Hitler and Today's Majority

by Moriarty

1 November 2004

[From Instauration October 1998]

The recent article on Hitler by Peter Lorden ("Wolfman!" 1998) has, if nothing else, served to remind us that the Führer remains a controversial figure among Instaurationists. Those may sound like weasel words, but it's about as politic a statement as one can make about Adolf Hitler -- and us -- today.

Interestingly the explicit criticisms of Hitler by Lorden, as well as by less extravagant critics, seem to contain an unstated reproach. As one reads what a murderous brute Hitler was, one detects the unstated sentiment: If partisans of our race could only wash ourselves clean of the stain of Hitler and Nazism, certain opponents of the Majority'ss fortunes (including its continued existence) would rally to our cause.

There's no question as to who this opposition is. It's not the blacks (who are largely unmoved by Hitler) or the Latinos (many of whom artlessly admire his macho deportment) or the Asians or the Arabs or the Eskimos. It is the Jews that Hitler-haters among the Majority hope to court.

One might believe the American Majority had done more than its share against Hitler, enough at least to merit a little understanding from the Chosen. Considering all the flying limbs and gushing entrails the overwhelmingly non-Jewish U.S. combat troops suffered in WWII, did the rercently ballyhooed Spielberg film, Saving Private Ryan, express the slightest sense of Jewish gratitude to Gentiles?

For the Jews, instinct, as well as calculation, governs. To Jews, Gentiles are a collective Dr. Strangelove. Just as the recalcitrant right arm of a demented Nazi scientist, even while in the employ of the good old U.S.A., could never quite be cured of its propensity to snap into the Hitler salute at the most inopportune times, so is the American majority not to be trusted -- Hitler or no Hitler.

We may posture as we will against Hitler the tyrant, Hitler the aggressor, Hitler the madman, Hitler the sadist, Hitler the pagan, Hitler the atheist, Hitler the devil incarnate. We may accuse Hitler as we will of wrecking Germany, bringing down the British Empire, of dooming Western civilization and the white race. We may chide as we will Hitler for killing too many Jews, for enabling Stalin's victory, for the decline of eugenics and the emergence of the Volkswagen Beetle. None of this will have the slightest effect on the organized, disciplined efforts of the Jewish collective genius to turn America into a North American Brazil, in which the Majority is at first just a minority and in the end merely a memory.

Hitler acolytes in postwar America have illustrated the difficulty of making practical political propaganda and politics out of the Führer's legacy. They have fallen generally into two types. The first, the "in your face" adulators of Adolf, have played up to the popular image of Hitler and his Nazis: uniforms, armbands, the promise of gas chambers for their enemies. George Lincoln Rockwell and his successors and imitators soon found themselves, understandably, tarred with the worst of the propaganda image, while their street forays increasingly left America's homegrown Nazis cowering behind police lines in the face of minority mobs.

The second type of Hitlerite has tended to carry admiration to veneration and even outright worship. There is in these attitudes, particularly among the unabashedly religious, a certain sense of resignation. While Adolf's adorers aren't exactly expecting him to return from whatever equivalent of Barbarossa's Kyffhaeuserberg where the Führer might yet linger, neither do these enthusiasts seem to be setting much stock in the imminent victory of a post-Hitler National Socialist-style movement in America or anywhere else.

Even the worldlier Hitlerphiles seem to confine their efforts more to conjuring up visions of the serried ranks of SA and SS on the Zeppelinwiese or to fantasy plotting of the crusade against Bolshevism from the Wolfsschanze than to studying Hitler on anything so prosaic as how to give a speech or to design a handbill. As for translating Hitler's system of ideas from its milieu of the Central Europe of more than half a century ago to fit the needs of the American Majority today, the Führer's American adepts have accomplished very little.

What's a full-blooded American Majority racialist to do? Rather than consigning Hitler to oblivion, like some dotty old great-uncle under a remote gable in the sprawling Aryan mansion, for some eternally elusive advantage, or attempting to ape or idolize him, the key to obtaining a useful Hitler is objectivizing him, historicizing him.

Doing that involves starting from facts, not the accusations or the (more difficult of access) hagiologies. One needn't muddle through all the awful trivia about the Führer's circle or his origins or his end -- learning the applicable history of modern Europe, above all that of Germany and the other powers is far more important to understanding Hitler.

An able student of the Führer will soon grasp that much of Hitler's extraordinary appeal (even though for most members of the Majority, it is a negative appeal) stems from Hitler's uniqueness and inimitability. As in the case of Napoleon, Hitler's imitators' effectiveness seems to have been in inverse relation to their fervor.

One must recognize that Hitler's ideas fell on far more fertile ground in the Germany of the 1930s than our racial prescriptions do in present-day America. The truth is, a large majority of the German people, including a solid core of its most able thinkers and leaders, already agreed with him. The aim and the challenge for today's Majority students of Hitler is -- for all his flaws and mistakes -- to appreciate and some day, if possible, to help emulate his immense achievements. After all is said and done, Hitler unleashed the vital energies of the Germans, harnessed those for work and war, and built a solid program for racial betterment. Fantasizing runs against this column's grain, but I wonder whether Hitler's sternest critics among us might wish, now and then, that just one American president among the past 20 or so had had a bit of Adolf Hitler in him.


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