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The Line in the Sand from October Sun Films - Click here to visit the site
The United States government has refused to effectively protect the southern border with Mexico for 40 years.

Average American citizens are now banding together to stand up against a government they feel no longer represents their interests, forming one of the largest ongoing civil protests in recent American history: The Minuteman Project.

Featuring: Glenn Spencer, Cindy & Ed Kolb, Chris Simcox, John Petrello, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Alex Linder, Jim Gilchrist, Tom Tancredo, Wes Bramhall and many, many more.

Produced & Directed by Byron Jost

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Alex Linder on the Peter Principle
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January 14th, 2005, Hawaii: "Muds react to Chain's free speech rights under the 1st Amendment and the Creativity religion."

"Had I not carefully lain my torso on the front seat at the precise moment of the steel pipe's impact, my skull would certainly have been shattered. I'd have been murdered. I performed a highspeed bootleg turn in the 1988 420 SEL at the end of that deadend street to get away. On the way out, that same mud impaled the end of that thick gauged steel pipe into my dashboard. Right to carry is almost impossible in some states; otherwise, I'd have chanced it and shot him dead in (my opinion, what would have been) self-defense. This is a small example of the certain future for White people in Jew kvetched "equal" and invaded AmeriKwa- no different than what Whites endure in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and randomly, in any area of the Kwa right now." - Craig Cobb

Aryan Alternative Distribution in Tampa gets jewzmedia Attention
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The Aryan Alternative
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Alex Linder on's Peter Schaenk Show - 02/22/05
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"The Vonbluvens Show"
by Victor Wolzek
"The Call"
by Victor Wolzek
KFRU Broadcast featuring Glenn "Rounder" Miller
In response to the Columbia, MO VNN Tabloid Distribution

Republic Broadcasting Network's "The Peter Principle" Show
Featuring guest Glenn Miller of the White Freedom Party
Plus: VNN caller comments!

Hal Turner II
by Victor Wolzek
Dr. William Pierce
by Victor Wolzek
Hal Turner
by Victor Wolzek

Live Performance of
Ebert & Rivers At The Movies

The Modern Humorist

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The Eternal Jew
A 'must see' for anyone that wants to discover the true nature of the jew.
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