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Dylan 'Yassenoff' KleboldBob 'Zimmerman' Dylan
Dylan "Yassenoff" Klebold
Bob "Zimmerman" Dylan

Anti-Skinhead propagandaAnti-white propaganda
Anarchist Internet propaganda
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Roots in Anarchy and Communism

Facts bear out Nationalist indictment

      Dylan Klebold, the Columbine High School rampager, was identified in initial news' reports as a "white supremacist." Then, additional stories allegedly linked Klebold to some "vast right-wing conspiracy."

      When it was discovered that Klebold was a Jew and his ancestors named Yassenoff had come from Russia, the reports disappeared. There was no coverage of Klebold's links to a "vast left-wing conspiracy" in the wake.

      However, Nationalists have researched and uncovered some shocking links to various communists, anarchists and self-styled "anti-hate" groups, many operating on the Internet, some ensconced in Hollywood, which likely influenced Klebold to carry out his Emma-Goldman-style massacre.

      When it was eventually revealed that Klebold was an anarchist, who hung out in anarchist chat rooms, and was a homosexual, to boot, a few national news' outlets ran accounts contending that Eric Harris, Klebold's flunky, was, actually, the ringleader and that the rampager was somehow the "innocent victim" of some diabolical Harris.

      But video tapes have confirmed that not only was Klebold the instigator who wanted to kill at least 250 people, by his own admission, but he wanted to impress Hollywood to have movies made about his attack.

      His idol was obviously not Jesus Christ or even some high-school football coach. It was the likes of Stephen Spielberg and Bob "Zimmerman" Dylan.

      Early on, Klebold was referred to as a "neo-Nazi" by some reports and there was even a cry to outlaw rightists. Several demanded that Crosstar be banned from the Internet because of Klebold's rampage, suggesting that Nationalists were behind it all.

Influenced by the Internet

      But Klebold was actually influenced by various anti-Nationalist Internet pages. These lurid offerings label athletes, patriots and Nationalists as "haters" and "Nazis." Klebold may have been trying to smear rightists by posing as a rightist, himself, hoping that his misdeeds would cause a panic which would result in repeal of the Second Amendment, long a goal of communist, anarchist and leftist groups.

      The leftist goal is to eradicate all vestiges of the founders of the nation, who resemble George Washington, and replace them with Hispanics, Africans or Asians. One Red page touts a black-colored hand with red, yellow and brown fingers as its symbol.

      Klebold's ploy would not have been unprecedented. Frank Colin of Chicago, Dan Burros of Pennsylvania, Davis Hawke of South Carolina and Jordan Gollub of Mississippi have all espoused "rightist" views, only to be revealed as Jews, themselves, after which they vanished from sight.

      The video tapes show Klebold as unrepentant, clearly in charge, while Harris offers a tepid apology for the massacre in a possible pang of conscience up against the heartless, amoral Klebold.

      Nationalists have pointed out that bombings, shootings and killings have been instigated by the same immigrants from Russia as Klebold's ancestors for generations, and that such lawlessness continues to take place. One Internet page that called for "Nazis" to be killed, which ran at the time of the Klebold killings, originated in France, but disappeared suddenly after Nationalists exposed it.

Americans targeted

      Leftist "hate" pages frequently depict images of clean-cut youth with Anglo-Saxon features with a target over them, a knife poked through them or the word Stop Them superimposed. Nationalists have called for banning such subversive offerings from the Internet, altogether. They have, also, called for a police and Congressional investigation into what they term "un-American activities" by Hollywood-instigated criminality of the Klebold variety.

      Most of Hollywood's present-day moguls are kin to Yassenoff, nineteenth-century anarchist Emma Goldman, atom-spy Ethel Rosenberg and founder of communism, Karl Marx. Winston Churchill's dictum seems to bear out that "blood is thicker than water."

      Nationalists have also noted that most of the shootings have been carried out by those with odd or foreign-sounding names, such as Solomon, Golden, Kinkel and Klebold. A Nationalist petition on the Internet has called for anti-social types to be removed from schools and for "Great Society" measures which force minorities, aliens and foreigners into schools to be abolished in the name of school safety.

      The ACLU, which is comprised of many Hollywood types, has demanded that a Jewish gang-symbol, six-pointed star be forced into the public schools, while the Christian cross be banned from a state office building. Nationalists have countered with successful moves to bring American and Confederate flags back into the schools, as a sign of defiance of ACLU, Hollywood and Klebold types.

      Some observers have conceded, privately, that the Nationalists have been "right all along" in their initial and continuing indictment of Klebold and in their call to ferret out Klebold-type conspiracies, hopefully before they spread much further.

Dylan Klebold's Family Tree

Roots and Branches of the Tree

Name Orientation Links
Louis Brandeis Pro-Semite Immigrationist

The inspiration for Murrah-Building-bomber Tim McVeigh. At his trial, McVeigh quoted Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, who made a career of pushing minorities, leftists and immigrants, such as Klebold's ancestors, into society. According to his sister, McVeigh called the police "fascists," the term used by Steve Kirchbaum and other leftist agitators synonymously with "neo-Nazi." McVeigh also called the American government "storm troopers," indicating his disdain for what he perceived to be a country run by "neo-Nazis" and "anti-Semites," worthy, in his mind, of being bombed and destroyed.
Dan Burros "Neo-Nazi" Suicide

Burros led a self-proclaimed "neo-Nazi" group in Philadelphia, which was soundly denounced repeatedly by various Jewish organizations. When told that the New York Times was prepared to publish a story the following day that he was actually Jewish, Burros killed himself.
Frank Colin "Neo-Nazi" Child Molester

Colin led a self-proclaimed "neo-Nazi" group in Chicago, which scheduled a parade through the Jewish section of Skokie, Illinois. Jews roundly condemned him, but represented him in court. The march was canceled after it was revealed that Colin was Jewish. He was later convicted of child molestation.
Abraham Cooper Pro-Semite Wiesenthal Museum

Cooper, a spokesman for the Simon Wiesenthal Museum, was immediately on television claiming that "white extremists" were responsible for the Colorado shooting. He claimed that he had proof that "white" activists are undertaking to cause violence and mayhem. He claims to have operatives all over the country and is obviously well financed. He showed pictures of Klansmen and "white supremacists" who he blamed for the rampage.
Bob Dylan Singer Viet-Cong Propagandist

Dylan, real name Zimmerman, was a honcho of the Sixties' pro-Viet Cong, pro-communist, pro-hippy element, which sought to destabilize the country during the Vietnam War. Klebold's mother doubtlessly chose the name for her son as a showing of solidarity with the extreme left.
Dwight Eisenhower Pro-minority Little-Rock Invasion

The first time guns were introduced into a school was when President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent the Army to force minorities into Little Rock's Central High School. Little Rock was, therefore, the genesis of Littleton. Soldiers pushed American students, who protested the takeover of their school, away with bayonets. The clean-cut, all-American students of that era stand in stark contrast to the drugged out, ears-pierced, "diverse" conglomerate to which most public schools have been reduced. Prior to Eisenhower's introduction of guns, the most common infraction in American schools was chewing gum or running in the halls.
Abraham Foxman Pro-Semite Anti-Defamation League

Sometimes called the "Jewish Mafia," the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is a largely secret organization which lately was found to have broken into government offices and stolen police files. Headed by Abraham Foxman, it routinely accuses its opponents of "anti-Semitism" and conscripts its operatives to try to ban television shows and Internet sites it disapproves. Its cavalier attitude toward the law bolsters those who want to take measures into their own hands. It was founded to rehabilitate the image of murderer Leo Frank, who viciously and violently killed young Georgia factory-worker Mary Fagan in 1912. Nationalists are demanding full investigation and exposure of the ADL and any ties, directly or indirectly, to Klebold.
Leo Frank Murderer Mary-Fagan Killer

Frank, a New-York businessman, was lynched in Georgia for killing a young American girl who worked in his pencil factory. The case was notable because Jewish elements from all over the world banded together to create pressure groups to "rehabilitate" the image of the murderer. Such groups amassed great wealth and power and even managed to secure a posthumous "pardon" for Frank. Today, they are active in trying to stifle freedom of speech. One such group, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, has authored so-called "hate laws" which attempt to penalize anyone who stigmatizes minorities, aliens and homosexuals.
Benjamin Freedman "Neo-Nazi" Financier

Unknown to the general public, Freedman, an heir to the Beechnut food-chain fortune, financed the neo-Nazi publications of Conde McGinley, a New Jersey editor known as the leading "anti-Semite" of his day. Freedman's bankrolling was not brought to light until after McGinley's death, but it set the pace for subsequent underwriting and control of "neo-Nazi" artifices by Jewish organizations.
David Goldman Pro-Semite Hatewatch Website

A writer who copied the Harvard Hate Page on the Internet after it was banned as a Bill of Attainder after Nationalists objected. Goldman categorized his opponents as "neo-Nazis" and blamed Nationalists and rightists for virtually every ill in the country. He went on television blaming "whites" for the Colorado shooting. He built up a small but virulent cadre from his Hatewatch site and likely inflamed Klebold, who was also an Internet enthusiast. Goldman folded after his associate, Brian Marcus, joined violent anarchists who attacked Nationalists at Morristown, New Jersey and Nationalists threatened to sue.
Emma Goldman Anarchist McKinley-Assassination Instigator

A Nineteenth-Century anarchist, Goldman toured the country preaching that all public officials should be assassinated. An avid follower of Karl Marx, she was especially well-received among Jewish immigrants, newly arrived from Russia and Eastern Europe, many of whom became involved in forming the Communist Party and the "Wobblies" at the time of the Communist takeover of Russia in 1917. The assassin of President William McKinley was one of her disciples, as were the Rosenberg atom-spies and the sixties' bombers called the "Weathermen." Goldman is still highly revered by Klebold types.
Jordan Gollub "Klansman" Impersonator

When there seemed to be a lull in targets for pro-Semitic activists, Gollub stepped onto the scene declaring that he was "head" of the "Ku Klux Klan." He immediately received great fanfare by the news media as a "spokesman" for "rightists," until it was uncovered that he was Jewish. He quickly dropped out of sight, but not before leaving the impression that his element will attempt to pressure public opinion from dark and devious vantage points, such as by pretending to be what they are not. Such machinations doubtlessly weighed on the impressionable and twisted mind of the young, homosexual Klebold, who purportedly feigned being a "neo-Nazi."
Andrew Greenbaum "Neo-Nazi" Impersonator

A "fresh face" suddenly appears on television screens as "Davis Hawke," complete with costume and mustache. He presents himself as the Jerry-Stringer-Show, stereotypical "neo-Nazi," and is both promoted and attacked by pro-Semites. His "claim-to-fame" was a bizarre Internet page extolling America's World War II enemies, copied from the site of Ryan Wilson of Philadelphia, which became defunct when Wilson was charged for depicting bombs being set off and blowing up supporters of the ADL. A South Carolina newspaper then uncovers "Hawke's" birth certificate and discloses that "Hawke's" real name is Greenbaum. Greenbaum also used the alias "Bo Decker."
Abbie Hoffman Anarchist Youth International "Hippy" Party

A sixties,' a leftist and self-described hippie, Hoffman called for communal living, drug-culture and destruction of all government, particularly the American Nation. He idolized Marx, Castro, Che Guevara and Mao and supported power for minorities, rioters and assorted anti-Americans. Hoffman was a direct ideological descendant of anarchist Emma Goldman. He and his cohorts received massive financial support from Yassenoff-types, who amassed vast fortunes from shady real-estate dealings, stock-market manipulation or profiteering.
Steve Kellerman Pro-Minority Industrial Workers of the World

Jewish immigrants, such as Yassenoff types, formed the Wobblies, nickname for the Industrial Workers of the World, at the time of World War I. Their aim was to bring about a Communist world through assassination, rioting and mayhem. Adherents journeyed back to Russia to take part in the massive violence and killing which brought down the Russian government. They were instrumental in the assassination of the Czar and his family, as well as in the extermination of millions of "White" Russians, who opposed the Communist takeover. Their planks, calling for minorities to oust whites and for national borders to be abolished, heavily influenced the Communist Party, ACLU, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center and Hate Watch. Their partisans journeyed to Spain to support Communists during the Spanish Civil War, became pro-Viet Cong hippies during the sixties and are presently active on the Internet, through their Executive, Steve Kellerman, in support of class warfare.
Steve Kirchbaum Pro-Semite Committee Against Racism

Kirchbaum is the activist who loudly proclaimed Nationalists in Boston to be "Nazis" by way of posters plastered all over the City. Boston officials filed charges for defacing public property. Kirchbaum's assaults became so heated that additional police were mobilized for the Nationalist rally at South Boston High School because of violence provoked by Kirchbaum's followers. One of Kirchbaum's confederates got close enough to pummel a Nationalist with a stick during a Nationalist rally in New Hampshire. Kirchbaum brought together an assortment of ADL-types, homosexuals and Hispanics, widely covered on the Internet and by the national news media, so as to reach the ears of Klebold. Gary Scoupolopolous, a Kirchbaum associate, is the Boston homosexual leader who was also active in opposing the Nationalists.
Dylan Klebold Anarchist Columbine Massacre

Klebold's Jewish ancestors emigrated from Russia and amassed vast fortunes through shady financial dealing. Klebold was likely named after Bob Dylan, the sixties' hippy singer, whose real name was Zimmerman, who extolled the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War and who was idolized by leftists, such as Klebold's parents. The Klebold household was undoubtedly immersed with pro-Semitic propaganda, with ties to the ADL and similar outfits. Klebold's mother was educated at an all-Jewish school. Klebold was certainly bombarded with the concept that Americans were "Nazis" who needed to be destroyed and, also, with images of Jews who had feigned being "neo-Nazis" in order to whip up frenzy in favor of gun bans, "hate" laws, aid to Israel and further importation of Jews from Russia. Klebold patronized anarchist web sites where he posted and received bomb-making materials. Being a homosexual was further indication of Klebold's perverse and anti-social mentality.
Karl Marx Communist Founder of Communism

The founder of Communism, Marx advocated internationalism, abolition of all nations, miscegenation of all nationalities and communal living. Marx' consummate ambition was the overthrowing of the government of the United States by force and violence, similar to the tactics used by Klebold. Marx called for a cult-like, Communist elite ruling the world. The "Trenchcoat Mafia" is consistent with Marx' appeal for cult-like behavior. Marx' principal supporter in America was anarchist, Emma Goldman. Marx is the ideological "great-grandfather" of Dylan Klebold.
Julius Rosenberg Communist Atom Spy

The Communist and spy who, together with his wife, Ethel, delivered America's atom-bomb secrets to the Communists, was a staunch disciple of anarchist Emma Goldman and Communist Karl Marx. As such, he advocated overthrowing the American nation by way of "self-help" and unlawful means. Both Rosenbergs were executed for treason. The Weathermen were apologists for the Rosenbergs, as was Abbie Hoffman. Many Jewish organizations, certainly known to Klebold and likely financed by Klebold's kin, persist in idolizing the Rosenbergs and seeking a "pardon" for them.
Irv Rubin Pro-Semite Jewish Defense League

A propagandist for the line that those who stand in the way of Jewish goals are "neo-Nazis." Rubin is quoted profusely on the Internet by his confederates and others and likely made a strong impact upon Klebold with his steady diet of hatred, which is often directed against the American People, as a whole. Rubin and his followers have been embroiled in controversies over the advocacy of violence and have been proponents of the use of weapons to achieve their ends.
Carl Weiss Assassin Huey-Long Assassin

Weiss is the assassin of Louisiana's legendary Huey Long. Long, who was putting together a drive for the White House to unseat pro-minority President Franklin Roosevelt, was gunned down by Weiss in the state Capitol Building in 1936. Active in pro-Semitic causes, Weiss set an example of violence which is still adored and mimicked by the likes of Dylan Klebold and Israeli commandoes.
Simon Wiesenthal Pro-Semite Wiesenthal Museum

The activist has been in the forefront of minority efforts to "ban" freedom of speech among individuals with whom he disagrees. He has pushed so-called "hate" laws which in Canada have resulted in jail terms for those who have published pamphlets calling for an end to alien immigration, such as the type which brought Yassenoff and others like him to America. Supported by a vast fortune amassed by benefactors, Wiesenthal pursues the line that depicts pro-Americans and Nationalists as "neo-Nazis" which should be vilified, banned from the Internet and imprisoned. He has even called on the United Nations in an attempt to enact laws or treaties which would nullify the First Amendment. His presence on the Internet was doubtlessly influential on Klebold.
Sol Yassenoff Immigrant Columbus Jewish Center

Yassenoff, Klebold's great-grandfather, was part of the wave of Jewish immigrants from Russia who were predicted by nativist American activists to be a threat to the security of the country. They became involved in a wide-range of anarchist, Communist and leftist activities upon setting foot on American soil and their descendants, such as Klebold, have been involved in all sorts of assassinations, bombings, mayhem and lawlessness, ever since. Such figures as Charles Lindbergh called for keeping Yassenoff-types out, altogether, as threats to the nation's bloodline, as well as security. Yassenoff's vast fortune has been used to fund Jewish causes, such as the Columbus, Ohio Jewish Center, and the lavish lifestyle of Klebold and his family. Nationalists have called for a full investigation into the fund-raising, associations and involvement of leftist organizations in the tutoring and instigation of Klebold.


      There have been staggering efforts to paint anyone who stands in the way of what can only be called the pro-Semitic agenda as "Nazis." Sometimes, the term is hurled at opponents of aid to Israel, candidates who run against Jews in elections, patriotic groups which seek an America First Policy or, even, the American People, as a whole.

      Hollywood seems particularly obsessed with creating the image of "losers" and "loners" which they can manipulate as part of a drive against "anti-Semitism." Invariably, Jews are caught depicting themselves as the very "Nazis" they claim to be opposing. Such ambivalence may have been enough to snap the mind of the young Jew, already twisted by homosexuality, to undertake the Littleton, Colorado killing spree. Or, the youth may have been cunning enough to see himself as a "martyr" who would advance the move to abolish the Second Amendment by blaming his mass murder on "neo-Nazis."

      The plot unraveled, however, as Dylan Klebold's true identity became known and as Nationalists boldly pushed for deeper and fuller investigations into not only Klebold, but the entire leftist agenda which, increasingly, seeks to destabilize and demoralize the nation.

      Some telltale indications of the wider plot by the extreme left are:

    • Klebold's ancestry of Jews from Russia, many of whom have taken part in anarchist activities before and are active in leftist causes now.

    • Klebold's homosexuality -- indicating instability, perversity and mental illness -- with new recruiting, publishing and conspiracies being carried on by militant homosexuals.

    • An upswing in agitation by Jewish groups accusing rightists of being "Nazis," attempting to ban rightist publications, speeches or assemblies, increasing aid to Israel and importing alien immigrants.

    • Published reports that Jews, themselves, have been behind numerous incidents of "anti-Semitism."

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