A Letter to my Nigger-Loving Cousin

by W.P.

Dear Cousin,

I know you don't want to listen to me because you think I'm "closed-minded" and "ignorant" like the rest of our "crazy hillbilly family." I can only hope that you get this email, though, because you really need to wake up to the reality of what's going on here.

You know I totally disagree with your choice of a boyfriend. I disagree because I care about you, your kids, and the White Race in general.

We grew up together. We liked the same boys, clothes, and music. I know your dad and my dad have similar thoughts on race mixing -- they don't like it. However, your dad being the church-going, gentle, soft-spoken man that he is, he was never as vocal as my dad.

Your parents didn't like the word "nigger" and wouldn't dream of using it. They had been told that any recognition of racial differences or desires to be separate was from the Devil, and, wanting to please God, they stifled the natural aversion to other races that each and every person is born with. (Of course, they were taught such nonsense in a "Judeo-Christian" church, but you're not ready to hear the truth about that yet.)

Remember the old family story of a 4-year-old me telling the black guy at Kmart, "Thank you, Mr. Nigger Man," when he held the door open for me? My mom used to get so mad at my dad for using that word in front of us kids. Father truly does know best, though! Thanks to him and his forthrightness, I grew up to become a wife and the mother of four beautiful White children.

I remember when we were pretty young and we used to pretend we had boyfriends. We were so silly! You'd always claim Bo Duke first, and I'd be stuck with Luke! One time, you claimed Prince (that wonderful colored "music artist") as your boyfriend. You got no argument out of me that time, because I instinctively knew that White girls shouldn't want black boyfriends. I was happy I could finally claim Bo Duke as my own! (He was the cute one, after all!)

When we hit our pre-teen and early teen years, we sure did give our parents some grief! I remember how we were so wrapped up in Alice Cooper (strange considering this was the late eighties and here were two little girls totally digging all this Seventies music) that we would actually shoplift his tapes from the mall! We kept them all at your house in your top dresser drawer. One day your dad found them and ripped them to shreds. He was trying his darndest to protect us from what he thought was satanic music.

When I encountered problems at our junior high school (incidentally, caused by the sexual harassment of young black guys who couldn't keep their hands off a pretty little blonde girl) and had to move to a new one, we drifted apart. When we did get together occasionally, I noticed that you were listening to "soul music" or whatever they call that crap where black men and women sing about how they love to make love.

Then, in high school, it got worse. You started listening to rap. You gave me "our" (remember how we shared all the music we got hold of?) music collection. You didn't feel the need to listen to Metallica, Guns N Roses, Alice, or any of that any more. What had caused this sudden turnaround? You had gotten cable. You had been exposed to MTV and the wonders of "diversity."

I can remember being jealous because my "city" cousin had cable and I was stuck out in the country with nothing to watch on our two-channel TV. I can now see that that was a good thing. A combination of MTV and your parents' well-intentioned inability to teach you right from wrong when it came to race issues has made you what you are today.

It hurts me to know that your own four beautiful White children are being raised in the ghetto lifestyle. These children are the descendants of generations of proud White Southern people. Their great-great-grandfather and great-great-great-uncles cared enough about their race to join the Ku Klux Klan to try to make a difference for their future grandchildren.

What would our great Grandpa think if he knew that his 6-year-old White great-great-granddaughter had her hair done up in "cornrows" like Snoop Doggy Dog? Let us not forget that he took a stand at the tender age of 17 and killed a nigger that was taunting and disrespecting a white woman. He then went on to serve our country in World War One.

While all the details aren't known, it's part of our family's history that he continued his fight for the White Race until his death and was responsible for more than one filthy nigger being taken out of this world. God was merciful when He called our great-grandpa home in 1961 before he had to witness the niggerizing of America.

How would he feel, knowing that your White children see their mother go to bed every night with a man who isn't their father, and, even worse, is black? I know how it would make him feel. Angry...just like the rest of our family is angry over it.

I know your divorce has been painful and that your husband wasn't being the kind of husband and father that a White man should be. But that's no reason to go out and get a black boyfriend. You are the one being ignorant, and your ignorance is hurting you and those children.

When you came to me in tears and admitted that you were a nigger-lover, I told you that nothing good could come of such a relationship. Where you have niggers, you will certainly have guns and drugs. "Oh, no!," you cried, "It's not like that! He's a decent person with a good heart! He's even going to be rich someday! He has his own rap album!"

Your boyfriend and his friends should have known that moving to a town and county that is mostly White and setting up their criminal headquarters in a White woman's house would arouse suspicion. But, niggers ain't known for being real smart, are they?

When I heard about the trouble over your way, I wasn't surprised. I warned you that nothing good can come from associating with those types of people. Of course, that was my own "ignorance" and "closed-mindedness" talking, according to you.

Well, my "ignorance" and "closed-mindedness" has kept me from being pimped out by a nigger who claimed to "love" me. It has protected my children from the experience of having the police bust down my door and from seeing their mommy laying face down on their living room floor with a loaded, cocked gun to her head while lawmen tore their home apart looking for drugs and counterfeit money.

I feel like you have gotten everything you deserve for being a race-mixing whore. It's really your own stupidity that got you where you are now. I don't feel sorry for you but those little children do not deserve to live in that kind of lifestyle. And your poor, misguided parents are made to suffer emotionally and financially because you let some nasty monkeys in your home.

Maybe you will be able to convince the court that you were an innocent bystander and that your boyfriend and his friends took advantage of a dumb White woman and therefore get off with little or no "hard time." Whatever happens, I hope that your parents get your kids (with all this going on and the FIA being involved, I find it hard to believe they'll let you keep them) and raise them to have some respect for themselves and their race. The way you and your nigger-loving little sister have turned out should convince them of the error of their ways. I do pray for you, though, because I believe no one is beyond redemption.

I'm sending a copy of this letter to VNN, a great website that is not afraid to speak the truth on racial issues. My hope is that White parents will read what happened with you and go the extra mile to ensure that their White children don't turn out like you. Maybe if your dad hadn't been so soft and afraid to speak his mind you would have turned out to be a decent, law-abiding, moral White citizen like myself.

White parents: the moral of this story is that sometimes you just gotta say "nigger."


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