurricane Katrina, Houstonians aren’t feeling so hospitable anymore.

Many people in the nation’s fourth-largest city complain that the influx has led to more murders and gang violence, long lines at health clinics and bus stops, and fights and greater overcrowding in the schools. Some of those claims are debatable, but the sentiment is real.

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29 March, 2006

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[Neuhaus chose jews over his own people, and has made quite a career of his treason.]

Without a Doubt

by Damon Linker

Catholic Matters: Confusion, Controversy, and the Splendor of Truth

By Richard John Neuhaus
(Basic Books, 272 pp., $25)
Click here to purchase the book.


Liberal modernity exasperates traditional religion. It fosters a pluralism that denies any one faith the power to organize the whole of social life. It teaches that public authorities must submit to the consent of those over whom they aspire to rule, thereby undermining the legitimacy of all forms of absolutism. It employs the systematic skepticism of the scientific method to settle important questions of public policy. It encourages the growth of the capitalist marketplace, which unleashes human appetites and gives individuals the freedom to choose among an ever-expanding range of ways to satisfy them.

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29 March, 2006

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[Neither izzy nor muzzy are welcome in White society. Let the sand scum battle it out in Southwestern Asia and leave us out of it. Juden Raus! Und take the muzzies you let in with you…]

Death of the West

There will be massive unemployment, and tens of millions of people will feel angry, scared and humiliated, betrayed by the system, by society and by their own democratic leaders. This is a situation in some ways similar to the Great Depression that led to the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s.

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29 March, 2006

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…a nigger is still a nigger.

There the woman who co-starred with Kevin Costner in the 1992 hit movie The Bodyguard smokes crack, uses sex toys to satisfy herself and ignores personal hygiene.

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29 March, 2006

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[The Germans speak the truth, and the jews call it hate. If you haven’t been denounced by the judeofascists as a hater, white man, perhaps you’re not trying hard enough.

The jews claim it is ludicrous to speak of their genociding the Palestinians, yet it is the tacit goal of appeaser-cons to prepare the ground for just this. Hence, we get endless talk from the liars at WorldNetDaily and other goyshills about nuking up every single major city in the Muslimi world should a bomb go off here.

It is no accident that the WTC demolitions were preceded by years of speculation and hope and exercises based on the very scenario that came to pass. If America is nuked, it will be a jewish finger tripping the trigger.]

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29 March, 2006

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by Mike Meehan

What is racism? Racism, properly understood, is the acknowledgement of the reality of objective, biological differences between the races. These differences that are so dramatic that racial mingling inevitably causes hatred and violence. Thus racial separation is the best way to preserve all races.

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28 March, 2006

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[As we draw closer to whatever illegal attack the jews in Israel and jews controlling America see fit to spring on Iran, the lies come thick and furious. Every jewish columinst & ashkenazi appeaser sounds the alarm: Iran is the greatest threat in the history of the world and must be destroyed yesterday. Jewish lust for Aryans fighting their wars is boundless, and they’re more than happy to use up the last goy victim to do away with the Muslims you can see further down this page they hate with all their heart. If you subtract the hatred from judaism, all that’s left is bragging and undeserved awards.]

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28 March, 2006

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[Gang-rape is all but exclusively black-, Mexican-, or Asian-on-White. The exceedingly rare time the opposite is found it becomes a national story. Jews have trained the public to hate Duke, as it is attended by a lot of rich, white kids. The type that we know from a million Hollywood productions are vicious, racist hypocrites, and the real source of America’s problems.]

At the vigil, held in front of 610 N. Buchanan where the alleged attack occurred, about 75 people held candles and sang “Amazing Grace” in what organizer Janene Tompkins called a “show of support” for the victim.

Alleged gang rape of black girl by whites prompts vigils and hand wringing. What is now a big story on The Abrams Report (3/28/2005 on MSNBC) will probably be covered on all the networks.

“I can’t even repeat the vile, despicable things that were said to the victims,” wailed one Jewish guest on The Abrams Report.

Funny, I can’t recall any such vigils for any gang rapes of whites by blacks. Isn’t it documented in The Color of Crime that over 1000 such gang rapes of white girls by blacks occurs year in and year out? Isn’t that over three per day? But virtually no white gang rapes of blacks? But not once is it ever mentioned in the Jew controlled media?

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28 March, 2006

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Hitler’s Plans for Berlin as New ‘Eternal City’

Adolf Hitler intended to recreate the Vatican’s St Peter’s Square in the centre of Berlin to honour his ally Benito Mussolini, newly discovered documents have revealed. Albert Speer, the fuhrer’s chief architect, was commissioned to draw up the plans, which have been discovered by historians examining his papers. …The plans for a new, Germanic version of St Peter’s Square – complete with a giant statue of Mussolini – in Berlin have astonished historians. Article.

28 March, 2006

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Most Israeli Jews Would Refuse to Live in a Building With Arabs

…The survey revealed that 68 percent of the Jewish public would not agree to live in the same apartment building with Arabs… Article.

Poll Shows Widespread Racism Among Israel’s Jews

A poll of attitudes among Israel’s Jews towards their country’s Arab citizens has exposed widespread racism, with large numbers favouring segregation and policies to encourage Arabs to leave the country. Article.