Reader Mail: 10 March 2006

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Subject: niggers and their wacky doings

We all know Stanley Crouch is a crazy motherfucker who likes to bitch-slap writers, but who knew that author/speaker/hip-hop pundit Kevin Powell would go buck-wild on a journalist? I don't know if this is true or not [Editor's Note: Apparently, this incident did happened -- fellow blogger/journalist Lynne d. Johnson witnessed it] but according to the New York Post (dated Aug. 10, 2004), Kevin allegedly pulled an "a la Mike Tyson" and bit another journalist on the ankle.

The Post reports:

Stuff magazine contributor Bart Graham claims [Kevin] Powell sucker-punched him in the face after the two argued about a mutual female friend. Graham says he headed for the door after Powell's punch, but the rabid Real World-er confronted him again. "This time I grabbed him by his throat and threw him on the ground," Graham tells us. "After security pulled me off, he crawled over and bit me in the shin."

What the hell is going on with our esteemed writers?!?

I have known Kevin to be a stand-up guy, but this shit is kind of ridiculous. And for the record, Kevin is not a crazy nigger, unlike, Mr. Crouch, but still, ah, what's up with the girlie-man move, Mr. Powell?

But seriously . . . brothas we have work it out.

Fellow scribe Jimi Izrael takes Kevin to task for his alleged biting incident. He writes:

Kevin Powell [is] out there biting muthafuckas. That shit ain't street, hip-hop or anything -- it's amateur hour -- no debating that. How we got grown-ass men running around fighting people -- journalists, no less -- [and] for what?! Then you got Kevin, who was talking that "mantle of leadership" bullshit a few months ago. Nice.

Note to Kevin: biting niggas on the ankle is some Catfight/Crackhead Gladiators-type shit. Man-up, son.

Ha-ha. Funny shit.

So now you know. The journalistic life can be a hectic one.

Man-up, son.



Subject: American Beauty no more

American Beauty

It is as difficult to conceive of a manufacturer today building such richly appointed factories as were built in the first third of the 20th century as it is to conceive of workers working bathed in sunlight pouring in from immense windows.

The American Beauty Iron Company manufactured iron in this plant until the 1990's. Its emblazoned name became the inspiration for German film maker Dieter Marcello's award winning 1988 film American Beauty.


Subject: Governor Jenny

[For the talent portion of our competition, Jenny's going to play governor. She will make an imaginary address opposing a bill granting Whites rights.]

Affirmative action ban would hurt state's future

March 9, 2006


Throughout this month of March, in our schools and libraries, in the news media and our town halls, the people of Michigan will observe Women's History Month. From Karen Stockbridge, the inventor of the bra, to Wanda Rippler, whose genius bequeathed us the tampon, to Judy Kligowski, co-developer of the pap smear, female achievement moves front and center.

In February, it was Black History Month that brought us together for moments of remembrance and reflection on the thimble of kool-aid representing negro accomplishment. These observances help us better understand that our nation's history is an unending struggle to expand the bounds of human freedom step by step so that, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, America could "make real the promises of democracy an' shit, with phree [Ed. - unclear whether it was trying to say "three" or "free"] whores in every black man's pot."

Whether the calendar reads February and March or August and September, history teaches that our greatness as a nation is rooted in the belief that freedom truly is "indivisible" and in our ability to make one nation from many peoples not formerly known as people. While elsewhere in the world differences lead to violence and tyranny, in America today, especially Michigan, most notably Detroit, our strength is our diversity of semi-automatic weapons in the hands of subliterate apemen.

The deceptively accurately named Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, slated to appear on the November ballot in Michigan, asks us to turn our backs on this proud history and stop discriminating against whites - in other words, to diminish the prospect of a prosperous future for our state by discontinuing the granting jews and negroes special privileges over whites. It flies in the face of our most dearly held values. It would deny our state the ability to compete for jobs and economic growth in our increasingly global economy, because if there's one thing the Fortune 500 are clear about, it's that black workforce = Relocate Now!

I stand with frightened fellow hostages among the educators and clergy, business and labor, elected officials and ordinary citizens from across our state in siding with the professional jews who will smear the hell out of anybody opposing this initiative.

It's no wonder that the impetus for this constitutional amendment has come from an outsider, California activist Ward Connerly, whose diverse ideas threaten the uniformity of our groupthink. Had he been from Michigan, he'd know what we know: that our diversity is part and parcel in our economic strength. Just look at Detroit's Sand Valley, with its world-renowned achievements in crackware and antarchitectonics.

That's why Michigan's business community is speaking out against this proposal loudly and clearly. From the Detroit Regional Chamber to the Grand Rapids Chamber to our largest corporations who would be sued if they didn't play along, the message has been the same: Diversity is critical to our economic future because it allows us to cripple our smaller competitors. If Michigan is going to compete and win in the global economic arena, we need to be able to tap the talents of all members of our team, including 'ho'-tappin' keepin'-it-Arboreal-Americans.

Nobody wants quotas in hiring or in admissions to our universities except the jew-organized negroes I fear. Quotas are, and should be, against the law, by which I mean, concealed so that ordinary Whites don't notice. This initiative will not change that. But it would end the very affirmative action programs that ensure every Michigan citizen has a fair chance to succeed by doing away with discrimination that ensures white middle-class Michiganders get the short end of the stick, while ineducable negroes collect fake degrees and pimp shuffle off to subHuman Resources sinecures-for-simians.

We have a great need for more scientists and engineers to make Michigan's economy grow, but this constitutional amendment would eliminate programs that are encouraging female and minority students to pursue these critical careers. If Jesus taught me one thing, it's don't fish in the ten-acre pond when you've got a 200-acre field surrounding it. We need to eliminate the achievement gap in education in Michigan, but since the gap was created by nature, the only thing we can do is dumb down whites and discriminate against them in admissions while pretending everybody's equal. [T]his proposal would end costly but unfair programs that help minority students achieve the high standards we are setting in our schools, when the teachers fill in the correct multiple choice answers after the test.

I travel to the four corners of our country and across the globe to bring jobs home to Michigan, and friends let me tell you that's one diamond-trail snipe hunt. Whenever I am trying to convince a new business to set up shop in Michigan, our quality of life and the special character of our state -- from our Great Lakes to our great appreciation of diversity -- are huge pluses. You have no idea how a Tokyo exec's face lights up when I tell him that our state includes within its confines the highly educated, sober, and disciplined millions of negroes that form, together with the smoking ruins of human-built buildings, the clusterbuck called Detroit. If our state becomes known as the place that tried to turn back the clock on affirmative action, we will send just the opposite signal, at a time when we can least afford it. We're this close to open-air-zoo status and the federal grants it brings. Full stizzle-steam ahead.

It is possible the proponents of this effort to change our Constitution chose Michigan as their next affirmative action battleground precisely because we are a state struggling to transform our economy in the wake of federal policies that have literally shipped our manufacturing jobs overseas by the tens of thousands. Perhaps they thought that our economic problems would force us to turn on each other, to pit neighbor against neighbor. They didn't take into account that people beating pit bulls for battle are too busy to hate.

If Mr. Connerly knew us better, he would understand the futility of that approach. The people of our state have faced and met economic challenge before, and we burned that mother down. Because we understand the importance of teamwork and unity, and that's why we keep ten-year-old lookouts on all major alleys.

When we look back at our history, all of us, regardless of gender or race, religion or ethnicity, can be proud that it documents the steady advance of freedom and equality, in their historic game of chicken. Guided by that understanding, the 50% of the residents of our biggest city who aren't functionally illiterate can write another page in that proud history by rejecting this wrongheaded ballot proposal in November.

Ed. Note: Hey, Jen-Jen: why did the nigger move to Michigan? He heard there were no jobs there.


Subject: jail Israel critics, shriek loxists

New Bill in Congress Targets Teachers Who Dare to Question US Support for Israel

The Israeli lobby has launched an all-out drive to ensure congressional passage of a bill, approved by the House and now before a Senate committee that would set up a federal tribunal to investigate and monitor criticism of Israel on American college campuses.

Ten months ago the New York-based Jewish Week newspaper claimed that the report by American Free Press that Republican members of the Senate were planning to crack down on college and university professors who were critical of Israel was "a dangerous urban legend at best, deliberate disinformation at worst." They were claiming that AFP lied.

However, on Sept. 17, 2003, the House Subcommittee on Select Education unanimously approved H.R. 3077, the International Studies in Higher Education Act, which was then passed by the full House on Oct. 21. The chief sponsor of the legislation was Rep. Peter Hoekstra, a conservative Republican from Michigan.


Subject: "oil," explained the oily


The Mephistophelian ringmaster runs in circles excitedly waving his arms about in large circles like some great, demented, windmill all the while kvetching; it'z all about oil! it'z all about oil! screams the trickster. The reason America is about to attack Iran is all about oil! It'z all because those nasty, Muslim, sand Negroes are going to stop trading their oil in petrodollars, it'z all about oil! Oy Veh! Oy Veh! Oy Veh! It'z all about oil, sobs the jew trickster as he stops momentarily to ring his hands in mock despair. But we know better mister jew, we know all about your lying deceitful ways, your misdirection and false flag operations. The expansion of the Middle East war is not about oil, it's really about jews and Israel and the exposure of your sacred hollowhoax lies - isn't Mr. jew? Once you recognize the trickster for that which he is, it becomes almost impossible for his lies and deceit to misdirect your attention from the truth.


Arch Stanton


Subject: superdatabase in prep at jewy Google

Privacy fear as Google plans 'super database' GOOGLE, the internet giant, is planning a massive online facility that could store copies of users' hard drives - a move set to spark alarm among civil liberties campaigners. Plans for the "GDrive", previously the subject of rumour among computer experts, were revealed accidentally after notes in a slideshow were wrongly published on Google's site. The device would create a mirror image of data stored on consumers' computer hard drives, letting users search data stored on other computers via Google accounts.


Subject: bird flu infects marten in Germany

Hollow(K)O$T II ?

Germany Kills Jew-Like Creature!

Stone marten diagnosed with bird flu in Germany

A stone marten in Germany has been infected with the H5N1 bird flu virus in what is believed to be the first case of this species being infected in the wild. A member of the weasel family, the stone marten was found alive on the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen near where three dead cats were found which all tested positive for the dangerous form of the H5N1 virus. It was put down to allow tests to be carried out.

Ruegen was the site of the first outbreak of H5N1 in Germany when wild birds were found to have the highly pathogenic form of the virus last month.

The Friedrich Loeffler Institute, Germany's national veterinary laboratory, said while it was known that ferrets had been infected with H5N1 in laboratory tests, this was the first known case of the species being infected in the wild.

The dead cats are believed to have contracted the disease from eating infected wild birds. Stone martens also eat birds. At least 96 people have died from the most pathogenic form of H5N1 since 2003. Most of the deaths were in Asia. The Friedrich Loeffler Institute said it was working on the assumption that the stone marten had the highly pathogenic form of H5N1.

The head of the Institute, Thomas Mettenleiter, said that although the case marked the spread of the virus to a new species, it did not mean that humans were at any greater risk of contracting it. "While this find signals that another mammal species has been infected for the first time, the basic assessment of the epidemic situation has not changed," he told reporters.



Subject: threat du jour

A Real-Life Terror Threat

By Erick Stakelbeck

Washington Terror Analyst

WASHINGTON - One national security expert calls it the mega-threat you haven't heard of. But America's enemies know all too well about the destructive potential of an electromagnetic pulse attack. In the hit film Ocean's Eleven, thieves used it to shut down the city of Las Vegas. In last summer's blockbuster, War of the Worlds, alien invaders used it to cripple the Earth's infrastructure. And the heroes of The Matrix used it to disable rampaging robots. It is an electromagnetic pulse bomb, also known as EMP. But EMP is not just another Hollywood special effect. A growing number of national security experts and lawmakers say its one of the top threats facing America today, and that we may not be prepared to stop it. Frank Gaffney is president of The Center for Security Policy, a conservative think-tank in Washington, D.C. Gaffney said, "Electromagnetic pulse is an effect of nuclear weapons that has been known for a long time."

Ed. Note: Gaffney is a classic Boy Shabbes, and EMP is Hymie's Great White Hype du jour, brought to you by the crowd of ashkenazi appeasers whose distinguishing characteristics include considering naked photos of Ariel Sharon masturbation fare. Real weapons of mass destruction continue to be boring old traditional bombs, dropped by us on the very innocent folks we're encouraged to hate. Rather, not dropped by us but by the jews operating in our name.


Subject: witz

A jew, a nigger and a White man were walking through the Arizona desert. They spotted an ancient oil lamp protruding from the sand. They picked it up and began to clean it off, when suddenly, a great genie appeared from a stream of vapor.

"OK', said the genie. "You know the deal, three wishes. But since there are three of you, you each only get one." The jew pushed his way forward and said "I'll be first. I want all the jews here in America to be taken to Israel to live out there true destiny." "Done!" said the genie. The nigger then stepped forward and made his wish. "I want all my brothers and sisters here in America to be transported to Africa so we as a people can become the great civilization that I know we can be." "Done!" said the genie. The White man then stated, "Guess its my turn, eh genie?" "Indeed it is. What is it you wish for?" replied the genie. "First", said the White man, "let me get something straight. All the jewz are in Israel and all the niggers are in Africa, correct?" Yes", replied the genie, "What is you wish?" The White man pondered for a moment then said to the genie " I wish for a Diet Coke!"


Subject: PATRIOT Act II, "Daydreaming on Elm Street"

Congress Renews Patriot Act; Bush to Sign


Subject: bird flu

JEW YORK! JEW YORK! Itz one helluva town.

More hell then you could imagine if jewCentral getz the BIRD!


Pigeons 'may bring deadly bird flu to city centres'

March 4, 2006

by Rhiannon Edward

The Scotsman

Pigeons could carry the deadly form of bird flu into city centres, experts warned yesterday. The feral birds, already considered a health hazard in urban areas, are capable of being infected and killed by the H5N1 strain, scientists have learned.

It is not known to what extent pigeons are able to carry and spread the virus, but Dr Bob McCracken, a former president of the British Veterinary Association, said all species should be considered at risk if H5N1 was confirmed in British wild birds.

"In the event of the infection being present in our wild bird population, there is a danger to all avian species, wild, feral and domestic - and that includes pigeons," he said. "We have at this stage to assume that all avian species are capable of being infected with this virus, unless we know otherwise."

Pigeon fanciers could keep their birds indoors, but he was able to offer no advice on how to deal with feral birds. Asked what could be done about pigeons with the virus infesting London's Trafalgar Square or other city-centre sites he said: "That would be very difficult to control."

Inhaling faecal dust from infected pigeons could potentially present a serious health risk to humans. People who have died after catching bird flu from chickens are thought to have inhaled dried discharges or faeces, or had the particles come into contact with their eyes. Pigeons are already known to spread psittacosis in their faeces - a flu-like illness that can lead to pneumonia, liver disease and death.

Since the present bird-flu epidemic emerged in 2003, there have been 173 cases of human infection and 93 deaths. Experts believe the chances of wild birds spreading the virus to humans are extremely low but cannot be ignored.

The main known carriers of H5N1 are waterfowl such as ducks, geese and poultry. Deaths due to the virus have also been reported in crows, thrushes, starlings, pigeons, doves and hawks.


Subject: water on Saturn's Enceladus?


NASA's Cassini spacecraft may have found evidence of liquid water reservoirs that erupt in Yellowstone-like geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus. The rare occurrence of liquid water so near the surface raises many new questions about the mysterious moon.

"We realize that this is a radical conclusion - that we may have evidence for liquid water within a body so small and so cold," said Carolyn Porco, Cassini imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute, Boulder, Colo. "However, if we are right, we have significantly broadened the diversity of solar system environments where we might possibly have conditions suitable for living organisms."

High-resolution Cassini images show icy jets and towering plumes ejecting huge quantities of particles at high speed. Scientists examined several models to explain the process. They ruled out the idea the particles are produced or blown off the moon's surface by vapor created when warm water ice converts to a gas. Instead, scientists have found evidence for a much more exciting possibility. The jets might be erupting from near-surface pockets of liquid water above 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), like cold versions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone.

"We previously knew of at most three places where active volcanism exists: Jupiter's moon Io, Earth, and possibly Neptune's moon Triton. Cassini changed all that, making Enceladus the latest member of this very exclusive club, and one of the most exciting places in the solar system," said John Spencer, Cassini scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder.


Subject: Hitler, and the fools who fear him


Who would imagine there would be an effort to suppress a 65 year old UK magazine article about Hitler's home in the mountains? Well, that's exactly what is going on. Back in 1938, the British magazine Homes and Gardens ran a rather fascinating feature on Adolf Hitler's mountain home... "A handsome Bavarian chalet 2000 feet up on the Obersalzburg amid pinewoods and cherry orchards... barely ten miles from Mozart's own medieval Salzburg."

The story was a major coup in those darkening days leading up to World War and gave Europe an almost unprecedented look into a small slice of Hitler's private home life. Apparently, there are some who do not want people to be able to read and study certain parts of human history...


Subject: housing boom over?

The five-year housing boom is indeed over, says the Associated Press.

To wit: In the last week, the Commerce Department reported that January sales of new single-family homes fell five percent - the fourth decline in seven months - and the backlog of unsold new homes hit a record. And the National Association of Realtors said used home sales slipped 2.8 percent in January, the fourth straight drop and five percent below January 2005.

But here in London, even though the housing boom is supposed to have ended, it seems to have got a second wind. How can it be? Londoners face the same sort of financial pressures as Americans. They have borrowed freely - and spent even more freely - without any real increase in their incomes. How can they afford to buy London homes - already among the priciest in the world?

The answer came to us last week: Londoners are not buying property at all. People who do not live in the city - people who are mostly not even English - are doing the buying. In 2004, 25% of purchases in central London were made by foreigners. In 2005, that percentage rose to 40%.





Little Manchurian Candidates

From Charlotte Iserbyt


Matt - This article is dynamite, and I really appreciate your sending it to me. I will print it out, and will forward it. I read every single word and wept. Such tragedy; really brings tears to one's eyes. The people inflicting this emotional and mental torture on little children are pure evil. And to think that the federal government provides them with our money to inflict the torture under the guise of scientific research based reading instruction!

And, so few good parents have the faintest idea...

Thank you, Matt, so much...

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Little Manchurian Candidates

By Matt James

"One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them." --Tolkien

Our six-year-old daughter was so excited to start school. At our first parent-teacher conference, Barb and I expected to hear the usual compliments and heartwarming anecdotes about our bright little angel. From our experiences with activities like T-ball and soccer, or dance and music recitals, we had learned that parents always say nice things about the children of others. If the compliments are sometimes unrealistic or excessive, well, parenting is tough work. We can all use the encouragement.

I guess we had been spoiled. Jenny's teacher got right to the point. She had some negatives to address. For one thing, Jenny was struggling with her reading. The teacher confessed that one of the most difficult parts of her job was deflating parents with the news that their children were simply not exceptional. Jenny was, at best, an average reader. She was not an Eagle; she was a Pony. Our job was to learn to enjoy her as a 40-watt bulb rather than a bright light. Was it my imagination, or did this middle-aged matron's sweet smile contain a trace of malice as she related these tidings?

I was confused by this assessment of Jenny's reading abilities because it simply didn't fit in with her prior history. She had a love affair with books for her entire childhood. We have a photograph of her at 11 months of age staring earnestly at the contents of an open book. I remember reading to her when she was three. I stopped for some reason, but she continued the narration. She knew her stories by heart. Like many other children, Jenny had learned to read at home. She was a bookworm, and she was an experienced and passionate reader before she ever started first grade.

The teacher went on to explain that Jenny cried too much at school and that we needed to correct this problem with the appropriate discipline. Barb and I exchanged glances but didn't argue. We were in shock.

I was curious about the crying. Jenny was such a happy child. I asked her that night what made her sad at school. Expecting to hear about something on the playground, I was surprised by her answer. The listening-hour stories made her sad:

Once upon a time there was a daddy duck with seven ducklings. They ranged in age down to the youngest (who reminded Jenny of a first grader). The daddy was mean. One day he demanded that all his children learn three tasks, such as running, swimming, and diving. If a duckling was unable to master all of the tasks, he would be banished from the family to live with the chickens. The youngsters struggled under the cruel eye of their father. When it came to diving, the first grader floundered and was sent away to live with the chickens.

This was the story Jenny related, in her own words, as an example. I heard it told a second time several years later, by my cousin Nancy, as a sample of objectionable curriculum. We were impressed with the coincidence, since our families resided in different states.

Jenny told me she also cried over stories in her readers. They made her sad and frustrated in some way. What a mess! In one evening we had found out that Jenny was unhappy at school, that her teacher thought she was a poor reader and a dim bulb, and that she heard mean tales during listening-hour that I wouldn't repeat to hardened convicts. What in the name of heaven was going on at this school?

I was determined to get to the bottom of things. Since they didn't send books home with students in the younger grades, I went to the school the following day and spent a couple of hours reviewing the elementary readers. As I read, my eyes opened wider and wider. I had assumed the purpose of the reading curriculum was to stimulate the juvenile imagination and teach reading skills. Instead, I saw material saturated with, to borrow another parent's language, "an unadvertised agenda promoting parental alienation, loss of identity and self-confidence, group-dependence, passivity, and anti-intellectualism."

I once daydreamed through a basic psychology class in medical school which described the work of Pavlov and B.F Skinner in the twentieth century. Their conclusions were that animal (and human) behaviors can be encouraged or discouraged by associating them with pleasure or pain. This is such an obvious fact of nature. It is amazing that anyone would bother to prove it with experimentation, as if the carrot and the stick haven't been used since time began.

In behaviorist experiments various stimuli, such as food or electrical shocks, were used as rewards or deterrents. Over time, due to animal memory, a pattern of behavior could be established without food or shocks coming into play. This educational or training process is called "conditioning." With enough conditioning, the dog will stop chasing cars.

As I read the stories and poems in Jenny's readers, I was astonished to discover that they were alive, in their own way, with the theories and practices of these dead scientists. But the animals to be trained weren't dogs or rats. They were our young students. Pleasure and pain signals were embedded into the reading material in a consistent way. Given the vicarious nature of the reading experience, and by identifying with the protagonists in the stories, it was our first graders who were "learning" certain attitudes and behaviors.

When a child-figure in the stories split away from his group, for example, he would get rained on, his toes would get cold in the snow, or he would experience some other form of discomfort or torment. Similar material was repeated ad infinitum. Through their reading, our students would feel the stinging rain and the pain of freezing toes. They would learn the lesson like one of Pavlov's dogs: avoid the pain, stay with the group.

The stories in the readers consistently associated individual initiative with emotional or physical pain. Consider the example of the little squirrel whose wheel falls off his wagon. When he tries to replace it, the wagon rides with an awkward and embarrassing bump, noticeable to his friends, who then tease him about it. Another attempt to repair the wheel results in an accident, with bruising and bleeding and more humiliation. The cumulative effect of this and similar story lines, given the vicarious nature of the reading experience, would be to discourage initiative and reduce self-confidence in the first grader.

Animal dads, moms, and grandparents were portrayed over and over in various combinations as mean, stupid, unreliable, bungling, impotent or incompetent. Relationships with their children were almost always dysfunctional; communication and reciprocal trust were non-existent. A toxic mom or dad, for instance, might have stepped in to help our youthful squirrel repair his wagon, only to make matters worse and wreak emotional havoc in the process. Jenny's heart would be lacerated by stories which constantly portrayed parent/child relationships as strained, cruel, or distant. I could see her crying with hurt or frustration.

It occurred to me that over the long run, at some level of consciousness, our daughter would have to hold us accountable for permitting her to be tortured in school. Logically, Barb and I had to be stupid, unreliable, uncaring, or impotent, just like the parents in the books. By sending her to school, we were validating the message in her readers, contributing significantly to the parental alienation curriculum. Continuing in her school-based reading series, Jenny's relationship with us would have become tarnished or eroded, and an element of bitterness or cynicism might have crept into her personality.

I borrow the term "anti-intellectualism" to describe another dominant theme in the readers. Many of the compositions were, essentially, word salad. They lacked intrinsic interest, coherence, or continuity, and they often demonstrated a sort of anti-rationality. The stories and the corresponding questions seemed to require the student to suspend the natural operations of his intellect, such as the desire to make sense out of things or the impulse to be curious. Under this yoke, a student could learn to hate reading or even thought itself.

The following "story" and "comprehension" questions are representative of the anti-intellectualism that I found in the readers:

Once upon a time there was a little green mouse who hopped after a tiger onto a yellow airplane. The plane turned into a big red bird in flight, and the mouse turned into a blue pumpkin. The pumpkin fell to the ground and its seeds grew into pots and pans. Blah, blah, blah

1) "What color was the mouse?"

2) "Why do mice turn into pumpkins?"

3) "How do seeds grow?"

I can see children getting frustrated over material like this. It is debatable as to which facet of the exercise is more onerous, the reading or the "comprehension." I almost incline to the latter. Among other concerns, I wonder if it is a good thing to pressure children to respond to stupid or unanswerable questions. Such a process would lead to passivity and a loss of confidence, to a little engine that couldn't.

According to Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, repetition of unpleasant reading experiences would turn a student off to the reading activity. Predictable consequences would be a child who hates reading and loses out on vast intellectual benefits and development. In addition, his reading failure would tax his self-confidence, and he could be branded with one of society's popular labels such as dyslexia.

I considered Jenny's reading struggles in the context of performance expectations as well as grading and comparisons with other children. It seemed as if she faced a nasty dilemma: force herself to read alienating material, or disengage and then disappoint parents, teachers and self. What an impossible predicament for a young child. Once sunny and blue, the skies had turned dark and stormy for our happy little girl whose only offense had been to attend her friendly neighborhood school at the innocent age of six.

It has occurred to me that the cause of America's illiteracy crisis has been discovered. It is the reading curriculum in our schools. Unfortunately, the damage to children appears to extend way beyond reading failure. One wonders if the hidden agenda in the readers has created our victim culture, a generation of withdrawn and resentful children, alienated from themselves, their parents, society, books and ideas.

I was reminded of the plight of our neighbors. The father and mother were loving, dedicated parents. He was an accountant and she was a homemaker and community leader. They were nice people, and so were their children. The two teenagers were bright but got poor grades and hated school. They hung out with the crowd and participated in the kind of self-destructive behaviors that are commonplace today. I asked these young people why they would behave in ways which would cause pain for themselves or their loved ones. They smiled quizzically and professed not to know. Maybe the ideas that moved them truly were subconscious.

We are all familiar with kids like this (Our own kids are kids like this, or they come too close for comfort). They spend a lot of time "doing nothing" with like-minded friends. Passive-aggressive with suppressed individuality, they all seem cut from the same mold. Self mutilation with tattoos and body armor is almost universal. Some of their groups are virtually masochistic cults. Sadism is the other side of the masochism coin.

That so many of these dysfunctional teenagers come from loving homes and neat families is inexplicable and shocking, until you realize that they have all been tortured together in school since the first grade. They are a batch of little Manchurian Candidates with attitude, victims of the obscure behaviorism that I found, and that others have found before and since, in school readers.

Barb and I had seen some perplexing changes in Jenny's reading since she started in first grade. For one thing, she had stopped reading her favorite books and stories at home. Before starting school, she had feasted on Grimm's Fairy Tales. Although she still begged us to read these to her, she now explained that she was not supposed to read them herself, according to her understanding from her teacher, because they contained big words and content in advance of her abilities. Barb and I, holding our tongues, exchanged tortured grimaces and cross-eyed glances.

When reviewing the school readers, I had noticed an impoverished vocabulary, composed mostly of three and four letter words. I brought this up with the teacher. She explained that the readers were integrated into a district policy that no more than five hundred new words be introduced to students during any grade level. The idea was to protect children from the dizzying and confusing effects of an overabundance of words and ideas. I nodded as if I understood, but I didn't really get it.

Barb and I had clearly used the wrong approach with Jenny. We had allowed her to read anything she wanted and had provided her with a flourishing home library. Furthermore, we had encouraged her to run around in the grassy meadows and on the sandy beaches. She must have collided with great numbers of unfamiliar words and ideas, as well as a perilous diversity of flowers and sea shells. It's a wonder she survived at all.

We considered the various elements of Jenny's brief experience in first grade. She had a clueless teacher. She was regressing in her reading skills, vocabulary, and enthusiasm. She was being indoctrinated with character destroying qualities like passivity and group dependence. Her intellectual development was being stunted and she was being bombarded with a curriculum of parental alienation.

Judging by her crying in the classroom, she was part of a captive audience being repeatedly exposed to painful stimuli. To put it plainly, she was the victim of ongoing torture and cruelty. Along with her classmates, she was becoming, as one of her school poems pointed out, "Small, small, small, just a tiny, tiny, tiny piece of it all."


In our state at that time, compulsory education began at the age of eight. Jenny was not obliged by law to attend school. With our various concerns, we pulled her out of school while we tried to figure out what to do.

Public schools are jewish ritual mind slaughter for goyim. They are socially approved form of child abuse. I went to one. My kids never will. Public schools should be burned down, and the jews who control our nations should be exterminated. But the thick-skulled Aryan bourgeosie is likely to keep on striving for money, because that's what really matters, and ignoring the things that actually do. Aryans assume... Taking things at face value is one of their genetic flaws. Even the critics fall for this, with their eternal plaints that "schools are failing." They aren't. They're succeeding. In 'K-12,' the K stands for Katyn. Public schools are attitude adjustment centers meant to forestall competing elites by denying them basic tools, and encouraging fear, uncertainty and doubt. FUCK THEM WHO WOULD FUCK YOU, White man. DEATH TO THE JEW.


Subject: jew Finkler

Countering Reckless Charges About Norman Finkelstein

Andrew Tucker Avorn - Columbia Spectator (Columbia University)

Freedom of speech is one of the most important civil rights in a university because it allows for open debates on important issues. Columbia's Muslim Students Association has every right to host Norman Finkelstein, but I have to wonder: what are they are trying to accomplish by having him speak? ... Last week, Spectator published an op-ed submission ("Hate Comes to Columbia," March 1) in which the authors, Chris Kulawik and Josh Lipsky, referred to Finkelstein as a "Holocaust revisionist." Two years ago, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher used the same term to describe Finkelstein. In response, Finkelstein threatened to sue the Washington Post.



Subject: the age of jewed media: coming to an end?

A Lecture on the 'Hollowcause' in Jordan

Free Arab Voice

On the evening of Saturday, March 4, 2006, a lecture on the myths of the Hollowcause and their political uses was delivered in the Association against Zionism and Racism in Amman, Jordan by the Arab revisionist Ibrahim Alloush. The announcement for the lecture carried the title: Is the Hollowcause Scientifically Feasible? And Why Does it Concern us Politically as Arabs? In the question and answer period that followed, the audience which filled the hall to the hilt interacted quite positively with the propositions being advanced. Several demanded that the conclusions of the lecture be propagated as widely as possible. There was definitely mass interest and sympathy there with the revisionist cause and with revisionist historians.


Subject: Majdanek numbers brought closer to facts

A Considerable -- and Official -- Revision of the Number of Dead at Majdanek

Robert Faurisson


"Six million dead or one million dead: what's the difference?" My answer to this question is: "Five million people, for whom it's the biggest possible difference, the one between life and death." ... At the Nuremberg trial, document USSR-29, it too "genuine evidence", the number of victims of the camp at Majdanek (a locale outside Lublin) at "nearly a million and a half human beings", of whom "an enormous number of Jews" ... However, over time, the estimates had lowered considerably. In 2005, Tomasz Kranz, director of the State Museum at Majdanek's research section, arrived, for his part, at a total of 78,000 dead.


Subject: Holohoax material up in flames - probably set by hoaxers to gain sympathy

Fire Badly Damages Anti-Revisionist Holocaust Center

The Holocaust History Project

In the early hours of March 6, 2006, a fire broke out at a warehouse complex near San Antonio International Airport, causing extensive damage to the offices of The Holocaust History Project (THHP), an organization that has been, for the last ten years, in the forefront of confronting Holocaust denial online, in addition to providing educational materials to students throughout the world. Arson investigators now have confirmed that the fire was intentionally set and are continuing their investigation.

This is such utter bullshit itz not even funny. First of all, no one's ever heard of this place. Second of all, if it exists and has a warehouse, it probably burned it down itself, or hired someone. Third, the whole thing represents a truly monstrous, echt jewish attempt to gain sympathy for precisely the sorts of behaviors that jews carry out themselves around the clock against truth sites such as VNN.


Subject: our enemy Israel

Israel Slaps United States, Again

Israel has in recent days delivered not one but two slaps to its closest ally. The first came in remarks by ex-Shin Bet chief and senior Kadima candidate Avi Dichter, speaking of negating the road map and moving on to a policy of unilateralism - in contrast to statements by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in her joint news conference with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. The second was delivered via a USAID report, which corroborated the claims of Palestinians that Israel was failing to keep promises it had made to Rice, a situation which according to the study could bring about economic catastrophe, beginning with the destruction of the Gaza hothouses project, which Washington had so strongly supported.


Subject: free speech, or "where the jews aren't"

Free Speech on the Run in the Jewed West

Law professor Eugene Volokh calls it "censorship envy." Muslims in Europe want the same sort of censorship that many nations now offer to other aggrieved groups. By law, 11 European nations can punish anyone who publicly denies the Holocaust. That's why the strange British historian David Irving is going to prison. Ken Livingstone, the madcap mayor of London, was suspended for four weeks for calling a Jewish reporter a Nazi. A Swedish pastor endured a long and harrowing prosecution for a sermon criticizing homosexuality, finally beating the rap in Sweden's Supreme Court.

Much of Europe has painted itself into a corner on the censorship issue. ... It's not just Europe. In Canada, a teacher drew a suspension for a letter to a newspaper arguing that homosexuality is not a fixed orientation, but a condition that can be treated. He was not accused of discrimination, merely of expressing thoughts that the state defines as improper. Another Canadian newspaper was fined 4,500 Canadian dollars


Subject: America shames itself again

Appeals Court Upholds Revoking Citizenship of Elderly Former German Camp Guard

The Gazette - Cedar Rapids (Iowa)

A federal appeals court (in Des Moines, Iowa) on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling revoking the citizenship of a former Nazi concentration camp guard. The U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a federal district judge was correct in revoking the citizenship of John Hansl, 81, who lives in Des Moines. The U.S. Department of Justice filed a complaint against Hansl in July 2003, claiming he hid his military service when he applied for a visa to come to the United States in 1955. He was granted a visa and became a U.S. citizen in 1960. Hansl was a guard with the Waffen SS at the Sachsenhausen and Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camps in 1943 and 1944. His duties included guarding prisoners from watch towers, marching prisoners at gunpoint to work sites near the prison, court records show.


Subject: one nation, subject to Israel

Pro-Israel Activists Cheer Cheney at AIPAC Rally

Even as President Bush's popularity dropped to record lows, his administration was embraced warmly this week by the thousands of delegates at the most influential annual gathering of American Jewish activists. In recent weeks Bush has seen his approval ratings drop to around 35%, leading some analysts to the conclusion that his poll numbers were putting him perilously close to a "failed presidency" -- one unable to effectuate its policies because of a lack of popular support. But this week, at the annual policy conference of the main pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, several of the most hard-line administration officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney and Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, drew a resounding response.


Subject: Suckpoop Joe's latest lie

Iran plans to knock out U.S. with 1 nuclear bomb [this is what is known as a Big Lie]

Tests missiles for electromagnetic pulse weapon that could destroy America's technical infrastructure

By Joseph Farah

WASHINGTON -- Iran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America's technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world's lone superpower, say U.S. intelligence sources, top scientists and western missile industry experts.


Subject: "What was wrong with Hitler"


From the Daily Reckoning:

"*** We get no letters like this from readers in India. We only know, statistically, what has happened to them. The Chinese or Indian laborer who was able to get a job in a decent sweatshop has seen his earnings soar - on average; they've doubled in the last 10 years. He still earns only about 5% of what the GM factory hand gets, but he's gaining ground rapidly. Relatively, the American workingman is getting poorer while the Asian workingman is getting richer. We see nothing wrong with this. Here at The Daily Reckoning, we put our hand over our wallet, take a drink, and line up beside George W. Bush and Thomas L. Friedman in favor of free trade."

"We see nothing wrong with this", and that dear friend is precisely what was wrong with Hitler, he did see something wrong with this. Hitler was an evil and maniacal dictator who insanely wanted the best possible social conditions for his country and his people. He saw a lot wrong in the cosmopolitan thinking of the international jew a people who simply move to the best locations to conduct their leeching practices. So in a blatant appeal to the German's inherent sense of discipline, he utilized a military format in an attempt to improve Germany.

Today, with the insane Hitler and his Nazi naught but a dim memory, barely kept on minimum life-support by 24 hour a day Talmudvidsion programming and weekly release of a movie that at the very least makes some reference to Nazis, we are all free to embrace the wonderful and joyful judaized world of cosmopolitan free trade. Thanks to the Jew's Tikkun Olam, healthy, white, Americans are all free to sink into a comfortable, third world, life of irrational, unprovoked, violence, shanty dwellings and rampant disease. When one stops to consider their declining living standard, rampant crime and growing civil unrest outside their front door, it is unnerving to think of what might had happened had Hitler actually won the war.

My god what a Nazi nightmare it would have been - Video cameras spying from every corner, Twentyfour hour a day propagandizing from TV, radio and newspapers, Out of control police agencies running roughshod over innocent citizens, A huge, bloated, bureaucracy with massive centralized agencies featuring scary, Orwellian names like "The Department of Homeland Security", Confiscatory tax codes, Crumbling infrastructure, Rampant, violent, crime with no hope for justice, Civil unrest, Hordes of third world aliens forcibly supported by a decreasing middle class, Unbelievably high real-estate prices making home ownership impossible for the average working person unless usurious loans are secured for the purchase, A predatory business environment where greedy business concerns are allowed to bilk the masses for personal profit, White collar crime of a level sufficient to break the country, Incipient hyper inflation, Unbelievable military budget expenditures to pursue policies designed to dominate the world, A huge, expanding prison system that features an emerging gulag complex . . .

- Wait a minute, wrong nightmare -

Let me try that again. Ok, Hitler's Nazi nightmare, you might want to sit down as this description is really terrifying. First (and most horribly) a homogeneous white society that attends to its own needs and prosperity (GASP!), A country developed and maintained for its citizens along with: A negligible crime rate, A prosperous economy that does not allow for usurious lending practices or corrupt middle men to bilk the consumer masses for personal profit, Reasonably priced land and homes for the indigenous citizen, A military force designed to ensure the safety and sovereignty of the people, A thriving economy with a highly profitable business environment, a society featuring increasingly modern cities with an advanced road system and other infrastructure improvements, Excellent healthcare provided at reasonable expense along with a healthcare system that screens and protects its citizens from contagious disease, A society whose breeding habits or standards would be set to ensure a minimum of ugly, defective and unproductive offspring and a maximum of healthy, fit, handsome people. Strict immigration and employment laws designed to benefit the indigenous citizens and the most horrible of all possibilities, a society that allows no international jewish intrigue or influence. - At this point I have to stop; I cannot continue because the thought of the evil that Hitler and his Nazis might have wrought on our wonderful world is simply too horrible and terrifying to consider.

So you see this is what was wrong with Hitler and his evil Nazis, they selfishly wanted what was best for Germany and their people. We can only thank Yahweh and his chosen people for putting a stop to the evil Hitler and his horrible Nazi plans. We can be even more grateful that god's chosen pets were sent to manipulate us into unselfishly squandering our American birthright by sharing it with every third world miscreant that squawks about his rights. We have the jews to thank for delivering the entire white, western, world into the joys of living a rotting, corrupt, multicultural, cosmopolitan, free-trade dream, a dream we are now privileged to share with every mudbug that crawls onto America's polluted shores. Under the jew's careful tutelage of Tikkun Olam, no doubt we can all look forward to the continuation of a crumbling economy along with an increasingly defective population beset by declining living standards. And to think anyone might entertain the thought that all this might be wrong!

Thanks again jews!


Arch Stanton

Ed. Note: Excellent letter. There's no such thing as a male libertarian. Wait till India learns how to give dubious, repetitive financial advice, Billy Bonnet! I suspect he'll sing a different tune.


Subject: jew Weishaupt


The New God

Did you know that, here in the West, we have a new god? Yep. His name? Equality. And everyone must worship him, or else.

According to this new god, all humans are equal: Blacks, Mexicans, Whites, Jews, women, midgets, retards - they are all the same in their abilities. To say otherwise is a sin - and a crime in many European countries, thanks to "hate speech" laws.

Here is an actual fact related to both this new god and to the news article below: our local fire department used to have a test for all new fire department recruits. The recruits had to chop a hole in a section of roof with an axe in "x" amount of time in order to become firefighters. Guess what? Most female recruits failed the test. So what did our fire department do? Riiight: they removed that test from their firefighter training program. So now, our city has substandard firemen...oops...firepeople.

Isn't Equality great? He keeps getting stronger, too. In fact, even children are now instructed to worship him.

We almost forgot the most important part of this topic: who has led the "equalizing" movements in the Western countries, e.g. communism, feminism, leftism, anti-racism? In other words, who "birthed" the god of Equality? Right: Jews. In fact, Karl Marx himself was racially-Jewish, as was his predecessor, Adam Weishaupt, who created an early prototype of Marxism known by the shadowy-but-amusing name The Illuminati [1]. A sinister conspiracy by Jews? Nope. Natural, Jewy behavior since at least Biblical times? Yep: .

[1] Weishaupt:


Subject: business as usual: jews murdering people

Israel Assassination Policy Will Continue, Says Zionist Official

Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Ismail Haniya will not be immune from assassination if Hamas renews attacks on Israel, the Israeli defence minister has said. Shaul Mofaz told Israeli Army Radio the policy of targeted killings had been successful and would continue. Mr Haniya has been nominated to form the next Palestinian government after Hamas' shock poll victory in January. Mr Mofaz's comments came a day after two Islamic Jihad militants and three other Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike on a car in Gaza City.

No shelter from Jewish arrogance and supremacy:


Subject: "Funny [or not] moments these days"

Is this supposed to be funny? Or is Guv'nerChick actually serious?


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