Wolzek's Terror Timeline files

THE ANC: African National Congress

In the decade before Mr Mandela's ascent to political authority, the ANC was responsible for countless killings, bombings, and assassinations of political opponents and innocent victims.

Their trademark, often seen in places like Soweto, was the "tire-necklace," a car tire soaked in petrol and set afire after being placed around the neck of their intended target. Not a pleasant way to die, and such acts certainly meet several criteria in the DOD definition of terrorism. Torture, murder, and assassination are certainly some of the more heinous acts of violence, and since many of those targeted by ANC terror were in opposition to ANC political views, the political or ideologicalcomponent is present as well.

The ANC, like many Black Nationalist movements in Africa, was heavily steeped in Jewish Marxist doctrine and, in reality, sought political control over the 30 million black Africans in Southern Africa by military factions such as the Southwest Africa People's Organization, with whom the ANC had working alliances.

Mr Mandela, the ANC's titular leader since 1949, is now the accepted "hero" of South Africa. Isn't it strange that an individual who has headed an organization that killed opponents, received aid from Cuba in Angola, and often bombed white-owned businesses is viewed as a "freedom fighter" instead of a terrorist. One man's terrorist can be another man's freedom fighter. And the decision is made by the Jewish media.