VNN Interview: Von and Doc of The Vonbluvens Show
Interviewed by Victor Wolzek

May 8, 2003*


They hate blacks, despise Mexicans, and think "anyone who hires illegal aliens should be shot." They not only name the jew, they stamp SPAWN OF SATAN on their collective forehead in big red letters. They've stood face-to-face against angry, aggressive malt-liquor-doped groidz. They've ribbed Roanoke police chief Donut Joe Gaskins for our pleasure. They are the personalities behind The Vonbluvens Show, a raucous internet radio show devoted to discussing "the news the jews refuse to use."

An odd couple, to say the least. Michael Blevins -- Vonbluvens -- an ex-meat industry accountant following his dream of being an artist and Reverend Dr. Michael Schneider -- Doc -- a former corporate player who shelved the so-called "good life" of consumer somnambulism to pursue his vocation as an orthodox priest. They took time out of their hell-raising schedule to talk with Vanguard News Network.

The Vonbluvens Boys

VNN: Ok, first the basics. Who are Von and Doc? Specifically, how did each of you begin to look at politics racially, and how and when did you run into each other?

DOC: I met Von last 4th of July weekend. He wasn't sure what to say or how much to let on about his politics for awhile. Then, one day he asked me to be a guest on the show. The rest is history.

VONBLUVENS: I met the Doc and slowly we discussed political matters and I pretty much force fed him about the Jew. That put him off. But I still thought he would be a great asset to the show. We met in July...not exactly sure of the exact date.

DOC: This is true. I didn't believe until I tried to "prove" gas chambers existed.

VONBLUVENS: Doc isn't the sort of person that would "just take my word for it." The show has been educational for both of us.

DOC: I spent weeks trying to find pictures. As you know, no luck. That opened my eyes.

VNN: Tell us how you met. In a library? A bar? Hanging out in the lobby of your apartment building? Over smoothies after a Tae Bo workout at the local 24-Hour Fitness Center? Give us a sense of the social context in which you guys live, how you met each other, how people socialize outside of the Vonbluvens bunker.

VONBLUVENS: I first met the DOC on the steps of our apartment building.

DOC: Sitting out on the front porch at the apartment building. We were watching the groids and found we thought alike on that issue.

VONBLUVENS: Yup, I remember that like it was yesterday. Doc seemed like an intelligent fellow. But I am not a very trusting person.

DOC: That is an understatement! Not that I am either.

VNN: What's the source of your trust issues?

VONBLUVENS: I have been betrayed many times. Folks aren't what they appear. I know it sounds paranoid, but I think I am essentially correct.

VNN: Can you elaborate or give a concrete example? Help us understand what makes Vonbluvens tick.

VONBLUVENS: A guy once wrote me about joining the NSM [National Socialist Movement] chapter I was head of here [in Roanoke] and it turned out he was a reporter for the Roanoke Times. I am no longer part of the NSM, because I felt I wasn't doing a good enough job as coordinator here.

VNN: You trusted Doc, though. Why?

VONBLUVENS: Well, we talked on historical matters. But what solidified us, or was a bond, was our hatred for the niggers in this area.

VNN: Ah yes. It's amazing how groid baboonery brings people together.

DOC: We also both like WWII history.

VONBLUVENS: The talks initially were small and measured. Then they grew longer.

DOC: I will tell you this. Von will do what he tells you he will do. He is stand up all the way. Now getting him to do something you want is not easy. But if he agrees to it, it will be done.

VONBLUVENS: Doc is a very caring man...he even cares about the little nigs in the area...or used to. [Laughter] I on the other hand have grown very jaded over the years.

DOC: Yeah, I really am a priest. I care about people in general. I still, almost, believe that you can make the world better by kindness. And I think that working toward something will pay off in the end.

VONBLUVENS: I don't commit to things unless I KNOW they can be done...I am not interested in "wasted motion." I am interested in results. I am a straight shooter. The time is short for our race and the so-called movement or whatever you want to call it has to start producing results.

VNN: You mention "getting results." What results are the men behind The Vonbluvens Show looking to achieve?

VONBLUVENS: To fucking wake people up. To get them fucking angry. To fucking do something and get off their asses. To vent the anger of those that can't fucking vent their anger.

VNN: Toward what end? If the social order were up to you tomorrow, what would you do/implement?

DOC: A white America. I want as little government as possible. I'm an anarchist at heart, Victor. More Government = Less Freedom. I want as little government as possible.

VONBLUVENS: The form of government is irrelevant to me, as long as whites are in control of it and the jews have no part in it. We will be on the right track.

DOC: The way I see what we have today is that as Government has become more and more restrictive, it functions against people in general.

VONBLUVENS: Since 1965 the fucking Jew has used the instrument of government to oppress white people. Not only the immigration act, but in 1965 open season was declared on white men condemned to the prisons. Victor, your [review of In Bad Company: America's Terrorist Underground] was an eye opener for me in that regard. It's all by fucking design. 1965 is the pivotal year, but the Jew worked tirelessly in the decades before 1965 to implement this tyrannical government. The Jews have had a solid lock on our form of government since the FDR administration.

DOC: The solution is to get rid of the republic. With computers we can all vote direct on any issue. Either true democracy for whites only, or balkanize the country so you can find a place you fit in.

VNN: So what happens to all the non-whites?

VONBLUVENS: Whatever is workable. Path of least resistance if you will, since I am such a kind-hearted man. I say repatriation. A partitioning of the country may be a solution as well.

DOC: Ship them out or set up multi-state areas for their "homeland."

VONBLUVENS: Short of that, fucking extermination.

DOC: I lean more towards the Orkin man myself. But as long as we are apart, that is what's important.

VONBLUVENS: As I said, whatever is the most convenient. The other races may be in favor of some of the ideas. All I know is nothing can be worked out as long as the Jew has a stranglehold on this nation.

DOC: The jew has his homeland, but will he go there? No, vampires and viruses need a host

VNN: How do whites escape jewish domination and get to a point where whites are dictating to jews instead of jews to whites?

VONBLUVENS: The first prong of the attack against the Jew has to be in the area of propaganda. We must counter his agitprop. I am pleased with the inroads that VNN has made, as well as others.

VONBLUVENS: Well, you ask what should happen to non-whites. My answer is that they fucking leave, especially the fucking Jew. Vertically or horizontally, I don't give a damn. They don't consider us, why should I consider them?

VNN: Von, you say "vertically or horizontally" - I assume that's a reference to Alex Linder's April 27, 2003, piece "On Jew Horowitz's Recent Attacks on Whites and Their Websites"? Correct?


VNN: In that essay Linder writes: "All prior world expulsions of the jew have been horizontal. I believe that, given the unprecedented horrors this race has subjected the world to, the expulsion this time must be vertical. To put us out of our misery, the jewish race must be put to sleep. Perhaps some believe that too radical; I believe it is warranted by jews' actions and indicated by jews' history." You both agree with this?

VONBLUVENS: I don't disagree with that.

DOC: Nothing would grow there for thousands of years.

VONBLUVENS: It's time to collect on all those Holocaust reparations the nations have been forced to pay out.

DOC: True! The Holohoax.

VONBLUVENS: Actually, I am in total agreement with that. Four years ago I would not have said that. In looking at the Jewish problem rationally you can only come to one conclusion. They must go.

DOC: The allies liberated 60,000. 20,000 died in the following few weeks, but 139,000 "survivors" claimed money back then. There are more "survivors" alive today than there were jews in Europe.

DOC: You incinerate viruses and drive a stake through a vampire's heart before you burn the remains. You figure it out. I see the results of what the fucking Jews have wrought.

DOC: Blacks must go. One way or another. Whites and blacks can not live side by side. The proof is all around us.

VONBLUVENS: Back to Africa with them. Or to whatever section of the United States...or fucking death. I just want them out of my sight.

Whence Comes Doc?

VNN: Doc, why did you get involved with the show?

DOC: I got on the show at first because of the "free speech" format. I started reading the "News the jews refuse to use" and saw disturbing trends. My eyes were opened when I did independent studies on the jew control of the media and Hollywood. I never look at studies from one point of view.

VONBLUVENS: The long and the short of The Vonbluvens Show as it is today now is - two crazy and very fucking angry white guys sounding off.

DOC: That about sums it up. We attempt to work toward the blue-collar groups.

VONBLUVENS: We are not the be-all or end-all but a cog in the machinery of the new white media. A media I hope that doesn't make the same mistakes the conservative movement made. But they never totally had control of the media, did they?

VNN: Hardly.

The War Against Hal Turner: Is Hal a Weapon of Mass Destruction?

VNN: Lately you two guys have become notorious as the arch nemeses of a certain broadcaster hailing from New Jersey. Oh, what is his name?

[Von and Doc laugh]

VNN: Of course I mean Hal Turner.

DOC: Ahh, the host of "the 'other' show."

VONBLUVENS: Well, there is a reason for that. And, Frankly, I don't know why VNN has been silent on the matter.

[VNN is a pro-white media hub. It does not police pro-white groups or question motives of any person or group delivering a pro-white message, naming themselves/their side as White and explicitly naming the Jew as the enemy. Hal Turner does this. See Victor Wolzek's pro-Hal Turner commentary in his radio review of The Right Perspective with Frank and John.]

VNN: What is that reason?

DOC: He lies to his listeners all the time. He doesn't verify his "news." He interviews tin foil hat-wearing UFO-enthusiast Dennis Bossack [the January 14, 2003, episode of The Hal Turner Show] without bothering to spend five minutes on the net checking the man out. He reports on non-existent or otherwise unverified, Russian troops on the Mexican border. You name it. He may not BE a jew, but he ACTS the jew. Why should a white man not be held accountable?

VNN: Accountable for what exactly?

DOC: We, as a race, need to be true to our race.

VNN: I agree with that sentiment completely. But how does that pertain to Hal Turner?

DOC: I don't care if he makes a living off his show. Just fess up and be honest about it.

VONBLUVENS: Frankly, his P.T. Barnum type actions is what has really turned me on him...

VNN: So is your contention that he's profiting off his radio and lying about it? Or that he's an opportunistic show (a la the P.T. Barnum reference)? Or something else? It isn't very clear.

VONBLUVENS: I will get to the issue of money in a minute. But first: 1) Dennis Bossack. He was an absolute crackpot, and Hal didn't give two hoots in Hell to even do a Google search on him.

DOC: It took me ten minutes and in another thirty we had an exposure show out on Hal ["Who is Dennis Bossack?" The Vonbluvens Show, January 14, 2003].

VONBLUVENS: I called him on it, and Hal, instead of thanking me for pulling his integrity out of the fire, he pressures the web server owner to pull down The Vonbluvens Show site.

VNN: Have you discussed this with Hal Turner?

VONBLUVENS: I had a heart to heart discussion with Hal and I said I wouldn't be so critical with the proviso that he didn't step in it like [he did with the Bossack interview]. But he kept stepping in it. This gave me the indication he didn't care about his listeners (who are the very same people who listen to us). Next, number 2) That Nigger with the AIDS [Boyd E. Graves, interviewed on the February 12, 2003, episode of The Hal Turner Show]. He allowed this fucking AIDS-infected nigger to bash and essentially walk all over his listeners and callers. I actually got so fucking mad, I called his show. Again, total disregard for his white listeners. Is this the new media I was mentioning? God forbid... The examples are numerous. The Planet X piece of shit he called a story, I let that one slide. The question is: How is this a service to white people?

DOC: It pays Hal's mortgage.

VONBLUVENS: It's almost as if he gets his stories while he goes grocery shopping or something. Now, let's move on to the money factor. His bills go from 1500 dollars a month to a whopping 7000. Fucking explain that! Why hasn't ANYONE other than The Vonbluvens Show a goddamn thing about him bilking white people? I look at it as a major diversion of capital from the struggle. Hal Turner's latest Barnum act just takes the fucking cake. I had to do something.

VNN: To what "Barnum act" are you referring?

VONBLUVENS: First he says he is sick. Then he has collapsed and is in the hospital. Then his news alert says he has 24 hours to live. Now, like some fucking miracle he has come out of his coffin like some damnable Jew to do his show Monday [April 28, 2003] and to suck the lifeblood out of his listeners' credit cards. That is the definition of chutzpah!

[On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, Hal Turner's website announced: "Hal Turner has collapsed. He is in serious but stable condition in hospital, upgraded from critical." On Friday, April 25, 2003, it reported Hal's evolving condition: "4/25 6:25 PM: Doctors report Hal has a major fever of 104.5 and rising! If he survivies the next 8 to 24 hours, and the fever breaks, he will be ok. Otherwise, they say, prepare for the worst; 9:50 PM 4/25: Hal's fever has risen to 106 - dangerously high. Unless the fever breaks soon, he will suffer internal organ failure and brain damage; 11:00 PM 4/25: Hal's fever has broken and he has regained consciousness! It looks like he'll be all right!"]

DOC: Oy vey, it is dying that I am! Send cash!

VNN: That phraseology sounds almost familiar, Doc.

DOC: "I'm yanking the boards until I get $3,500! No show unless I get some money quick!

VONBLUVENS: And that is why I call him a fucking jew. And that is why I will continue to attack him until he either gets off the fucking air or stops raping our brothers and sisters of their money.

VNN: Von and Doc, listeners to your show, which includes me, are quite familiar with your various problems with Hal Turner. To put it in context, allow me to sketch three Vonbluvens Shows that were explicit, no holds barred outright body slams of Hal Turner --

DOC: Only three? We are slipping Von.

VNN: 1) The Bossack expose you previously mentioned, which, if I remember correctly, was not only recorded the same evening as Hal's interview -- as you said -- but was also published for listeners that same evening.

DOC: It was.

VONBLUVENS: That's correct.

VNN: 2) Then there was the April 8, 2003, "I'll Get the Money Right Away" episode. Its centerpiece was a sound bite of Hal soliciting donations, in which he told listeners that if they donated via credit card he'd get the money right away. You guys must have played that clip a dozen times. Ouch, pretty vicious, don't you think?

VONBLUVENS: Vicious? Truth hurts.

DOC: Mess with the best and die like the rest. The jews don't like the truth either.

VONBLUVENS: I couldn't help but use that clip. It encapsulated everything that Turner is about.

VNN: And last but certainly not least, is your April 26, 2003, show, "Rush Limbaugh a Jew?" While the title features Limbaugh, the heart of the show purports to expose Hal Turner an inadvertent Hal Turner confession. In sum, Hal mistakenly thinks his microphone is off and is caught saying things you believe people should know about. The clip you air is from the September 25, 2002, episode of The Hal Turner Show. What does Hal say and why you think it's important for listeners to hear it?

[Two things should be noted here regarding the 9/25/02 show. First, from the start of the show Hal Turner is unusually pissed off. Loud, angry, aggressive, surly, confrontational, a loose cannon punching at the fences, kicking puppies, and twisting titties. It was pretty wild. Frequent caller "Al from Colorado" commented that he thought Hal "was going to have a heart attack." Second, the sound clip presented by The Vonbluvens Show has been edited out of the episode housed in The Hal Turner Show's 9/2002 audio archives.]

VONBLUVENS: I think it speaks for itself. Out of his own mouth.

VNN: Perhaps. But folks reading this may not have heard your 4/26/03 show. Or his 9/25/02 show. Please, describe to them what they will hear.

VONBLUVENS: On that clip, he goes to a commercial. There is a technical problem. He cusses. The show comes back on. You can hear Turner excoriating his wife.

DOC: [Hal Turner] is yelling at his wife in the background while a commercial airs. He tells her to shut the fuck up and that this is the way I make my living.

VONBLUVENS: Some parts are inaudible, but one thing comes out loud and clear: "I could have a regular job like normal people! This is my Job...This is how I make my living!"

VONBLUVENS: Essentially that is what it was and is.

VNN: Ok. Assuming that is true, why exactly is that a problem? What needs "exposing"?

VONBLUVENS: It illustrates how mean he can truly be. And how he treats and approaches his show and his attitude towards his listeners. Namely, they are a source of his sustenance. So, his bills aren't in the normal flow of just paying the expenses for the show but to pay his personal bills. With this I have a problem.

DOC: If Hal would just tell the truth we'd back off of him. His mortgage is not a cost of doing his show. If people want to help Hal pay his bills, great! But don't lie to a listener about it. Too many poor people send money to keep Hal "on the air," not to fund his lifestyle.

VONBLUVENS: Hal hasn't made the distinction between his expenses of the show and his living expenses. When he asks for funds, ostensibly they are for the maintenance and functioning of the program. I think most of his listeners would agree with my assessment.

DOC: Can you say "fraud"? I knew you could. Criminal and civil fraud.

VONBLUVENS: The problem is no one but Hal can answer that question. But it appears he has a credibility problem.

DOC: Hal isn't a 501(c)3 tax exempt org. Hal isn't a "church." Hal is simply criminally defrauding listeners to maintain his lifestyle.

VONBLUVENS: Ok, DOC, you made the back it up. Give your reasons for saying that, Doc.

DOC: He asks for money for a specific purpose. The money goes elsewhere. Simple as that.

VONBLUVENS: It's speculation but what gives our speculation credibility, Victor, is Hal isn't truthful and his latest stunts... Where there is smoke there is fire (I hate that cliche).

DOC: Ask David Duke what happens sooner or latter.

VNN: So, Doc, do you think the allegations against David Duke are true?

DOC: I'm not saying that they are or aren't. I don't know. What I am saying is that Hal is committing fraud. I know the costs of an internet "radio" show. But in the case of Turner, you really have a problem when your compatriots question your actions.

VNN: More than once you guys have made a point to suggest to Hal that he eliminate his budget problem by switching to Whiteplanet...


VNN: ...You have compared your own operating expenses with his, correct?

VONBLUVENS: Well, with his stated expenses, yes.

VNN: Isn't that comparing apples and oranges?

VONBLUVENS: I don't understand. What do you mean exactly?

VNN: Unlike The Vonbluvens Show, The Hal Turner Show is a live call-in show, which as far as I know is not offered by Whiteplanet.

VONBLUVENS: Well, [a live call-in show] would only add around 200 dollars a month. That function could be added I am sure.

DOC: And an 800 line costs how much?

VONBLUVENS: Around 200 a month.

VNN: So you are, in fact, making the accusation that Hal Turner could do his show as-is for less than he alleges?

DOC: Yes.


DOC: Tell me, Victor. What is the difference between "live" and rebroadcast in a few minutes? I mean [Hal Turner] isn't doing breaking news.

VNN: I cannot speak for Mr. Turner. But, as a listener, my understanding is that the difference between costs for his show and yours revolves around his being live call-in and yours not. While anyone with a microphone and a computer can upload a file, much more is involved in doing a live call-in show. Whether the extra cost is worth it is a different issue than whether the cost is real, isn't it?

VONBLUVENS: Well, the difference is that Hal has some fucking dot-head techie at a data center over-billing him.

DOC: So have him publish his itemized costs. He won't, will he?

VONBLUVENS: The only variable I see is the 200-dollar expense in the 800 line.

VNN: There's also the live feed, right? Servers, bandwidth, thwarting hack attempts... these cost money too, don't they?

VONBLUVENS: He hasn't proven that. He will dole out maybe a bill or two, but that doesn't account for the fucking thousands of dollars of variance. I used to be an accountant. When you have large fluctuations, it's symptomatic of a problem.

DOC: Hal constantly calls us "retarded" and "dimwits" but we dare not expose him for the crook he is? Now I've said it on our show and now it's in print. He has any number of grounds for legal action but he won't sue, will he? Why? Because I could subpoena his records in my defense.

VONBLUVENS: And again that returns us to his credibility problem. I would shut the hell up if he gave a full accounting of his monthly bills. But he hasn't and I am sure will not do that.

DOC: I would win on both fronts. Hal is a crook and I would get his actual records.

VONBLUVENS: Either way, it doesn't matter. Most folks have figured this out for themselves. You wouldn't believe the amount of former Turner fans that email me on a daily basis.

DOC: Victor, let me be clear: I like Hal's message to whites. I like his shows, until he begs for money and takes his calls from the same 3 people every time.

VONBLUVENS: Have we satisfied this question? It seems to be going in circles now.

VNN: Let me ask another to clarify.

[Doc laughs.]

VNN: Doc's comment about the "same three callers" points to the other side of the coin, referring to a distinction I made earlier in our conversation. Namely, it suggests that even if Hal Turner's costs are exactly what he says they are, the cost is unnecessary. As I've said, this is a very different claim than the costs are fabricated. And it could be argued that you guys tend to conflate the two. In your eyes, are they the same or different?

DOC: There are a few differences, yes. But Hal is still lining his pockets.

VONBLUVENS: No, I didn't say that at all. It very well cost less than what he says, but who in the hell knows?

VNN: If you don't "know," on what grounds do you attempt to skewer Hal Turner?

VONBLUVENS: Because of his credibility problems. It really doesn't add up in my mind. The only one that really knows is Hal. And maybe the IRS.

DOC: He can either put up or shut up. I personally think he is a liar and a thief. Is that clear enough?

VNN: This is what I mean. Hal Turner says he has put up, but that you guys won't shut up.

VONBLUVENS: Where? When? A bill for his phone bills? That's a partial picture. He also doesn't disclose how much he gets from advertisers...or donations.

VNN: Hal says repeatedly that he has no paid advertising. As to costs, whether the amounts he says are true I don't know, but he regularly updates listeners as to how much he's received via donations and how much he needs. In terms of posting his bills, on at least one occasion -- during his September 25, 2002 show, the same show during which your clip captures him apparently screaming at his wife -- Mr. Turner announces that he will scan and post his bills for skeptics to see and scrutinize. He did it. He posted his bills. No one -- at least no callers to his show at the time -- challenged their veracity. What Vonbluvens is saying is "who knows?" This is very different from claiming "it doesn't add up." Did the posted bills add up or not?

DOC: Where are his complete bills posted? Crap, Victor! Get real. He has posted a couple of random bills at times. There are two sides to a balance sheet.

VONBLUVENS: The "who knows" comment from me is a sign that I am tiring of this same line of questioning. Let Hal Turner show his debits against his credits and I believe that asshole will be shown for the liar that he is. Doc, you have any more to add to this?

VNN: Hold on a second. This is important. As you've said, a white man's credibility is at stake. If I'm going to broach the subject, I owe it to that white man to doubt the accusations and to push you to be as clear as possible. Hal Turner's position, as I understand it, is that it costs a motherload to do a live-feed show with call-ins, a toll-free 800 line, etc. You guys claim his numbers are wrong. Essentially you say he is lying. But when asked how/where/when it gets dismissed as a big mystery that no one knows but Hal Turner. With all due respect, gentlemen, that's less than convincing. Isn't it?

DOC: And what is a "motherload?" That is the "six million"-dollar question.

VONBLUVENS: Hal hasn't proven that.

VNN: I don't know what it costs to do what Hal does. But it's not clear to me that you do either. And Hal is not accusing anyone of lying. You are. If the general principle is innocent until proven guilty, doesn't that put the burden of proof on you?

DOC: No. We say he is lying and he will not prove we are wrong. Cost can be what you want them to be, or what you allow them to be.

VONBLUVENS: How do you account for the wild fluctuations, Vic?

VNN: I don't account for anything. This is my point: the amount of money requested may sound like a lot to me, but I don't have any real reason to doubt that it's true. You guys evidently do. That's what I'm trying to get you to clarify for me.

DOC: Hal doesn't want his listeners to know the truth. You tell me who he "broadcasts" with and I'll call them to check prices for our show. Hal has no job. Hal's wife supports him? Hal is independently wealthy? Right.

VONBLUVENS: Wouldn't Hal's costs be somewhat static? I said it once and I will say it again, where there is smoke there is fire. Hellacious variant cost says it all in my mind.

The Future of White Activism

VNN: Next. There are a number of groups and philosophies out there competing for listeners, members and dollars. National Alliance, White Revolution, the Creativity Movement (formerly The World Church of the Creator), Christian Identity, Metzger's lone wolf WAR non-organization, etc. There are also a variety of burgeoning media hubs like VNN, Whiteplanet, Turner Radio Network. What do you guys see happening in the next couple years in the movement and who do you see being key players, movers, and shakers.

DOC: Victor, I'm not doing this show for money. I do it because I believe in what we do. I don't care if people listen to one or the other or none of the above. Just make America WHITE again. My belief is that VNN is doing it right though.

VONBLUVENS: Competition is a good thing. Philosophies change almost as quickly as the trends in fashion. Let me go through one by one. NA, they seem to be more of a media distribution service than an actual political force. Hal Turner isn't a political force; he is like Doc and me - a loud mouth with a microphone. Metzger's WAR speaks for itself. The Christian Identity philosophy may be a great seed corn for a true political fighting force, but this religion probably won't ever run candidates in the true sense. The media outlets are great. I say let the strongest survive and thrive. I don't think they should ever merge, that would weaken them. The thing that characterizes this so-called movement is that it needs a laxative. It isn't moving and if it stays on its current track will become irrelevant.

DOC: National Socialism can't work. Not many people are going to go for anything "nazi" no matter what its other attractions. I know I'm one of them. I believe that the "Christian Identity" will be the unifying force, though I doubt that science will back up the theory. The point is that White people need something they can collectively believe in.

VNN: How does The Vonbluvens Show -- the self-proclaimed "biggest, baddest, mutherfucking racist talk show on the net" -- play into this?

VONBLUVENS: I look at me and the doc like this. I am Albrecht Durer and the Doc is Martin Luther. They had a profound impact on their times, and we will have some impact on ours.

Victor Wolzek

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Michael Blevins aka Vonbluvens, back in the day.

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Michael Blevins, Vonbluvens, recent.

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Donut Joe Gotta Go
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Donut Joe: Roanoke's Finest
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Vonbluvens contemplating the impenetrable mystery of groid baboonery.

Arch of Titus by Michael Blevins
Arch of Titus
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Beast of Bergen
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Tin-foil hat-wearing UFO enthusiast.

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Dennis Bossack. Guest on The Hal Turner Show January 14, 2003.

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Uncle Samuel Wants Goys
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For Real This Time
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*Interviewed April 27, 2003. The interview presented here has been consolidated and organized for readability.