Enemy at the Gates

by Toni Brian

Produced and directed and written -- Jean-Jacques Annaud Ed Harris, Joseph Fiennes, Bob Hoskins, Rachel Weisz and Jude Law -- stars

"Oh boy, another Zionist flick -- can't wait to watch it," I was thinking when the DVD was popped into the DVD player.

It starts out showing the brutality of the Russian Front during WWII. Shows the unarmed and weak army of Red Russia. The Russian men stand line and are given guns to every other man and told, "The second man runs behind the first man and when he is killed, then the second man picks up the gun and fights." Then the men are told to charge against a well-armed and well-trained elite force of German gunmen and tanks. The loudspeaker coming from the German side tells the oncoming Russian men, "We are not your enemy. Stalin and his evil Bolshevik regime are your enemies. Russia is yours. The Third Reich is not your enemy. Come fight with us. " The Russian men realize their doom and retreat only to be shot by their Russian countrymen.

At this point my interest is peak, the Germans were actually portrayed as pro-Russian and anti-communist.

A smart, good-looking Aryan man named Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law), with his blond hair and radiant blue eyes, plays dead to avoid the enemy and his Russian countrymen. He is met by a Russian Jew, Danilov (Jospeh Fiennes). Danilov does not know how to use a gun, and Zaitsev asks to use the rifle that Danilov is stumbling over to kill some German officers. Turns out Zaitsev is a sharpshooter and just saved their lives.

Danilov is a propagandist. There's no hiding this fact. He can't fight, he can only write and use a printing press to incite the local citizens of Stalingrad to fight the Germans off their "motherland." Danilov uses the shooting capabilities of Zaitsev to further his political ends. Zaitsev becomes a hero, used by the leftists to rally morale and courage so the unarmed and ill-equipped Russians will fight off the Germans.

Zaitsev does so well that one of the Germans' best snipers, Major Koenig (played by Ed Harris), is brought in to "snip" off the young sharpshooter.

It all becomes a cat-and-mouse game at this point. It is long and boring but there are some aspects of this movie worth mentioning.

Zaitsev, the good-looking Aryan boy, falls for a Jewish girl, Tania (Rachel Weisz), and soon takes up her cause. The cameras are on Tania and she tells "her story." Her parents, being Jewish, were rounded up by those "evil Nazis." To save bullets they were tied to each other so when one was shot off the bridge they'd both drown. This is told with soft music in the background with a soft light radiating from Tania. This is the real reason the Russians are fighting the Germans: not for the "motherland," but because the Germans kill Jews. Thereby super-motivated, Danilov is refreshed and ready to kill Germans -- all for the love of a Russian Jewess.

Zaitsev tells Danilov that he wishes "these stories you write about me" would stop. He is just a regular guy and doesn't need the hype. The blond-haired, baby-blue-eyed Aryan catches on to Danilov's hint -- that he doesn't fight the war, just creates hype. Too bad Zaitsev didn't follow through with this line of thinking instead of shrugging it off and going back to the killing fields to defend the love of a Russian Jew and her dead parents' memory.

Also worth noting is that the two Jews in this movie are the only educated people. Zaitsev, being a farmer (something practically blasphemous to a Jew), doesn't know how to write letters and is corrected on his spelling by his propagandist friend. Zaitsev soon realizes his life isn't worth saving, only those "educated ones" -- that is "why they must survive." I wanted to retch at this point. This film is pure Jewish Zionism. What's new, right?

Soon Zaitsev learns Major Koenig's whereabouts, and quickly they are both entrenched pointing their guns at each other. This is a realistic archetype situation. Both Aryans, both come from a strong national heritage, both are fighting each other. One for his nation, the other for a Jewish regime and its propaganda machine. How much better it would have been if the Russians had caught on to Stalin and his Jewish regime, dropped their weapons, walked over to the German side, and joined them in taking back their country? How much better off the world would have been. Instead it was just another War of Aryan Suicide, as someone put it.

Zaitsev and Danilov ended up alone, entrenched in a shot-out factory. To uncover Major Koenig's hideout, Danilov sacrifices himself, standing up and getting shot in the head. The dying plea of the self-sacrificing Jew yells from the screen. The General thinks Zaitsev is dead, and Zaitsev, now knowing his opponent's position, has the upper hand in this game of shotgun chess.

Zaitsev outwits Major Koenig and shoots him point blank (of course all the Jews and Zionist sympathizers stand up and cheer at this point). Zaitsev goes back to Danilov's body and lays his rifle in his arms. So history can say that Danilov, the propagandist Jew who didn't even know how to use a rifle shot and killed Major Koenig, the elite Nazi. Pure sensationalism. Pure madness.

At the end, credits state that this was based on a true story, and that the citizens of Stalingrad became heroic warriors and by the hair of their chinny-chin-chin regained the city from the Nazis.

Some thoughts about this movie:

Did I mention the Aryan (Jude Law) was good looking? I just have to say when it comes to men, Aryan men are the cream of the crop. I can't for the life of me know what a beautiful Aryan woman could see in a monkey man. Blond hair and blue eyes looks good.

The Jews are so clever with their movie-making business they don't forget to show that the communists were "anti-Semitic" too. When Khrushchev (Bob Hoskins) asks Danilov, "Don't you have a fiddle to go play?" the audience is made to feel guilty. Ah, the poor persecuted Jew, always working hard for others and someone has to go and make a statement like that, ah poor thing.

This movie propagated the idea of Aryan men falling for Jewish women and fighting for their cause and their agenda. But the Jewish woman's loyalty is not to her romantic partner but toward her Jewish brethren. This is seen when Major Koenig kills a Russian child (Oh yeah, Nazis kill children too, didn't you know that?) and Zaitsev does not shoot back because that would reveal his position. So Tania runs to her Jewish kinsman, Danilov, so perhaps he could exact some revenge.

Another fine elitist propaganda film from our Jewish fiends in Hollywood.


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