Multicult & "No Go" Zones in Europe

by Angry White Female

At a time when the cosmopolitan British masses are agonizing over what it means to be "British," British citizens (you know, the ones who've lived and bled there for thousands of years) are having the historic towns their ancestors built classified as "no go" zones. Right. Anglo-Saxons are being hunted in their own homeland.

The English elite have never taken kindly to peasant revolts, and in keeping with their long tradition, a City Councilman and the top cop of Oldham sent out a press release. The proclamation urges the residents to ignore the racist attacks on native Whites and embrace the yellow menace. The title stated there were not "no go zones" in Oldham. Proclamations from historic times sent similar messages, such as: "There is not a food shortage" to the starving peasants.

The bottom of the proclamation read "Marketing and communications unit." Gee, what are they marketing?

I read of the Yellow menace before, but this time it is really getting serious. Several natives who were "Walking While White" have been viciously attacked by the yellow "newcomers" and told to stay out of "their" towns. The most recent gang attacks (in historic Oldham) were perpetrated against an off-duty cop and a 76-year-old war veteran, whose face became unrecognizable after he walked through a "no go zone" after a rugby match. Yes, this man who killed his kinfolk in Germany during WW2 on behalf of the oppressed is now being hunted by the real Huns.

Mad MP disease...

Forget Mad Cow disease, in England, there is Mad MP disease. Because of these Mad MPs, there is a move in England, and all over Europe, to allow the sons and daughters of Ghengis Khan and various cannibal tribes to settle there permanently and "revitalize" the allegedly barren culture and genetic makeup of Europe. Never mind that Europe is a goldmine of culture and heritage, it must now recognize the hoottoo dance and dung art as equal to the European arts. Witch doctors as equal to Druids, bamboo huts as equal to great castles. The Hutus and Bedouin as equals to the Celts, the Vandals, the Visigoths, the Rus, the Angles and the Saxons, etc... Bongo drums as equal to Beethoven ("...roll over Beethoven, make room for the black and blue!").

Don't forget to attend the yearly "Bangladesh Victory Day celebration" in Oldham.

Travels in Eurasia and Africa...

Rick Steves, the host of the Travels in Europe show, tells us that while in Britain we shouldn't waste the opportunity to enjoy the multicultural eatery scene by traipsing around the British countryside looking for traditional English food! How foolish we Americans and Canadians must be! I had previously thought that we were visiting to get in touch with OUR roots.

What Steves does not tell us is that "diverse" areas of Europe are off-limits to the descendants of the folk who died to secure their future, especially at night, according to friends who have followed his handy travel advice. Steves won't show us the historic buildings that have been Mongolized (was 'Vandalized') or the grand old castles which have fallen prey to grafitti. Steves tells us all about multi-cult in Europe and spices it up with tales of bad deeds done by the inhabitants of Europe.

My favorite Steves show is the one on Scotland, where I learned virtually nothing new, except that his cameraman tries to include a non-Scot in every frame. Steves shows his hatred of my people's culture by stopping at the side of the road to listen to a Scottish piper, and then whispering that you should stop only if you can stand the sound. I wonder if he would say that after listening to the bongo drums?

If you want to hear about Germany, watch the France show, or the show on any country which ever had a conflict with Germany. If you want to hear all about Jewish history, watch the show on Germany. If you want to see Asia, Bangladesh and India, watch the England show. France? Well, Steves won't tell you there is a racial problem in France, but he will tell you about how non-White immigrants add flavor!

"No go" in France too?...

I will tell the truth. The famous French actress Brigit Bardot is considered a racist in France. She was fined lots of cash for complaining about Muslims sacrificing animals IN FRANCE during Ramadan. She also doesn't like Asians eating household pets. She is repulsed by cruelty to animals, but she has never been hauled into court on hate crimes charges for complaining about White people eating horses. It's like the endangered species dilemna: What is more scared, animal rights or non-White rights? In France and elsewhere, colored rights trump animal rights; Animal rights only trump White rights.

The latest from multicultural France (the once-proud homeland of the great Celtic peoples) is that race-mixing French teens have become the victims of gang rapes by North African tribal members. The girls, who have been taught to prove they are not racist, are directed by the Trotsky-vision, their schools and their parents to "diversify" by mating with non-Whites to make the newcomers feel more welcome. The newcomers know this, and seek out Celtic French girls for sex. When one of the gang members scores some White p----, he then invites the entire tribe in to have their turn. This has been going on for years, but only recently did we find out about it. Soon, "cultural sensitivity" will have the same effect on European chivalry as it has for the European concept of animal welfare.

White guilt in MY LAND, Scotland?...

Where does it end? The borders of Europe are wide open. But since Scotland doesn't have a history of imperialism and slavery, other guilt tactics have been used against my kinsmen to force them to accept the destruction of their people, culture and country via the "diversity" breeding scam. How, you ask, can the people of the tartan be cowed into giving up their country so soon after they won the right just to have a Parliament? Well, lately some of the Mad MPs have been sending refugees in, and many attacks have taken place, mainly in poor, high-crime communities. It doesn't matter that poor Scots take drugs, drink, and beat up on other Scots. It only matters when Scots beat the tar out of some poor brown refugee from Lebanon or Algeria.

Recently, two refugees from the on-going Jewish Holocaust were attacked by a bunch of hooligan kids. It is being made into a monumental racial issue, but no evidence of racism exists. The browns guys said "bigots" were responsible, but said they couldn't understand the language and didn't know what the Scottish youths said as they pummeled them. The article pointed out that 70 "racist" attacks have taken place in the last 9 months. That is, seventy incidents of White-on-other crime in the entire country. In Orwell's U.K., racial slurs and White-on-colored crimes are called "racial attacks" to inflate the number of victims. You know the drill, White man. Say "sand flea" and get thrown in the Queen's colonial prison. But anti-White hate crimes do not bring such attention, though they are staggeringly common.

Come and kill us all, and if we say "stop it nigger," we will be prosecuted by the man in the White powdered wig, and the castle will be stormed by the real Huns!

As third-worlders spread through the British Isles and Ireland, so do white "racist" crimes, and the legal legerdemain that follows. Mad MP disease it truly is: the unmaking of a country and region against all historical evidence and reason. Since the colony (Wales, Scotland and Ireland) subjects have not oppressed as many people as the English, the theme of "diversity" has been promoted by means of POLLING the residents. Questions such as "Do you favor limits on refugees?" and "Would you want a black family living next door or attending school with your children?" The answers have brought about "disturbing" results, indicating a "trend" of racism! That was just the opening the Mad MP's needed to browbeat my fellow Scotsmen into opening the floodgates of racial and cultural extinction. Top that off with massive publicity of anti-foreigner crime and voilą! The solution to the tension is creating more tension. Take away their identity and their history and they'll have no reason to oppose this "revitalization!" Consider this theme when pondering what is happening in Canada and America. Do any of my kinsmen remember how the English "revitalized" Scotland? First, they came in with weapons, and after time, subdued, killed or exiled the patriots. Then they outlawed our bagpipes, our means of self-defense, our traditions, our native language, our traditional dance and our indigenous religion. Voilą! The Scots started speaking the Queen's English and practicing the Queen's religion. But still she stole Scotland's land and raped her women. Then she forced taxes upon us which she used for "revitalizing" Scotland!

In the movie Braveheart, the King, Edward I, said "The problem with Scotland is that it's full of Scots!" What better way to get rid of them than by massive non-White immigration? That'll finish the job, if the people of the tartan, my brothers and sisters, tolerate it.

As Scotland is "revitalized," the tartan will be classified as "racist" (like the shamrock in Boston) since the English elite are going through a White-guilt phase. Her slave language, English, will soon be replaced with the languages of the "newcomers." The statues of our fighting men will be taken down because William Wallace might have said "niggardly" or "skraeling." The war pipes will again be outlawed because they reek of nationalism. The names of great Scotsmen will be called into question if it is learned they agreed with the King in banning the Jews from Britain. I could go on an on, but you get the point.

This kind of speech angers the enemy, because the enemy knows it is true. In order for him to complete his anti-European pogroms, he must outlaw such speech so that the peasants will be permanently silenced while being bred out of existence by the new weapons of choice, multi-cult, germ and genetic warfare. The great Oldham native, Sir William Walton, must be rolling over in his grave right now. That is, unless his bones have been dug up and made into nose rings for European wiggers.


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