Newark's King Nigger Out-Niggers the Half-Nigger

by Douglas Wright

As anyone who's had the misfortune to visit the town recently can testify, Newark, New Jersey, is one of the bleakest, most putrid corners of Third World hell found in the United States. While it may never have ranked as a beautiful destination, it was once a decent and livable town, populated by blue-collar Whites who toiled in the now-defunct industries. Elvis' "negro gyrations" were enough for then-White city officials to keep him out of town.

But it wasn't the shifts in the economic landscape that precipitated Newark's descent into Nigeria on the Hudson. It was the shifts in the racial landscape. Today, Newark is more than half black, with various strains of undesirable brown-skins and other immigrants making up the bulk of the rest. Central Newark is about 80 percent black, and the few Whites still there cluster in the eastern part of the city. As inevitably as the sun rising in the East, the critical mass of non-Whites in Newark has turned the whole thing into a cesspool, including the government.

For 16 years, a King Nigger by the name of Sharpe James has "served" the city as mayor, doling out do-nothing jobs to his nigger friends, flashing his big-toothed nigger grin and generally strutting amidst the buzzing flies like an African chieftain. He named a plaza after felon Don King. Top aides were caught taking bribes. And the 66-year-old strongman somehow managed to get ahold of a $300,000 shore house and a 50-foot yacht on his mayoral salary. Last week, this nigger's nigger won his fifth term as mayor by accusing his opponent, a light-skinned black named Cory Booker, of being a White man.

The race was about as peaceful and principled as Robert Mugabe's run for "president" of Zimbabwe. King Nigger James' supporters ripped down Half-Nigger Booker's signs and slashed tires on his supporters' cars. He called Booker a "faggot White boy" who, because he was raised in the suburbs and went to Yale Law School, wasn't black enough to be mayor of Newark. He sent cops to harass supporters and even tapped Booker's phones. The Department of Justice got involved, sending in a team of election monitors to watch for voting fraud. Election monitors are typically sent to Third World "struggling democracies" outside the United States. But that's exactly what nigger-choked Newark is – a festering boil crammed with whooping baboons, content to roll around in their own shit, the darker the better.

In the end, that's what drove niggers to the polls. Like Marion Barry, David Dinkins, John Street and the rest of the fool nigger crooks who've achieved the mayoralty of cities across America, King Nigger James grabbed power not by proposing sophisticated policy initiatives or running a fair, efficient government, but by capitalizing on his black skin and willingness to lie, cheat and steal. Like an African dictator, all he needed was bands of blackfaces to back him. And so they did. All right here in the good ol' United States, whose White founders fretted that even their own kind weren't principled enough to handle democracy.

During the race, much was made of Half-Nigger Booker's pristine education and privatization leanings. Bow-tied Israel-lover George Will respectfully wondered whether Booker was Newark's salvation, and he got the backing of Barbara Streisand and Bill Bradley. But Newark's niggers weren't having any of it. "This race wasn't about Sharpe James," said one Newarkian quoted in the New York Times. "This was about Cory Booker versus us. You can't bring in a bunch of out-of-towners and white lawyers and tell me how to vote."

Not that it would have mattered who won. Roosevelt, Churchill and Hitler put together couldn't lead blacks out of the jungle. Nor would it matter what ideas any municipal government put into place. Cray-generated policy perfection can't make niggers stop acting like niggers. Former Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz said it best: "I'll tell you what the coloreds want. It's three things: first, a tight pussy; second, loose shoes; and third, a warm place to shit." When it comes to government, it's even simpler. Blacks want stuff, without having to work for it.

That's what makes discussions of "black issues" so ridiculous. Really, there's only one black issue: How much can blacks get away with? Broken down by animal urge, how much welfare can they get, and for how long? How can they avoid jail? How many thumb-twiddling government jobs can they get? How many vice-presidencies of human resources can they get? How many presidential cabinet posts can they get? How much fried chicken can they eat? How many 40-ounces can they drink? How much crack can they smoke? How many women can they impregnate and dump? How many babies can they bear and dump? Trust me, gang. Niggers ain't interested in the finer points of the separation of powers.

Liberals won't say it. Conservatives won't say it. But the constant here is high concentrations of the world's least-capable, most-volatile racial group, black people. They are what they are, nothing we can do about that. Cruelty toward dumb animals is wrong, but so is letting them into the house. White man, for a clean future, start thinking about where to draw the line.


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