Vanguard News Network

Who We Are

Alex Linder -- editor


Victor Wolzek -- pop culture, media critique, "Terror Timeline"
Max Hadden -- defending German honor & NS philosophy
Fredrik Haerne -- Sweden, Europe
John Allington - Jewish ideological movements, the dispossessed majority
J. Halliday -- catchall
F. O'Flahertie -- aesthetics
J. Drain -- fiction
The Crux -- conservative cowardice
H. Becker -- movies
T. Crews -- books
F. Hoff-Heinz -- review of the right
K. Tarkington -- tv and advertising
H. Croy -- country music
Alaric -- history
Matt Nuenke -- eugenics
Chuck Pearson
Cracker Whitman -- Horowitz
M.X. Rienzi -- White history
Mark Rivers -- movies
Etienne Brule -- Detroit
Andrei Kievsky
John Claverley Cartney -- house philosopher & poetry critic

What We Are

We are a group of disgusted and disaffected writers driven out of academia and journalism by the Semitical Correctness that has denatured our culture. We have come together on the Internet to reclaim the American mind from the Jews. In short, we are the Antibodies, and our advent heralds the day a White political force rises and reasserts civilization.

What It Means To You, the Reader

It means that for probably the first time in your life, you get news spun accurately. For once you are getting news from people who look and act like you, and who share your beliefs.

Writers Sought

If you are an able writer -- regardless of your field -- and you have a story to tell, a book to review, a movie to complain about, let us know. We are always looking for new talent and for regional or foreign stringers to report the real facts the Jewish wire services cover up.

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VNN was founded on 9 August 2000 by A. Linder and R. Belser.

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