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Before we complete our European tour -- with a news wrap-up from the countries we haven't yet touched on -- let's sit back and take a breather. Reflect on some of the lessons we've learned. Review some of our holiday snapshots, as it were. There are several lessons that stick out: First, the left, in nature, is anti-democratic, elitist, organized and international. It plays an amoral, polarizing politics focused on winning by any means, and uses its main asset, the Jewish media, to delegitimize and stigmatize all opposition as morally evil or mentally ill. As for its goals, the left, inducing from its policies and actions at the national and superstate level, is pushing towards a world governmental structure, probably the United Nations, under the auspices of which it can treat the globe as a sort of high-school district, with leftist/Jewish technicians and advisers shuffling people-pawns and their parents' tax monies from here to there regardless of their desires, with or without their cooperation, as the Multicultural Utopian vision requires. As for the right, in the white-majority countries, it breaks down into two camps. The first, the public cons, the mainstream right, the acceptable right, the liberal right, the loser right, the polite right, the P.C. right, the me-too right, the multicultural right, the race-is-a-myth right, the Stupid Party right, the Beanbag Right -- is a spurious opposition. While its positions on certain economic matters tend toward greater individual freedom (i.e., lower taxes, less governmental control), it has given in to the leftists' Big Lie about race, given up on the most-important issue of race and culture. These public rights' abandonment of the honorable past has created in every white country around the globe a void that a nationalist party, a real right, a fighting right, a serious right, a non-Beanbag right is starting to fill. And the leftists and the public cons are falling over themselves to abuse, verbally, legally, socially and physically, these men of principle. Now let's trot our humble little findings, our little home-truths, out to play in the big world and find out how they measure up against facts. Perhaps examples from Sweden and Italy and Austria will put the lie to them, even though those from Britain, France, Australia, Germany and the United States have been of a piece in confirming them:

A row over Austria's Nazi past jolted the fast-rising Freedom party on Wednesday, forcing populist leader Joerg Haider to...[dump] a member of parliament who got into trouble by apparently refusing to acknowledge the Nazi Holocaust during a televised studio debate earlier this week. The state broadcasting news service said he lost no time in taking action against parliamentarian John Gudenus, 55, a soldier-aristocrat with a castle in the country.

Gudenus, when asked during a discussion on Monday if he believed that millions of Jews and other minorities were gassed to death under Adolf Hitler's Nazi Third Reich, said: ``I''ll stay out of that one.''
[10/18/96, Reuters (Douglas Hamilton)]

The Jewish God of the Holycaust must be bowed to -- not looked at, discussed, or thought about. Just worshipped. You can't even take the fifth... Just keep your lips moving and don't look sideways. Haider missed a good chance to show courage, and I bet in time he will regret his inaction. This example points up a serious cultural difference between Jews and whites: The valuation of freedom and privacy among those of German and English ancestry, Anglo-Saxon ancestry, is far higher than among Jews, who have always been inclined to tribalism. This is partly why you always find Jews in big cities (think of Seinfeld, for example) instead of on farms in Iowa. Jews have a far higher tolerance for being cooped up and crushed in with humanity. Cities, it has long been noted, give ample play to the worst in man, while the agrarian life affords such disgusting pastimes and dismal sins as cockfighting and bestiality. It used to be you had to go to the city to find culture, but in the Internet age, characterized by connectivity, the bucolic is no longer tantamount to the hayseed. Cities, for quite a while now, have been the least civilized part of America, and the same pattern is repeating in Europe now that blacks have arrived. Jewish cultural attitudes towards privacy and freedom are reflected in their politics; the socialism (and nationalism) of Herzl's vision, as reflected in Israel, being only the most obvious example. For another example, wherever you see a big city you will see Jews arguing for mass transportation at the expense of private cars. Anything that limits individual freedom, pushes people together and expands government power is seen as desirable by left-wing Jews, to make a redundancy. Actually, in metros and light-rails the Jews get a two for one: not only can they force right-wing whites out of clean, private autos and into dirty socialist pools, but they can get their inner-city black charges out into the civilized suburbs. The ostensible reason, anytime a metro is projected to expand, is to give the blacks a chance at jobs. The truth is that the libs want to open up the suburbs to the "real world" of crime and dissolution their policies have created downtown; to open up the white suburbs like a men's club or a country club or any private organization that isn't outright leftist to start with. Of course, I have ignored a third advantage that accrues to the Jewish, the leftist, the governmentalist as a result of metro expansion: the new tax monies that must be raised. And they use all their bleating Jewish/lib TV power and smeary grey pulp to lie about the benefits. They cull man-in-the-street interviews to shade public opinion in favor of their boondoggle, and, the times they lose, curse and swear they'll be back. And they usually are. And that's another notable characteristic of Jews: they are the people that never rests. It's of a piece with their inability to live in peace and privacy and freedom and mutual respect with their neighbors. You can't do that when you are a member of the proselytizing race nonpareil. Every Jew is a Mormon missionary -- 24 hours a day for 70 years. And because they are leftists, all possible objections to their holy cause are forestalled, categorized in their mind as "unenlightened," which is just another way of saying "morally evil," which is the term they use when the unenlightened don't respond to treatment. They are the bringers of light, and the rest of the world is in a cave. In a very real sense, Jews and leftists can't be argued with, only opposed. That's just how it is.

Croatian President Franjo Tudjman said...the number of people slaughtered in a Croatian Nazi death camp during World War II was two to three times lower than most independent estimates suggest. ... Tudjman said his research as a historian showed that ``no more than 40,000 people were slaughtered during the NDH (Independent State of Croatia).'' Most independent historians say the Croatian fascists, known as ``Ustashe,'' killed twice that number of Serbs, Jews, Gipsies and communist Croats in the Jasenovac death camp. Zerjavic caused controversy throughout formerly communist Yugoslavia when he used statistical methods to demonstrate that after World War Two, the Yugoslav leadership grossly exaggerated the death toll to maximise war reparations from Germany. [4/22/96, Reuters (Davor Huic)]

Good thing he's president; he could be jailed for his claims in France, Germany, Sweden or possibly Britain. This clip offers a hint at the myriad incentives to shade the truth when it comes to an issue where money or political power are involved.

Here are a few more American-style racial problems that are fast becoming as common on the Old Continent as they are in the New World. First up, we have Club Med:

The suit alleged that two Club Med staff members appeared on stage "wearing black make-up on their faces with white lips and sporting garishly colored clothes and white gloves, to perform a musical number." The suit alleged that the participants reacted "vociferously" to the incident and expressed "shock, humiliation, anger and outrage" at the choice of entertainment.

"The crowd of 700 became visibly hostile and enraged and many feared a riot was about to erupt to protest what was seen as a deliberately racist act," the suit said.

It alleged that American Express Travel staff at the incident did nothing to avoid the presentation or help ease the tense situation. ... Individual plaintiffs include the Rev. Leon Sullivan, the group's president and author of the Sullivan Principles used by American and European companies to help bring about an end to apartheid in South Africa. Others include a former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the president of the Philadelphia Tribune.
[5/7/96, Reuters (Gail Appleson)]

Perhaps another aspect of the growing, coming world culture -- beyond the world-reaching MTV, English language and Hollywood movie -- is the legal-ism of our age: the attitude that anything that offends or impedes me is sue-worthy. The left is exactly opposite to the right in the speed with which it learns to duplicate successful tactics. The right, by contrast, never learns anything. In this Club Med example, we see repeated outside the U.S. the type of extortion and blustering that Jesse Jackson and his merry band of professional niggers have made a career out of. They lie, cheat, steal and perform all manner of indecencies, yet if they hear one word they don't like they make a lawsuit out of it. And nobody ever has the guts to oppose them. This is a perfect example of the power of the media, because you can bet your bottom dollar the average white American feels as I do that Jesse and crew are nothing but nigger scum, the trashiest of black trash, and they ought to be ridden out of town on a rail. But nobody will say it, because the media fawns on the Jacksonians (with the sole exception of the time Jesse forgot his boss and slurred the Top Dog with his remark about Hymietown) and come down with utterly synthetic yet utterly effective fury on those who let the slightest hint they feel he might be motivated by other than the snow-whitest desire for "racial justice." The whole history of Jesse Jackson, his treatment by the media, and the reaction by the public right is a microcosm of the last thirty years of American history, and it shows our country in a most unflattering light. Here's a real gem:

More than 100 Italian filmmakers that includes veterans and neophytes will collaborate on a non profit feature project about racism. Taking its name from the 1916 D.W. Griffith milestone, the film will be called Intolerance.

Conceived by director Massimo Guglielmi and coordinated by various cultural organizations including national filmmakers association...the film will comprise brief episodes of one to three minutes in length... Immigration is a relatively new phenomenon in Italy compared with other European countries, but incidents of interracial tension and violence have been increasingly frequent in the past few years.
[4/3/96, Variety (David Rooney)]

In general there is something undignified about a grown man signing a petition: Anything worth putting your name to ought to be the product of your own hand. This is a particularly unprepossessing example of lockstep leftism, not to mention that there's probably some taxpayer money in there at some level, mulcted from Italians who no doubt prefer Italy the way it is. The more we study the characteristics of the film industry, whether in Germany, Italy or the U.S., the more we must be impressed with its "solidarity," as the left might put it, or, less charitably but more accurately, its common-mindedness, its brothers-in-leftism aspect, its uniformly internationalist/leftist approach toward culture and politics. You're telling me that not one of those 100 filmmakers has any quibble about the problems sure to result from Italy opening its borders to Africans? Racists, intolerants are evil, and you can tell the good people apart (after all, they look the same) is that the good people are the ones who call the bad people racist and intolerant. Yeah. It's that simple. Ah well, for any Italian filmmakers who missed the anti-racism bandwagon, there's be another one along in a few minutes. And, not to dismiss those millions of Italians who are as disgusted by this Salute to P.C. as I am, the country has never been noted for fighting the winning side.

Here's another example of soccer-racism:

The mayor of Cremona apologised to England midfielder Paul Ince on Tuesday for racist abuse directed at him by fans of the local team during an Italian league match against Internazionale at the weekend. Mayor Paolo Bodini said he had sent a letter to Ince and the chairman of his Inter club, Massimo Moratti, expressing his ``sincere apologies for the despicable rudeness during Saturday's Cremonese-Inter match'' and distancing the city from the incident. [4/9/96, Reuters]

Anyone who has played sports has been taunted; is racial taunting that much worse? Is it worth an international news report? Is nothing newsworthy going on in Italy? Racism is an "evergreen" for the wire services; it's -- whatever it is -- always worth a story. Another witch found in Salem! screams the headline.

"Racism" and soccer seem to go together like white and rice:

Representatives of Dutch soccer club Ajax have boycotted a lunch with Atletico Madrid officials ahead of Wednesday's European Cup quarter-final clash because of allegedly racist remarks made by the Spanish club's owner Jesus Gil before the first leg two weeks ago. ...

Prior to the match in Amsterdam, which finished 1-1, Gil said: ``Those from the Congo and the Antilles -- you see them warming up, five blacks there, four there, three more on the field -- it looked like the Congo to me...with all respect.''

He has since refused to apologise for the comments, saying...``I've never been racist, whatever they say...."
[3/18/97, Reuters]

Reporting of this insignificant and unworthy comment is made solely as part of the leftists' boring and ceaseless and effective campaign to prevent normal white people from observing that coloreds are in any way different, or from making serious examinations of their effects on white countries when they aggregate in sufficient numbers. For those who aren't afraid to look, the results are truly frightening, but they are few enough the left has generally been able to neutralize them through smear campaigns and certainly never hires them for its TV and radio stations and newspapers. And even if a careful few make it through, they know that the price of exposing their views is dismissal. (Remember Jimmy the Greek, Tom Brookshier, Al Campanis...) And the one class that doesn't have the lawyers clamoring for its business is the class that pays attention to the facts about race. Here are the laid-back, all-tolerating Swedes, those cool liberal Northerners:

``We have seen an increase in demonstrations with racial overtones in the past few years. That is why the issue has come up,'' ministry official Anders Perklev told Reuters.

Sweden already has a law which forbids the wearing of political uniforms. But it has not proved effective and two people charged with wearing swastikas have been released by courts on the grounds that the law is incompatible with the Swedish constitution which enshrines freedom of expression.
[5/20/96, Reuters]

In Europe you can advocate communism and advocate and practice socialism, but not nationalism. There is plenty of pressure in Swedent to institute German-style prohibitions on hand gestures, symbols, clothing and speech. As the country becomes more multicultural -- and Sweden, like Norway, believe it or not, is -- the pressure will increase.

An example from Switzerland:

A Swiss watchmaker's advertisement hailing Swiss skiing champions for bringing home gold medals sparked a debate about its good taste Wednesday among industry executives who said it could offend Jews.

``As always, whenever there is gold, a good part of it ends up in Switzerland,'' said the advertisement for Swatch brand watches, the popular plastic timepieces made by Ste Suisse Microelectronique et d'Horlogerie SA. Swatch was the official timekeeper of the World Ski Championships in Sestriere, Italy, this month and the advertisement was a salute to two gold medals won by the Swiss.

But some Swiss advertising executives say it inadvertently struck the wrong note when emotions are running high over Swiss purchases of looted Nazi gold during World War II.

Jewish groups also charge that Swiss banks blatantly profited from unclaimed bank accounts of Jews killed by the Nazis.

``This is over the top. It's too much. This is a very touchy subject for Swiss people. You can't joke about it. We would never have run this ad,'' said Hansjorg Zurcher, creative director at Advico Young & Rubicam AG.

A Swatch spokeswoman said the company saw nothing sinister in the advertisement, published in Swiss newspapers only once last week.
[16:36 02-19-97 GENEVA, Switzerland (Reuter)]

We must be trebly careful lest we offend the Jews in their Swiss golddigging. Would that they showed similar sensitivity to anyone else; but the neat thing about being Jewish is never having to say you're sorry. It's all about whining and blaming others and never admitting you might be part of the problem: it's infantile radicalism pursued by Machiavellian means to world-class results. Any Jewish plaint demands immediate and serious redress -- the media sees to this; while any nationalist claim, advanced soberly, logically, and based on evidence is rejected as the vicious excrescence of a diseased, evil mind. That's the way the game is played, and no room for laughing or finger-pointing

. A cultural example from Belgium, highlights the way leftists have learned to support everything from Alzheimer's research to Meels-on-Wheels in the name of "children."

...Belgacom [the Belgian national phone company] put on sale one million Telecards... The money collected will be used for the creation of a center for child protection and re-integration at Phnom-Penh in Cambodia... Go to your Telecard sales outlet and participate in this positive solidarity action for children. [ 1/97, Crescendo]

Positive solidarity action...poor translation or socialist gibberish? Belgium is a very advanced country. It will be, in 2001, the test site for the European Union's model "Utertube," which will pipe pikers direct from the uterus into a government-managed Child Protective Center where the parents can visit on Saturdays between 2:00 and 4:00.

'Children,' like 'minorities,' 'women' and 'gays' has become a counterpart "good" label to the 'racist,' 'anti-Semite,' 'sexist' and 'homophobe' "bad" labels. Many leftist causes can be pushed more easily in MIddle America or Belgium by pretending they are in the interests of "children," or "women." The American battle over health care reform in 1993/4 was probably the best example of this. Using the uninsured, or, more precisely, the children of the uninsured, Hillary Clinton traveled around the country pitching the great need to reform (turn over to the government) the most advanced health care market in the world. With her liberal colleagues at the major networks leading the way, she set up photo-op chair circles, filled with sufferers (usually women) of one-in-a-million diseases. The tears and the cries and the spilled emotions and the sighs were meant to add up to a national single-payer plan: that is, socialized medicine. Never mind that the huge and growing costs of American health care were the direct result of government intervention -- Medicare and Medicaid -- back in the sixties. No, being leftists, the Clintonistas were quick to use the systemic problems, including billions of dollars of fraud per anum, created by the programs of their liberal predecessors as the pretext for a truly huge expansion of federal power. Only by the narrowest of margins was this disaster averted. It is really almost giving the left too much credit to say it is made up of Machiavels. Its most successful leaders tend to be, but its workaday leaders and their subordinates are more likely to be shallow and shameless folk; people who lack the humility or the intelligence to understand that a bill called "Free Good Things for Everybody" might not produce what its title suggests. In contrast to the leftists' feelings about the right, I don't feel that all leftists are motivated by hatred. A great many of them are literally not conscious of how deeply their grand plans infringe on the rights of others, and when the real right these infringements have created erupts in anger, not a few of them may actually pause and reconsider. We on the right must always remember that many people today are leftists simply because that was the food put on the table before them all their lives. I attended a liberal arts school, as liberal as most of its type, and came to realize that one of the biggest problems the right faces in this country is that very few of the intellectual elite of this country are ever exposed to anything but liberal orthodoxy. By contrast, we on the right are broken to the punch, intellectually. We know what we believe and why because we have fought every inch of the way, but if you take a kid from Grosse Point, Michigan, who grew up in a Gary Trudeau-style rich-liberal home, he makes his way through the world utterly without a notion that there is a whole different way of looking at the world -- and a way he would not necessarily be predisposed to disdain.

Yes, fighting an opponent that uses emotional appeals -- "whatever is best for the children," said with that horrible inflection -- is damnably hard. All the logic in the world won't do the trick. You've got to go on your intuition to get the answer, which is counter-emotion: Ma'am, you are getting your care-for-children mixed up in my freedom. Get it out! Back off! America is not about making the world safe for liberal Jews and children, it's about freedom for white people who act responsibly. Nothing else, and I say that as dogmatically as I possibly can. Only socialist Jews like the graffittist Emma Lazarus who defaced the Statue of Liberty with lies about us being the land of the fill instead of the Land of the Free disagree. And the ilk of that dead Jewess can go fuck itself.

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