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Chittum's Civil War 2 Checklist

"Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America" | 1996 | Thomas Chittum | American Eagle Publications, Inc. ISBN: 0-929408-17-9

It would indeed be the ultimate tragedy if the history of the human race proved to be nothing more than the story of an ape playing with a box of matches on a petrol dump.
- David Ormsby Gore

Let�s summarize some of the key factors which will measure our march toward Civil War II. Concerned individuals are invited to watch for their development. The events of the checklist are in no particular order of importance. Some have already occurred to some degree, but should be monitored for further growth.

Item 1: If the racial tattooing of ethnic classification on ID cards and other documents persists, we�ll know the countdown clock is ticking. Every time you see a blank for your ethnic group on a form, think Civil War II.

Item 2: If Illegal aliens are allowed to vote, even in local elections, it will be another unmistakable signal that American citizenship, and therefore America itself, is finished. If the millions of illegal aliens in America are granted amnesty and get the vote, it will mean open immigration and a giant step toward Civil War II.

Item 3: The Abolition of the right to bear arms. This must be done to reduce the military potential of those assigned the bottom tier of the emerging multiethnic American Empire. Those in higher tiers will retain their guns � and thereby their military resources � through devices such as the Nation of Islam�s security company and street gangs. Imperial conversion cannot be completed without breaking the military potential of the white working class, the historic key to military dominance of North America.

In colonial times, the arrogant British imperial establishment mistakenly thought the key to the military dominance of North America consisted of imperial European armies and alliances with Indian tribes. Ordinary, native born white Americans and their militias were treated with sneering scorn, good only for a hearty laugh before being brushed aside by His Majesty�s imperial redcoats. If the current imperial establishment has any sense of history, they will not repeat Gorge the Third�s folly.

Item 4: Watch for racially split juries. [1] If juries begin to refuse to convict their co-ethnics, then our progress towards basic social breakdown and Civil War II is accelerating. This will be one of the most significant indicators that we�re edging closer to a social earthquake and a breakup along tribal fault lines. Some prominent blacks have already encouraged black jurors to consider jury nullification. In a short piece in Harper�s magazine, Paul Buttler, a black lawyer, said this about the hypothetical case of a black drug addict whom black jurors know to be guilty of a burglary of a �rich white family�:

For example, if the offense was committed to support a drug habit, I think there is a moral case to be made for nullification, at least until such a time as access to drug-rehabilitation services are available to all. [2]
Watch for states to allow conviction by a majority of a jury. Currently, only Louisiana and Oregon allow conviction by a majority, but the Supreme Court ruled in 1972 that even a 9 to 3 majority is constitutionally sufficient for conviction. Eventually, the Supreme Court will suspend the right to trial by jury altogether in the final stages of imperial conversion.

Item 5: Watch for the military to assume police duties. Empires must of necessity use terror and brute force to suppress their lower tiers and masses of poor people. Because local police departments often lack the appropriate resources, empires often employ regular military units in this role.

Brazil�s military often conducts sweeps through its slums where they liberally dispense beatings, torture and summary executions. The Brazilian Army officers say they�re fighting drug traffickers, but as one cynical slum dweller pointed out, if they really wanted to kill the drug mafia godfathers they could easily do so because everybody in Brazil knows exactly who they are and exactly where they live in Brazil�s luxurious walled suburbs. When you think about it, doesn�t that sound a lot like our drug situation here?

Look for the national guard or the regular army to assume police duties in our cities. In Puerto Rico, the national guard is already on permanent patrol in housing projects, [3] and this role for the national guard has been suggested for Washington D.C. and Boston. [4] Also, watch for police stations and military bases to be hardened to end their current vulnerability to siege as described in a previous chapter. Also watch for retired military officers to assume high government posts, especially in areas of law enforcement, especially drug law enforcement, both foreign and domestic. This will promote the militarization and brutalization of our police, and the politicians can line up behind this phony �War on Drugs.� Also watch for military-type assaults on urban gangs in the name of fighting the drug menace. The real target will be the gangs themselves and their military power.

I say that just as Columbia is a narco-state, and just as Mexico is in the final stages of conversion into a narco-state, our own United States of America is itself in the initial stages of transforming into a narco-state.

Item 6: Watch for the establishment of an elite military force outside the chain of command of the regular military to serve as an internal counterinsurgency force. The Russians have exactly such a military force called Internal Security which is under the command of the interior ministry (the MVD), not the regular military. The MVD internal security has its own tanks, helicopters and artillery and its primary mission is suppressing internal disturbances too serious for the police such as mutinies of regular military units, riots, strikes by workers, and ethnic rebellions such as the recent uprising in Chechnya. [5] One tactic of the MVD Internal Security is using troops of one ethnic group to put down civilian rebellions of other ethnic groups. The same principal of control was used by the British in the days of their empire, when they employed German mercenaries during our revolution, and when they used Sikhs from India to control the Chinese population of Singapore. One of our existing federal formations, most likely the BATF, will evolve into our MVD-type internal security, acquiring heavier and heavier weapons and military organizational structure.

Item 7: Watch for Washington D.C. to increasingly resemble the capitol of some banana republic under siege by revolutionaries and mobs. Specifically, watch for riots in Washington D.C. to grow in scope until they menace the White House and the Congress. Ultimately, federal military units will have to be permanently stationed there to protect our government from its own citizens. In May, 1995, truck bomb barriers were installed in front of the White House, [6] yet another indication that our government is under siege form its own citizens.

Item 8: Resegregation: Watch for Africans and other minorities demanding, and often getting, separate facilities for themselves, another clear sign that they�re continuing to reject co-option.

Item 9: Watch for further replacement of individual rights for group rights, group rights based on ethnic group. Empires employ this method to enlist certain favored groups in suppressing the others, and racist affirmative action is a classic example of this replacement of our rights as individuals by a race based system of penalties and special privileges. Then the powers that be have only to pay off the leaders of these favored groups, a relatively easy task. Every time you hear the racist euphemism affirmative action, think Civil War II.

Item 10: Watch for non-governmental organizations acquiring military power. As we are increasingly losing our common identity as Americans, people are increasingly turning to alternate sources of psychological fulfillment and the increasingly necessary military protection that such organizations are extending. The Waco cult, street gangs, the Nation of Islam, and the white militias are all partly manifestations of this trend. Some of these groups will be militarily crushed by the government, while others will be tolerated or even subsidized as their assigned tier in the multiethnic American Empire dictates.

The recent tragedy in Waco was an example of the crush, and the granting of 20 million dollars in security guard contracts by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to the Nation of Islam [7] is an example of the subsidize side of this policy. The Washington establishment knew full well that any attempt to disarm the powerful Muslim militia would provoke massive rioting and firefights in every major American city. Instead, the establishment is paying protection money to the disciplined Muslim militia to keep the lid on the ghettos in an act of appeasement that is sure to backfire in the long run. Every time you hear of a non-governmental organization acquiring military power, think Civil War II.

Item 11: Watch for political power to continue to shift from our elected officials to the courts, and thus away from the American people. Since the sixties, the real power of the judicial branch of our government has been vastly expanded at the expense of the legislative and executive branches. This is no accident. Recall that judges are almost always appointed, often for life. The people have no effective way of ridding themselves of these usurpers of our Bill of Rights. These unelected judges use euphemisms like affirmative action to promote imperial tiering while they summarily strip citizens of their traditional and constitutional rights.

The recent invalidating of many of California�s proposition 187, [8] the anti-illegal alien measure, is an illustration of how the federal judiciary blocked the democratically expressed will of the people when it threatened a key provision of the imperial agenda � the deliberate flooding of America with illegal aliens to break labor unions, lower wages and transform America into a third-world country.

This steady usurpation of power by the judiciary branch is the means by which the American branch of the international elites is transforming America into a third-world country manipulated by an oligarchy. All reforms interfering with the international elitist agenda have been and will continue to be struck down as �unconstitutional� by the Supreme Court. Unless the American people retake our judicial system, Civil War II is unavoidable.

Item 12: Watch for more instances of real political power flowing from American institutions to international bodies, thus again flowing away from American citizens. Specifically watch for NAFTA-type treaties that hand over to international bodies the power to regulate matters concerning American trade, taxes and control of our borders. Since World War II, real financial power has increasingly flowed to foreign and multinational corporations. National laws that restrict the international flow of goods and people also restrict the profits of these international corporations. Because these multinationals are increasingly acquiring all the financial power, they will continue to acquire the real political power that money always brings, and they will do so by the simple bribery of our corrupt politicians with the usual PAC money.

One recent manifestation of this power is the replacement of literally tens of thousands of American workers by foreign workers for less, whom the multinationals recruit and import into America on H-1B nonimmigrant visas. [9] In my home state of New Jersey, computer programmers from India were imported and replaced American programmers who were fired as soon as they trained these Indian replacements. If the multinationals can�t move the factory to a foreign country, then they move the foreign workers to America. Either way Americans lose jobs and the multinationals get richer, and thus acquire more power.

Every time you hear NAFTA, the IMF, the World Court, or the UN, think New World Order and think Civil War II.

Item 13: Watch for minorities and radical whites to continue to seize control of American institutions. Our courts, schools, universities, the media, many churches, and many unions have been completely or partially taken over, and politically incorrect dissidents expelled or intimidated into silence.

Item 14: Watch for secessionist movements and other movements seeking autonomy on American soil. Some of these movements will be subsidized by corporations seeking territory free from American law and taxes where they may plunder to their hearts� content. The so-called Pequot Indian reservation in Connecticut is a recent example of this actual carving up of America. [10] A foreign corporation, an unidentified Malaysian corporation, financed this sham reservation. These sham Indians don�t even have to identify this foreign corporation, or pay any federal, state or local taxes because they are legally a sovereign nation. Nor are they subject to American Law, yet our courts have allowed them to annex American land adjacent to theirs.

Many of these Pequot Indians look like they just got off a 747 from Jamaica while others have blonde hair and blue eyes. Don�t let that fool you though. These are real, genuine, bona fide, authentic Indians because our imperial legal system decreed them such.

This sorry episode is a graphic example of how America is actually being geographically fragmented and carved up right now, today, under our very noses. A foreign corporation was able to set up an independent nation on American soil because the establishment is so corrupt it�s selling slices of America as if it were a pizza. And how are these mock Indians able to sustain this fraud? Why by the simple bribery of our corrupt officials, of course, and shame on you if you didn�t think of it. These imitation Indians are now the fifth largest contributor to the Democratic National Committee.

Item 15: Watch for race based political parties, a sure sign of racial polarization. The most telling statistic occurred when ex Ku Klux Klansman David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana and got a majority of the white vote, an estimated 55%. [11] The establishment media hailed his defeat as a rejection of race-based politics by American voters, but actually the opposite was the case. The white citizens of Louisiana are clearly fed up with being forced to ride in the back of the liberal establishments affirmative action bus deporting them to the multiethnic empire, and are inclined towards Civil War II right now, today. In time, most working-class white Americans will likewise be forced to join them. Watch for black-based and Hispanic-based political parties to emerge, or for an avowedly leftist or rightist or any third party to achieve major party status. Also watch for the Republican party to become the de facto white, populist, and rightist party; and for the Democratic party to become the radical leftist and minority party.

In 1994, Georgia had 10 representatives to the federal house of representatives � eight white Democrats, one black Democrat and one white Republican. Then Georgia was allocated another seat to reflect a population increase. Currently the Georgia delegation figures are � eight white Republicans, and three black Democrats. [12] Currently, there are no black Republicans or white Democrats in the Georgia delegation. This stunning, overnight reversal was produced by redistricting designed to maximize the number of black representatives. However, regardless of the technical manner by which it is brought about, the racial polarization of our political parties will proceed throughout the south and across the nation. In 1965 there were 90 white congressional Democrats from the 11 states of the old Confederacy, in 1985 there were 72, in 1995 there were 66. [13] This shift to a white Republican south represents a complete and stunning reversal of a stable system that had been firmly in place since our first civil war. Things are beginning to boil down in Dixie.

As our two major parties increasingly become radicalized, our government will oscillate from left to right with increasing violence as these two parties alternate in office. Eventually these increased oscillations will cause our country to topple into Civil War II.

Item 16: Watch for areas of �no-go� for the police in our cities, areas abandoned by the police and left to the control of street gangs. The existence of these areas will be officially denied of course, and the police will occasionally mount media oriented forays into them, but it will be pure theater.

Item 17: Watch for the so-called slave tax refund or some similar vehicle that will automatically subsidize all blacks for life. [14]

Item 18: Watch for court orders and other schemes mandating more voting districts in which blacks are intentionally a majority. This was one of the reasons for the graphic racial breakdown of the Georgia congressional delegation mentioned earlier.

Item 19: Watch other multiethnic empires for ethnic violence, a general loss of democracy, increasing poverty, waves of refugees, and their actual breakup in ethnic warfare. South Africa, Russia, Turkey, the Balkan countries, Brazil, all of black South Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Pakistan and Peru are all multiethnic empires to some extent. As they go, so will America. Every time you see ethnic warfare in some foreign multiethnic country, ask yourself if we�re not becoming more and more like them every day. If you think we are, then think Civil War II.

Item 20: Watch for the spread of walled suburbs, euphemistically called gated communities. America is taking on the appearance of medieval Europe, and for exactly the same reasons � marauding criminals, marauding gangs of criminals and, eventually, marauding armies of criminals. Approximately four million Americans now live in communities literally encircled by walls and security guards. Most are affluent whites who will increasingly vote against municipal improvements because they feel safe against the turmoil outside their gates and walls.

Where is this concept taking us? Why in the general direction of Brazil of course. An article in the May 14, 1994 issue of The New York Times was titled: �A City of Blondes Build Walls: Migrants Keep Out� The Times� article described how the affluent Brazilian city of Blumenau with many people of German descent had gone to great lengths to keep out poor and unemployed Brazilians. The city officials had even put out tourist brochures containing this cheery message: �Get to know this tropical Germany. Enjoy blue-eyed, blond-haired Brazilian hospitality.� Is this the sort of future we want for America � walled cities of affluent blue-eyed blonds encircled by shanty towns of a brown and black underclass? [15] These walled suburbs are manifestations of the racial, economic, psychological and geographic fragmentation of America, and will hasten their ultimate manifestation in Civil War II.

Item 21: Watch for more mind control hoaxes by the establishment media. The establishment media still employs one exposed hoaxer whose favorite deception is announcing that she is broadcasting from some location while she is in fact inside a closed sound studio posing in front of a picture of that location. This trickster has even been known to wear winter clothing while posing in front of her fake facades located inside a perfectly warm studio when it�s cold at the location she is supposedly broadcasting from. [16]

Some establishment newspapers like New York�s Newsday merge two separate photographs together. [17] This trick is commonly used to make people appear as if they were together when they were actually in different places. Time Magazine retouches photographs of people to make them look more or less menacing as their spin doctors fancy. [18] NBC employs hoaxers who use fake photographs to accuse people of wrongdoing. [19] All of these were deliberate, premeditated hoaxes, but in only one instance were any of these hoaxers dismissed by these establishment news organizations.

As Civil War II approaches, the establishment media, in conjunction with the political establishment, will increase its manipulation of mind control hoaxes to accuse politically incorrect persons of wrongdoing so that the government can intimidate them, harass them, send them to prison, and even assassinate them. Likewise, hoaxes will be used to cover up wrongdoing so that those favored by the establishment can escape public censure, and deserved legal punishment. Every time you hear slanted news from the establishment media, think Civil War II.

Item 22: Watch for an increasing percentage of minorities in our military, the use of foreigners in our military, the use of UN troops in our soil, or even the establishment of an American Foreign Legion. Recall that empire often employ foreign mercenaries to put down internal rebellions, just as the British employed German mercenaries to crush our War of Independence, because citizen soldiers are often reluctant to fire upon their fellow citizens or co-ethnics.

In the May 1, 1995 issue of Time magazine, Gen. John Sheehan of the United States Marine Corps was quoted as saying that Cubans interned in refugee camps in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba should be recruited into the American Military. [20] Such foreign mercenaries (and that�s exactly what they would be) would have far less qualms about firing on American citizens than American soldiers would.

General Sheehan was also quoted as saying that enlisting the Cubans would be cheaper than enlisting Americans. This stated reason is both a reason and a pretext. It is a reason because it would in fact save money as desperate foreign mercenaries would work for less, thus allowing the military to lower its pay levels, driving out Americans, especially white Americans. It is a pretext because foreigners would be ideal for Waco-type operations because they wouldn�t jeopardize their livelihood by refusing orders. That�s a big, big attraction for our establishment, so watch for foreign mercenaries being inducted into the US military.

Also watch for minorities in our military in excess of their percentage of the population. The United States Army is now 40% minority. If this trend continues, by 2050 AD the United States Army will be 80% minority. Will a minority coup d�etat be far behind when for every white soldier there are 2 black and 2 Hispanic soldiers?

Item 23: Watch for more out of court settlement in cases of alleged racial discrimination. As mentioned earlier, one tool of imperial governments is hiring certain groups to oppress others. Institutions captured by radicals, like our universities, are now transferring large sums of tax money directly to radical groups without the consent of the people by out of court settlements. This bypasses our elected representatives and whatever remaining protection our courts might provide us.

Our government should forbid out of court settlements in cases of alleged racial discrimination when tax money is demanded as part of the settlement. But of course our corrupt politicians won�t, so watch for more funding of black racist and radical groups by out of court settlements an our corrupt universities and corrupt politicians pave the road to Civil War II with the peoples tax money.

Item 24: Watch for more restrictions of freedom of speech by the government and the establishment media. This will drive non-establishment people underground and radicalize them. All manner of radical underground newsletters and other media will appear, which will give the government an excuse for yet more unconstitutional means of silencing them by harassment by the FCC, and other more direct � even terminal � means, by the BATF and the FBI. Every time you hear of someone being fired, or otherwise punished for some politically incorrect utterance, think Civil War II.

Item 25: Watch for police to increasingly abandon their traditional uniforms for ones that resemble military and secret police uniforms in their dark color or camouflage, military helmets, opaque face shields, and abundance of nametags. These costumes are meant to intimidate, as are the tactics of using paid perjurers (known as informers), paid liars (known as expert witnesses), wiretaps, boots kicking in doors, agent provocateurs, attack dogs, tanks, gas, and entrapment followed by assassination by sniper.

These measures are meant to intimidate not only the people they�re taking out, but more importantly those who view these Roman circuses on TV so they�ll be fearful to speak up in defense of the victims. Also, these Robo Cop costumes have a profound impact on those who don them. Dress a man like a storm trooper and he�ll soon enough get the message.

Our police should wear only light blue, the traditional color of liberty. Their faces should be visible at all times, and they should have large nametags visible at a distance. They should be forbidden to conduct nighttime raids except to rescue hostages, or when human life is clearly and immediately threatened. They should be forbidden the use of armored vehicles and gas in all circumstances. And they should be forbidden the use of entrapment except in cases of persons previously convicted of felonies.

Most establishment types scoff at assertions that America is evolving into a police state. But here�s what former governor of South Dakota, Joe Foss, said as quoted in the May 5, 1995 issue of the New York Post. [21]

�Call a spade a spade. That�s always been my philosophy. As a result of (the) Oklahoma City (bombing) (President Clinton) wants a lot more restrictions on things. I call that heading towards a police state.�

These operations like the Waco takeout and against the Weavers are looking more and more like Vietnam-style Search and Destroy operations and Vietnam-style Phoenix assassination teams.

Item 26: Watch for clandestine groups of white officers to form within our federal, state and local police � groups similar to the Resisters in the Green Berets. I predict that these white law enforcement resister groups will be clandestine because those openly holding such opinions are being harassed and/or fired by higher ups to enforce unconstitutional, racist affirmative action programs and to politicize our law enforcement agencies.

These white law enforcement Resisters will forewarn the victims of unconstitutional actions such as raids for guns or entrapments that target people like Randy Weaver solely they have antiestablishment views.

These white law enforcement Resisters will destroy evidence intended to convict white citizens accused of violating the racist and unconstitutional affirmative action laws. Regrettably, as conditions become extreme, white law enforcement Resisters will also destroy evidence intended to convict whites of crimes against blacks.

The white law enforcement Resisters will be forced to take these measures because they are fed up with being victims of racist affirmative action purges themselves, and because they have a duty to their conscience and to our constitution to fight racism, and because they are coming to realize that by enforcing these racist affirmative action laws that they are delivering up their own children to a racist Moloch of a society that will treat whites as neo-slaves with no rights blacks need respect.

With a quarter for an anonymous phone call or evidence quickly dropped into a garbage can, these white law enforcement Resisters will effectively strike back at racist affirmative action programs and assaults on our Bill of Rights. White law enforcement and military personnel will begin to flash the World War II �V� for victory sign to indicate that they are part of the resistance. I predict that the flashing of the �V� for victory sign will spread to white civilians.

The appearance of Resisters in our law enforcement agencies will be another sure sign that Civil War II draws nearer. Actually, white law enforcement Resisters may be organizing right now. The �Washington Whispers� section of the May 22, 1995 issue of US News and World Report had a mention of one such possible resister unit. It said that an anonymous memo had been circulating among white officers of the Drug Enforcement Agency. The memo was titled: A catalog of insidious abuses of affirmative action within the DEA. [22]

The memo pointed out that minority agents were being promoted despite indiscretions that prevented advancement of white agents. DEA Chief Thomas Constantine is totally unfamiliar with the First Article of our Bill of Rights, a seeming requirement for federal law enforcement officers these days. Chief Constantine should be dealt with.

Item 27: Watch for an arm of the federal government charged with promoting racist affirmative action, such as the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, to acquire agents that carry guns and have the power to make arrests.

Item 28: Watch for the collapse of the US dollar as the world�s premier currency. This will be the signal that will confirm our status as a third-world nation. Foreigners (notably, the Japanese) will refuse to buy our federal national debt instruments denominated in US dollars. Currently, we enjoy the ability to borrow US dollars and repay in US dollars. Because inflation and devaluation are constantly eroding the value of the American dollar, foreigners are increasingly being paid back in a currency (dare we say, funny money) that has lost much of its real value. Eventually, they will demand that our federal government issue debt instruments denominated in (and repayable in) their own currency. Our government will have no choice but to comply, and this will signal that we are in the same category as any other third-world country, however much the establishment denies it.

Item 29: Watch for growing geographic segregation and its increasing mention in the establishment press. One such article was the previously mentioned New Your Times article of Aug. 20, 1995: �Immigrants in, native whites out.� [23] Another, also previously mentioned, occurred in the July 17, 1995 issue of Newsweek about whites fleeing California for the Rocky Mountain states: �It got so it was nothing but Bloods, Crips, drug addicts and wetbacks.� [24]

Item 30: Watch for signs that the global military equation and American dominance in it are being challenged. One such sure sign would be the acquisition of a blue-water navy by the Japanese. Japan cannot be a global military power without a blue-water navy, and Japan cannot have a serious blue-water navy without aircraft carriers. Should Japan acquire even one aircraft carrier, it will mark a direct challenge to American dominance, however much it is denied by Washington and Tokyo. The same applies to a Japanese alliance with China or Russia. Unfortunately, one recurrent theme of history is that trade wars usually escalate into shooting ones. Also, watch for the breakup of NATO, or the emergence of some military arrangement in Europe that in any way displaces NATO. In the future, unlike the recent past, any foreign power or alliance in opposition to America will have the option of assisting ethnic groups in America to the point of rebellion. Expect them to play this card.

Item 31: Watch for the breakup or Canada. If Canada does break up along ethnic and linguistic lines, it will bode ill for its neighbor which is an even worse multiethnic and multilingual mishmash.

Item 32: Watch for an increased flow of Americans immigrating to Canada. In 1991, 13,500 Canadians immigrated to America, but only 5,270 Americans immigrated to Canada. [25] Should this trend ever reverse itself, and more Americans immigrate to Canada than Canadians immigrating to America, then we shall know that America is becoming increasingly untenable for white Americans.

Item 33: Watch for political and legal organizations formed along ethnic lines that will parallel, and ultimately displace their official rivals. For instance, watch for organizations with names like The Association of Hispanic Statues, or the Black Mayors Conference.

Item 34: Watch for more help wanted ads stating that the job applicant must be bilingual. In the southwest, many advertisements for jobs such as nurses and salespeople specify that the applicant must be bilingual. This will tend to accelerate the flight of Anglos out of the southwest and hasten Civil War II. Every time you see a help wanted ad requiring bilingualism, think Civil War II.

Item 35: Watch for signs that the UN is assuming the role of a world government, and that the US is losing even more of its national sovereignty to the UN. Occupation of the United States by the United Nations troops is not the fantasy of militia groups that the establishment press makes it out to be. Consider that it is not entirely clear that member nations may withdraw from the United Nations. Recall our first Civil War. Attempted peaceful secession by the southern states was answered by an armed invasion and occupation by armies of the northern states even though there was nothing in the Constitution that explicitly forbade secession by member states. Now we find ourselves in a parallel situation with the United Nations. Because (to the best of my knowledge) nothing in the UN charter expressly allows a nation to withdraw, any attempt by the United States to quit the United Nations may be used as grounds for an invasion by UN troops.

Those who scoff at such an invasion have plainly not considered the future from the Civil War II perspective. Consider an America locked in all-out civil war, her once huge fleet scuttled by mutineers or divided into clashing fragments. Hispanic secessionists controlling the south-west might invite in UN �peace keeping� troops in hopes of thereby getting some form of international recognition. The legitimate government in Washington might object and quit the UN. Japan or other foreign powers could coerce the other nations into sanctioning this UN invasion with the intent of delivering a fatal blow to the already crippled America, the last step in turning America into a vassal state chiefly useful for farming. (There is a joke circulating among Japanese businessmen: America is a farm, Europe is a boutique.) Note that the Hawaiian secessionists have based their claims for independence in part on a United Nations resolution, resolution 1514, which deals with �decolonization.� Watch for Hawaiians and other secessionists to make more appeals to the UN in the future, such as requesting and getting permission to speak before the UN, and even being granted representation in certain UN committees, or UN affiliated bodies.

Watch for calls for the formation of a permanent military force directly under the command of the UN. Should the UN acquire such a force, there can be no doubt but that the international establishment has decided that the UN will be convened to an actual world government dominant over its member countries. This final step should be regarded as inevitable because the UN is an ideal vehicle for the international establishment to control every last nation, institution and person on Earth. This is the case because the voting members of the UN are not representatives elected by the people, but �ambassadors� appointed by the heads of state, and thus at least one step removed form the people.

Item 36: Watch for a certain picture. We�ve all seen this picture countless times before, a picture from Beirut, Budapest, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, Somalia � a burnt out tank, perhaps the charred corpse of a crewman protruding through a hatch, and jubilant rebels posing atop the tank waving assault rifles and a flag. Someday we will shall see this picture in our newspapers yet again, and this time taken on American soil. The tank, the dead crewman, and rebels will all be American except the flag, which will be a Mexican, Aztlan, New Africa, or Confederate flag. When we see this picture, it will be too late. Civil War II will be upon us. But there�s another picture we�ll see first, again one we�ve all seen before from some unfortunate land. But this time it will be taken right here in the US of A � a picture of a dirty ragged child foraging for food in a garbage dump. You shutter bugs out there, note that the first to get this picture published in a magazine or newspaper will probably get a Pulitzer Prize.

This item concludes the Civil War II checklist. This checklist is intended to encourage you to consider these and other current events from the Civil War II perspective. The unfortunate events that daily parade past on our TV screens and front pages are not unrelated and random things. They have a common underlying cause, and all draw lines that converge on a single focal point in the future. The underlying cause is the transformation of America into an undemocratic, multiethnic, third-world empire, and the common outcome they all point at is Civil War II.

As you go about your everyday affairs, I invite you to consider unfolding events from the Civil War II perspective. Ask yourself if these events fit into a larger pattern. Do they indicate that Civil War II is drawing nearer or receding? Ask yourself what causes the political and media establishment are assigning to these events. Does the establishment�s perspective really explain unfolding events, or merely shift the blame away form themselves? Are they attempting to shift the blame to irresistible historic forces supposedly beyond their control, such as assigning closed factories to restructuring for the information age? Is the establishment blaming some event on the lowest tier of the emerging empire � working class whites � by calling them racists? Is the establishment using their explanation of some recent event as a pretext to grant special privileges to some tier of the empire in exchange for their support, such as setting aside scholarships, or jobs, or contracts for some minority group? Think for yourself, and decide for yourself.

The end of America and western civilization

All the world waits to see if America will become a multiethnic, democratic nation with a nonracial social contract, or if it will devolve into an ethnically and socially tiered third-world empire, and shatter exactly as all other multiethnic, undemocratic empires have throughout world history. When America erupts in flames, all the world will rightly conclude that liberty�s torch set her ablaze, and that democracy and a multiethnic society are mutually exclusive.

Western Civilization will be transformed; tribalism will blossom into its ultimate expression. Nations will unite into super blocks of Europeans against Africans, Christians against Moslems, East against West, and rich against poor until some hideous climax predator claws its way to the top of the smoking global bone heap. And what excuse will we Americans have? That our fathers didn�t leave us a Bill of Rights to light our way? That no one cautioned us that a house divided against itself cannot stand? That no one told us that we should judge one another by character rather than color?

Like all men of goodwill, I ask nothing more than to live peacefully in my own country where I enjoy the equal protection of the law without corruption of blood, exactly as set down in our Constitution. Regrettably, this simple and just concept is dead, and so is America.


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Men rise from one ambition to another � first they seek to secure themselves from attack and then they attack others.
� Machiavelli

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