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Persecution or Prosecution?
Jewish Tyranny and Anti-Semitism Through the Ages
An Introduction

by Victor Wolzek

Anti-Semitism today, at the end of 2001, is the greatest of taboos*. Racism generally is taboo, but most people of most races harbor racist attitudes. So, while being publicly branded a "racist" is damaging, the racist may rest assured that many understand that he is not the demon the media makes him out to be.

Anti-Semitism, on the other hand, is more complex. Many third-tier, commonsense racists do not understand why anyone would think negatively of jews. They are comfortable expressing dislike of blacks or other minorities based on crime rates or illegitimacy or drug use. But most may not even know any jews (or know they know jews). Jews, they assume, are white people who go to a different church. And why wouldn't they think this when well-organized, highly funded Jewish groups have been diligently working for decades to create that very impression or, rather, that lack of impression, the most strategic of all impressions: invisibility.

Once one has the eyes to see them, their ubiquitous presence and culture destroying nature is obvious to the point of revulsion. Indeed, there is a reason why the founding fathers of America, as well as other world-renowned philosophers, writers, entrepreneurs and great leaders throughout history have warned against them. Many have openly scorned the jews as the most dangerous enemy to Western cultural integrity and European values, others have merely depicted the jew as the lecherous, deceptive creature it is. (There is nothing more "anti-semitic" or offensive to jews than depicting them accurately.) Here are but a few of those who understood the jew:

Jesus Christ F.Scott Fitzgerald Fyodor Dostoevsky Immanuel Kant
Ralph Waldo Emerson Mark Twain Charles Lindbergh Arthur Schopenhauer
Winston Churchill Adolf Hitler Napoleon Martin Luther
Wilhelm II Richard Wagner H.H. Beamish Martin Heidegger
Henry Ford H.L. Mencken Henry Wallace William Shakespeare
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant St. Thomas Aquinas Henry Adams George Bernard Shaw
Gen. William Sherman Franz Liszt Truman Capote G.W. Hegel

The list above, which could be fattened threefold, contains some of the greatest minds, the most noble leaders and artists the world has ever seen. Are we to believe, as Jewish lapdogs in "our" media and classrooms and oval office would have us believe, that there is no truth to the views these men held? That their powerful intellects derail and plunge into the darkest depths of irrationality and venomous "hatred" regarding the Jews for no reason whatsoever? Is it more logical to believe these men are all cursed with a morbid, unjustified dislike of a good and noble people, or that there are solid reasons for this express, consistent condemnation of jewishness? The books we read in school reiterate the horror of the Holocaust® (capital "H" trademarked) and the unjust persecution of the jews. But they fail to include the history of destruction wrought by jews on their "host" nations. This encourages us to believe exactly what is on its face absolutely absurd -- that anti-semitism is a kind of irrational mental illness from which even the greatest minds may, and apparently usually do, suffer.

History is amazing. The history of the jewish race in world culture is perhaps the most gruesomely fascinating phenomenon a person standing at the beginning of the 21st century may behold. Especially if they, like me, spent most of their life completely blind to the relevance of jews and their jewishness in the world around them.

Need one read a dozen books - a hundred - a thousand - to grasp this history? Hardly. Below you'll find a consolidated timeline of real racial terrorism. Through it the ages will race before you like clouds in a celluloid sky tumbling forward in thousands of frames per second. Watch the world you know come into being and disintegrate under your feet. Some of this -- the latter years of the 20th century -- should look familiar, as you've lived through it. You will certainly recognize many of the names and events referenced. I wonder, though, how much of the context will ring true to you? How closely will this history, which focuses on the jewish role in world events, match the interpretation of events as you understood them at the time, or have been taught to understand them? How much will it differ? For VNN oldschoolers this may do no more than sketch in broad outline a horror story you understand all too well. For newcomers it may seem a timeline of the preposterous itself, a history of the unthinkable, the impossible.

We all have to start somewhere.

*When this was written in December of 2001 anti-semitism still was the greatest of all social evils. Much has changed in the seven months since then. Jews of course still work as a rabid hive to demonize and destroy anyone who resists or speaks out in any way against the jews' agenda (this is "anti-semitism" as jews understand the term). Yet, for the first time since the jews' post-war ascendency to political power and media control of public opinion, jews as jews are on the radar screen and criticism of jews is bursting the seams of a silence they thought they had all sewn up. Every newspaper, journal, and semitically correct magazine in America has become a veritable wailing wall. They all echoe with the panicked cries and screeches of jewish and gentile lapdog pundits scrambling to catch up to and stomp out the lit fuse of anti-semitism as it races to the powder keg of Pogrom v.2002. Good news is: They won't catch it. ITZ Coming. Indeed. And the yids are shitting matzo balls. -- VW