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L'Affair Limbaugh

by Alex Linder


Start with the context.

Rush Limbaugh is America's #1 radio host, a political commentator with sports-marketing background, a slavish Zionist, and the husband of jew. This diamond among zircons was hired by jew-owned ESPN, which is a subsidiary of jew-owned ABC, which is a subsidiary of jew-owned Disney -- the second-biggest media conglomerate in the world -- to offer some tidbits of analysis of NFL games, in hopes that his big name would draw market share. The NFL is led by a jewish commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, and the vast majority of its players are black. A couple weeks into the season, Limbaugh made one true, shallow comment about media framing a story related to race, then apologized and resigned his position, following the predictably ensuing media-generated "controversy." In order to placate non-whites and restore calm to the universe, he withdrew to his politically safe day job as cheerleader for jewish wars of aggression in Southwestern Asia. Over and out.

That's what happened. Thatz the big picture. Now letz look at the 'tailz.

Let's start by looking at the way jews and blacks and Whites intersect with regard to politics, media, and sports. We know from history that jews singlehandedly created the NAACP and the anti-White movement, and that they did this to advance their own group interest in eradicating traditional, European-Christian America. The history of jews creating and organizing black hate to destroy White communities is as undeniable as it is suppressed. To cover their tracks and make actions that would otherwise have seemed hateful and vindictive palatable to normal Americans, the jews ceaselessly promoted to the white masses the false ideologies of human equality and cultural pluralism and white guilt. The jews claimed that race did not exist, that the white race was guilty, that every human difference was a product of culture, and that all cultures were equal, that diversity was our greatest strength, and that America was conceived by the Founders as a place for these different cultures to coexist. All these claims were lies, but as the jews gained power in academia, they spread. And as the jews bought up the major media -- newspapers in the '20s, radio in the '30s, and tv in the '50s -- they stuck. Moreover, the jews were able to suppress alternative views. Nobody who disagreed with the jew-set line could get his word out to the masses. And the few who did -- Henry Ford, Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh -- were turned on as one by the jewish hate machine until by one means or another they were forced into silence. Thus did the majority opinion, the democractic opinion -- the opinion of the people -- give way to the minority opinion -- the opinion of the real but hidden rulers of the country. If you control the media, you control the masses. That is what the history of the U.S. in the 20th century proves, above all else. Since at least the 1920s, the jews have controlled the media in the United States of America.

It is worth interjecting here that this black-superiority movement was pushed in the name of equality and "civil rights," and that itz triumph was complete only when, in the mid-sixties, it completely eradicated the free association that is the be-all of genuine civil rights, and then when it further succeeded in the early seventies in imposing anti-White quotas across all government and most business. This policy of calling a ragweed a rose is a long and venerable tradition among the jews, a people whom the philosopher Schopenhauer called the "great masters of the lie." We will see below how this figures into the Limbaugh comments and the jewsmedia reaction.

Where did sports fit into this political struggle? Well, if you're promoting the lie that an inferior race isn't, it would be wise to find whatever genuine areas of superiority the inferior race possesses, and promote them around the clock, because you're going to have to do an awful lot of cover-up in suppressing the much greater number of areas in which they're inferior. Blacks have genuine abilities in music, and superior abilities in sports requiring speed. Thus, these capacities for entertainment and athletics were emphasized out of all proportion to their merits by the jews producing the mass media. Slowly but surely the jews used their control over the airwaves to promote mass sports and break down color barriers. Slowly pro sports began to develop a mass following, and slowly minorities began to enter the professional leagues. They performed well. As the decades passed, they began to dominate. The jews promoted the minorities every step of the way, constantly looking for new openings to exploit. It was a step-by-step, degree-by-degree process, very much parallel to the way they normalized deviant sexuality through their movies and tv dramas. Whatever broke down traditional, stable White America and made it more digestible to jews was what appeared on the screen, big or small. They began to rewrite the history of White sports -- all major sports were created by Whites -- much the way they rewrote the history of the White nation: they focused on the exclusion of the minority as the defining essence of the "bad old days," and the breaking of the color barrier as the defining social-historical meaning of the game's evolution. Only in some sports could jews rationally get away with their ewige storyline: the White man holding back the colored -- because only in certain sports was it true. No "affirmative action" or other euphemism was needed for coloreds to succeed in basketball or baseball or football, merely opportunity. The jews knew this, and they knew that Whites knew it, and they rubbed this in continually, even as they denied whites their legitimate superiorities in every other field of human activity. Instead of conceding that whereas blacks can jump high and dunk basketballs, Whites can build civilizations, the jews used blacks' success in basketball as backing for their false claim that the only reason blacks hadn't succeeded in every other sphere was that they had been denied opportunity. The jews knew they were lying. They also knew that their argument would be plausible to millions and millions of whites, not least because, by the eighties at least, all these whites did in their non-tax-slave hours was sit around and watch negroes perform on jewish television, rather than read books that might acquaint them with real history and real facts about race.

Thus, at the time of Limbaugh's comments in 2003, we see that the jews had taken political control from Whites through the expert use of television, a mass-indoctrination tool of historically unprecedented power. We see that they had used this control to lie to whites about their own history, and to lull them into paying tens or hundreds a month for the privilege of worshipping negroes on the dullmaker in the one activity in which negroes shine. And we see that from this single example they constructed the ignoble lie that save for white racism blacks would have advanced as far or farther than whites in every other activity. I can't pinpoint the exact date, but certainly by the eighties it was already too late to speak the truth about race anywhere but in private, and certainly nothing true about race could be broadcast over tv, whether in sports or anything else. The triumph of the jews seemed complete. Into this environment strode Rush Limbaugh.

Before getting to Rush's comments, let me point out that Jews were, are, and will remain ideological dope dealers smart enough not to smoke their own stash. They sell equality heroin to you, but they never inject it themselves. They stick to their hateful race-cult business that has seen them through the last five thousand years. The jews don't allow anybody into their homeland who isn't a jew, and they define jew by blood -- either you came out of a jew's cunt, or you're not a jew. Has nothing to do with what you believe. Itz one standard for you the white whose community must be racially integrated -- the jeuphemism for destroyed -- and another for the jew who wishes to preserve his blood and race intact, certainly without any heroic negro ekwalz messing it up. There are no blacks in Israel, save a few Ethiopians of dubious status. The only affirmative actions there are the hundreds of laws discriminating against the Arab minority in the ways that were called racist and morally evil when whites used them to protect their neighborhoods in America or Europe. It cannot be overemphasized that what the jews hold out as good for you and yours is most certainly the opposite of what is good for them and theirs. Everything a jew says must be translated from English into "good for jews" before it can be safely understood.

From what we've discussed, it is clear that race-in-sports is seen by the controlling jews as one battle sector along the eternal racial warfront that is politics. The jews are interested in any group of non-jews only to the extent it advances the jewish agenda. If promoting White athletes, or Asians, advanced their agenda, they'd flip on a dime. But that will not happen.

The jews controlling the media treat race in sports the same way they treat it in politics and every other sphere: black good, white bad. Any point on the globe two whites come together is a racist enclave that must be broken up, reckoning by jewish paranoia. Understand that, and you have true north when trying to find your way back to the policy jews advocate. Jews have the right to exclude anyone or join anyone. Goys have the right to be open to jewish inspection anywhere, anytime. Don't like it? You're an anti-Semite, the jews' word for non-jews. Any place or position traditionally held by whites must be broken up. Jews made the destruction of free association the centerpiece of their "civil rights" campaign because if you can't legally band with others of like mind and exclude others -- the essence of free association -- then it is nearly impossible to develop groups that can fight back against jewish oppression. This may seem a tad afield from sports, but it isn't. You just have to channel the jew spirit, and you can grasp where they're coming from and what they will do, and why the personal is the political -- and the athletic, too. If whites have always been quarterback, then that in itself is reason they shouldn't be. The quarterback is the figurative head of the team, as is the coach. If the heads are all white, that negates the advantage of colorized sports because it supports the claims of the racists that black QBs lack the necessities -- brains and judgments -- to play QB or to manage. Which in turn negates the advantage of having masses of couch potatoes spectating blacks, if they are only appear as foot soldiers under the marshal's command. Football is the most popular sport, remember. Thus, when Limbaugh says

I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve.

he is certainly correct. The media promote Tiger Woods because they want more black golfers, and promote the Williams sisters because they want more coloreds in tennis. They want more black QBs, and so they relentlessly promote McNabb, and the mediocre Kordell Stewart -- "Slash," you know, hot, like an action figure -- and Michael Vick, and every other black QB who might become a poster boy for the future they envision, in which White-dominated positions go the way of California. Not just that, they overtly and repeatedly and expressly reiterate the hope/claim/demand/law that the position of QB is/must changing/be changed to favor traditional black superiorities -- speed -- thereby downgrading the intelligence and judgment that, jew lies notwithstanding, continue to define the successful quarterback. As always -- as with Marx and Freud -- the jews conceal their ethnic hate theories as objective observations. They want to destroy whites. They want to destroy white sports. They want to destroy white football. They want to destroy white quarterbacks. How do they do that? The position, like the 'Kwa itself, is changing. No longer about thinking. About running fast. Is it so? No. Then we'll keep harping until it is. We'll keep insisting the rules be changed to make the quarterback harder to tackle, thereby aiding the quicker black. We'll keep stiffening the rules against cornerbacks and safeties to make it harder to cover receivers, making it likelier that passes will be caught or result in penalties, making it easier to play quarterback, reducing the need for quick, accurate judgments, opening the door to lower-IQ'd black quarterbacks in line with our political position, I mean objective observations. Don't think it works that way? Read Cuddihy on Marx. Read Cuddihy on Freud. Read MacDonald on all these and more. The parallel to blacks as quarterbacks tracks exactly with their observations. All history is the history of class struggle. All quarterback history is the story of racist whites holding down naturally able blacks. The golden future of classless society is inevitable. The nature of the QB position is inevitably changing to one that favors black abilities over white. Limbaugh merely hinted at this, and the media went hog wild, abusing him viciously. The jew always misrepresents the past and the present in order to fuck up the future. Always. In every single arena in which his media operate, whether American football or war in Iraq, we see the same pattern of jew-interested lies. And the same pattern of shoot-the-messenger when those lies are revealed.

Yes, exactly as in the political sphere, where the jew lies about history, even as he lies about present-day reality, even as he misrepresents possibilities for the future, even as he works to undercut with the most vicious smears and legal intercessions anybody who opposes him, here he lies about the nature of the quarterback, his treatment of the quarterback, and the character and intentions of anybody who points out his counterfactual framing of reality. What not one cock-eyed jew at ESPN can deny is that the channel of Cohns, Levys, Bermans and Bornsteins would never, ever, ever run a program pointing out that whites succeed at QB with greater frequency than blacks because whites have genetically higher IQ and superior judgment, and that these advantages have in the past and will in the future continue to outweigh negroes' superior footspeed. But the channel would have no problem running a show that agreed that blacks in fact do possess superior speed due to their West African genetic heritage. No matter how cool ESPN appears...the truth it fears. And thatz a jewish tradition you can bank on. The truth is not in the jew, for the jew is the father of lies.

There are subtler points. For instance, the media talk about how many blacks are encouraged by coaches to become backs or receivers rather than QBs; how many potential black QBs are lost that way. The media never mention that perhaps the discouragement actually works this way: perhaps whites who can run and jump are discouraged from becoming running backs and receivers, because everybody knows, as one jewish production put it, "White men can't jump." Perhaps young white males have athletic anorexia due to low self-esteem brought on by hate messages ubiquitous in the jewish media. Or maybe I missed the sequel, "Black Men Can't Think." I don't recall it was ever released. A white might ask, how many whites are denied broadcasting positions or coaching slots because of ESPN campaigns to ensure that unqualified minorities are given first dibs? Who knows? Why do I, the White viewer, have to put up with not seeing myself reflected on a field or court that is 80% black, nor hear myself reflected from a booth that is 50% jewish? Only a "hater" would pose the question. Ever seen a jew described as a hater? Me either. Is it me, or are jews framing everything to their own advantage, and dragging out the nastiest slurs in the book to attack anybody who objects?

We do know that most certainly ESPN, the sports leader worldwide, as it styles itself, probably has fewer white broadcasters and anchors than jews. I can guarantee you if you go through the on-air talent at ESPN you will find that women, blacks, and jews are overrepresented in comparison to white males. There are very few white males who ever make it on air at ESPN who aren't there only because they used to be professional athletes. If even one in a hundred negroes could speak understandable English, there'd be fewer of these. A perfect example of affirmative action in broadcasting is baseball analyst Harold Reynolds. He simply cannot speak English, even after years of working for ESPN. No white man, even if he were an ex-athlete like Reynolds, so weak at enunciation would ever be considered for that position, let alone hired. Note that, just as in the Ivy Leagues, the on-air slots for negroes and mexicans and women come at the expense of non-jewish White males -- never at the expense of jews. As has been pointed out, Harvard is about 1/4 jewish, and also 1/4 White Christian. Jews never suffer under the discrimination they foist on the White race. Why should they? After all, they claim they're victims, just like the negroes they champion, and we white males are the historically guilty party. These are ludicrous lies, as they are well aware, and their consciousness of the nature of the scam they're pulling is why they react so strongly to the mildest comment that hints awareness and unhappiness with their eternal, dare I say genetic, hypocrisy.

Limbaugh's comments run in the direction of mine, but they don't go nearly far enough -- the trademark of the conservative. Ask conservatism why, it has one stock, safe answer: liberalism. That's not good enough. Said Limbaugh:

"All this has become the tempest that it is because I must have been right about something," Limbaugh said. "If I wasn't right, there wouldn't be this cacophony of outrage that has sprung up in the sports writer community."

That is true. Itz the classic biter bit. Classic glass-jaw-jacking jew jacked. Every jew a Bruce who pulls up sniffling at the gate marked "Arbeit Macht Frei." The jew squalls when he's named. Hell, Limbaugh merely described his game in the most nebulous terms, he didn't even name him, and still the jew drips salty tears of hate and fear. ESPN is famous for its mocking spirit. But when you come down to it, its politics are conventional jew-liberal, with every drop of anti-White sanctimony that implies wherever the question remotely touches on politics. Blacks succeed in sports because of their abilities. Whites succeed because of the old-boy network. ESPN has long editorialized in favor of more black management. From a racial standpoint, ESPN and sports media in general treat pro football as a mopping-up operation. Too few Whites is never a problem. When the percentage of blacks in the NBA fell to 78% from 82%, blacks began to shriek about racism, and rules favoring Eastern European long-range shooters. Never that I know of has ESPN done a story on the small percentages of majority-whites in the top three professional sports, and certainly never one that sought to explain the absence as a problem, just an interesting cultural occurence. When the jew's happy with a situation, he explains. When he's unhappy, he creates issues, breaks barriers -- whatever his code word du jour for lying in order to destroy. In contrast to missing Whites, black absence from anything is considered by that very fact proof of white racism. Not just by media, but by courts. Anything minorities get is theirs to keep; what remains White the jews through their media continue to assault. The Brezhnev Doctrine applied to sports, itz. If you want out of the game, well, good luck with the "civil rights" laws passed that deny your free association. Good luck getting your voice heard across major media. The jews don't want to hear you. Even if you're syndicated in 650 markets and able to augment the jew's audience and ad rates significantly in four weeks. Buh-bye. Don't let the door smack your ass on the way out you evil racist hater guilty White man.

And that brings up another point I'd like to make for my dim friends on the left. I've read all your media critics, at least until my eyes fell down, and they all complain the problem with media is corporate consolidation, rather than the real problem: jewish control. This Limbaugh imbroglio is the perfect proof that you're wrong. You guys love to say that corporations are driven only by profit. Yet, since Limbaugh was hired viewership is up substantially: The show's rating climbed 10 percent, from 2.0 to 2.2. That is huge, in TV terms. Yet the company that Limbaugh was making all the additional revenues for was positively happy to see him go. He made them money. And yet they were happy to see him disappear. Lucy Lefty got some 'splainin' to do. Choo theery can't account for notin, man.

The forces responsible for filling any traditionally white position or shaping any traditionally white sport are continually browbeaten to give in to the colored future. This includes whole sports, such as car racing, golf, and hockey, as well as individual positions within sports that continue to be dominated by whites, although the sport itself may be predominantly black. 2003 saw the launch of a coordinated campaign to niggerize racing, complete with obnoxious photos in a men's mass-magazine of a black in a driver's suit staring down a white guy as though "the white man done stole my NASCAR blues." This campaign was waged on multiple fronts, across multiple media, and Dale Earnhardt Junior knew which way the wind was blowing when he discouraged fans from flying Southern flags. Whites can be allowed no exclusive space. You'd think whites, being so historically evil and all, jews and minorities would want to separate from in the worst way. In fact what they want to do is eat our food and screw our women while pretending that their cultures are anything but parasitic failures. They want to have their whine and drink it too. We're just supposed to shut up and go along. And if we say something they don't like, jew-etiquette calls for us to immediately apologize and withdraw.

The dumb blacks the jews have raised against us are far gone in this. They and only they will decide what may be said about them.

The National Association of Black Journalists also called for ESPN to "separate itself" from Limbaugh. ""ESPN's credibility as a journalism entity is at stake," NABJ president Herbert Lowe said in a news release. "It needs to send a clear signal that the subjects of race and equal opportunity are taken seriously at its news outlets.

That's a "professional journalist" organization essentially saying that criticism of blacks is off-limits. The kind of thing Mugabe's henchmen say when they're shutting down the last independent paper in Zimbabwe. Of course the races differ, and of course the jews controlling ESPN and its parent companies and the rest of the global media know this. But it isn't good for the New World Order to allow anyone to say it. This is how Whites are driven off the planet earth if we allow it to continue.

The tacit assumption guiding ESPN coverage, when it comes to coaching and QBs, is that whites are dinosaurs who retain positions thanks to the good-old-boy network that prevents women-and-minorities from rising to their natural level of superiority, as depicted in every single Hymiewood movie of the last forty years. Black athletes are assumed competent, and assumed to have struggled against racism to have gotten where they are. The black is taken as the normal, and anywhere the black is not is inherently suspect, inherently racist, inherently guilty. I smell issues. I smell barriers for breaking. Simultaneously, in the USA in 2003, one may freely refer to black superiority in speed and saltation, while referring to white superiority in thinking and judgment leads to firing. It is a hypocritical double standard propped up and maintained by the same jews who pass the unwritten laws about what we can and can't say in the political sphere, and for exactly the same reasons. Sports doesn't build character, sports reveals character -- and many other things the media would rather hide, such as the fact that no matter how many millions of dollars you pay a black it won't prevent it from acting like a nigger. See Thomas, see Taylor, see Tyson, see O.J., see Kobe, see, I could go on and on and on and on - forever. I know it. You know. Jew know it, too.

Sports inevitably reveals inequalities, physical and mental. The physical qualities that allow blacks to dominate where speed is required can be discussed, but the mental superiorities of whites are verboten. This suppression of obvious fact really does amount to a New Dark Age, and it is completely, entirely and 100% a function of jews controlling the media. Mentioning that control is, of course, equally verboten. Unless you're a jew comedian like Jon Stewart on a comedy newscast like The Daily Show in which you raise the issue only to mock it. You mock the powers that be -- your very own jew crew -- by enforcing their egalitarian dogma, by encouraging the dolts to laugh at and look down on anyone who sees clearly. I didn't see The Daily Show last night, but I'll bet in the next couple days, Stewart makes light of the Limbaugh situation. And I guarantee you he won't take Limbaugh's side against the jews-that-be. Because even though jews own all the major media and control what is said over them, and only "mock" themselves and their agenda in jew-safe ways -- see Saturday Night Live -- only a conspiracy nut really believes what is obvious to the naked eye, that the media are pushing an agenda that most definitely includes blacks taking over all traditionall white sports and positions therein. And only a trained conspiracy nut traces this nakedly obvious bias back to the agenda that drives politics as well as sports, and cooking, and Lifetime coverage: whatz "good for jews."

George Bodenheimer, president of ESPN and ABC Sports, issued the following response: "We accept his resignation and regret the circumstances surrounding this. We believe that he took the appropriate action to resolve this matter expeditiously."

Appropriate action? Objectively, this means that it was inappropriate for Limbaugh to describe a media agenda that includes pushing for more black QBs, even though that is undeniably just what ESPN and the rest of them do. More generally the meaning is a euphemism for the tacit tyranny we live under: anything that bothers the coloreds is out of bounds. If a black, or woman, or jew gets angry, then the white male who made the comment that elicited the response is the guilty party. This is the model AmeriKwa, a jewish production, follows. The rules were set by the media, and the media are controlled by jews. This is true, and it is obviously true. We live in a jew-whipped society, and it is unpleasant to violently dangerous. It is fair to say that in the most important ways, the jews have murdered America.

Another comment:

Wednesday night, ESPN issued a statement that, in part, read, "We have communicated to Mr. Limbaugh that his comments were insensitive and inappropriate."

Insensitive and inappropriate. The media have no problem publishing a mass-market book called Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot (by jew Al Franken). King Kaufman, probably a jew, has no problem writing in today's Salon:

Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot.

The blowhard is gone, but sports fans shouldn't forget how ESPN cynically sold them out for a few bucks.

Limbaugh is a clown, a dog-and-pony show with no more insight into football than he has into politics, though he proved far less entertaining in his new field than he is in his regular gig. You can blame him for his dim-witted comments and lame attempts to shoehorn his political views into football analysis, but that seems like a waste of time. Do you blame a dog for sniffing butts? Limbaugh is what he is.

Salon has no problem abusing Whites as a race or a White man as an individual as trash, rednecks, racists, crackers, butt-sniffing dogs. It would rather listen to Lawrence Welk or die than use the term 'nigger.' And Salon, like ESPN, fancies itself on the very cutting edge of fashion. Is America filled with fashionable fools presided over by a Tyranny of Jews? The answer is yes. The jew-spun liberal web is seamless: libs are perfectly protected against the slightest draft or cross-current. They are free to impugn and character-assassinate at will, but the slightest touch of "insensitivity" -- arguing with them -- and they start crying. They never stop lying.

How long do we tolerate jews controlling our minds, our media, our nation?

When all the king's horses
Were turning to glue
And eggs off walls fell,
Into puddles of goo
I turned to my right and
Espied eight cuckoos.
They took to their wing
And as through air they flew
I cocked an ear outward
To hear what to do
Sure they creaked and they chirpled
Through beaks of bright blue
"Whatever you do must
Get rid of the jew."

-- Odgen Nash

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