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Those of you who pay attention may have noticed that Official Europe is trying to build a superstate called the European Union (EU). The EU is sold to the public as a sort of Super Wal-mart, where one massive shopping center will replace the mom-and-pop shops of an outmoded nationalism. If the quality of your purchases declines, hey, the prices are lower. Efficiencies are gained. Lost in the shuffle of this massive Gleichschaltung of peoples is the fact that the leftists are busily working to make their multicultural lie the New Orthodoxy of the Old Continent.

The leftists are pushing the same lie at the EU level that they are pushing in Australia, France and the United States: that it is good, necessary and inevitable that Europe become multicultural. You might think that Germans, French and English is enough diversity for one continent, but apparently not. These worldbeat-ers plan to achieve multiculturalism by tacitly encouraging illegal immigration while openly bashing as racist those who'd prefer the continent the way it is, civilized. It's Miami all over again: Whites create conditions -- rich, safe countries -- that attract non-whites: Africans, Asians and Arabs who destroy those conditions, while minority demogogues, taking their cue from the Jewish industry, blame the whites and sow confusion about causes and effects. Leftists don't worry about the illogic of their political arguments because they are about destruction, revenge and hate and bossing around free people, not ordered freedom. How can it be that Africans try to get into Europe by the hundreds of thousands if white Europeans are racist devils? As in Australia and America, the Eurrocrats advance the argument that diversity is the road to business success. This view is too preposterous to rebut, yet it is advanced by multiculturalists in official capacities who have the power to punish those who don't conform to their hallucinations. The term witchhunt is overused, but this sempiternal search for racists in Europe is exactly that. In five hundred years, people will look back at 2000's hysteria about racists the way we laugh at the witch-hunters of the middle ages -- although doubtless the people of 2500 will have invent their own witches to hunt! Surely we can laugh forwards as well as back... Examples of the new witchhunt:

The Committee places particular emphasis on the use of education to cultivate and develop and anti-racist awareness, and on the mobilization of the mass media to combat manifestations of racism. The Committee considers that the European Year against Racism should contribute not only to a stance opposing the dangers of racism, but also cast the positive and welcome changes occurring in our societies in a favourable light. The Commission should also make use of the Declaration on the prevention of racial discrimination and xenophobia and the promotion of equal treatment in the workplace, adopted in Florence in 1995. The Committee also recalls that the fight against racism involves a daily struggle at the social level - at work, at school, in places of leisure and at home. [4/24/96, Economic and Social Committee press release]

This is incipient totalitarianism. Not bloody, terrorist totalitarianism, but totalitarianism of the mind-control, There is One Way to Think mold. How else to interpret "cast the positive and welcome changes occurring in our societies in a favourable light"? All the tools at the GEM complex's disposal -- government-education-media -- will be "mobilized" to prosecute "racism," which, per usual, is never defined. Note the tacit assumption that the "mass media" is available for EU "mobilization" in the great "struggle." Words that might have come from the pen of any TASS hack. Not even a pretense here that the media is free, that it is anything other than a propaganda arm of the One Worlders. A tool to be mobilized, just like the army. Wake up, white man! It boggles the mind: anyone who opposes, say, admitting Muslims -- already five million strong -- into France is opposing supranational policy. How long before it is illegal to be Caucasian? More examples of official-think. Think of the EU as a lower-level United Nations -- an EUN, if you will -- and realize that it is pushing exactly the same lies, and you will see why so many are so afraid of the real thing. First up we have some press release boilerplate:

The European Year Against Racism was officially launched today... The launch of the Year marks a decisive step forward in the European response to racism. For the first time the Institutions of the European Union (EU) will engage in concrete action to combat racism. The stated aims of the Year are to highlight the threat posed by racism to human rights and EU cohesion; to encourage discussion of anti-racist measures; to disseminate and promote the exchange of information on good practice and effective anti-racist strategies; to publicise the benefits of integration policies; and to turn to good account the experiences of people who have suffered from racism, xenophobia or anti-semitism. ...

Partners of the Year are broad ranging and include non-governmental organisations (NGOs), media, decision-makers and politicians, trade unions and employers' organisations, chambers of commerce and trade associations, religious bodies and educational establishments. ... Events at European, national, regional and local levels will take place to develop the European Year's themes, and will include political, sports, artistic and literary events.

Examples of planned projects include a governmental working group to investigate racial violence; a Youth Against Intolerance fun-run and symposium in Belgium; a poster competition in Denmark; special training for Austrian judges on racism and hostility to foreigners; an anti-racist pop festival in the UK; and a European week of anti-racist cinema in France.


A European Year Against Racism - Why?

1997 has been designated as the European Year Against Racism (EYAR) to highlight the fight against racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism. This is in response to the continuing presence of racial prejudice, discrimination and racist attacks in all aspects of society, which present a constant problem to the European Union. ...

This is Europe, but -- as in our Australian examples -- could anything sound more American? Is it not remarkable that, against the wishes of the majority, Europe is concentrating its powers in a superstate that is strengthening itself daily by sowing civil dissolution under the banner of anti-racism? A straw man, a witch, an imaginary fellow called "the racist" takes the hit -- in Australia, France, Europe and the U.S. -- while the real bogeymen, the Jewish media and the leftist bureacratic elite, beat up and suppress the few who speak out against the awful reality they and their multicultural charges are creating. Here's a pretty typical example of the hysteria, hyperbole and reality-reversal that is common among the EU burrocratic makers of the new Multicultural World:

"Racism and xenophobia constitute a serious threat not only to the stability of European society but also to the smooth functioning of economy. It is in everybody's interest to remedy the problems of racism and xenophobia in society as a whole,'' said Mr Tyszkiewicz. ``UNICE is committed to playing an active role in the prevention of racial discrimination, and calls on all European employers to act in their own sphere of influence, namely the workplace.''

For companies competing in an increasingly global market, human resources are an essential factor for success. Harnessing the potential of diversity is therefore a key asset for a company's competitive position.
[3/21/97 , press release from Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe (UNICE) (Secretary makes speech on International Day against Racism)]

You get the obvious irony: A bureaucrat's bureacrat advising the corporate world on staying competitive. As in, Lagging sales at Porsche? Hire more Africans! Not Arab religious fanatics and Pakistani hoodlums and Asian drug dealers but "racism" and "xenophobia" are the real problems facing Europe. It is sick and Orwellian the way the Old Continent is making "the American problem" its own. It bespeaks a death wish -- or, perhaps, a murder wish. If diversity were an asset, don't you think the folks who run Mercedes would have figured it out before the folks in Brussels?

Again, I point out that, at root, the left is anti-democratic because it does not recognize disagreement as legitimate. There is no middle ground in its political stereotyping: either you are Good, a supporter of the new Multicultural Orthodoxy, or you are Bad, an evil racist. The left has no term for the mass of ordinary Frenchmen or Britons who observe that bringing in masses of foreign people with their foreign ways is unwise. Because it runs the big-time media and politics, the left is able to cow the right -- even the right-wing public politicians who, one would think, exist to oppose and defend -- into accepting this polarity and jumping to the "good" side, but millions of unfooleds are out there, and I expect at some point they will erupt. Again I say, these sanctimonious lying leftists are breeding the opposition they deserve. I may say, as a side point, that the very reason they call their opponents Nazis and defame them as evil haters is because they know they aren't. They can gain the tactical advantages of employing these terms against decent, honorable people in the Machiavellian calculation they are too sheeplike or busy earning tax-money to explode in righteous anger. I would bet money, though, that after a point, the left is going to see its weapons used against it by people who may be a lot closer to deserving the appellation than the milquetoast cons they slander today. There are many, many people out there who don't believe in God and Ultimate Justice, and won't abjure means like the moral majority -- and they aren't all leftists. Be careful what you wish for, friends.... For us on the right, the important thing is to recognize the game the leftists are playing. In my opinion, that game is Ultimate Politics -- winning by any means. They continually categorize their opponents in words they have morally loaded: racist, anti-semite, Nazi, anti-feminist, "hate group" member, homophobe. That their fundamental impulse is anti-democratic is proved by their actions and their immediate recourse to and universal preference for labels over arguments. This is both their weakness and their strength: the leftists are moral crusaders. In a sense, leftists can't be democrats because their terms preclude it. Standard democratic give-and-take is unthinkable when your opponent is a 'racist,' or an 'anti-semite' or a 'hater' or a 'Nazi.' You can't negotiate or compromise with moral evil, can you? In contrast to the leftists, I have built up my case in this essay through examples, because I believe examples are a better standard than my opinion, no matter how brilliant and cleverly stated it is. (For any leftists in the crowd, that's humor, a distinctly right-wing phenomenon.)

I believe my examples are more powerful than any words I can use. It is a serious charge to say the left is anti-democratic, but the evidence sustains it. In Australia and France we have seen the leftists at work, beating up expressers of other opinions, destroying their book displays, attacking their public speakers, smashing up their party headquarters. In most white, western countries, the left controls the executive and the judicial, and its members staff the huge burrocracies that from Queensland to Quincy determine the details of our daily lives. The legislative, in America at least, is the one section of the government that's hardest to control because it comes from the people. To get around it, the leftists are by no means above -- and in fact regularly have recourse to -- vote buying, vote fraud, and gerrymandering. In America they are attempting to get around Constitutionally mandated census-taking by replacing it with a statistical sampling they know will result in higher numbers for liberal groups such as minorities and aliens. The final and ultimately most effective means at the leftists' disposal -- from Britain to America to France to Australia -- is to swap out Bad people for Good; simply to displace, replace, and supplant the evil reactionary nativist nationalist white majority; and that is exactly what is being done in each of these countries. It is done by encouraging immigration, legal and illegal, and then using the Jewish industry to misrepresent what is going on as something desirable, and to characterize any opposition as morally illegitimate. In California, for example, the media cast the majority that favored Prop. 187 -- the cutting off of benefits to illegal aliens (i.e., non-Americans) -- as greedy racists, and even though the measure passed, Jewish groups forestalled its implementation through legal action, resulting in the final decision that the will of the majority was "unconstitutional." In every possible way new immigrants benefit the left-wing parties: through votes and what cops call 'receivership of stolen property' when it's done by non-politicians. A white woman in Texas border territory put it to me this way: One of her hotel employees, a "big, strong girl" [and a Mexican], only wanted part-time work because forty hours would disqulify her and babies from various aid programs. The hotel owner and her husband had only been able to afford one child, in large part because they had so little money left after taxes, excuse me, between taxes, between paying the hefty Texas education taxes to pay for the schooling of Mexican children in the U.S. The leftists know that whites won't have fifteen kids like Mexicans because they want to give their kids a better chance in life, and thus a hidden effect of immigration and its higher taxes is not merely that it puts more areas of the country de facto off-limits to whites, but that it actually suppresses the white birth rate. Leftists soak the average, honest whites with high taxes, take their due as Official Fences, and put the remainder into building up their political bases, the most reliable and pliable of which are the Black and Mexican colonies that control our big cities and borderlands. Any objection to these policies is categorized as morally evil or mentally ill -- with every evil permutation of blackheart neatly collected under the umbrella smear 'racist.' The liberalists' future is characterized as "inevitable" and "good" and "necessary" (with the neat side benefit of being good for the economy) and as time passes and the country discolors, is does become to seem so.

But it is not. The solution is lying there before our eyes: To decide that we are white people who love our civilization and who will fight for it on that basis and no other. We will fight for it not because it is better or worse, sicker or poorer, richer or healthier -- but because it is ours and because we love our great-great-great-great grandfathers even as we would love our great-great-great-great grandchildren, could we know them. Well, we can't know them, only three or four links of the chain, but we owe it to them to prepare the conditions for their success, as much as it is within our power. And who is more powerful than we? What other people has the track record? We must to our own race be true, and it follows, as the night the day, we cannot then be false to any other. The word is flung about casually, but there is very, very little that is inevitable -- if we are willing to face facts. The facts about race are really not so difficult to deal with intellectually; the difficult part is finding the initial courage to follow the path they lay before us. Pauline Hanson and Jean-Marie Le Pen found the courage -- are we less than they? Or, we can step aside, surrender two thousand years of history, and submit to the Padraigs:

It gives me great pleasure to be here on this important day. This is the International Day Against Racism. We should not underestimate its significance.

In proclaiming this International Day, the United Nations called upon citizens across the world to stand up, take action and reject racism, together. ... This event is one of the first of a series of major actions at European level within the framework of the European Year Against Racism. This year is a turning point in the European Union's fight against racism. After many years of groundwork, it is the first time that Community institutions and Member States have entered into partnership to take concrete action to stamp out this evil phenomenon.

... Ethnic minorities are increasingly, and inaccurately, described as the cause of social problems, rather than as the victims. ... Racist jokes are not funny. ... Brutal racist crimes against ethnic minorities are reported across Europe with sickening regularity. They constitute the most visible tip of an iceberg of prejudice and intolerance underlying our societies.
[3/21/97, press release, European Commission, Commissioner Padraig Flynn speech]

Here's your future, Western Man: Lectures from a third-world-plus Padraig, whatever that is (Gaelic for 'male tampon'?). Paddy might be a figure from Orwell: Everything from ethnic minorities on is a lie: Minorities do cause social problems, far out of proportion to their numbers; racist jokes are funny, much funnier than inoffensive jokes; brutal racist crimes are uncommon, and more often committed against whites than by them; the "iceberg of prejudice" never seems to collide with the Titantic of Africans coming in... How long til this international-day-against-witches makes its presence felt in the U.S.? Can you imagine a baby-blue world of 2050 where white are a majority in no country, and our successors observe four U.N.-mandated holidays:

1) World Aids Day
2) International Day Against Racism
3) Worldwide Holocaust Day of Remembrance
4) Women-and-Minorities Emancipation Day?

Many can. Dangerous illusions produce frightening realities. To the MTV mind, the goal is to create an MTW -- an MTWorld. MTV is on the tube almost from pole to pole, showcasing the illusion of the Multicultural World, where all women are beautiful and men tough (and mostly black) and everybody dances, sings, acts cool, and fucks and tolerates everyone else, male or female, except for the intolerant, the racists, the segregationists, the nationalists, the observant, the thoughtful, the people who like things the way they increasingly aren't. The MTV producer-devil is like Faust's -- except that he wants your mind, not your soul, and he doesn't give you anything real in return, just an illusion as diaphonous as fake cotton candy. You trade your mind for nothing. But insubstantial as it is, the MTV illusion is powerful. My opinion is that MTV is the most powerful force in the world. It pitches a very desirable world where there's sex and money and fame enough for everyone, and venereal disease, poverty, racism and intolerance are so postlapsarian (that is, more or less, pre-1980). The MTWorld folks, with similar thought- and bloodlines, are selling a variant of the MTV illusion. They offer a social and political vision that sounds great and looks good, but falls apart fingered by thought. White racism is a powerful and popular explanation for the ills of the world, and when you accept it, you get a ticket to the cool, new Multicultural World of Tomorrow. That is what they pitch, through the U.N., through the EU, through the leftist parties in each white majority country. All you lose is your mind, your country, your world -- and most importantly, your neighborhood. I begin to venture into poesy, and perhaps it is time to return, but we must remember that new social realities begin in visions, and the vision we oppose sees the world as one big high school district, with funds to be redistributed from rich to poor areas, and racial assignments to be made -- all under the auspices of the U.N. with its myriad creepy, well-paid evangelical internationalists. Our vision -- free and orderly white America -- is better, but it will lose unless we articulate, advance and defend it -- openly and with no excuses.

Once again, here's Einlagkh Flynn in full throat (to an EU trade union committee). If I didn't tell you, would it even occur to you this wasn't American?:

...clear about the enormous contribution and richness of experience and culture that people of ethnic minorities bring to our societies. And this contribution applies to all walks of life. Well known and highly visible examples exist in the areas of sports and the arts. But there are others that tend not to be recognised. Young people may find their heroes among black athletes and musicians, but how do they feel about working alongside their peers from ethnic minorities?...The Joint Declaration of October 1995 sets out a very lucid argument for the importance and value of cultural diversity in the workplace.

Different abilities, different approaches, a wide range of experience and skills. These enrich our working environments. They bring an openness to new ideas and work methods. We need people to be different. And the ability to draw upon the potential of these diverse backgrounds will be the key to success in the marketplace. Difference is not a threat. It is a resource.

Yes, we are to take lessons in economic efficiency and getting along with others from an Irishman. I apologize. That's just the sort of cruel ethnic joke this human-pod's ragging us about. A hundred monkeys typing for a hundred years couldn't come up with anything stupider than: Difference is not a threat. It is a resource. As in, Seamus the nationalist appreciates unionists Brian, Ryan and Ian, because after all it's their religious and political differences that make for a target-rich environment. Seamus and the Ian boys find their fellow resources well used for hazardous material disposal -- lead repositories, that sort of thing.

One more blast from the trumpet:

...fight racism in all areas of life, using all the resources and instruments available. I am also optimistic that in 1997 we will set up a European Monitoring Centre for racism and xenophobia. It will help us to track events and developments and will give us a clearer picture of what we are up against. And of course, as the Inter Governmental Conference goes into its final stages this year, I am hopeful that the Union will be provided with a way of realising its ambitions in this field, with the inclusion in the Treaty itself of a clause forbidding racial discrimination. ... The key to success is to unite in the face of racism. Only by working together can we build a Europe where our differences are respected and valued. Only then can we embrace that diversity which is so much part of our strength. Only then will we be a European Union worthy of the name.

Is there a world war going on I don't know about? Christ, there's a Churchillian scale, if not sough, to Pad's blather. Somehow I don't think Mr. Flynn and the European Union were what Joyce had in mind when he spoke about transcending the trapping nets of nation and creed. No, the call for a humorless uniformity that screams from every line of this address is far from what he had in mind.

"Strength through diversity," why it fairly begs to be writ in iron over an European Concentration I mean Union camp gate, doesn't it? Throughout this essay, I have tried to point out that whites worldwide face the same problems, and that we ought to work together to solve them. One problem in every white country with even a handful of colored minorities is laws that racially discriminate against whites. Next time you hear a public con talking about the need for meritocracy and colorblindness (ideals, like Everest's peak, achievable only under very specific conditions, and then only for a few minutes), remember that anti-white discriminatory laws exist today in: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, France, and the European Union. They may well exist in Holland, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia, for all I know. I repeat: all those countries I named have embraced affirmative action (and often called just that, as in America), the open discrimination against our fellow white man. In none of these countries has the quarter landed on its edge. Yet still the cry goes on, the religious puling for colorblind policies that never come. I say religious puling because, like most pious folk, the colorblind town criers are never the ones subjected to the new anti-white laws. Their kids are never the ones who grow up to be police or firemen; they never are forced to attend inferior inner-city schools. At private schools it's easier for poseurs, liberal and conservative, to fill them with lies about equality because they don't have to come in contact with their equals. No, the truth is the ubiquitous call for meritocracy from public cons across the white world is a textbook example of the perfect being the enemy of the good. The irony is that if our public con "leaders" fought for white rights, they'd get meritocracy, as a compromise, at the very least. It's funny, isn't it, that blacks everywhere are either 3/5, as they were when the smartest people America ever produced drew up the rules, or 6/5, the way they are today when Schumers and Feinsteins and Cohens and Clintons and Gephardts and Gores set the laws.

Good old Britain. Home of the unwritten Constitution, fatherland of everything good under the sun that never sets and all that. And this:

Police have passed a report into allegations that Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel racially abused Arsenal's black striker Ian Wright to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The English Football Association (F.A.) confirmed the report was with the CPS late on Thursday, 24 hours after animosity between the two players dating back to November resurfaced in a match at Highbury. The police investigation followed allegations from television viewers that Schmeichel verbally abused Wright during a league clash at United's Old Trafford ground on November 16. If the CPS decides the evidence is strong enough, Schmeichel will become the first soccer player in Britain to face criminal charges for alleged racist abuse.

So, if you call someone a nigger in England, you can be jugged. Naturally enough (as the story goes on to say) there is a question whether Schmeichel actually said anything at all (we'll let the authorities sort it out), plus the small fact that Wright got suspended for two games for violent play against the goalie. Same old story: black-on-white violence outweighed by white-on-black namecalling. Sounds like free speech has gone the way of the Empire. Of course, that just puts Britain on a par with the mainland it is being pushed to join, as we have well seen. The place names give it away but, again, this next clip is as American as accusations of racism:

Philip Lawrence was stabbed to death outside a London school. Stephen Lawrence died of knife wounds while waiting at a London bus stop. They shared a name and died by the same type of weapon in the same increasingly violent city, but there the similarity ends. Philip Lawrence was a white, middle-class teacher whose killer was tracked down and jailed within a year of his death. ... Stephen Lawrence was an 18-year-old student attacked merely because he was black and whose killers still walk free four years and two failed court cases after his death. This sharp contrast has forced Britain to face the fact that whites and blacks still live very different lives 40 years after the first mass arrivals of immigrants from its former colonies in the Caribbean and Indian sub-continent. "Stephen's unnecessary death has shown us that bigotry is alive and well in Britain,'' said Ros Howells, a close friend of the Jamaican-born Lawrence family. ``Society's problem was that Stephen was a black teen-ager and there are those in this society who did not and cannot value black lives.'' The Stephen Lawrence case, mostly ignored by the media, has polarized Britain's white and black communities -- one unable or unwilling to acknowledge levels of racism, the other convinced that the police and judicial system is biased against them. The names of five white gang members in the racially tense south London district of Eltham where Stephen Lawrence was killed in 1993 have come up time and again in police inquiries. Two attempts to prosecute them were thrown out by the courts because of identification problems, blamed partly by the Lawrence family on police wasting vital time immediately after the murder. But it hit the front pages in dramatic fashion last week when the tabloid Daily Mail - not normally known for championing black causes - took the unprecedented step of printing the names and pictures of five youths under a headline ``Murderers.'' ``The Mail accuses these men of killing. If we are wrong, let them sue us,'' the newspaper proclaimed. The Mail's decision followed an inquest ruling that Stephen Lawrence had died in ``a completely unprovoked racist attack'' and that there had been a ``lost opportunity'' in collecting evidence. Politicians and the media were divided over whether to congratulate the Mail for its bold step or criticize it for conducting a ``trial by media.'' But the Mail succeeded in provoking a wider debate about racism in a Britain where, despite years of apparent integration, discrimination against blacks is widespread. ``It is now a possibility that Middle England can be bought to understand and empathize with the pain of black Britain,'' said Trevor Philips, chairman of the Runnymede Trust independent think tank on race issues. ``At every turn, the criminal justice system in particular has failed to do for them (the Lawrence family) what it seems it would do for almost anyone else,'' added Philips. Britain's Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), citing ``desperate statistics'' says that unemployment in young black men in London is over 60 percent. Last year it dealt with 863 cases of discrimination in London alone, almost all over employment. CRE chairman Sir Herman Ouseley was not alone in drawing uncomfortable parallels between the cases of Stephen and Philip Lawrence. Philip Lawrence, 48, was hailed as a hero in 1995 after dying while trying to protect a pupil from a gang attack outside the gates of his central London school. The government rushed measures through parliament making it an offense to sell knives to anyone under 16 and strengthened security in schools. A knife amnesty was announced. [02-21-,97, By Jill Serjeant LONDON (Reuter)]

Beyond satire, isn't it? I left the part about the knives in for your wry amusement; we Americans haven't sunk to banning utensils, but its certainly a reasonable extrapolation of our recent gun-control moronicity. I'd hate for Schumer and his fellow freedom-hating Congressional allies to read the above. It is the racial story that is of real interest. Forty years after their importation began, blacks, the key ingredient in "the American Problem," have embroiled formerly all-white Britain in exactly the same racial mess as the New World. All the catch phrases we Americans know so well are here:

-- black lives aren't valued
-- the criminal justice system has failed blacks
-- Middle America fails to appreciate the difficulties blacks face
-- despite years of seeming integration, blacks face discrimination at every turn
-- bigotry is alive and well in America.

As they say, the lesson of history is that we don't learn from history. All the words, all the actors, all the groups, all the reporting -- all the same. Down to the jot and tittle. The leftists are nothing if not smart. Let me use a football simile. The leftist purveyors of multiculturalism are like the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth quarter of a game they're up twenty to three: They just hand the ball to Bettis over and over and over again. And they'll keep doing it until someone stops him, which almost never happens. I may understate, after the British manner, that the right, the well-put Stupid Party, is not noted for flexibility, adaptability or, really, any ability at all. To twist the self-help giant's dictum, to fail to respond to the same tactic over and over and over again and expect a different result is insanity! First time, shame on you; second time, shame on me -- they say. But what do you say the 500th time? It's the same thing in Britain as in America as in South Africa. The Jews and other liberals have a lock on papers, pupil farms and politics and pump perpetually the panacea of multiculturalism while living in their rich-white-elite suburbs while the poor whites get the benefits of rubbing shoulders with the bearers of the magical gift of diversity while the cringing rump class of better-off conservatives adopt a me-too loserism to preserve their smallering pile of between-tax wealth while the New Class Jews, burrocrats, wets and internationalists consolidate their rule. As for the blacks, well, they do what blacks do. And those Middle Englanders, like Middle Americans, know what that means, and they thank god they don't have to live by them, at least not yet.

More evidence that freedom of speech and white rights are on the wane in Britain. All these are taken from the British Nationalist Party's website. Again, I repeat and repeat and repeat, note that British leftists' plans are the same as Aussie and American plans. It doesn't matter where you go. They are uniform in their demand for Diversity, and uniform in their tactics for achieving it. Keep in mind that friends are people who have the same enemy, and that if we don't all hang together, we'll all hang separately.

Shadow Home Secretary Jack Straw has announced that Labour, if elected, will introduce 'blacks only' job creation schemes in the inner cities. Local authorities and private firms will get money to employ young blacks. The plans are said to be intended to reduce racial tension. Since young unemployed whites will be banned from obtaining any of the jobs, the schemes will undoubtedly create enormous and justified resentment and more racial tension. Workers in private business will know that new staff taken on under the scheme are there because of financial inducements offered to their firms to exclude whites. Britain is heading for the black 'quota worker' which has caused such resentment in the US. (April 7 1996)

Exactly so. And the leftists, politically astute if nothing else, are well aware of the results of their plans, no matter their rationale going in. The conclusion is inescapable that they seek, desire, enjoy and profit from the turmoil that results from the racial spoils game.

A 'mass march' through the West End of London by the Anti-Racist Alliance flopped recently when only 100 people turned up. The march, titled Trump the Race Card, was advertised as expected to attract 5,000 marchers. The police were told to expect 1,000. In the event the police said that only 100 appeared at the starting point. The Guardian claimed the numbers later grew to 250, but described the march as a 'fiasco'. Police told the marchers the numbers were too small to justify stopping traffic, and that it must proceed on the pavement to Trafalgar Square. Organiser Marc Wadsworth accused the Trades Union Congress of sabotaging the march. There is no doubt that 'anti-racism' is becoming increasingly discredited in the UK capital, with the various 'anti-racist' groups, who hate each other far more than they hate so-called 'racists', fighting over a pot of money which provides their leaders with huge salaries. Very few people in London now believe the myth of wicked whites persecuting saint-like non-whites, which has been cultivated on television for decades. The screeching about 'Nazis' at any white person who dares to challenge political correctness no longer has the same effect it once did.

Again, astute analysis of the money motives behind the left. The rest seems a bit hopeful. Britain has many of the same immigration-related problems as France, yet its nationalists haven't had nearly the success of the National Front. In any case, the BNP has one of the top two or three white nationalist websites in the world, full of impressively marshalled and cogently presented evidence. One interesting pseudo-paradox is that white nationalists such as the BNP, while decried by the P.C. swells as irrational racist haters, are far more measured in their speech and respectful of logic and evidence in presenting their case. It's almost as if the other side, the P.C.-niks, were the irrational haters.

Note the BNP's reference to the racial myth "cultivated on television for decades." TV and massive colored immigration came to Britain about the same time, and, as an official tool of the government, TV pushed the going policy. As controlled and un-diverse as American TV and media are, the situation is even worse in Britain and across the continent. In the European countries the post-telephone-and-telegraph (PTT) has typically been a government monopoly until this decade. We are now seeing some liberalization, but rare or non-existent is the European country where you have more than two or three channels to choose from. It is still accurate to say that getting out an alternative view, a nationalist view on race, is all but impossible in Europe over the major media. But even control over TV, radio and papers isn't enough for Blair and the leftists:

Tories, Labour, and the the Liberal Democrats have all endorsed a 'code of conduct' on political campaigning issued by the CRE. The laughably titled Free Speech and Race Relations: Principles of Good Practice and Conduct for Political Campaigners says that anything which 'stirs up or invites hostility or divisions between racial or national groups' is banned. The signatories to the ban, endorsed at a House of Commons meeting, included Tory Chairman Mawhinney, Tony Blair, and Paddy Ashdown. They promised to expel anyone who breached the ban from any formal role in their parties, and to disown them. Thus no one in the main parties may now even criticise immigration, or presumably even argue for Britain, since that might be seen as 'inviting hostility between national groups'. All pretence at maintaining free speech has now been abandoned.

Have you noticed that proposed legislation that contains the word Good, Clean, Decent or Free is inevitably a bad idea? Again, we see that even so-called moderates like Tony Blair seek to illegalize, literally to de-legit-imize their opposition. It does seem, from the examples we've reviewed, there is no great love of freedom left in the white world. In Britain, the leftists push, unopposed, blacks-only job schemes, while the white, right-wing party (under the leadership of the aptly-named Ma-whinney) formally renounces its right to speak out against anti-white racism. This is the politics of the death-wish, as the canting Jews and blacks at the Washington Post would put it, were they right-wing. More from the BNP:

The media have proved predictably coy about an Asian riot in Birmingham which followed the issuing of a parking ticket. A 200 strong mob rampaged through the Alum Rock area, breaking windows of banks, shops, and other premises. Riot police were then attacked with stones, and petrol bombs were found. Television news declined to report that Asians were involved. Asian shopkeepers had been warned to shut up shop as organised disturbances were shortly to occur. A 1,000 strong crowd then gathered, followed by the riot. A shopkeeper had been arrested for assault after being given a parking ticket. [4/11/96]

Sounds like the media gave this riot the Kingly treatment -- generous refusal to parcel out blame by race, though the grounds for such parcelling be video-evident even unto the blind. You remember Carmen down under, who adopted a female Aborigine persona to get published. Here's the situation on the other side of the world (again from BNP):

Christopher Brand, a psychology lecturer at Edinburgh University has had his book on intelligence and race banned by his publisher John Wiley and Sons. He says: "It reveals how wide the political correctness infection has now spread. They are revealing themselves as total idiots. I am sure no-one at Wiley ever read the book." The publishers said: "We have decided to withdraw the book from publication. The management of John Wiley and Sons Inc does not want to support these views by disseminating them or be associated with a book which makes assertions that we find repellant." Mr.Brand warned that there would be a "huge storm" among his academic audience and said people had not had the chance to read the book and did not know what his views were apart from what had appeared in the press. "These aren't views of mine...that blacks have a lower IQ than whites has been known for the best part of the 20th century. I am happy to be called a scientific racist." says Mr. Brand. Some students at Edinburgh University have boycotted his classes this week, but the lecturer said that his department had declined his offer to explain his views at a seminar.[4/96]

Jesus mumbled. His complete sentence: The truth will set you free...of your job, your reputation, and quite possibly your life. Here we see one of the unfortunate consequences of World War Two: frank discussion of human differences has been forced underground. Anti-semitism seemed gauche in light of Auschwitz, and the ungassed Jews realized they could pervert this natural sympathy into a set of intellectual taboos that could remake the world. They have succeeded. Today, most Americans, so far from being anti-Semitic, act as though even to use the word 'Jew' is to commit a faux pas by making an invidious recognition of difference; and if there's one thing these Jewish diversity pushers won't abide, it's an open-eyed appraisal of the special qualities they bring to the table. But Brand/o-like, I say unto you, liberal Jews, you're a real one-eyed Jack in your new world, but I've seen the other side of your face. In accordance with the new internationalist and post-racial-yet-anti-white mindset the clever Jews foisted on the intellectual world, and then the world at large, both have become a more comfortable place for liberal adherents of the Mosaic cosmogeny. No longer discriminated against nor looked down on socially, the Jews themselves have become the players: the suppressors, the definers, the rulemakers, the tone-setters, through the press and courts and government burrocracies. As Alan Dershowitz said, "We are the new WASPS." They are able to pursue their agenda virtually unopposed because they have made politically incorrect and financially and physically dangerous the mere observation they are a distinct group with an agenda. They never hesitate to go after "right-wing Christian extremists" as such when they, for example, "take over" a local school board, but did you ever read an article about the leftist Jewish cabal around our crook President? Not unless you read the "Nazi" press -- or the Jewish religious press. Yet today, as our examples from around the world have more than amply demonstrated, Jews are prominent among the leftists who attack their opponents and suppress their opinions in public and in publishing, even as they were the ringleaders of the destructive sixties unrest in America. It is no coincidence, as the Jewish communist hacks used to put it, that with the rise of Jewish power in America have come socialist taxation and declines in civility and freedom. For our purposes here, the story of the post-WWII era, in a nutshell, is that the leftist Jewish intellectuals kicked out of the third reich gravitated to other western philosophy, history, psychology and anthropology departments and remade them around the Big Lie that people are products of their environment. The old view, that there is a human nature, was discarded. Race was a "myth," according to the title of a typical book, by anthropologist Ashley Montagu. The university Jews were chief among those who discredited and, along with their bretheren in the media owning, editing and controlling the Washington Post and the New York Times, levied heavy social pressure on anyone who clung to the view that there were inherent and ineradicable differences between the races. The wisdom of the Jew tells him blacks aren't black, they're just raised that way. The political Jews, the judges and burrocrats, through the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies gained enough power to be able to punish those who rejected their Big Lie about race, by reassigning their schoolkids in line with the regnant liberal racial whimsy, building minority public housing -- paid for by the white middle class -- in white, middle-class neighborhoods, and, in general, smashing to bits any private white or white male club or group that used to enjoy Constitutional protection as free association.

What the Jews have done is entirely understandable: they have striven, using all their money and skill, to make the world more comfortable to themselves. What makes Jews comfortable depends on what kind of people they are. You can get the answer two ways: through a perusal of history books, or through your television. Either way, you find the same thing. TV-slash-film-slash-entertainment is the Jewish medium par excellence. Hollywood was the invention of liberal Jews, as one Jewish author of a book on the subect put it. Less than three percent of the population, Jews make up the absolute majority of the film and TV crowd of writers, producers and directors. The short answer is that politically Jews are socialists and socially Jews are, to put it most charitably, informalists. The unending sexual innuendo that defines Prime Time comes directly out of the shtetls, the Jewish ghettoes of Eastern Europe where "life is with people" was the way. These Jews were not noted for their dignity, nor for their respect for the rights and privacy of others, because they had little of either. Today, think of Howard Stern, Richard Belzer, Richard Lewis, Alan Dershowitz, Charles Schumer, Gloria Allred, Joan Rivers: what comes to mind? Quickness, intelligence, humor -- yes. Lack of dignity, loose morals, leftist politics -- yes again. The problem is that the casual sex, the quick and easy intelligence and the socialist politics that make the grade for the Jews don't fill the bill for normal white America. They destroy normal white America. The cultural war or whatever you want to call it is at base a biological contest between different subspecies of humans. It is a telling fact that the Jews forget their multiculturalism when it comes to Jews. Where they press for equality and "democracy" and diversity and separation of church and state in the traditional white areas of America, they plead for the exact opposite when it comes to Israel -- and when it comes to taxing billions from the people whose culture they have changed for the worse to support their beloved little country. Lately we have started to hear from the Alan Dershowitzes loud lamentations about Jewish assimilation in America. Declining numbers of Jews carry out the practices of the old faith, while increasing numbers marry exogamously. Well, in the end, if they really wish to practice Judaism, Dershowitz et al. can always remove to Israel, where the faith is real, and not whatever fits between TV appearances. But where does the civilized, normal white American majority flee, when its time comes? Where do we go when America becomes South Africa? Make no mistake, the time to fight is now, while we are strong -- not when we are weak, as we will be in 2050, when fewer than two of every four Americans will be white.

The Brand example is of a piece with the flying bottles in Australia and the knocked over book display in France -- it is the left's perpetual crybaby clamor against the intellect. It is the academic aspect of the general trend of the leftism simply to quash any knowledge it is afraid the public can't handle. Remember that the next time you hear the liberal Jewish reporters like the Washington Post's Michael Weisskopf talking about how dumb, poor and easily led the Christian fundamentalists are. The Jewish left I laugh at, just as it does the Christian right, because it pulls an ostrich when it comes to the truth about racial differences. It would be smooth and easy to say there's no way the truth-fearing liberals/Jews can win in the end: the truth will out! Smooth and easy, but not necessarily correct. The left pulled a German dog attack on the truth about race for decades, and there's no reason they can't keep it up for many more. In between writing this, I happened to speak to a female gun-store owner in the later stages of being driven out of business by ATF regulations. Asked how her business had been, she said it had dropped steadily over the past five years. One major reason was the ongoing media campaign against guns, gun rights, gun owners and the constant "official" ridicule directed toward what really is a gun culture. The practical result of that media hate campaign -- along with a number of incidents where jackbooted federal thrugs broke into innocent people's houses and murdered them and/or their pets -- is that weak-minded women are turning their husbands outdoors with the admonition not to return until they get rid of the gun, which they just can't have around the kids. In short, these women and some men, representing a not-small segment of the body politic, have swallowed enough media animism to believe that guns are inherently dangerous creatures -- Alive with killing pleasure! (as Heckler & Hedges might put it) -- deadly metal, not dead metal. The media is partly responsible for making us all less free and less safe by making guns out to be like the evil brooms in Fantasia. Just as their Big Lie about guns being inherently evil and dangerous has had its effect, so has their Big Lie about racial equality, that any people from anywhere carrying out any practices can get along just fine. Perhaps the scariest thing hinted at in the Brand clip is the fact that the truth is already out; the facts about race and IQ and race and crime are well known, at least among honest academics. What is needed is not so much the skilled positions (to resort again to football metaphor) -- Brand and Degler and Herrnstein and Murray and Levin and Jensen and Schockley etc. have us covered there -- as blockers: politicians and journalists to spring their ideas and their consequences and ramifications through the leftist defenses and into the endzone of public attention and serious consideration and acceptance. We need to develop a Real Right of writers, editors and producers and pols who can wean the American public off the leftist babyfood of multiculturalism, that disgusting mushy intellectual-flavored pablum, and give them meat suitable for adults. I mix my metaphors but I trust my meaning is clear. Keep the Brand episode in mind, for it is not the last such we will encounter in our tour.

In America, just as in Britain, as the following clip shows, there is a big, untapped market for pro-white politics, for overt nationalism -- for courage:

Britain's middle classes are racist, homophobic and have nothing but contempt for the poor, but they are far too polite to say so. At least that seems to be the message from a controversial television[ing] a group of ``typical'' English people being untypically forthright with the aid of several bottles of wine.

A ``fly on the wall camera'' eavesdrops on eight dinner guests as they declare that ``gays are freaks of nature'' and ``Africans always seem to have their hands out.'' ``An equal society is not one I think I would love to see in my lifetime,'' says Catherine Goddard, a 31-year-old real estate agent. ... But wait. It seemed the greatest shock was not that the guests held such extreme views, but that they were happy to air them in public. They had volunteered to take part in the film by answering a newspaper advertisement. The guests themselves were unrepentant, insisting at a hastily-called news conference in their local public house that ``the majority of people in this country think this way.''

And while this is firmly denied in most of Britain's polite middle class society...[j]ust a few days earlier, Prime Minister John Major had been forced to condemn one of his Conservative members of parliament for talking of ``black bastards'' and describing his female Labour Party opponent as having ``three bastard children.''
[3/23/97, Reuters (Helen Smith)]

People who are too embarassed to stick up for what is true, too weak to draw conclusions and act on them, deserve what happens to them. The British, like the rest of us, have no one but themselves to blame for their growing racial problems.

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