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We've already seen the miserable conditions that obtain in Africa where whites ceded power to blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe; now let's take a look at those places in America where whites are the minority to see if the picture looks any different. Let's see if America is civilizing blacks or blacks are Africanizing America. First up is Washington, D.C., our capital and the blackest big city in America. Here's what's going on there:

On April 7, five boys and four girls ranging in age from 9 to 12 disrobed and performed sexual acts on one another in a locked room adjacent to a classroom at Winston, at 31st and Erie streets SE. One boy had "challenged the authority" of teacher Charles Mayo and was sent out of the classroom, administrators said. The boy went into the adjacent "preparation room" and coaxed others to join him. But parents did not learn about the incident until they read or heard news accounts later in the week.... The president of the D.C. school board said yesterday that sexual incidents similar to one involving nine elementary students last week are common in city schools. "If the media wanted to go around and look at other schools, they'd see incidents like that going on all the time," Board of Education President Don Reeves said. [4/16/97, Washington Times (Ronald J. Hansen and Gary Scheets)]

There you get a feel for the incredibly jungle-like sexual behavior common among black youngsters, coupled with the teenage-level thinking typical of black authorities. You've got to love that "they'd see incidents like that going on all the time." I repeat: most black politicians and school-board types reason at the level of a dull white teenager. I ask not at all rhetorically: Has an incident like this ever happened in a white school? Anywhere? Any time in history? Doesn't it bespeak a fundamental difference between the races? Is Jack Kemp right that with a few vouchers this all clears up? Or is he a braying dunce?

Then there are the gang brawls:

More than 100 unruly teens cheering on an apparent gang brawl shut down a busy Brooklyn intersection for a half hour yesterday, snarling traffic for blocks in every direction. ... "It's gang warfare that starts inside the school and spills out onto the street," said Weston James, a security guard at Roosevelt Savings Bank, who witnessed the melee. "This is a regular event, happens sometimes twice a week." ... "These things have been getting worse and worse," said Jerry Bastore, who runs a gas station on the corner. "The school can't control any of their kids." [12/3/96, New York Post (Devlin Barrett and Douglas Montero)]

The real story here is that the rumble -- like the pre-teen orgy -- is not news. It is a regular occurrence, a function, if you will, of the presence of a black or brown majority. Again:

Problems with some teenagers from Willingboro High School have prompted the closing of the store from 2:45 to 3:15 p.m., Wawa company officials said yesterday.... "I think it's dumb," said Qiana Stone, 15.... [Jim Walz, regional manager, said] the teens don't spend that much money...and that their purchases...did not make up for the sometimes abusive language and insults hurled at Wawa employees and customers. ... Police had often been called to help disperse the crowds, Walz said. [Police had recommended the closing. ...David Patil, manager of the Sunoco, said he encounters some of the same problems as Wawa. "I can't close up shop when they come," Patil said. "We just try to ignore them because if you say anything to these kids it just gets worse." Kenny Kinney, a Sunoco mechanic, said, "The kids climb on the gas pumps, sit on the cars we're working on and leave soda bottles in the parking lot." [12/7/96 Philadelphia Inquirer (Gwendolyn Crump)]

Headline of this news story? Guess. Either: Minority students disrupt local businesses; or: Half-hour a day, it's just closed. You know the answer. And thereby hangs a tale: Where blacks or browns dominate, the effects are felt not only in the worsening social picture -- gangs, brawls, business disruptions, ubiquitous incivility, pre-teen orgies -- but in the manifest fear of the local reporters to report the very facts. You might think, reasoning abstractly, that the burgeoning social pathologies that occur wherever minorities concentrate would create a news heyday -- but you'd be wrong. The odd thing, as the facts show, is that the media not only are hesitant to point out the real story, but inevitably become a participant in putting a false spin on the new social reality. The media commit the cardinal sin of journalism by becoming part of the story, allowing themselves to be coopted by the local left-wing minority leadership into shading their coverage. Thus, the local paper gets encouraged to cover "good" news and cover old (bad) news more "carefully" or "responsibly." It is "encouraged" to draw its reporters from the colored ranks, and cover issues from a community-centered perspective. Here's another problem that crops up should a big city paper make even a modest attempt to maintain a veneer of objectivity in covering a minority-majority city:

An egregious incident occurred Tuesday involving Susan Ferrechio...and Mary A.T. Anigbo, the black principal of the Marcus Garvey Public Charter School. ... Miss Ferrechio was told to "get your white ass out" as she was forcibly ejected from the school... In a second incident...Ferrechio and...a white photographer...were accompanied by the police to retrieve her notepad and identify her assailants. They were all angrily attacked as Garvey staffers repeatedly spewed forth with more racial slurs. Another reporter for The Times, Barrington Salmon, who is black, was neither accosted nor cursed. ... When I heard firsthand the way Garvey staffers -- and a few parents -- hurled the phrases "white reporter" and "white media" with such venom, I came away wondering if it's racial pride or racial prejudice being taught to their "army" of young black men. [12/6/96 Washington Times (Adrienne Washington)]

This story got some national play, but only for a brief time, and with the racial angle played down -- even though it clearly was a genuine example of anti-white hatred and would have been amplified to God's ear had the colors been reversed. Imagine a young black female reporter being assaulted at a southern white male military academy. It's not thinkable and it wouldn't happen, but if it did, it would be in the news every night for a year and the subject of fifteen weepy docudramas on the major networks. This beating of Ferrechio wasn't the first and it won't be the last time this sort of thing happens. In fact, it wasn't even the only such story in this city in this year:

At least four young men -- some hiding their faces under ski masks -- assaulted a radio McKinley High School, where he was covering a story on violence at the Northeast school. ... Mr. Etter went to the report on two stabbings there the previous day. He was leaving the school when he saw several young men, some holding books, standing at the entrance. "I started walking by them and they started shouting these racial hateful epitaphs," Mr. Etter said. The youths followed him down the school steps and one of them grabbed for his wallet. Then another young man jumped on his back, wrapped his legs around Mr. Etter's waist and started hitting him, he said. At the bottom of the steps, they pushed Mr. Etter down onto T Street and continued to assault him, he said. "They all are taking turns kicking me and hitting me in the head," [he said].... One attacker screamed at him to "get your white ass off our school property" and others also screamed racial slurs while he, in turn, screamed that he was trying to leave... "There is no doubt in my mind that this is a hate crime," Mr. Etter said... But Mr. Etter...said no police official asked him whether he believed the attack to be racially motivated. ... No one has ever been charged under the city's Bias-Related Crime Act of 1989, even though several cases have been reporte to police. The law lets a judge impose a sentence 1.5 times higher than a defendant would receive for a similar crime that isn't hate-related.... Yesterday's attack was not the first on reporters at McKinley.... Three weeks ago, a cameraman with a local television station covering another stabbing at the school was pushed around and students last spring threw rocks at a newspaper reporter....Some students...said they are tired of reporters covering violence and "bad stuff" at the school but not their successes. "Y'all come see us when we do something good," one student said... [11/15/96 Washington Times (Kristan Trugman)]

Yes, again, vouchers will clear all this up. Vouchers is the solution here. This looks like a matter for SuperVoucher. No stain that can't be got out with vouchers.

You can see how the media is trapped in a box when it comes to reporting on the inner city, even if -- as is assuredly not the case -- most of its reporters weren't already of a liberal bent. Inevitably the paper gives way and hires unqualified blacks, dumbs down standards, eases reporting on civil corruption. Where blacks are the majority, white reporters are physically attacked, pre-teens hold orgies in public schools, gang brawls disrupt local businesses -- it's like the twelve days of Christmas. Each new day you find a more reprehensible "gift" than the last. The only thing to do, as in Zimbabwe and South Africa, is to get out of the way, to move, to flee to the white majority suburbs and countryside. You get branded a guilty coward by the media, but at least you and your kids still have your skin.

Here's an example of the way press coverage becomes "sensitive" to minority concerns:

"Let's Start Dreaming of a Black Christmas," begins an advertisement sponsored by [Bruce Crawley and his African-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia]. "Buy from Black Businesses During the Holidays!" ... According to the advertisement...blacks in Philadelphia will spend $2 billion from November to January, buying presents for Christmas and Kwanzaa... Forty years ago, there wouldn't have been a need for this kind of campaign... In those days, blacks patronized black-owned businesses...because they weren't welcome in mainstream stores... Part of the goal of the to encourage some black shoppers to set aside some of the prejudices they may carry against black merchants, that their merchandise tends to be higher-priced and the goods and services they provide aren't necessarily top-notch. [12/9/96, Philadelphia Inquirer (Jane M. Von Bergen)]

Blacks are encouraged to buy from black businesses and celebrate phony black holidays by a newspaper that discriminates in favor of blacks in hiring and promotions. This sort of special pleading for black interests is common throughout the media; one thinks of the endless appeals by minority anchors on ESPN to sports team owners to hire more blacks as managers and assistants. The funny part here is that, however tentatively the writer puts it, black consumers recognize the inferiority of black businesses. By liberal reckoning, thus, blacks are racist. Certainly if black providers were pitching their products to whites and whites didn't buy for the same reasons as the blacks here, the media wouldn't hesitate to tag them racists. On the other hand, it's beyond imagination that a newspaper would ask whites to buy from white-owned stores. It's just another example of a double-standard that works to the detriment of whites. Here's another double standard -- police parade policy in New York:

...Tony Smalls claims there was more drug and alcohol use at the St. Patrick's Day Parade than at any African-American event. As an N.Y.C. police officer, I can tell you that nothing beats the West Indian Day Parade. It has more alcohol and drug use, not to mention disorderly people and weapons, than any event in the city. At the St. Patrick's parade the alcohol/drugs are taken away and the people are summonsed or arrested. At the West Indian parade, we are told not to take any action. Why not let us stay home since we aren't allowed to do any enforcement anyway? [4/9/97, letter to New York Daily News]

This is part of what diversity means: diversity of standards; the lowering -- the nigrescence, or darkening, of standards, brought on by the rise of the Affenkultur, the "mock" or "ape" or "monkey" culture we see around us in every big city. It may be racist to say that, or it may be merely clever; what is undebatable is that it is true. Whether it's school or street, the blacks/browns can't meet white, civilized standards. Something has to give way, and it always seems to be the standards, either lowered or simply junked. Standards and white people -- the police policy here is the equivalent of giving up and saying throw a tent over this circus. If standards can't be enforced then they don't really exist, do they?

More evidence of lowered standards, this time related to the English language and aviation control:

Backers said the district is the first in the nation to recognize the language of many blacks.... ...[T]he board was expected to apply for federal funds for bilingual programs to cover the cost of training teachers, even though the government has rejected such requests in the past. ...[B]lack students...make up 53 percent of the 52,000-student district, but 71 percent of special education... [12/20/96, AP (Michelle Locke)]

The Atlanta air traffic center...has compiled the worst record of keeping aircraft a safe distance from one another among the nation's 22 air traffic centers. Critics inside the agency blame this poor performance on the FAA's efforts to dramatically increases the number of women and minorities throughout the agency....The rise in safety errors in Atlanta corresponds to the arrival in December 1993 of Nancy Shelton as manager of the... center. Within the agency, her move has been viewed as a means of increasing the Atlanta center's diversity....Documents obtained by the Washington Times show that the FAA was aware of the center's problems as early as October 1994. In a scathing report, the FAA's Office of Air Traffic System Effectiveness noted "an attitude of despair" at the facility and was especially critical of managers, including Miss Shelton. [7/1/96 Washington Times (Ruth Larson)]

Liberal superstitions about racial equality prevail over your safety -- and there's not one significant political party standing up for you. This is why I say the public cons are a name-only opposition: they control the appropriations for the FAA, yet they refuse to hold them hostage to elimination of manifestly absurd and literally dangerous anti-white racist policies. Who is running things in this country? The only answer is that it is not the public conservatives. Or, maybe they just don't believe their own words enough to act on them.

It's not just blacks. Here's an example of browns -- an Official Victim Group -- taking immediate recourse in cries of "racism":

You could probably forgive the United Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Ontario for operating without a tax exemption. You might even forgive its leaders for some sloppy bookkeeping. But we should not forgive some of its leaders for playing the race card in a clumsy attempt to divert attention from their ineptitude. ... [I] instead of taking their lumps and promising to correct matters, chamber President Nino Gonzalez and co-founder Luis Rojas went looking for scapegoats.
Leaving no cliche unturned, they first blamed the news media for their woes. Then they lashed out at Ontario Councilman Jim Bowman, accusing him of tarnishing the "integrity of all Hispanics in the city of Ontario" by calling for an investigation by the district attorney's office.
[7/17/96 Knight-Ridder/The Business Press (Tom Link)]

The re-creation of Mexico proceeds apace in L.A... Here's the scene at our other southern tip:

...[T]he city of Miami has begun debating whether to put itself out of its misery by wiping itself off the map. If downtown businessmen and activists from the city's wealthy enclaves have their way, Miamians will vote in a referendum...on whether to abolish the city government and merge with giant Dade County.... The city, fourth-poorest in the nation, faces a budget gap of at least $68 million and won't be able to pay its bills by March.... "The Hispanic population will never go for it, and they hold the votes," says City Commissioner Bert Hernandez.... [Cubans are] the key vote.... Anglo voters will likely vote overwhelmingly in favor. And most say black voters are on the fence....If black voters are convinced that abolition is merely an effort by afluent Anglos to escape and leave Dade with a poorer rump Miami, they won't vote for it, says the Rev. Richard Dunn... He says it appears to him that proponents want to get away and leave a Dade County that "will be synonymous with one big ghetto." ... Proponents of abolishing the city say the only alternative to bankruptcy is to merge into Dade, where property tax bills are half that of Miami's.... Opponents say many abolitionists have another agenda: to abolish Miami so they can turn their own communities into independent cities. For example...the affluent waterfront Coconut Grove neighborhood needs Miami's permission to go idependent -- and Miami refuses because the Grove makes up about 20% of the city's tax base.... "I was for (abolition) until I found out who was behind it," says political scientist Dario Moreno of Florida International University. "Now it's obvious this is a ploy by the wealthy neighborhoods to get out of Miami and form their own cities." But Pam Courtelis, a long-time activist in Coconut Grove, says, "It's like living in a communist country -- right now we're in jail, and a city should not be a jail." [12/6/96, USA Today (Maria Puente)]

Thirty years ago, Miami was ninety percent white -- and civilized -- and solvent; today it is ninety percent non-white and barbaric and bankrupt -- conditions created by the local blacks and wave after wave of Hispanics. But Maria Puente, probably an affirmative action hire at the biggest paper in the nation, plays it as the greedy, rich whites who don't want to pay their fare share. Odd the way it works: whites create the conditions that attract the minorities that destroy them -- while blaming the whites. It's like crashing a party eating all the food and drinking all the booze and then bitching out the host. And the whites in the media, in full Patty Hearst identify-with-the-criminal mode, blame other whites for creating the conditions they are scared to describe accurately, let alone coolly analyze. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe rich whites are the ones out there selling crack, 'sexing' teenage girls, praying to crocodile gods, slitting goats' throats and slicing up chickens for religious rites instead of soup.

White politicians in majority-minority areas react the same way the white media do: looking for white racism under every stone and rejoicing when they find it. Here's a typical example, from Chicago:

Police said the three alleged attackers -- two students at De La Salle Catholic high school and a recent graduate -- later bragged that they had taken ``care of the niggers in the neighbourhood.'' ... They were charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and committing a hate crime...Chicago's mayor, the leader of the Catholic Church and community activists raised their voices against racism... ``Three thugs. That's all they are,'' Mayor Richard Daley said...[3/25/97, Reuters (Andrew Stern)]

Have you ever seen a black-on-white murder played like this, a mere beating? White-on-black attacks are extemely rare by contrast to the reverse. You can bet your bottom dollar literally hundreds of whites are harassed by blacks and Latins daily in public schools around Chicago -- not that the mayor or the Catholic church will ever denounce it. This rare beating affords the local pols and popes a chance to beat their breasts about the horrors of racism, evil whites, etc. etc. ad infinitum. If this were a black-on-white, it would have been reported, if at all, very lightly, with every possible extenuating circumstance dropped on the black side of the scale. Here's the score in the inner city: if you're white, you can't go to the magnet schools, the best schools in the city, because your wishes aren't important against the grand scheme of achieving proper racial balance. You are just a pawn in a game your parents were too dumb to get out of. You hear about a couple of white punks beating the hell out of a black kid just for being black. At least, that's the media version. You see what goes on at your school every day, and can't help but wonder if there's a bit more to the story, and, even if there isn't, why the white elected political bigwigs and religious chieftains never even allude to the problems you face. How come white people don't have any interest group, you sometimes think to yourself. You occasionally speak these thoughts to your friends in private, but never in class, because we all know what you are then -- that evilest of Satan's spawn -- a racist.

For whites living in the big city, there are other physical dangers besides attacks by minorities. Consider this:

There appears to be a new, largely unrecognized threat to the health of residents of decaying inner cities: leptospirosis, a bacterial disease transmitted through rat urine. ...[T]hree cases [were] diagnosed within a year at a Baltimore hospital. Before that, no cases of the...disease had been reported...for at least five years. The researchers tested 21 rats trapped in alleys in central Baltimore or near the Inner Harbor, sites where the three patients had cut their hands or feet on broken glass. They found 19 of the rats were infected...The disease can cause liver and kidney damage and is fatal in some cases. [12/9/96, Philadelphia Inquirer]

Baltimore or Kinshasa? -- it grows harder to find a difference. If you don't like leptospirosis, try Boss Man McGee's disease club:

Darnell "Boss Man" McGee had multiple sex partners before he was shot to death January 15. He also had the AIDS virus. So far, eight girls and young women who had sex with McGee have tested HIV-positive; they say that McGee never told them he was a carrier and he didn't use a condom. Now St. Louis public health officials are in a desperate search for all of McGee's sex partners -- and their sex partners. ... Debbie Schindler, a public health specialist...fears there may be many more... "It's a major public health threat." ... "One of the women infected by McGee has had sex with about fifty men since then." Three of the eight infected women have given birth since January... [3/28/97, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Bill Bryan)]

Boss Man was a Negro. He lived in East St. Louis (although he certainly didn't confine his attentions to that side of the Mississippi), a portion of the country as uncivilized as the Congo -- the heart of darkness in the heart of the heartland. An intrepid news reporter, say from Sixty Minutes, could have turned this regional story into a nationwide water-cooler symbol of the sexual mores of the inner city and the way its inhabitants are reshaping many sectors of our country in the sub-Saharan mold. Safe-sex "experts" could stop their relentless campaign to rubberize America and start talking about the incredible racial differential in rates of veneral disease; for example, syphillis is fifty times -- times, not percent -- commoner among blacks than whites. One obvious conclusion the data suggest is to avoid having sex with black people. Not quite the message you get on MTV, is it? No, the Kurt Loders of the world suggest that, like Kurtz, we immerse ourselves in the destructive element. But we all know how Kurtz ended up, right?

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