Tyranny in Topeka: Aryan Men Stand Against Brown vs. Board of Education, the Jewish Dictatorship's Enabling Diktat

by Alex Linder

22 May 2004


I initially planned to emphasize the positive impact of the White Revolution rally in Topeka, Kansas, on May 15, 2004; to describe the way I felt participating in it, and the afterglow, in order that others might be inspired to attend and share that good feeling after larger and better produced rallies in the future. But upon further review, that is the wrong thing to emphasize. In this report I will describe what we did, and how we can do it better next time, but I will focus on the general context in which Aryan-Americans now exist -- life in a Jewish Tyranny -- and the specific manifestations of that tyranny as encountered in Topeka, no doubt similar to those found anywhere else we rally in defense of our race and its blood-won rights.

The Brown Diktat: Context and Meaning...

The true story of the Brown vs. Board of Education Diktat concerns neither freedom nor justice, though it is advertised in those terms. Nor does it concern America living out the true meaning of the Constitution through the wartburgian vehicle of a court's willful rather than legal reversal of long-settled law. The Founders were racists. Every single one. Though of course in their day there was no special term for those acknowledging obvious human differences. The deined truth is that every single Founder believed, as Jefferson stated, that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Not a man but would have laughed you out of the Constitutional Convention for advocating the negro's right to vote.

No, these glittery claims that the Constitution is what it isn't are simply the jew-set Public Line from which no System politician dare depart, lest he lose his job or become involved in a jew-generated imbroglio like Trent Lott after his comment to Strom Thurmond was construed by the media to imply that segregated America was better. If you heard or read Bush's and Kerry's speeches in Topeka on May 17, you saw that either man could have given the other's speech. We're all judeo-liberals now - if we want to keep our jobs. Only the ghost of Mencken observes that while we brag on ourselves as 'the land of the free,' we whiteskins vote with our feet to move away from coloreds wherever we can, yet: not a single politician will publicly defend the interests of the Aryan majority, as demonstrated by the way they act where there is no gun to their head. Not a single one.

No, Americans aren't much for irony. They are much for saying things they don't believe and hoping no one will notice their actions. Maybe they'll be allowed to sleep through another few years, if they can just placate the jews and their colored tools simperingly enough.

In his Topeka speech, Bush blasted cruel men with small minds. That's one way to put it. Another way to describe these men is to say that they're the type of men who don't want their daughters molested by blacks, or their sons beaten up by packs of Mexicans, as tens of thousands of white children are annually in the new dark age Brown ushered in. Only small men with cruel minds, "haters," if you will, would protect their families from jewish lies and their consequences. Bush is not one of the small, cruel men. He's one of the big, kind men. He "loves the jewish people." Bush agreed with the professional niggers, women and jews -- excuse me, the "civil rights" burrocracy -- that there's "unfinished business" related to Brown. Sure there is -- and there will continue to be right down to the White man's last unstolen dime and unmolested daughter.

The media are no better than the president. No matter the conservative misconception they're at war with Bush, in fact they're partners in pushing the jewish agenda. CNN, in response to the anniversary of Brown, ran a special on the curiously large scores gap between niggers and Aryans. Never once was the genetic basis of the gap brought up. Not even to be spat on. Facts are stubborn things; if you can't plausibly "explain" them, best to ignore them. Racial differences manifesting in test disparities contravene the jew's agenda, so they must be kept from the public by "reporters" which are actually concealers.

"There is not a truth existing which I fear or would make unknown to the entire world," said Jefferson. He wouldn't understand America 2004, where it is unthinkable to speak many things obvious and true. Such as: the races are not equal, and cannot be made so. Nature created the brains gap, and it cannot be filled, save by locking White kids in cupboards, which may well be an NEA-approved practice. In allowing Brown to be inflicted on our communities, we lost our manhood. We allowed the jews to inflict mental and physical torture untold on our children. We allowed ourselves, for fear of jobs and reputation, to pretend something wasn't so, and that was a sin of the soul of the very first order.

The Anglo-American elites who should never have let the jews into America in the first place, and who should have crushed them the moment they acted up, are now in their pocket; their every word and position measured against what Big Jew's money and media might do to them. The 99% of you who are not among these elites have every possible interest in rising up and destroying them and the jews who are murdering your country, city by city, block by block, house by house, mind by mind. The alternative is to shirk and shrink, as we have ever since Brown's illegal decree back in 1954; allowed only to move away from problems, never to combat them -- because thatz how Hymie wants it; that's what he finds convenient for him and his. Where next, White men? A plain in South Dakota? Where maybe we can gain a few years before the local ring of nigger-lovers, backed by the guns of HUD, plants subsidized housing, so Jamal can join the local school and start spreading AIDS to your daughter, in between lessons denouncing historically guilty White race for bringing brick houses to a land of ant and acorn eaters? It is time to stop running from stone-age people and the semites who set them on us.

Because the true meaning of Brown has nothing to do with schools and segregation: it has to do with who will control our communities and run our lives: us or judeo-Washington. Brown's being pushed on us without the judges and jews who produced it being killed in their beds or lynched in public gave proof that the United States had passed from a nation of Aryan freemen to a nation willing to accede to Jewish dictatorship. We fought a bit against Brown, but in the main we gave in. The result is that today there is almost no resistance anywhere to any of the thousands of ridiculous promulgations and court orders and decrees they throw at us, all of which tend in the same direction - the criminalization-leading-to-extinction of any social condition the jew finds uncondign. The jew is careful to keep the words - 'land of the free,' 'home of the brave' -- and the symbols - the Stars and Stripes, because these pull the wool over the sheep's eyes.

Once the dirty deed is done, and the trends are turned, all it takes is time. With each successive generation, especially after the 1965 Immigration Act, we get farther from the nation as it was formed and intended. We get an increasingly colored, brainwashed melange of deracinated, miscegenated, indoctrinated goyim steeped in jewish lies and jewish ways. Nigger-proud, illiterate, deracinated graduate-victims of anti-intellectual Attitude Adjustment Jails called schools, whose certificates are the human equivalent of a dog's from obedience school, without the implied proficiency in mannerliness. The attitude about Brown jews wish Aryan slaves to hold is engrained in youth through repetition, through ceaseless public praise from "conservative" and liberal officials alike, and through television. Every official and semi-official source echoes the others in reinforcing the Big Lie: Race does not exist, except the jewish race, which must be obeyed. Accepting this Biggest Lie constitutes public "education" in 2004 AmeriKwa.

Within a few short decades, we've seen opposition to our crooked regime become nearly impossible because the old people who remember the old ways are underground. And too many of the upright people are brown, and have a financial stake in sustaining the Big Lie. Whites who might resist are drugged, brainwashed, and misled in a thousand ways. A handful of scholars and bravehearts persists, but the jewish hate groups referred to by B'nai media as "civil rights" protectors quash these easily enough. One day after the AP circulated a photo of me carrying a sign saying Brown is a racial attack... By Jews on Whites using Blacks, our website was DOSS attacked, leading our server to pull the plug. It is not enough that jews control the mass media, no critic must be allowed so much as a website to counter their Big Lies. When I speak of Jewish Tyranny, I mean no exaggeration, and I know through direct experience exactly what I am talking about:

The United States is a Jewish Tyranny.

Brown is the tyranny's enabling act.

In getting over on us through Brown, the jews showed they could control American elites through a combination of media treatment and liberally applied money. They showed they could use courts to destroy White freedom and inflict their jewish agenda on the sons of freemen, no matter their Diktat was 180 degrees against interests of the community. They showed that they could force their ways on us, even when it killed us and destroyed our kids' minds, and that not only would we do little to nothing to stop them, our own soldiers would dutifully comply with orders to crush resisters. They showed that they could cover up the truth about what they were doing in the papers, knowing normal Americans lacked alternative outlets for information. Thus did the timorous Aryan-American, used to being used by jews to prosecute his criminal wars against the Aryan's pre-defamed European brothers, prove just as willing to be used to sacrifice his own communities here at home. Today an unremitting barrage of agitprop flies at older Americans to reinforce the lie they're the "greatest generation," because they liberated Europe and saved the world. The truth is that they enslaved Europe -- and themselves -- to the jew, but they're too brainwashed and dull-witted to see it. Slowly the whole world becomes a "no-go" zone for Whites, even as they comply with their oppressors and celebrate their monetary, cultural and genetic dispossession. That is, um, foolish and stuff.

When the jew lacks the law, he cries kikodile tears about social justice, and breaking barriers. He organizes sit-ins and public demonstrations, and has his papers bombard honest men with bogus atrocity tales and disingenuous moral appeals, presenting his nigger charges as they never were, while concealing what they actually are and what they actually do. The minute the jew has the law on his side, no matter he wrote that law last night in between joints, no matter it reversed a hundred-year precedent, he pulls the long face, and has his pocket cons inform respectful masses that "no matter our private opinion," we must follow his presumptous Petly palimpsest. Whether it's letting niggers rape our daughters and murder our sons, or jumping off a cliff, or going to war against Iraq because the Mossad murdered 3,000 of our countrymen, our job, says Big Jew, is to shut up and go along with it. The real law at work in the jew's head is that nobody has the right to oppose his agenda. Of course he doesn't put it like that: honesty, in that case, would be ineffective. He veils it. He conceals it. He coats it with syrup. He powders it with sugar. He gives it away free over the airwaves, in our churches and schools, and from our government printing office. So is our natural Aryan "straightness" used against us by the duplicitous and doubletalking jew. This species, small and vicious, is at war with us, and the larger part of its strategy must be concealing its name and nature from its larger, more powerful enemy. Now you know the truth. What will you do with it, enslaved Aryan?

Yes, the jew knows us, new reader. He uses our men and our mentality against us. He knows we are naturally law-abiding, so he prefers to operate under law's cover. He knows we will lie to ourselves, and pretend he isn't doing what he manifestly is, so he need only pull heartstrings, or come up with a plausible story. He knows we place much more stock in manners than he does, so we'll accept a polite lie as a way to avoid dealing with a painful reality. Christianity, his bait for gullible goyim, long ago prepared the bed of wishful thinking, that we might die in it. After all, if men come back from the dead, then reality does not exist, and the lion may indeed lie down with the lamb, and the black with the blonde. The jew counts on generation after generation of Pat Buchanans and Paul Craig Robertses not to name him, but to keep up a persistent low-level bay of bravado that will set a few three-legged curs to yowling, but never attract any rottweilers, pinschers or shepherds. The Buchanans and Robertses comply. Boy, do they comply. Well recompensed whiners, they cash their checks and watch us sink, and bare their fangs only where real men threaten inroads on their profits and curtain-ripping on their pretense. The only men Pat Buchanan treats discourtesously are men who advocate for the Aryan race. Think about that. Think about what that implies about his politics and his character. Buchanan ain't us. He takes sides with our enemy. He begs our enemy to accept his evidence that his Church did everything it could to save the jews from those who stood up to them. There's a word for men like Buchanan. You know what it is. No, Pat won't tell you what I've told you here, and he would stop my telling you if he could.

Leaving the New Deal aside, the Brown Diktat fairly may be taken as the point at which America switched from a nation of men living by clear and written laws, to a nation of slaves living by judicial whim, more or less a direct reflection of the vicissitudes of the jewish agenda. Codebooks as thick and perplexing as the Talmud, requiring the people of pilpul to interpret them -- alway politically, always in the interest of the good nazis, the Ashkenazis.

The function of Brown and the "civil rights" laws passed a decade later is to provide legal cover for niggers to prey on Whites, while preventing Whites from defending themselves. By means of shellspeak, hiding an ugly thing in something attractive, they camouflage their attacks. By syncopated coverage they conceal these attacks' effects. Do blacks attack Whites in numbers so massive as to amount to an undeclared race war? Then let us focus our "reporting" on black victims. That is what I mean by syncopation. By these sleights of word the masses are relieved of their money, minds, and 'morrows; all they have left are arms to wave flags. In forty years, America changed from a civilized White nation in which one was free to speak one's mind, to a third-world empire where saying the wrong thing can cost you your job. Make no mistake, the 'civil rights revolution' was first and last a campaign by organized jewry to murder the civilized Aryan America they hated, and replace it with the mess we have now, which I have named AmeriKwa, and in which you, the White man reading this, the Aryan, are a third-class citizen. That is the context; that is what Brown means. You have no rights in the land your people built from scratch.

No, the lead of our Topeka rally is not how we felt about ourselves and what we are doing. "Hate crimes" researcher Laird Wilcox has pointed out that White activists tend to be driven by emotional needs rather than by the objective demands of the situation. Valid point and clue to rally reform, on which I will expand later in this article, because a number of easily realized improvements leap out.

The Brown Diktat is an outrage. In simple English, it denies Whites the right to organize their communities as they see fit. Brown takes political control of communities from local Whites and turns it over NOT to Washington, but to the JEWS who control D.C. These jews use their money, their media, and their political power to herd the White race down the cowpath to genocide. It is that serious.

White socities today are passing through a gauntlet of colored/jew legal, cultural, and social hazing, and at the end of that gauntlet is not the return of White freedom, but a gullible-goy guillotine.

Do jews want this state of affairs questioned? Hell, no.


This is the reality of the Topeka rally: the outrages we have to put up with even to register outrage: real outrage, not the synethesized-for-public-consumption outrage spewed daily from the snow machine that is the Association of Diaspora Liars. It reminds me of Chuck Carlson's description of Gaza: a 20-mile-square gulag, where you have to walk a kilometer between razor-wire-topped fences just to get in. Meaning that anybody who hopes to resist the jewish oppressor must break out of prison first.

What we experienced in Topeka is an outrage: a group of White Americans objecting to laws preventing their kind from providing for the safety and education and futures of their own treated like violent criminals. Our treatment at the hands of the jew-indoctrinated police in Topeka is symptomatic of a diseased society in which the few who bother to speak out are treated like crazy or dangerous children, to be held at arm's length with rubber gloves, sprayed with neutralizing juice, and allowed a few brief minutes to yap sans amplification in whichever small space ZOG finds convenient. This is American reality in 2004. But like I say, this isn't our country. This nation has been taken over by jews, and only those advancing the jew's agenda have rights. Nevertheless, that was what we did in Topeka: make our case as loudly and publicly as possible.

With the all-important meaning of Brown laid bare, we are free to examine the way the Jewish Tyranny manifests itself with regard to public expressions of displeasure with its celebrated Diktat. That is the second part of our story.

ZOG's Attitude: All Who Resist Egalitarianism, the Biggest Lie, Are Morally Evil and Quite Possibly Medically Ill, and Therefore Must be Treated Like Sanitarium Inmates...

Writers have described Lenin as a bacillus, shipped via secure train to Russia to foment revolution, pockets full of jew Schiff's lucre. The same description fits the treatment accorded ZOG-resistant public Aryans in 2004 TopeKwa. We were treated as an infectious agent the public must be protected from - with the exception of those members of the public who might be interested in visiting physical harm on us, namely the free-range zoobies collected under the Anti-Racist Alliance banner. These were allowed to slip their own between and among the armed SWATers, who faced us, for the most part. Thatz ZOG for you: they sniff, click, and wand you; they all but cavity search you -- then, having made sure you're absolutely unencumbered with any means of defense, they train their guns and copters on you like you're about to unscrew a fake arm filled with plastique -- while turning their backs on folks who've proven violent in the past under just these circumstances.

Topeka is about four hours from Kirksville. I left at 4:30 a.m., and headed over to St. Joseph, Missouri, to pick up three White Revolution members, including Ben Vinyard and Craig Cobb, and a youngster from West Virginia. We got to Topeka in good time, sunny day but cool. About three dozen of us assembled in the parking lot of the Expocenter, where a bus stood ready to convey us to the rally grounds, a few short blocks away. But before we got on the bus, we got ZOG's full cattle-car treatment. Everything but the double-salted stew of jewish legend.

Like other states, Kansas has mini-me Feebs. Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), as the yellow letters on black said. AA Topeka Hornets, as it were. These KBI are made up of certain recognizable types. Short men with graying temples wearing fuck-you sunglasses and windbreakers and black kevlar, or whatever that man-made material is. Aging hardasses, some with well-developed Napoleon complexes; the type who like kicking in doors where they can't shoot people. SWAT teams attract the type of men who consider joining a SWAT team a higher calling. In other words, the type of people in desperate need of adult supervision. These types are inevitable among the cops, since they are part of the 40% of the population or so which shares the "Authority is right because it's Authority" mentality. Authority-is-Right types are employed by every state, no matter who's in charge. The best of these folks are little more than Super K-9 units; the worst are the type piling up atrocities in Iraq. "Because I get off on it," said Chet in "Weird Science," when asked why he liked humiliating his younger brother and friends. KBI, FBI, (X)BI is a bunch of Chets.

In order to exercise "freely" our republican right to protest a court decision rendering our people third-class citizens in the nation they founded, we 'had' to:

- hold our rally two days early, since dull-witted Bush is too stupid and cowardly to cope with protesters;

- move our rally away from the front of the Monroe school to the back part of a nearby park;

- be bused to the rally unarmed and completely under cop control, open to assassination at any point -- when we could have walked to Monroe in five minutes;

- submit to close personal search, including metal wand, and cops digging through our papers and effects for absolutely no stated reason, and explicitly in contravention of the Constitution's Fourth Amendment guarantee of security of same;

- have our driver's license and license plate numbers recorded; - be photographed from several inches away by badge fags hiding behind fuck-you sunglasses;

- refrain from using any microphone or amplification device while speaking;

- refrain from using signs on poles, or with any kind of metal or wood support;

- compete with circling helicopter for earshare;

- put up with SEGREGATION in a small section of park, while antis were allowed to range freely, including some degree of infiltration of our reserved space. I could go on, and mention the 'pointless,' extremely slow bus circling of colored blocks preceding our drop-off, but I'll stop there.

All these point up what I'm saying: the United States is a functioning tyranny - a Jewish Tyranny. You, White reader, are a third-class citizen, and you have only the rump rights jews allow you, and they'll determine what those are and the circumstances under which you'll exercise them.

In other words, we Aryans in Topeka were allowed the free exercise of our rights only at and under the harshest and most intolerable and ineffective times and conditions. Our rights are 100% subject to the government's determination of the conditions under which we may exercise them. This points up an eternal truth: rights which cannot effectively be defended do not exist. You can't win on paper what you can't hold in the park. We have instead today rights that exist only on paper: rights the government claims it upholds even as it effectively denies them by constraining their exercise so as to render them nugatory. Direct parallel to the supporting fischwrap cast and their eternal shellspeak terminology games. The jews are "for" "civil rights" when they force integration on Topeka Whites at gunpoint without legally altering a word in the Constitution, which expressly guarantees states rights and freedom of association. You're "an enemy" of civil rights for acting just as you and your people have for 200 years under the arrangement your people set up, which includes provisions for legal alteration. Man, I tell you, there is no legislature like the one that lands on your doorstep every morning. Not even a court can beat it. The jews get away with their lies and tricks only because they control the media. Otherwise honest men could point out what they're doing, and thwart Shwartz.

I was denied my First Amendment right in Topeka. My and our intent was to vociferously and directly oppose President Bush and the jews he loves -- face to face -- and to denounce the corrupt tyranny that has reduced the White citizens of Kansas to third-class citizenship. ZOG says, in effect, "We don't care what you think of the conditions we set. We control you, and we will decide under what conditions, if any, you'll be allowed to protest." Those conditions are: one can protest ZOG if he is willing to place himself in position to be murdered with impunity, and if he is willing to accept such limitations of time and space as will grievously reduce his chance of effectiveness. Only then will ZOG approve one's exercising whatever paper rights it still feels it is to early to do away with entirely. This is jew-produced America -- AmeriKwa -- and it is Tyranny.

ZOG will continue to treat independent Aryans as disease agents until the day we rise up and destroy the jews controlling America. There is no other way to say it. Men on our side can speak of beautiful visions, but the reality is that beautiful visions require power, and power, as Mao said, comes out of the barrel of a gun. Retaking our freedoms will require bloodshed.

The Rally Itself...

After the curious, slow circling, we finally arrived at the hindquarters of Cushinberry Park. We got off the bus, carrying our signs, and walked into our approved area. Orange netting and police tape and dozens of cops were between us and the few hundred protestors a little ways away. The protestors fell into three camps: some 'groids, apparently including Topeka's resident Jesse Jackson wannabe, Sonny Scroggins; some locals; some ARA, led by jew Jerry Bellows. The last were arrayed to our right, the others to our left. Our speaking platform was a concrete slab perhaps two feet off the ground.

I may not be the best reporter on this rally, because I was a participant, and driving off instinct when I wasn't speaking from prepared text. Normally, I would have walked around with a pad noting the different signs and chants, and playing close attention to the interaction of forces, but here I was front and center, trying to turn the thing in a certain direction. Ben Vinyard and Billy Roper and Craig Cobb have all written descriptions of what went on, and video clips of the demo are available at White Revolution, and at VNN Forum too:


First, a quick overview of the way the rally developed: We got off the buses, marched up to the barrier with our signs. We began chanting, as did our opponents. Lots of yelling back and forth. Then we went over to the concrete pad and began our speeches. Billy spoke first, then introduced me. I spoke/ranted the longest and loudest, and I involved the antis wherever possible. Then Pastor Butler spoke, very softly, giving a serious, CI read on our condition. And then John Doggett of EURO, who reinforced that whites vote our way -- with their feet; then Martin Lindstedt, who's running for governor of Missouri, and finally P.J. Kubicz, a student originally from Poland now in school out west, knowledgeable about racial science and psychology.

After our speeches, during our speeches, we had some back and forth with the ARA. This is where the AP took this photo:

Here's the accompanying story.

Here's the story written by TV reporter Brooke Erickson, a stunning Nordic beauty. "Our kids need to learn," says Linder. "They don't need to be 'dumbed' down to the black level." He says mixing races in the schools doesn't work. Yeah, well, it's not just me saying that, sweetpea, it's the evidence. I allowed her three questions, and gave her a nice professional cut-smile when I was done, such as women give each other, if you get what I mean. It is flattering to be asked to do an interview, but the fact is that little one says is used, and probably one's appearance is most of what the viewer takes away. I did two TV interviews with local Topeka affiliates, and a third with a Swiss documentary crew making a film on White nationalism.

CNN story here, note the title.

I was in my bait-and-switch mode with the college students/ARA when the AP took the photo, unbeknownst to me. Luckily I had put slogans on both sides of the foam boards. See how that paid off? This is probably the most circulated photo to come out of the rally, and as ours seems to be the only rally that will take place against this egregious transfer of power from Aryans to jews, it is good that our main meme receive wide circulation. You appreciate the difficulty in tying Brown to jews - this is another benefit the jews get from staying behind the scenes and pressing their cause from behind colored fronts. And so nearly all our effort must be directed at digging the hermitstein crab out of the shell and holding it up to public light, as opposed to going off on niggers, who are as a community incapable of tying their $500 shoes, let alone introjecting themselves into human educational facilities. Integrated schools are a symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE, I like to say.

After Billy gave some remarks, I took the stage and delivered a speech, which I've posted here. Most of the text I did use, but there was a hell of a lot more thrown in. I honestly can't recall it all, because I was, uh, "in the moment," as Hollywood assholes like to say. I reminded the 'groids that we, not they, built America, and that most of them owe their very physical existence to White science. I advised them to take a listen to Farrakhan, and the facts his researchers had compiled about the jewish slavers who brought Africans to America. I thought I spied one of Louis' boys in the crowd, but I might have been wrong.

Here's a story about Bush and Kerry in Topeka addressing same subject I did. You will no doubt be shocked to learn that both candidates oppose 'racism,' i.e., the observation that men fall into races which differ. Both express their willingness to keep White boys from getting ahead in the utopian hope this will prevent colored kits from falling behind. Bush's lackeys had our Aryan speeches pushed ahead two days to avoid conflicting with his because he doesn't want people asking him from the crowd which integrated school his daughters attend when they're not sleeping off hangovers. Bush doesn't do real well under pressure, you might have noticed. He's not one of these guys that holds up.

Neither is he an intelligent or honest man: "Fifty years ago today, nine judges announced that they had looked at the Constitution and saw no justification for the segregation and humiliation of an entire race," he said. What? If they don't like the way free men act, then they ought to resign their judgeships and run for the legislature. Not write anti-republican edicts because they know the jewish papers will let them get away with it. Strange how that "no matter our opinion, it is the law and we must respect it" only works one way. We the people who pass laws legally and democratically must respect judges who pass them illegally and autocratically. But if they have the right to thwart our rights with their will, then we have the right to kill them, because they are tyrants and usupers. And that is precisely the position we are in today, no matter how ZOG's cosmetologists make it over.

Too, note the irony in blacks being 'humiliated,' according to those who find it convenient to claim they divine such feelings. Whatever the black wants, it's always racism on your part if you don't give it to him. Whether he wants into your White school, or you to fund but stay away from his Black Student Center, either way it's your duty to pay and get out of the way, or you're a racist who's humiliating him. Like their jewish handlers, the blacks have grown accustomed to having things both ways. And egalitarian "conservatives" like Bush have grown accustomed to covering for them.

Here's the transcript of Bush's speech in Topeka at the "National Historic Site" his father made of the Monroe school. Some of his points, and our counterpoints:

- [Brown] changed America for the better, and forever.

The "forever" is a bit of Brezhnev Doctrine: there's no going back from judeo-progressivism. Pure boolie-beanie-bushy bluster. By what standard are we better? Not by scores, by violence, by civility -- not by any measure. Guns, drugs, suicides, abortions are the problems in the new world Brown brought in; before Brown, teachers worried about chewing gum and running in halls.

- Fifty years ago today, nine judges announced that they had looked at the Constitution and saw no justification for the segregation and humiliation of an entire race.

It's always about feelings with Bush, because, like with all weak-minded people, feelings are easier to deal with than thoughts. Thanks in large measure to the anti-intellectual, attitude-adjustment-based education integrated schools specialize in, nobody calls him on it, since they don't know any better. The fact is, the court overturned settled law for political rather than legal reasons, and that is a crime any way you cut it. It is not the court's job to write new laws because it disagrees with existing ones. But that is exactly what the Supreme Court did. That is a usurpation which should be punished with death. The court knew what it intended to do was illegal, so it cast about for a pretext, which it found in some jew witch doctor's study of children playing with dolls, I kid you not. The fact Bush avoids is that segregation was the freely chosen political arrangement of free men, as was their right under the Constitution not a single jewish lawyer had a hand in creating. Once organized jewry had the power, it simply revoked White freedom, while retaining the traditional words. The jew groups pushing Brown knew the inevitable results of its promulgation: the destruction of White children's minds; the endangering of their bodies; and the empowerment of the jews. Which is exactly what happened. So that in 2004, a "conservative" president delivers a speech that could have been written by the ARA or Karl Marx or Charles Schumer. The fact is that there is no such thing as anti-racist conservatism. Conservatism is based on reality, and anti-racism, the pretense that people are equal, or that race does not matter, is a denial or reality - a utopitan belief of exactly the type that conservatives by definition abjure. Because when one embraces factual falsification, one reaps exactly the horrors we've seen. It is the height of disingenuousness for Bush to describe lugubriously some modest physical pain undergone by one colored girl, while avoiding the tens of millions of White children abused and humiliated daily as a result of being subjected to the illegal Brown edict.

- Under the rule of Jim Crow, almost no detail of life escaped the supervision of cruel and petty men. The color of your skin determined where you could get your hair cut, which hospital ward you could be treated in, which park or library you could visit, or who you could go fishing with. And children were instructed early in the customs of racial division -- at schools where they never saw a face of another color.

Oh, the horror of going to school with White kids. If it's so dangerous for Whites, why is it so urgently necessary for blacks? The races are the same! different! different and the same! The lies are as thick and tangled and desperate as the lice on Jerry Below 4' beard crawling over one another looking for breeding space. And, as I yelled at the counter-demonstrators, which integrated school do Bush's kids attend? That's one thing I wanted to yell at the coward on May 17. But of course, Bushy can't handle public disagreement. Or press conferences. Or one-on-one interviews. Or the war in Iraq. And he's a fine one to speak of "cruel and petty" men, with his stupid "bring it on," and his mercenaries brutalizing and murdering people who never did a damn thing to us. Bush is the kind of president a Browned country deserves. Where jewish feelings replace White rights, there is no future for Aryans. Bush is a frontman for the jew-produced, onrushing New World Order in which the Founding race is dumbed down and blended out of existence, and in which anti-intellectual "education," or attitude-adjustment indoctrination, is the order of the day, with the aim of producing a servile service class of serfs that can handle the drainage for the ruling jews, who are to be the only adults, the only citizens, the only race left standing.

- And however it was defended, segregation could never be squared with the ideals of America.

Bush is apparently as unfamiliar with the Constitution as anything else. Segregation has been made into a dirty word by frontmen and fehboys, but it's nothing more than Whites exercising their natural and Constitutional right to secure their safety and happiness, which is the purpose of government. Segrated schools are free schools for the children of free men. Integrated schools are jewish indoctrination centers for the sons of white-skinned slaves. Jefferson knew more about race and ideals than Bush, and he more than once expressed his concern over the danger freed blacks mixed with Whites would bring. History proved he was right. Does Bush even realize what he's saying? I wonder.

- As Justice John Marshall Harlan wrote in his dissenting opinion in Plessy v. Ferguson: "In view of the Constitution, in the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant ruling class of citizens. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful. The law regards man as man, and takes no account of his surroundings, or of his color."

That's funny, because the Brown ruling specifically mentions the "interests" of "colored children." If they have interests, then so do White children. Near the top is their interest in receiving a true and substantial education, which is incompatible with colored presence, as fifty years of test scores and a passing acquaintance with real-world niggers demonstrate. But again, to debate this argument by referring to scores and violence and the rest of the social indices is to detract from the main point, which is the only point that matters: Brown transferred White freedom to Washington jews. Brown did not free blacks, it enslaved both blacks and Whites to jews.

- One of the children who integrated Central High School in Little Rock was Melba Patillo. She recalls white students after gym class turning her shower to scalding. Others broke a bottle and tripped her on the glass, leaving scars that remain today.

What about the tens of thousands of white kids humiliated daily in a thousand ways by being thrown into prisons with jungle animals? These people don't exist, for all Bush and his jewish handlers care. The media don't cover them, and Bush doesn't give a damn about their pain or interests. Why Whites vote for the Republican party rather than forming an Aryan party that looks after their own interests is a mystery that can only be explained by jewish media control and massive public brainwashing via televitz.

Who cares about your children, White man? Not President Bush. Not the Republican Party.

If you have White children, and you'd educate them, the United States government is your worst enemy, Aryan reader. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is move as far away from coloreds as you can, and keep your kids out of the semitically-correctional centers called public schools.

* * *

There's a world of difference between indoor speaking to nodders and outdoor speaking to pelters. Outdoors, without any amplification and in the presence of hostiles, Stentorian oration mixed with pure-out ranting works pretty well. Basically, at these outdoor rallies, anyone with good lungs and will can dominate. It is not a place for subtleties or race science. It is more of a pissing contest than anything. It's a show. Kind of an outdoor battle of wits, with the off-chance there'll be some violence. Like NASCAR without the high ticket prices.

In just the same way that beauty is impossible to deny, articulate, passionate speech will tell, no matter the politics of the listener. AmeriKwa is a boring gray Tyranny, and everybody feels it. Thatz one reason people come out to these rallies. It is our job as Whites to give them something. To rasp their vanity, to wound their self-importance, to inflict their false belief they're educated. This can be done by badgering, cajoling, entreating -- in a thousand ways. We can show through our demonstrations that we are their superiors: in dress, in wit, in wisdom, in size, in looks -- in all the ways one man can be superior to another. They cannot help but be impressed in spite of themselves -- if we truly be these things. The more impressive we are as individuals, and the tighter our organization as an Aryan team, the greater our effect on the crowds who turn out; the greater our effect on the reader who comes across our picture in the paper, our words in a newsmagazine, or our video on the local news channel.

You'll note in the AP report, as in any report on a White rally, that they show not the slightest interest in what our speakers say. Their interest is in 1) getting photos that will move rags; 2) framing the story to support the jewish agenda. Thus we are always described as "White supremacists." Jews are never described as "Jewish supremacists," except by David Duke. We are denied the right to name ourselves -- unlike every other group in America. Even pro-lifes are accorded more respect than Aryan-Americans. We are part of the "unfinished business" they've decided to emphasize this anniversary.

So, yes, I ranted quite a bit at this rally, because it felt like the right way to go. Facts along will not get the job done. I like to hit directly at the people there. Most people are cowards, they don't want to be picked out of the mob. They can be dazzled or bamboozled -- or led. They love to be entertained. All these can be taken into account. You've seen the self-help nitwits, the envangelists bunnyherds, the WWF ringleaders -- something like those. I decided to play the Droolmaster. Since VNN tends to be written in oratorical form, it fit quite nicely. Bait and switch -- bait them with a question -- WHO FOUNDED THE NAACP? -- then switch them when they don't know the answer. See if any of them have the balls to take you on. They don't. They literally do not know what they're protesting about. WE ARE RIGHT. Accept it. That is more than many racialists can do. They can't get past the fact that what we do is deemed disrespectable by Authority. We must be more like the jews in that regard -- utter disdain for the powers that be, complete focus in getting our agenda across and obeyed. We racists have the truth, the history, and the best men on our side. We just need to accept it and march fearlessly against the foe, whether on paper or in the park. But we do need to be better organized, much better organized. Heroism does not make up for lack of attention to details.

I hit all the main points: this nation was founded by Whites, not people who turn over rocks for food. I pointed out that most blacks owe their very existence to White medical science. I pointed out that they are basically free riders in a nation founded and developed by men of German, English, and Irish descent. Everybody knows this is true, and for once the words were spoken aloud, a-very-loud. I yelled down the pro-Brown chanters, switching words on their own chant. 'Groids and wimpy whites are easily bollixed. I baited the college students and ARA, most of whom are confused and brainwashed people, with a minority which thinks it's fun to initiate violence where it thinks it can get away with it. Given that Roper was attacked in York, Penn., a couple years ago, and the attack caught on tape, and nobody prosecuted for it, they have grounds for feeling emboldened. But most of all, I hit on the jew the jew the jew, again and again and again, driving home the point that we are not there to blame or hate blacks, but to resist the jew who stole our Aryan freedom, and destroyed our nation, education system being but one section of hymie's swath of destruction.

Toward a More Perfect Rally...

Although this rally was good, we can do much better. Here's what we need to do to perform the thing correctly:

1) set a dress code.

No race trekkies allowed. Dressing nicely is all that is needed. Clean-cut works better than anything else. If you want to dress in uniform, that can be done without looking like something from Mattel's political doll division. Your clothes are practically the only thing that shows up on camera the media will not be able to slant in some jew-friendly way, so it behooves you to look as good as you can. People's minds usually turn on impressions, and you make it that much harder for the media to misrepresent you when you're neat and on top of yourself.

2) perfect our signage.

This is vital. I prepared 36 signs here, front and back. A few I did with stencils, but these took too long, so I wound up hand-lettering most. There's nothing wrong with hand-lettering, although a mix of hand and stencil probably is best. The important thing is to make the letters thick enough so they'll show up on camera. Our signs were mostly 20" x 30" foam board, which you can buy at Wal-Mart for just under $2 apiece, tax included. These are functional, require no "illegal" poles. To go along with them should be some larger signs, and some signs with pictures and graphics. There should be one person responsible for approving all messages appearing on signs, and for double-checking the spelling too. We can really set ourselves apart in this way, as most rallies reveal that most people don't know grammar or spelling or puntuation. The one sign at our rally that was misspelled made it into the local papers. That will happen every time. Good appearance and carefully produced signs are ways of getting out of our own way: not giving the 'investigators' adventitious reasons to reject us. Letting us, and them, focus on our message.

3) give rally given a name; set speakers and topics.

We must be more organized next time. The rally should have a name, and a list of speakers and the topics they will address. This will give the rally purpose and direction. It is not enough simply to show up. It will impress the crowd if we have a direction. The crowd against us is as much curious as hostile, and it is willing to listen to what we have to say, and will respect us in proportion to our preparation. For most of the crowd, it's a sort of political picnic, good for some laughs and some yelling. If they come across something prepared and substantial, they will eat it up in spite of themselves. Certainly there are many genuine hostiles, but there are just as many who are simply curious. That was my impression at this rally, and at the rally in D.C. with over 500. I believe women are particularly susceptible to being won over in this regard, as they are considerably less likely than men to look past externals. The carrier strikes them far more strongly than the message, yet another reason to dress well. Back on the bus awaiting departure, I had one woman lock her eyes on mine very determinedly. She was attractive, possibly either a jew angry at my words, or trying to determine just how far I'd go to back them up. One never knows. This is one of the interesting things you get at a rally -- people trying to look into your soul. People smelling and sniffing one another, trying to determine what is real, and what is stage. You cannot get this stuff off paper, or off the Internet, we have to get out there and physically through compressed air and flesh make your impress our message on the people. It works. We have a winning message. ZOG suppresses us because it fears us. Not as we are today, but our potential.

4) sing a closing song.

This is urgently needed. The nature of this rally is a spiritual coming together of people beset by a system trying to destroy them. "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" perfectly captures the will to resist and overcome as a united people. It is both stately and dynamic, a song that draws in both sexes. It is about one hundred times as impressive in the singing as "We Shall Overcome," with its tacky synthetic maudlin lugubriousness. I believe our singing "Tomorrow" would have made a deep impression on our opponents, and probably made the news as well. It beats simply walking out of a park 45 minutes early, which you'll note the AP played as a cowardly retreat, though it wasn't.

5) make arrangements with cops made clear to all participants.

This stuff isn't funny. There tends to be a little joking on both sides, but that hides the nature of the transaction: these cops are paid out of our pockets to trample our rights. The best policy may be to be silent and endure what we're forced to, but always to treat these incursions as serious boundary oversteppings. The cops are in no way helping us or interested in our welfare. The cops make their profits by quashing threats to the people who pay them. They do not think. They do not care. They shoot and jail people to keep the people in power happy. They are not our friends. They should never be treated that way. A cold and not so vague hostility is appropriate.

6) plan time for 'investigator' interaction.

This comes back to tone. Without thousands of people attending carefully staged presentations, it is useless to act tough, because we can't back it up credibly. Better is to speak seriously about principles we'll defend with our lives, while reaching out to the folks there, pointing out where their interests align with our message. That comes back to their kids' futures, and the kind of communities they want to live in. Use the jew's tactic: divide and separate. Use it on cops, on college kids, on suburban housewives and hubbies. For college students, bring them down a notch by spouting facts they don't know. This will put hesitation in their heckles. He who hesitates is lost. They are lost. They just don't know it until our words reveal it.

7) select main message for rally spokesmen.

There needs to be a pre-set theme for the rally, reflected in its name, and touched on, in different ways, by the various speakers. This makes for a unified message, and something that will stick in the attendees' minds, and pierce the jewish media filter.

8) plan our own coverage.

We must document our own events. It must be clear who is responsible for what: filming, taping, etc. There should be a webpage set up before the rally on which links to all pre-coverage are posted. And then after the rally, post-coverage links can be added, along with links to material produced by our side. In this way we have a one-stop source for learning about the entire event, which will help newcomers understand what is going on, and where they might fit in at the next rally. All in-group and out-group words and voices and pictures collecting in one location, accessible to insider and investigator alike. Mirrored by friendly hosts.

9) set plan for dealing with controlled media.

Organizers should plan beforehand who among their number will speak to the media, and what message they will emphasize. It is exceptionally important for organizers to pick their wardrobe and words carefully. Local tv will use only brief clips, and what you are wearing will probably make more of an impression on the viewer than your words. Beware the angle the cameraman tries to get on you. If necessary tell him to move back a few feet. YOU are in control. If the media wish to interview you, you have the power to set the conditions. Be poised and succint. Keep you voice low and calm. Remeber that very little of what you say will be used, so there's no need for more than a couple questions. Realize that hot chick with the electric fuchsia toenails does not care about what you think but about getting material that will enhance her viewership and advance the controlled media's agenda. She uses you for her ends; you'd better make sure you're using her for yours. Otherwise don't participate.


I encourage those of you who didn't make this one to come to the rally next time. Meet people, see where AmeriKwa is today. I wouldn't exactly say these rallies are fun, but they are spirited, and if enough time and preparation is put into the form of the message, we can make it through the jewish filter enough to show the masses of Aryans out there that plenty of other Americans feel the same way. The truth is that Brown has left an entire nation worse educated than it was before, and is responsible for the ruin of tens of thousands of lives which might otherwise have developed properly. There's no way out but through the jews, as we like to say, and part of that "through" is meeting and trouncing the jew in public. You ought to try it. Eating makes appetite.

Congratulations to Billy Roper and White Revolution for organizing a thrilling and successful rally, complete with lots of good new connections made at the reception that followed. I and VNN and VNN Forum look forward to working with White Revolution in preparing future events, and we hope that you reading this will join us and make our next rally that much better.


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