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Ohio hate group attacks VNN, White race, and First Amendment

October 9, 2003


Dear Mr. Linder:

I am a newspaper reporter in Columbus, Ohio. Are you aware that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission is holding a news conference Thursday at which it may seek a "cease and desist" order against the Vanguard News Network internet web site? They are upset with a job seeker ad placed by Frank Gordon of Cleveland.

Do you have any comment and have you been challenged on First Amendment issues before? If you don't wish to comment, is there someone else at VNN or Everyones Internet or E-Publius Inc. that I should call? My phone number is (614) 461-5182.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Jon Craig
Statehouse reporter
[email protected] == Jon Craig
The Columbus Dispatch

[Craig has written a story, the front page link you can see just below. The story is available only to paying subscribers, but the reporter forwarded it to us. - Alex Linder]

'White' want ad piques panel

Man in Cleveland seeking work via Internet posting is subject of investigation



Man in Cleveland seeking work via Internet posting is subject of investigation


In what would be an unprecedented move, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission is expected to demand removal of a racially oriented Internet ad by a man looking for a job in the Cleveland area. The ad seeks a sales/management/human resources position.

The classified ad reads: "Racially Conscious, Master-Degreed White Male with Human Resource Director experience seeks position where he can think non-P.C. (politically correct) thoughts. Also hold ordination papers. Cleveland, Ohio, area but will highly consider relocation."

The Rev. Aaron Wheeler Sr. of Columbus, the commission chairman, said, "The crux of this matter is that individuals used the Internet to post an illegal employment advertisement and we're moving immediately to prosecute because the advertisement violates the Ohio Civil Rights Act." The law bars racial references in employment ads.

A man named Frank Gordon responded to inquiries from The Dispatch by e-mail, saying he thinks he placed the ad about two years ago and forgot about it.

"What's the crime? White male?" Gordon asked. "If you good folks in the media wouldn't keep showing such an interest for these news conferences on such big stories as some schmuck admitting he's just a white guy, the people at these alphabet agencies might be forced to do real work instead of creating a crisis for people to start investigating."

Gordon said the commission recently contacted him and asked for his name and address: "I'm sure it will only lead to being fined or worse, so I exercised my right to remain silent."

Commission spokeswoman Connie A. Higgins said a cease-and-desist order is one option. She said the five-member commission will decide today whether there is probable cause to believe state law has been violated before referring the matter to an administrative judge.

"We haven't heard anything from either the job-seeker or the owner of the Web site," she said. Higgins said Vanguard News Network is operated by Everyones Internet of Houston. Its Internet domain name is registered to E-Publius Inc. of Kirksville, Mo., she said. News articles have said Alex Linder of Kirksville created the Web site. Neither Linder nor the Web site's operators could be reached for comment.

The commission also could order sensitivity training and compliance reviews or demand equal space for an anti-discrimination ad on the Web site, Higgins said. She said the site, discovered by the commission's regional office in Akron, is being monitored for objectionable content, including anti-Semitic ads.

In August 2000, Linder, a member of the National Alliance, launched what was billed as the first online news site serving "white nationalists."

"I understand those who may want to view this as a First Amendment right issue, but I have a moral obligation to speak out against those who spew hatred toward racial and religious groups," said Bettysue Feuer, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Cleveland.

G. Michael Payton, executive director of the Civil Rights Commission, said the panel is monitoring illegal employment ads in print and electronic media. He said it is illegal to predicate hiring decisions on a person's race, gender or religion. Published advertisements must comply with state and federal equal-opportunity laws, he said.

"The Ohio Civil Rights Act makes it unlawful for individuals or employers to publish an employment ad expressing racial preference," he said. "There's no First Amendment right to place race-based employment ads on the Internet or any other medium."

Gordon begs to differ: "Do you think all those alphabet departments get upset with Black Miss America? Or try to shut down the United Negro College Fund groups? How about the good ol' NAACP? Here I was just looking for a job, and these folks get so up in arms because I said I was white." Gordon said he is an ordained minister who studied theology and divinity. "I just wish I had the money they spend on investigating me and could have used it to pay my rent during lean times. What a country this is."




I am a reporter at NBC News in Columbus. I am working on a story about an ad placed on your website. Part of the classified reads "racially conscious, master-degreed white-male with human resources director experience seeks position where he can think non P-C thoughts." The Ohio Civil Rights Commission, N-Double A-CP are holding a press conference today in regards to this ad and your website. Could you please provide me with some information about who placed this ad....what criteria you have and whether or not you have any issues with this classified.

Thank you. I appreciate your time and attention into this matter.

Nancy Burton
Ch. 4 News
[email protected]

Another report:
"State civil rights panel targets biased online ad," by Michael Sangiacomo, Cleveland's The Plain Dealer. To reach this Plain Dealer reporter: [email protected], 216-999-4890.

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