Dr. William Luther Pierce, R.I.P.

Cattle die, kindred die, and all men must die, but there is one thing that I know which never dies; the fame of a dead man's deeds.

by Billy Roper

July 23, 2002

This was one of Dr. William Luther Pierce's most beloved quotes, so much so that it is the basis for the title of the biography on his life and work. As most of you may already know, Dr. Pierce has left us, he has joined the ranks of all of the other fallen heroes of our race, stretching back into the mists of our unremembered past. Although he died of natural causes, I am convinced that if there is a Valhalla, there is a bench for him there.

Some of the subject matter of the last conversations that Dr. Pierce and I had as the end neared is of a very personal nature, that I need to keep to myself and not share, at least at this time. But I can tell you that he said to always do the right thing, instead of the easy thing, to never be afraid of anyone, and to make sure that my priorities were straight so that I took care of the most important things first. Then, if the unimportant things didn't get done, that's okay. I interpreted the latter as being his own feelings, those of a man who needed more time to implement his plans and ideals into reality, but for whom time had run out, as it will for all of us. The fact that after a full lifetime of nonstop work Dr. Pierce still had unfinished pressing business I think testifies to the intensity and depth of his vision and dedication to our people and to the task which we have all chosen.

In turn, I promised him that I would do my best to spend the rest of my life making sure that one hundred and one thousand years from now, White schoolchildren are taught his name right along with George Washington's and Adolf Hitler's, as one of the great men of our race. I also promised to him that I would always consciously behave as an Aryan man should. We both were choked up as I shook his hand one final time, but there was no shame in it.

In addition to changing the world, Dr. Pierce's example of Aryan nobility and self-sacrifice definitely changed my own life, as well. Like many members of our race, I could have cocooned myself from the racial and cultural degeneration going on around me by burrowing into conspicuous consumption in order to avoid authenticity, but Dr. Pierce helped show me that life can and should have more meaning than that, that there are more important things than immediate gratification and consumerism. This brilliant scientist, this doctor of physics, this literal genius who could have easily had a celebrated career in his field had he chosen to, voluntarily left academia and dedicated his life to awakening and mobilizing our people, at great and continual personal sacrifice. When it came to teaching someone about dedicating one's life to a cause greater than onesself, there was no better exemplar than Dr. Pierce. The years that I spent learning from him and working with him have been the most valuable and rich in my life, so far. I wouldn't trade them for all the riches in the world, or for twenty years doing anything else.

When Dr. Pierce performed the marriage ceremony between my wife and myself a couple of years ago, he spoke about all of us being a part of the circle of life, and about our duty to serve the life force, to leave the world a better place than we found it, and that he certainly did. In addition to working tirelessly for his people, he had a witty sense of humor, and a mischieveous laugh and sparkling eye that will remain with me always.

I'm sure that many of you reading this message have your own stories and testimonials about how Dr. Pierce's lifetime of noble struggle and sacrifice changed your own lives, that you could share, just as I do. But when the words have run out and the tears have gone dry, we all know that we owe it to his memory to continue the fight he himself began. I'm convinced that the best memorial that we could give to our leader, better than any statue or plaque, the best monument we could erect to his spirit and dedication, better than any stone edifice, is to rededicate ourselves to faithfully continue his work. Let me reassure all of our members and friends and supporters, and give warning to all of our enemies, including the greasy little hook-nosed kikes who might think that now is an occasion for them to celebrate, that the National Alliance will continue to move forward on the track that Dr. Pierce set out for us as a living and growing tribute to him. Now is the time for all of us who are members to pull more tightly together than ever and to be more active and dedicated than ever, in Dr. Pierce's name and memory.

Dr. Pierce dedicated his life to building an organization that could survive him and be greater than the sum of all its parts, and it is our duty to him, to ourselves, to our ancestors, and to our as yet unborn descendants to carry on the struggle. Dr. Pierce's will would be that we continue to work towards awakening and educating our people to the dangers which threaten their very existence, until one day victory is ours and our people have control of our own destiny once again.

With that ultimate goal in mind, let us all honor Dr. Pierce by working on completing the task he began, and by spreading "the fame of a dead man's deeds."

Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors in this statement, as it is finished in haste and in a less than calm emotional state after this day. My phone is ringing constantly, as you can imagine, with members and media representatives seeking confirmation of our leader's passing, so let me wrap this up by speaking briefly about Dr. Pierce's wishes for the immediate future.

*It was Dr. Pierce's wish that he have a small, private memorial ceremony attended by only a very few close personal friends and family. It is our duty to respect his wishes, so I'd like to ask members to please not come to the National Office at this time.

*However, the August 24th Rock Against Israel demonstration in Washington, D.C.will go forward as planned, so if you are a National Alliance member or supporter and would like to express your love and admiration for Dr. Pierce, and your loyalty to the goals and ideals to which he dedicated his life, join us there at the Capitol in his memory.

* Likewise, the August 31st Leadership Conference will go on as planned, and invitations will likely be sent out by the end of this week. All Unit Coordinators are expected to attend, but attendance for everyone else is by invitation only, please, and not everyone who wishes to attend will be able to.

*This September 11th, which coincidentally would have been Dr. Pierce's birthday, we will hold a national literature distribution in honor of his memory and to remind ourselves to keep going forward on the path which he has laid out for us.

I will close by saying that I intend to keep my promise to Dr. Pierce, to rededicate my life more fervently than ever for the future of our race. I will do what is right, not what is easy, I will fear no one, and I will keep my priorities straight. I hope that all members will join me in pulling together as a team and honoring Dr. Pierce by emulating his lifelong sacrifice to the best of our abilities.

Farewell, my leader. Farewell, my boss. Farewell, my friend. I will never let our people forget you, and I will always be true.

Best Regards,



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