11 March, 2006

General Decline/Detroit

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I see you have a “General Decline” section on the new and improved VNN site. In the spirit of chronicling such decline, I present to you a few photos taken in the third world shitty of Detroit last year. These photos are of the Scovel-Memorial Presbyterian Church. It’s presence came to my attention when I got off the expressway one day to avoid traffic congestion. You can view its burned out carcass while you drive down the I-96 (Jefferies) expressway. After taking these photos, I subsequently learned that the church was built in 1898 and Henry Ford attended church there. Somebody torched it in February 2005.

Here is a aerial view of the church from 2002.

If you scan to the west, you see a lot of green and that’s because niggers have destroyed so much of the original housing stock in the area. See this link for the “greening” affect on cities as the result of black takeovers.

According to the US Census Bureau:

* In 1970 Detroit had 529,000 single-family housing units
* In 2000, Detroit had 368,000 single-family housing units remaining and of those, 41,500 were vacant, i.e., wrecks beyond repair.

So, if we do the arithmetic: (529,000 -368,000) + 41,500 = 202,500 homes destroyed in Detroit over a 30-year span. That fact is not something people think about or is ever commented on. I think you should dedicate a few comments in one of your Goyfire programs to the vast property damage wrought by niggers on the physical infrastructure of our cities.

Is this the future of the USA?



Thanks, Tim. Note to readers: certain letters will be posted on the main page, to take advantage of the easy archiving.

Tim’s pictures:

1) Trail of Tires
2) Church truck
3) Other side of church
4) Church front

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    1. JC Says:

      The North got all the Blacks they wanted after the War of Northern Aggression. Last time I visited St. Paul, she was literally crawling with them, too. I spent a little time hunting deer in Canada and at home in Detroit with an uncle that worked with Blacks at Chrysler, during the summer after a race riot in the mid 60’s; I recall he sandbagged his dormers and had a nice Remington semi-auto 30-06 with a 2 1/2 power crosshairs + post scope at the ready; He couldn’t wait for ’em to come. He had a small house and always drove a new Chrysler. He always impressed me as realistic and territorial. He was born and raised near Clarksville, Tennessee (occupied by Yankees at one time) and recalled Whites hanging a Black in his front yard when he was a boy.

    2. van helsing Says:

      To coin/modify a phrase, Detroit is 1000 points of blight.

    3. Ed Keiser Says:

      Alex, I know I am a bit late to the party but I had to comment after seeing the pictures of these once proud White American cities. I live an hour outside Philly and have seen first hand the ruins left behind by the mongrel hoards. The pictures of Detriot are especially revolting. My little cornor of the world is by no means this bad but it’s well on it’s way. I would like to show you a picture of my childhood home [or what’s left of it] but it’s not safe for a white man to traverse the area with a costly piece of camera equipment. Or without one for that matter. I sold this property after my mother passed and before leaving for the Army in 1985. When I left the neighborhood was ALL WHITE, upon my return some years later it had become a mudpuddle. Well cared for rowhomes are now sub-divided apartments filled to the rafters with brown degenerates. My former home is missing the siding my brother and I put up prior to it’s sale and somehow the entire roof over the front porch is gone. The front door is now some piece of shit slapped on after what I believe to be one of many forced entries by the police. The backyard and carport are filled with garbage, overgrown grass and what’s most likely pitbull feces. My mother would be rolling over in her grave if she knew what has become of the home she worked her fingers to the bone to purchase. The real shame here is mine is only one of a millon such stories im sure.