14 March, 2006

Houston Soccer Team Changes Name to Placate Buzzing Hisps

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houston1836.jpg dynamo.jpg

We can’t remind the mexicants they lost in Texas. When you fear to stake your claim, you lose it. Before.  After.

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    1. Will Says:

      How many Mexicans besides a handful even know what 1836 signifies? Not many I’d bet.

      Well, now they’re telling us what we can and cannot do. Looks like racism to me. Can’t do this gringo, can’t do that gringo.

      20 of them get up and complain at the city hall and get what they want. We sit back and do nothing but accomodate their every wish.

      Close the border!

    2. van helsing Says:

      Remember that old entertainment biz saw about how “there is no bad pubclicity”? it only counts for politically correct folks.