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8. Freshman Admissions Policies: CDS#14-16,24-33; C2, C6-7, C13-22

Admissions Selectivity: Highly Selective

Freshman Applicants

Academic Criteria (used to select up to 60 percent of admits): UC Davis selects freshman applicants who have made the greatest effort to fully prepare academically as measured by the following criteria:

Supplemental Criteria (used to select up to 40 percent of admits): Applicants are evaluated using the selection criteria described above in conjunction with the following supplemental criteria:

In lieu of a high school diploma, a California Certificate of Proficiency or the General Education Development (GED) certificate as well as certificates of proficiency awarded by other states may also be accepted. The Common Application of National Association of Secondary School Principals is not a proxy for a UC application form.

Application Fee: $40; may be waived for in-state residents with financial need.
Closing Date for Applications: Nov. 30
Notification Date: March 31
Reply required by: May 1
No open admissions.
No rolling admissions.
No early decision plan.
No early admissions plan.
No deferred admissions.
Some fall applicants are offered spring term admissions.
No wait-listed students.
No early action plan.

General information for prospective applicants to the University of California, including the Davis campus, can be found at Pathways site at the Office of the President. Applications may be made on-line at this site as well.

Source: On-Line Catalog, 98-99

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