Semites in Euro's Clothing?

by M. X. Rienzi

The so-called pro-White movement has a number of problems. Well, first of all, it is best to use quotation marks around the word "movement," because most pro-White activism displays all the "movement" one would expect from a constipated three-toed sloth. But, there are other problems as well. One such difficulty is the tendency of some activists, usually but not exclusively the more moderate types, to argue that Jews are White, that Jewish Americans are European Americans, and that excluding Jews is "irrational." Jews, they tell us , are just Europeans of a different religion, or maybe they'll admit that ethnicity is involved, but will state that being Jewish is no different from being English, Irish, German, or Italian. And some of these activists do indeed hobnob with Jews.

Well, let's look at this more closely. Let's look at the equation Jews = Europeans, from the historical, cultural, and biological perspectives, and we'll see what conclusions we can reach.


The standard historical interpretation of Jewish history, and the view that most Jews seem to accept, is that the Jewish people originated in the Middle East (a Semitic people) and then, through the "Diaspora," migrated to different lands, and split up into varying "branches" -- the major being the Ashkenazi (centered in Eastern Europe), the Sephardim (centered around the Mediterranean), and the Middle-Eastern Jews, such as Iraqi Jews, who never left their homeland, and have been living in the Middle East for thousands of years. Traditional history suggests that the Jews tended to intermarry and did not assimilate culturally or physically with non-Jews. Indeed, the fact that the Jews have survived as a unique people, despite the assimilative pressures thrust upon them over the centuries, indicates that they have managed to keep themselves bioculturally intact over this time frame.

There are some dissenters. Some claim, usually for religious reasons, that the Ashkenazim are "imposters," they are actually "Turkic Khazars," converts with no Semitic blood at all (even if this were true, note that they still would not be European). Others insist that "of course" significant admixture took place, so that "European" Jews are physically no different from European gentiles -- a view that, as well shall see, will not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

However, in summary, the overriding view -- now backed by genetic evidence -- is of a Middle-Eastern ancestry, a dispersion, and a fair degree of endogamy and ethnic preservation. So far, this does not sound like we are talking about Europeans.


In respect to culture, for most of their time in Europe, the Jews have lived in separatist ghettoes, and have been continuously expelled from one European nation after another. During this period, there was no chance for significant cultural exchange between Jew and Gentile. Indeed, there is little about the Babylonian Talmud, Orthodox Judaism, Hasidism, etc. that calls to mind Western culture. Even a "cultural, spiritual, anti-biological racist" such as Francis Parker Yockey considered the Jews to be a separate people, a foreign body within the West. And really, what do historians consider to be Jewish contributions? It usually comes down to: Jesus, Marx, Freud, and Einstein. In respect to Christianity, activists seem to be split into positive and negative camps. Let us just say now that Christian believers say that Jesus was the Son of God, and divine; and thus, such folks cannot really consider Jesus to be a Jew in the normal sense. Those who are not believers would not consider Jesus to be a positive figure. Either way, a specifically "Jewish" contribution to the betterment of Western man is questionable. I doubt that any of us would consider Marx's poison to be beneficial. Kevin MacDonald, in Culture of Critique, does a masterly job of discrediting Freudianism, and showing the Jewish agenda behind that nonsense. Einstein was a competent scientist, and a legitimate Nobel Prize winner, but the claim that he was "the greatest genius of all time" is absurd, as is the claim that he was the sole inventor of relativity. Some of those ideas originated elsewhere. Granted also, some Jewish biomedical scientists made contributions, but they did so using Western European science. Salk did good work, but eventually that vaccine would have been invented by someone else. It was Jenner and Pasteur -- Europeans -- who laid the foundation for the vaccination revolution.


What about biology? Well, if the Jews did originate in the Middle East, and if they did practice endogamy, one would expect to see biological evidence of this. In Kevin MacDonald's A People That Shall Dwell Alone, a chapter is devoted to biological evidence, mostly compiled before the current genetic revolution, which deals with this issue. The summarized data indicate that Jews and Gentile Europeans are distinct populations. Various Jewish populations tend to cluster together. There is severalfold more genetic distance between Jews and Gentiles living in the same area, than between Jewish groups living widely dispersed. More recent genetic studies have shed important light on this. Much discussed is the work of Hammer et al. (PNAS 97, pgs. 6769-6794, 2000) in which Y-chromosome (male sex chromosome) markers are used to study the paternal genetic relatedness of different populations. The results were remarkable. The conclusions were: "most Jewish populations were not significantly different from another at the genetic level", "Jewish and Middle-Eastern non-Jewish populations were not statistically different," "low levels of European...gene flow into Ashkenazi and Roman Jewish populations," concluding with: "The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora."

In other words, Jews are Middle Easterners, similar to Arabs, various Jewish groups are genetically similar, and they are genetically distinct from Europeans, from whom they received little genetic input, at least as measured by Y-chromosome analysis. This group estimates that only about 13% of Jewish genetics comes from admixture, with an upper limit of about 23%. In other words, this would suggest that Jews worldwide are, on average, at least 3/4 Middle-Eastern Semitic, and possibly closer to 90%. In my opinion, the small amount of admixture could account for the minority of Jews who possess some traits more typical of Europeans -- fair hair and eyes, certain facial features, etc. It should be noted that in Fig. 2 of their paper, various Gentile European groups cluster together, distinct from the Jewish groups, who cluster among themselves, and near to Gentile Middle-Eastern peoples.

Of course, one can make some criticisms of gender-specific gene marker studies. However, it must not be forgotten that the Hammer study perfectly coincides with the data summarized in MacDonald's book, as well as the historical record. Thus, even though it may be better to look at a large number of nuclear genes in both males and females, the Hammer study is still convincing because the data therein match other data so well. But...there is still more genetic evidence, and it comes in the form of a nuclear autosomal gene, a mutation that codes for one of the countless genetic diseases found in Jews, but not in Europeans (itself an evidence of their being distinct peoples). In other words, we are talking here about an expressed gene, part of the autosomal DNA of the cell's nucleus, a gene which actually codes for a trait. This study was done by an Israeli group (Peretz et al., Blood 90, pgs. 2654-2659, 1997). A specific type of gene mutation causing a disease named factor XI deficiency was found to exist in Ashkenazi Jews, non-Ashkenazi Jews, and in Arabs, with a second form of the mutation being found only in the Ashkenazim. What this shows is that the original mutation took place within the original Middle-Eastern Jewish gene pool, before the Jewish groups split apart. A separate mutation took place in the Ashkenazim afterwards, when they were already in Europe. Once again, we find evidence that Jewish groups are similar to each other, and have a Middle-Eastern origin.

Jews do not equal Europeans...

In summary then, the combination of historical, cultural, and biological data leads to the conclusion that it is the Jews = Europeans argument that is irrational, not the reverse. The irrational ones are those who, perhaps out of fear of being labeled "nazis," argue that there are no differences between Jews and Gentile Europeans. They have been proven wrong; they should admit it, and act accordingly.

And, since Jews and Europeans are different peoples with different interests, mixing them together in "activism" leads to bizarre results. You may have a Jewish individual, speaking at a pro-White conference, proposing a "White Separatist (sic!) State" which "may include Asians and others." In other words...a multiracial "separatist" state! (Of course, the most anti-Semitic American group -- Negroes -- would be excluded from this state). Even within the context of talking about racial separatism at a pro-White conference, an interest in promoting "diversity" comes through. It is as if Jews -- regardless of political persuasion -- have an innate fear of Euro-homogeneity. Thus: "Asians and others" -- not in OUR interests, certainly, but perhaps in the interests of a different people, eh?

Another example would be a front-page editorial by a Jewish person in a pro-White periodical, in which the opinion is offered that there is nothing Whites can do about America's racial situation, so we should just learn to accept it and live with it, and accept affirmative action, etc., because fighting against these things may get Blacks mad, and we can't have that. I note that even the editor of this periodical felt it necessary to label this essay "defeatist...and suicidal." Yes, indeed. And why? In whose interests is White surrender, and acceptance of the current racial disaster?

These "pro-White" Jews need be asked a simple question: If Europeans are to survive, what place do they want Jews to have in a future White nation? No doubt, they would want Jews to be included. But, how exactly? Would they assimilate, as they have not yet done after centuries? I doubt that is what these folks want. I doubt that Orthodox rabbis who teach in Yeshivas would want Jewish assimilation into the Gentile masses -- for that would lead to the end of the unique Jewish people. Perhaps then these folks want Jews to continue to exist as a cohesive, separate people within the body of the White nation? Which would lead to the endless cycle of anti-gentilism, anti-semitism, resource competition, one-way gene flow (Jews to Gentiles), hatred, antagonism, disruption, and dissolution. How would we deal with this Jewish minority? Let them take over the media again, and campaign for "diversity," and for bringing back some "minorities" (perhaps some "Asians and others")? Would we pass strict laws against these Jews?

Now...isn't it easier just for everyone to admit that we are dealing with separate peoples here, with separate interests, and if they are so separate, then they should actually physically separate? Wouldn't that be the sane and rational solution?

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