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What Mexicans Are Really Like

Locusts descending on your field...

Turning the First Amendment into an "Issue"

Exactly what the Jews are doing. It becomes an "issue," on which one takes sides. And then by slanting and pressure and misrepresentation, the masses come to agree that it's outdated and we need to outlaw hate speech and Holocaust denial and other facts and opinions Jews don't think in their interest. Here on the international treaty being worked up in Europe to impose global controls on the Internet.

Four Out of Ten Think First Amendment Goes Too Far?

The Jews will be pleased. According to this poll, their propaganda against "hate" and "racism" are on the verge of paying dividends. Here an interesting site on propaganda.

Five Niggers Murder Two Whites Outside D.C.

These apes better be given the death penalty. Niggers must return to Africa, Jews must depart for Israel. There will be neither safety nor freedom for Whites until that happens. More here. "It's one of the most brutal homicides I've seen in 30 years of police work," Police Chief John S. Farrell said Wednesday.

Museum of Tolerance Exposed by Voz de Aztlan

It is disgusting that this rag for sewer people shows more guts than most Whites. Note well what these brown racists say about Jews: exactly the same as we pro-Whites: As we researched the issue locally in California and in Los Angeles, we started becoming aware that the "public" is actually being kept in the dark concerning the very nature of "political power" in this state and how it is being exercised. We became aware that certain "things" are not what they appear to be. The "real" reality is well hidden behind an intricate and carefully structured facade. This is a must-read article. Here on the amount of reparations Germany has paid since WWII. Here on Israel considering ban on certain terms, funny. Epithets fly thick and fast among the extortionists. Here Jew Michael Douglas receives humanitarian award from weasels: Bob Saget, who m.c'd, said, "The Simon Wiesenthal Center budget needs money so Kelsey Grammer volunteered a week of his new salary." He also said we need the center because "there's so much hate -- and just in this room!" (big laugh). Interesting comment, and they laugh because they know it's true, and because the joke's on the rest of us. Nobody hates like Jews.

Museum of Jewish Crimes: The Ukrainian Holocaust

No need for quotation marks around this one. And your public-school kid won't hear word one about it, too busy having Anne's fables stuffed into his every orifice. Here on the gulag, worse than the German camps by far.

Racism Is Inborn, Natural

So finds researcher. "Prejudice is biological." No kidding. The most obvious truth becomse the darkest heresy where Jews control the media. Here hate-crime idiocy in Montana. Here gallery of Nordicfest pictures.

Seattle Cops Scared to Bust Niggers

Open season on Whites in Seattle. Cops are too afraid of racism complaints to restrain niggers. They are free to gang-murder and gang-rape White men and women, and nothing will be done about it. Until we decide that changes, White man. Here Texas gov. bones up on his Spanish, the better to suck up with.

Burnley Riot Investigation

Up to 40 detectives will try to discover who's responsible for what. Here on heroic KGB spies in/from Britain.


We already pay city, state and federal taxes. Why not global? Miscegenation works. Oy! Convert to Judaism, click here. Anti-UN sentiment here. Here Jews try to decide which founding lies to teach their kids. Hamas will keep on keeping on... Pal kids ready to blow up yids for Allah. Payback, Jews. They're giving you a small taste of what you deserve. Careful where you go shopping with your extorted shekels this weekend, eh? More here. Here yid does P.R. in WSJ for mass-murderer Sharon.

Religion: How Jews Denatured Catholocism

Find tools, pressure, manipulate...

Wogs Attempt to Run Down Whites in Burnley

Picture of wogs. Remember, this is "England." Here Final Conflict.

World War II Facts

No, Virginia, Germany never planned to invade the United States.

Why You Should Home-School Your Kid

A cartoon... For you letter writers, here's the Resisting Defamation site. Here a rundown on the bull goose niggers in the American asylum. Decent con attack here.

New Book on McVeigh and the ARA

Ten or more involved... Here David Brock recants on Anita Hill. Here Bruce Bawer on non-traditional cons. Here wogs set teacher afire for not letting them cheat.


New book on Wagner family. Here on English novels. Here British review of latest Fish book on Milton. Here study shows smarter people are equipped to appreciate classical music, while paint-drum beating street-corner niglets aren't. Funny finding that as classical music fans develop dementia, some of them begin to like pop music. Doesn't work the other way around. Why reverse evolution? Send the niggers back to Africa in leaky boats.

Media: Net Consolidation

Claims the majority of web surfing time is takes place at four websites: AOL, MS, Yahoo and Napster. Here a broad view of the net. Here exceptional doltishness exhibited by Real World graduate. I want to bring peace to the world through my gift for bungee jumping. Here on Julie, who turned from nice Mormon to sanctimonious lib nitwit in a mere ten weeks thanks to Redstone's STDTV network.

Women and Men

Interesting points. This is a must read for anybody in his or her teens. Your twenties and thirties can easily become a battlefield where everybody loses -- unless you control your behavior. Self-control is 100x more important than self-expression, folks. MTV shows you the drunken slurpy kisses. It doesn't show you the woman aborting or having a kid screwed up because of the nasty herpes she contracted on spring break. Here an article on the complete Judaization of the Right. The author might not put it that way, but that's what he's getting at. Jews are our enemy, White man.

Irmin on the "Holocaust"

Read this essay on Finkelstein's book, then tour Irmin's excellent White nationalist library. If a Jew cuts his finger, the galaxy is guilty. What did you do to prevent it? What a loathsome race of racketeers, the Jews. The "Holocaust" is not unique in the annals of crime, it is unique in the annals of whine. Jews truly believe they are God. Read this quote from ADL's Foxman: [The Holocaust] is not simply one example of genocide but a nearly successful attempt on the life of God's chosen children and, thus, on God himself. These vermicious knids really do believe they are a cut above everyone else. What are Jews? A racial crime syndicate. A nation of whiners-through-time, the human form of lampreys, leeches and ticks. Eternally extorting, eternally whining, eternally ugly, eternally disliked. The "Holocaust" was the best thing that ever happened to them. If it hadn't happened, they would have had to make it up. Oh, wait...

Canada Needs Extremists: Country Paralyzed with Fear of Racism

Great Collins column: We now have the glories of drive-by shootings; an open road for terrorists and criminals; policies designed to put Whites at the back of the bus for job hiring; and multiculturalism that allows minorities who will soon be a majority to protect their race while denying us the right to do the same.

Zimbabwe: Chimp Grows Nervous

The Harare Harangutan backtracks...

Norwegians Pay for Nog Vacations

Will any White country stand up to the niggers instead of subsidizing these useless darkies?

The Invasion

First read the Semitically Correct neocon review of neocon's pro-immigration book at title link. Then compare it with the reader response here. See how controlled the media are? How people are begging for someone to speak the truth? Here on Minnesota morons. The liberal dull hansels in Minnesota are some of the most slow-to-get-it Whites in the United States. Here student booted for redneck t-shirt. Look at the angle of the photo the AP took for the story. The Jews are trying to make the kid look arrogant, like a budding John Rocker who needs to be taken down a peg. Here the government of the shit-people directly threatens U.S. sovereignty, demanding that the U.S. legalize border crossers. Mexico has declared war on the U.S. We ought to destroy it.

Books for Sale to "Good People" Only

Old German books, wink, wink... Here Hitler's bunker will be sold. Here on the canceled class on Nazi culture.

Morgenthau: The Jew Who Planned German Genocide

He was applauded by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and by the entire organized Jewish community. In the short term his minions, managed by Eisenhower, killed far more Germans AFTER the war -- by starvation and dislocation and population transfer -- than Hitler ever did Jews. In the long-run, with Germany controlled by Jews behind an Aryan facade, he might achieve his genocide, since Germans don't breed and the country is filling with Turks and coloreds. Here a book about anti-German horrors. Another book here. If you wish to understand the world you live in, you must seek out books like these, because the pop texts you're fed in school and see reviewed in the papers won't tell you. Latest on Irving battle.

A Woman Awakens: The Threat Jews Pose

The Jews understood the role the media played in determining people's perception of reality long before gentiles grasped its significance. They began systematically buying up newspapers one by one all over America. They didn't invent the technology that made the movie industry possible, but they immediately recognized its business and propaganda value and moved into that venue at the first available moment. This pattern repeated itself with radio and television. Gentiles created the technology and provided the customer base. Jews bought up the industry, reaping the lion's share of the profits, thereby amassing huge fortunes with which they manipulated the gentiles' cultural and political world. As early as 1934 American gentiles established the Production Code for Hollywood in an ultimately futile attempt to control Jewish moral perversion. Today virtually nothing restrains the Jew from corrupting our civilization.

Vegas Violence Out of Control

You may remember our story of a couple months ago, Vegas Vacation, on the weird kid and the violence in North Las Vegas where dimwit niggers shoot one another with abandon. Guess what? The problem continues... Liars like David Horowitz to the contrary, the culture doesn't make the nigger, the nigger makes the culture. Just as the media yids like Horowitz have made a media culture in which, in most White nations, it is literally criminal to make generalizations about negro savagery. Jews outlaw the truth. Jews must be defeated. Real politics means fighting the Jews; the rest is beanbag.

New World Order

American State-Department yids want to kill all racially homogenous nations. Resist, and they label and prosecute you as a hate criminal. Here Mexicans want White water. Here guy named Schulz undertakes hunger strike against IRS. Here on land control in the U.S. and Russia. The right to own property is the true root of freedom, as the Founders knew. Here on U.S. troops protecting Albanians invading Macedonia. Macedonians rip up Nato flag, good for them. More here. Prepare to see American forces killed. Why die for the Jews' NWO, White man? More here. Here on Milosevic and NWO threats to dismantle Yugoslavia if he's not turned over.

Debate Over Meaning of Archie Bunker

Successful Jewish portrayal of Whites as bigots and dinosaurs, giving way to the new breed of hip ethnics and coloreds. A very well done, very successful hate crime, and example that the real power's in the media, which make the culture. Read our review of Sunset Boulevard to understand the Jew mentality that created Bunker.

York: Riots Rehashed

It's get Whitey all over again... Who killed the White man Schaad? He wasn't a valuable she-nigger, so the Jewish media don't care.

Burnley: The Real Face of Multicultural Britain

See the pictures... Two choices: wogs and destruction or White power and civilization. More here. Here nigs do battle in Britain, kill a kid, father now wants to return to Nigeria. Good idea. Nigs' problems aren't cultural -- David Horowitz and the neocons' lie -- they are racial, which is to say biological. Funny how that "American problem" of violence tracks neatly with the spread of minorities. Now it's Britain with the violence problem. Here Assad called anti-Semite. Here on rioting boscoes. Nigs, Pakis riot -- Whites to blame. Whites who would protect their community? "Extremists." Here no evidence found yet, ha, to blame Whites for Burnley. Segregation works. Here on gun control in Britain.

Canada: Special Rights for Jews

Jews like to rope off blocks, areas for themselves where no non-Jew is allowed inside. They also like to have their judges fill your neighborhood with squalling, subsidized niggers. Their prejudices are written into law. If you wish to segregate your White neighborhood to prevent nigger depredation, that's against the law. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Recent Semitical Correctness sampler here. Here Clinton protested. Yids want more memorials. No dignity, these Jews. There will be people claiming to be Holocaust survivors a thousand years from now, if Jews are still around. "Holocaust" survivors are born fresh daily, as Irving says.

Israelis Deport Ukrainians

In light of the historical guilt the Jews bear the Ukrainians, wouldn't the fair thing to do be to let these undocumented workers have jobs? One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here on queer Jews. Under Jewish law, queers are supposed to be put to death as abominations. But Judaism is a racket more than a religion. Jews are indeed a race and a crime syndicate. Jews should be allowed to murder anybody they choose. If you don't think so, you're an anti-Semite. Being Jewish means having it both ways and upside down. Survey says!: Pals want all their land back. Imagine that! Is Bin Laden trying to network inside Israel? Or is that just Mossad disinformation?

Yet Another Yid Rips Off America, Flees to Israel

Any other country would make its aid contingent on extraditing crooks like this. The U.S. just keeps giving and giving and never says a word. Why? Because, as the yid columnist wrote a couple years ago, the American media and Congress are in yiddish hands.

Burn in Hell, Yid Hypocrites

Here the completely hypocritical yids whine that Germans or Russians are getting into Germany illegally by passing themselves off as Jews -- who are admitted under "special" rules, just as they are in America. God, I can't wait til the genome people discover the Jewish gene for hypocrisy. Here yids harass Jew professor who spoke out against mass-murderer Sharon.

Click Here!

American Roundup

First, Supreme Court allows end of affirmative action in Texas. Whether this actually happens is another matter. Celebrating White displacement by Indians. If they're so special, why is India such a mess? Here Supreme Court makes it harder to deport criminal aliens, to be redundant. Screwing the working class by importing a reserve army of unemployed from Mexico. Keep wages down, inflation under control: set us up for the big bang. Our system is set up to screw the honest White man. It must be destroyed. Here the freeper mentality in action. Picture of JimBoob, a fat, wheel-chair-bound nincompoop. No thinking please, we're Patriots. Here on nigger Jesse, spitter and stud.

Dirt Boat Lands in Nigeria

What's a few hundred more kitten-stompers? Let 'em all in!

Femur Pieces of Anatomically Incorrect Ken-Man Show Up in Evidence Locker

Our White ancestor's ghost is being disturbed by coloreds who can't handle the truth.

Race and Christianity

Cover story in latest AmRen... Historical Christianity had no problem with racism and slavery, but today's church is nothing but reborn multiculturalists. But don't listen to atheist me, take it direct from the "conservative" Pope speaking about turd-worlders: "These foreigners are above all our brothers, and no one should be excepted for reasons of race and religion." Jesus Christ! Not even for reasons of religion! Like that old argument that a liberal is someone who won't even take his own side in an argument. No wonder Christianity is dying when even the Pope won't defend it. Suffice it to say that the castle-dwelling Pope is safely insulated from the consequences of the genocidal dogma he preaches. But the White lay Catholic and his family aren't. And the same goes for miscegenation advocate Pat Robertson and the Somali goatherd-importing Protestants. Whatever the Christianity was, what matters now is what it is. And what it is ain't good these days. A fall leaf is not a spring leaf. We must stand with a man when he is right, and depart from him when he is wrong. The Pope and Pat Robertson are wrong. And note the damning quote from jerkoff Billy Graham, a perfect example of everything that is base and bought in your public Christian these days. What a loathsome specimen. They publish his insipid and misguided column in boonie papers across the country, and just like the yid sisters Lederer who dispense yid-flavored morality under guise of "advice," wherever the rubber meets the road, bought Billy -- handpicked to dispense liberal Christianity to the masses by the men behind television -- promotes exactly the same lies. You will never read anything different in your newspaper, and it doesn't matter whether it's the Boone County Buttwipe, USA Today, or Wall Street Journal. Only at VNN. More here.

Gutless Pope Pays Homage to Communist Yids -- in Ukraine!

Stalin's Jewish butchers killed far more Whites in Ukraine alone than Hitler killed Jews in all Europe. And these were good Christians, good Catholics. The Pope has no business whining about Jewish victims -- he ought to look out for his own and speak out against the Jew-led Bolsheviks who murdered his flock. The Pope would rather apologize to Jews than stand up for Christians, and for that he deserves the contempt of White Christian and atheist alike. Picture here, Pope bows while Jew overlooks smugly. When do the Jews start apologizing for their crimes in the Ukraine? When do they start paying Ukrainians reparations?

Yids Push Bestiality

The Jewish taste for dreck-sex is something to behold. The dirty stupidity of Freud infests nearly everything the dreck-race produces. The Jews are defilers. You can feel their urge to defile, degrade, destroy in everything they do.

Jewish Campaign to Destroy First Amendment Advances, Thanks to Supreme Court

Chipping away, as always. Government-controlled and -subsidized elections is the goal here. If it constrains White freedom to resist Jewish tyranny, you can bet the yids and their papers will pull and pule for it... The promotion of the crazed would-be tyrant McCain is a perfect example: Putting an Aryan, All-American face on Judeo-tyranny.

Yellows Discover Identity Politics

In Montgomery, Md...

Revisionists Hunted in Europe

Latest from Faurisson... The New Inquisition sweeps Europe, part of the worldwide war pitting Jews against honest men. You won't read about it in your Jew-edited newspaper, that's for sure, apart from some garbage about racists and haters and what a danger they are to the rest of us -- the truth inverted, in other words. The author, who has been physically attacked by Jewish goons numerous times, and fined and sentenced by Jew-scraping courts, is a hero, because he continues to speak and write the truth in the face of corrupt and powerful opposition at great cost to corpus and career. In other words, he acts and lives with the honor of a White man. Hail Robert Faurisson!

Movie Review: Kingdom Come

The good news is, there doesn't seem to be a single Jewish name in the credits. The bad news is, this movie stinks anyway, thanks to the FUBU-mentality of the brothers Mark Rivers

Fraser: Australia Should Commit Racial Suicide, Double Population

Calls Aussies selfish. How close do you imagine he will live to the incoming gooks who would surely make up the majority of the influx?

No Bail for Suspected Racists

"Suspected" as in 'suspected of holding wrong opinions.' So far has Britain fallen. Opposition to anti-White laws favoring coloreds no one wanted in the first place gets you jailed as a hate criminal. In America speaking out against immigration is racist. Here on Paris and Berlin mayors, both queers. Hundreds of thousands turned out in Berlin to hear the faggot mayor say the extreme right wouldn't be given a finger's width. Thank God we got rid of Hitler and replaced his Reich with excrement like this, parading under the slogan: Berlin stands queer against the right-wing. But a new Germany is aborning Here deputy mayor's Asian son arrested in Burnley.

South Africans Stranded

Looking for work in Kansas... Here on immigration invasion lowering wages.

Media: How Jews Think, I

Read down just a bit. This comes from a media-insider page, subject is "crackpots," specifically Neil Diamond fans. We include it because it is proof -- for the umpteenth time and in a totally non-political context -- that Jews are a breed apart, and that they have a unique and nasty way of arguing. Namely, they don't argue, they shit on what bothers them, just the way a snake or turtle or other animal does if it thinks you're threatening it. Anbody who argues with a yid, anybody who criticizes a yid, an anti-Semite, he's. This is part of what Pierce means when he answers the question, why do Jews destroy their host?: Because they are Jews. They can't act any other way. Still, the mail was not only unreasoned, it was downright scary-mean -- with more than half the letter-writers accusing me of some vast anti-Semitic conspiracy. I "couldn't possibly understand what it means to be Jewish," said one disgruntled concert-goer," 'cause if I did, I would never have written such horrendous things." Others wrote that since South Florida has such a large Jewish population the paper had "an obligation" to be more understanding and nicer. Oy vey from these people! Since I'm Jewish, this was a real wake-up call; a real shades-of-O.J. display. Yuck, is all I can say. Meantime, many in the local Jewish community still remember The Sun-Sentinel's years-ago "slam" of Neil Diamond. To this day people I meet for the first time say without hesitation, "Oh you're the one." Note that there is another letter making the same point much lower down at the same link. Remember this when next you hear the yids call somebody a hater: This is how they respond to a deserved negative review of the work of a minor singer. Do you see? Jews are haters who call others haters. Jews are hate-filled hypocrites. They are also remarkable for their tendency to exaggerate. You don't like one second-rate Jewish singer? You probably hate all Jewish singers. All Jews. You probably want to kill them. You probably did kill them. Oy, six million you killed... That's exactly how their minds work. Exaggeration is first nature to them.

Media: How Jews Think, II

Brief glimpse behind the scenes into the falling out between neocons David Horowitz and the yid he formerly employed, Evan Gahr, who in the email posted brags about outing Paul Weyrich as an anti-Semite. This is how half the yids in America make their living: outing others as anti-Semites. And remember -- you readers who falsely imagine that conservative Jews are different from liberals -- these are the most conservative Jews out there, and they think exactly the same way. IF YOU CRITICIZE A JEW, OR OPPOSE A POLICY OR EVEN A CRAPPY SINGER THAT JEWS LIKE, YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE. It is the biggest mistake in the world to try to avoid being called an anti-Semite or a racist: the controlled-media terms preclude it. They expand to encompass ANYONE opposed to the Jew-led-leftist side of the argument. The yid character never changes: he's left, he's right, he's...whatever pays best at the moment. Whatever you'll buy, he's selling. This email exchange is a perfect, and by perfect I mean perfect, example of the dirtiness, the cheapness, the lack of integrity of the yid. It exhibits all the qualities the world knows and despises in them. Disagree with me? I will destroy you. And they are destroying us, and we are afraid even to talk about it, let alone resist. Dirty people, Jews... Here Eric Alterman, notorious scum, at the Nation. See, Jews can have somebody killed, but if you blame them for it, why, that's "demented anti-Semitism." The truth is that you have to be demented not to be an anti-Semite. Here's Horowitz on his fellow yid: The motives for Gahr's attack may go beyond mere self-promotion. He is something of a political imposter. In his current crusade, he presents himself as a principled conservative decrying hypocrisy among his "fellow conservatives." Yet, he is actually a registered Democrat and a Ralph Nader supporter. This may help explain why he is so eager to attack me. I wouldn't know, because Gahr is such a strange animal. Like niggers around O.J., Jews resist the obvious fact that they killed Jesus. Remember, these are the people who at the drop of a hat will accuse anyone else of being an evil hater, but when their people call for the execution, the yids run like sixty from any accountability. His blood be on us and on our children, said the Bible yids. Today they like to forget that part. Judaism is nothing but one big racial racket, a big self-chosen crime syndicate. The link is to classic yid lawyering the truth. This is just ridiculous. Let's bring back the ghettos.

Media: Between the Lines

Suck editor says that this piece got the "biggest and most enthusiastic response of anything I've ever written." The piece knocks the "moisturized" armchair warriors -- the Amen Corner -- and includes this line: After all, when it's not spying on us, bombing one of our ships, invading its neighbors, or slaughtering civilians, Israel is a pretty staunch ally... Very interesting, given that suck is not overtly political, though it touches on politics now and then. The Internet is smaller and more right-wing than people think. There is a hunger for that which is Semitically Incorrect.

Media: Hey, White Kids!

Do you see ridiculous stuff going on at your high school? Why not write it up for your own website like this guy? On your own website, you don't have to believe that "diversity is our greatest strength."

Media: On Suck

Suck suspends, Feed quits, everybody lays off, ad revenues decline, Salon's about to expire. VNN grows. Why do you think that is? Surprising as it may be, while we would never wish these sites well, we don't necessarily want them to disappear either. Occasionally they post interesting work, and when all the lib-Semitically Correct independents go down the rathole, all that's left will be the yid chain-liars and hagridden whimperings of the Semitically Correct eunuchs at LewRockwell, WorldNetDaily and FreeRepublic. That is an unhappy thought. Better dishonest opposition than dishonest and cowardly friends. Here on distorted reporting at NYT, the Jewish homosexual's paper of record. Back and forth between writer Eggers and reporter Kilpatrick gives you a good feel for the positioning that goes into prestige press articles. The queers aren't there to discover new things and tell their readers about them, they are there to make Procrustean chops in reality until it fits their framework. They know how the world works. If the facts don't fit, well, the eds. are there to make 'em. Jockeying among the self-inflatuated. People with nothing to say only get mad when someone else says it better. But read these words from Eggers, who thinks he has been screwed by the NYT reporter: The problem is, nothing you wrote can be remedied properly. You have a forum read by tens of millions, and you held the power to shape perception of your subject, and you abused that position. This is what the yid mogul meant when he said Media is politics. Or, as someone else put it last century, never argue with men who buy their ink by the barrel. The Internet changes the balance of power, a little. That is why the yids are hot to shut it down. The Eggers-Kilpatrick contretemps shows that people are too full of themselves these days. They ought to worry more about doing what they say and the best job they can and then shut up. What they actually do is angle for position and whine or sue if somebody else out-angles them.

Media: Fear Factor

The stupidity, license and depravity now common in America because of institutional changes set in motion by Jewish cultural Marxists may, just may, come around and bite the Jews on the rump. The media were so geared up for an incendiary final statement by McVeigh from his gurney that ABC accidentally put a false one up on screen, then hastily retracted it. But once again he was the master of his fate -- refusing to supply the words or even the facial expression that would provide the theatrical climax TV craved or the catharsis of rage or remorse that some of the survivors prayed for to the very end. How about that? Anybody see what those fake final words were? The Jewish media cannot be trusted to report the truth about anything. Here Buckley plagiarizes Fumento writing in his own magazine.

Media: Gore Goons Attack WorldNetDaily

There are plenty of White race-traitors pushing Jewish causes.

FDR, Liar, Crook, Tyrant

WWII, the worst war... Fleming's new book sounds like a very good one. One assumes he avoids the Jewish role, but the other pieces are there.

More Nigs in the Suburbs

They won't be suburbs for long when you import urbanoids... Here on karpet-munching kops. If you pose for Playboy, you might get fired. If you march in a disease-pride parade, you might get a raise. Here's what niggers do when they're not on MTV. Which is why Whites are unwilling to live around niggers if they can possibly avoid it. It's always the "white flight" that undermines stable neighborhoods, not the incoming niggers' behavior. At least that's the way the Jewish liars write it up.

South Africa

You can have niggers, or you can have freedom and civilization. Not both. Here on AIDS activism going global. More of your money given to sick niggers in Africa. What a waste. Keep in mind that for all the yipping about AIDS, Africa's population is increasing, not decreasing. That fact often gets lost in the shuffle. Here on the huge racial disparity in AIDS in America. She-niggers are 19 times likelier to have HIV than White women.

Military Test Bed for Racial Destruction of White America

Speech by Steve Barry to CCC earlier this month...the Army today is about 44% Colored... He talks about a military organization he has formed, the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society. Here on queers in the military. Here liar about Jefferson fathering slave child admits to other lies... Here on eco-terrorism. Here on TWA 800 coverup. More here.

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