VNN World Exclusive: Jonas Salk Revealed the Greatest Kike Fraud Since Einstein

by Alex Linder

30 August 2004

In which it is revealed that the ONE jew ALWAYS cited by goy and kike alike as the great Savior of Aryan health via cure for polio is just another kike fraud, like E=mc2-stealing jew Einstein. Salk actually KILLED KIDS and claimed credit for a cure he had NOTHING TO DO WITH. And, as with Einstein, so with Salk, the tribesmen in the media created the myth that is now used to shield the Tribe from goy outrage over their latest spying/smearing/murdering campaign.

"Oh, but we saved you from polio!"


FRED REED wrote:

One day a fellow named Salk came out of a laboratory somewhere and said, "Hey, I've got this vaccine...." A bit later, a guy named Sabin came out of another laboratory, and said, "Hey, if we do thus and so and put it on sugar cubes, see, it will be oral...." You can't imagine how welcome that vaccine was. Parents grabbed their children by the hair and sprinted through doors, sometimes not bothering to open them, to get to the clinic. Polio just flat disappeared.

Hint: Salk and Sabin were not Rastafarians. ("Jews Destroy American Iron Lung Industry.")



An acquaintence of mine, whose father knew Salk, tells quite a different story -- one that would undo Jonas Salk's legacy. My friend is Dr. Glaister E. Elmer, retired Sociology Professor from Notre Dame, and husband of Dr. Evelyn Elmer, herself a retired Sociology Professor from the U. of Indiana. His father was a research scientist at the University of Pittsburgh.

Consider the following:

From: Evelyn Elmer

Contact: [email protected]

...much like that guy Salk at Pitt who ripped off the polio stuff, became famous and killed a lot of kids, is now, via the media, the only one known by the public or in our "educational" systems....

At that time, the Mellon research Labs were associated with The University of Pittsburgh. Up on the hill behind the Pitt Stadium were some barracks left over from WW I. Some were used by the Chem. Dept. and at least one was assigned to Dr. King. He was world renowned and the biochemists referred to him as "The King". Two of his sons were Pi Kappa Alpha frat brothers of mine, but I knew the Kings via Pitt faculty and social affairs, we had been in each others homes with our parents, etc.

My Dad was Dean of Social Work and Head of the Sociology Dept. and my mother was very active in women's activities in which Mrs. King was also active. Dr. King, among many other breakthroughs, had synthesized vitamin C.

Jonas Salk was a graduate assistant at the U. of MI where among other respected labs King sent samples of their work on polio. They were to find irrelevent or dangerous substances and to determine if there was a reduction of live polio virus as the obective was to completely eliminate living organizims without destroying the vaccine effectiveness. The techniques they were using appeared to be effective and samples improved, but it was tricky and potentially dangerous and that is the reasons for the other labs' involvement. As a not highly respected and unimportant graduate assistant, Salk's duty at MI. required him to open the mail, and to distribute the samples to the various researchers for their investigations and reports. Then he was to collect the reseach reports and samples to mail back to Pitt and King. After a while his tribesmen at MI started calling the materials and data from King's group "Salk's samples" as he was the messenger. He liked that. Others apparently kidded about "Salk's samples," and he liked that. He applied to Pitt as a la assistant with glowing recommendations from his tribesmen. As he should have at least a vague idea of what King's group was working on, with his U. of MI. recommendations,they accepted him for a low level appointment. Apparently without Pitt knowing it the kidding and tribal support at the U. of Mi. had developed into their calling the samples from Pitt "Salk's cure for polio." His tribesmen in the media and at The U. of MI with or without his knowledge made world headlines with the "Jonas Salk Cure For Polio" and he apparently got the samples into unauthorized labs for unauthorized use whether they were "private" or drug company labs. Anyway SAlk was instantly famous and the material was distributed with live polio included. Of course a lot of kids got polio and many died.

King, Hoffman and Longenecker were pulling their hair. They met at our house several times as we were close friends, my dad spoke "Sweitzer Deutch" with Hoffman, and they thought that he had more knowledge of "tribal behavior", political, and media control and behavior than they did. Of course many aspects and details were discussed as they were initially afraid that Pitt, Mellon Reseach Labs. and they would be the fall guys. There may be official records on compensation provided to the families of the polio victums and even to the members of King's team.

Two of King's sons were frat.(Pi Kappa Alpha) brothers of mine at Pitt and our parents were quite close.

Klaus Hoffman was from Switzerland and was so disgusted about Salk he went home, and I understood that he started his own lab. He used to come to our house to jabber in "Sweitzer Deutch" with my dad, and my dad corresponded with him and I guess visited him a time or two in Switzerland.

I used to date Longenecker's secretary who had been my sister's "little sister" in ZTA. He was made Dean of the Grad. School at Pitt with offices just a couple of floors above my dads. Then he was made the first non-M.D. to head a major U.S. Med. School because they had tribal problems and a media stink developed re an approach to cancer treatment and they needed someone with appropriate experience to save the image of the Univ. of Illinois Med. School. From there he became president of Tulane where I kept some contact with him. It always suprized me that the tribesmen and their media didn't wipe him out before Tulane, but maybe they thought that Tulane was no big deal.

P.S. I don't know how interested you are or how much trouble it would be to find it, but not too long after the above happened, the Saturday Evening Post had an article (maybe a short series) which at least hinted at some of the problems with Salk. Of course, now it is taboo to question anything about the "god."


[Lesson one: If a jew says it, DON'T BELIEVE IT.

Lesson two: If it's printed in a jew paper, or broadcast over jew TV, ITZ A FUCKING LIE.]

Conclusion: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


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