You Might Be A Wigger If...

by Frank Shell

August 18, 2002

1) You think "diversity" is good. You think that your family being forcefully mixed together with violent, V.D.-infected niggers is a good thing. Add lots of alcoholic, perpetually-stoned mestizo mexicans, vietnamese and job-stealing H1B indians and you have the ideal mixture prescribed by our Khazar overlords. Just remember your place Whitey: the bottom.

2) It never occurs to you that the world's finest manufacturers use homogenous work forces. You'll see few, if any, niggers working in plants in Japan, Sweden or Germany. American auto makers actually brag about their anti-white, pro-nigger racial discrimination policies. They just can't get enough blubber lipped, gold-toothed coons. But they can't exactly brag about the pieces of junk produced by Kimdisha and Deshawn, can they? The next time you see a car broken down in the middle of the road causing a stand-still traffic jam take a look at the make of the car. Almost always it's a product of "diversity."

3) You think martin luther coon was a martyr for peace. You probably don't know that its real name was michael king. It and other "civil rights" chimps were funded and managed by the Russian KGB and their American jewish communist operatives. I want you to squirm as you discover that this is not conjecture but documented, patent fact. King had an FBI file on it which includes surveillance tapes of it beating White prostitutes during sex acts blubbering out "I'm not a negro tonight" and "I'm fucking for God" the night before its extermination. The tribal affiliates of the late "reverend" have successfully pressured the government to keep michael king's FBI file under seal for many years to come. Many other files on individuals have been declassified from this era. Why won't they declassify king's?

4) You don't know that nigger males comprise only 6% of the US population and commit over 50% of all the rapes. Nigger males rape over 20,000 White females every year. Care to guess how many female chimps are raped by Whites? That's right, virtually none. The Bureau of Justice statistics actually show about 100 of these incidents, however, it's likely that most or all of these are committed by Hispanics since the FBI classifies Hispanic-committed crimes as being White-committed crimes. Only the most depraved wiggers would be into such a bestial act as fornicating with an anthropoid. Oh, about the 20,000+ rapes of human females by apes, how would you like to have $20,000 right now? 20,000 is a lot of anything isn't it? What does this say about this 6% of the population, that they commit over 50% of all rapes, 20,000+ of which are against White women and girls? Let alone that they commit 57% of all homicides and 68% of all armed robberies? How about the fact that niggers commit 90% of all violent interracial crime in the US, approximately 1.7 million violent crimes against other races? Want to guess which of these races they assault, rape and murder the most, Whitey? Actually these numbers are under-reported since large municipalities are typically run by lying, covering-up nigger organized crime gangs. Large numbers of police reports on murders, assaults and rapes are intentionally re-classified or not filed at all to make the nigger-related violence problem in America's once-great cities seem smaller than the anti-White holocaust that it actually is. You are of the sickest type of wigger if you believe that rape is a "crime of poverty" just like the other violent crimes committed by niggers... and if you feel named here then why don't you move to a nigger-infested 'hood to "help" your precious apes instead of hiding in a suburban White enclave and pontificating from your ivory tower like a co-dependent, excuse-making, hypocritical, misanthropic piece of garbage?

5) You don't know that diversity among White ethnicities from the 1880s to 1920s in America's cities resulted in the melding of a successful, productive society. And it wasn't mandated and controlled by an Orwellian iron-fisted government like it is today. You are definitely a wigger if you are too brainwashed to see the difference between White immigration and third-world immigration.

6) You believe niggers deserve "reparations" for destroying America's cities.

7) You are unaware that niggers in sub-Saharan Africa still practice slavery today. It has never stopped. Niggers still abduct rival bands of other niggers, use them as slaves then eventually resell them on the secondary market. The only difference between the present nigger slave trade in Africa and that of the 17th-19th centuries is the buyers. Today they are primarily Arabs in North Africa who often use little chimplets as sex machines. Jews played a major role in the slave trade in past centuries but have progressed to other machinations of slavery such as world communism and zionism. Of course, jews do specialize in organized prostitution rings or "White slavery" as they have since ancient times when they followed behind conquering armies as brutal carpetbaggers and pimps.

8) You often patronize the anti-White drivel produced by the Khazars who run Hollywood. How often can you turn on the TV and damned if the first thing you see isn't a chimp dressed up playing the role of a respectable position in society? Hasn't anyone told the jewish writers and producers of the chimp-dung on America's idiot boxes that 1 out of 5 male chimps is either in prison, on probation or an ex-con, or that 70% of niggers go through their demonic lives never even knowing who their "father" is? How can you have "black family sitcoms" when the term "black family" is practically an oxymoron? Truth is the jews understand the nigger plight very well. Niggers are purposely portrayed as equals to humans on TV and films to: a) Debase and nurture an inferiority complex in Whites; b) Brainwash Whites into accepting a sick, outrageous and racially lethal standard of normalcy.

9) You look at a nigger and instead of seeing a gigantic cockroach you see a wonderful human being with very "special" qualities.

10) You live in total denial of reality. In other words, you're a chump. You don't mind being a slave by virtue of being grossly overtaxed to fund midnight baxitball programs, White guilt institutes (public schools), endless social engineering programs designed to give your job to a more deserving "minority" and get your kids to participate in bestiality with AIDS-infected niggers, or homosexuality. And amazingly, chances are you've personally been the target of nigger crimes, anti-White discrimination and racial harassment yet you still believe it will all work out, it all happened for "a reason," -- "I understand, I mean after all they‚ve been through..."; "They're not all like that, I mean the ones on TV are so well spoken"; "What about the ones with the retardation-range IQs who have been nice to me?"; "It could have been a White rapist just as easily"; "This is the price we have to pay for slavery." Basically at this point in your life you're either too weak, stupid or incorrigibly brainwashed to break the shackles of denial about the nightmare society is devolving into and why.


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