31 March, 2006

Illegal Aliens Trash America

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by Founders America

A charge of RACISM is Marxian leftists’
primary chessboard piece for toppling
your race and civilization.

So far, they can rightly proclaim:


Having propagandized “racism” to mean
only negative aspects, they now use it
to stop you from defending your race
and civilization against their on-going
must necessarily be RACIST to defend
their race and culture against GENOCIDE

Stand up for your race and culture!


So long as white men and women stammer and prevaricate whenever the issue of race comes up in the immigration debates — so long as whites refrain from forcefully standing up to defend their white race and its Western civilization — America and all other white Western democracies are doomed.

So long as you cower and hide from the TRUTH of what’s afoot, your white race and its Western civilization are doomed.

So long as white men remain feminized and impotent to stop the anti-white/anti-Western invaders, the West is doomed.

So long as white women betray their race and civilization for effecting racial mongrelization, the West is doomed (( read essay 6f, about the political and sociological impact of inter-racial marriages, “Sex Trumps Patriotism” )).

So long as you turn a blind eye to the GOOD CIVIL SOCIETY that has been lost to Marxian social-engineering these past 60 years, you’ll not be motivated to undo the damage and take back your culture.

So long as you refuse to exclaim which tribe contains the ARCHITECTS of this UGLY AMERICA, the West’s decline shall continue apace (Marxian Jews are the architects).

So long as you remain ignorant of world history — ignorant of the fact that nothing new has been applied here to topple your race and civilization — as it relates to invading migrants, the quality of your life and that of your offspring shall get increasingly worse.

So long are you aren’t able to effectively
counter leftists’ anti-white/anti-Western
SLOGANEERING, you’ll fail to halt the
invaders and defeat the socialism/communism
overrunning your race and civilization:

SLOGANEERING is a vital part of any political movement, Left or Right. But while leftists are expert at it, the Right is a bumbling idiot!, which partly explains why rightists have been losing the culture wars.

Here are examples of slogans for rightists to use (( think of two leftist-conceived slogans now used to stop rightists from removing anti-white/anti-Western immigration, refugee and asylum policies )):

The Anti-White Race Importing the Most People WINS the Prize: America!

Insourcing Migrant Workers is a Divide-and-Conquer Ruse!

One Language = One Nation; Two Languages = Two Nations; Multilingualism = Chaos!

Aztland = Badland!

Your Mexican Gardener Today, Your Children’s Bad President Tomorrow!

Mexican Anchor Babies Grow Up To Be Anti-White Racists!

What Part of “We’re Taking It Back for Mexico!” Doesn’t Bush Understand?

Illegal Immigrants Make a Joke of the Rule of Law and Democracy!

Love Thy Illegal Immigrant or Else!?

Illegals Want What You Have, So They Steal It!

Immigration is Anti-White Social Engineering!

America’s White Founders Were Pioneers not Immigrants!

Illegal Aliens Trash America!

Mexican Migrants Bring Mexican Payola Corruption

Illegal Aliens Trash Rule of Law!


Third-World Migrants Bring Third-World Diseases

Illegals Steal What Whites Have Built!


Illegals Steal Americans’ Good Will!

Minority Men are Here to Topple Your Race and Culture!

Each Amnesty Invites Another Invasion!

Illegals are Gate-Crashing Thieves!

Migrants Do Work Welfare Recipients Refuse!

Illegals Have No Right to Education or Health Care!

Open-Borders Immigration is Unconstitutional!

Immigration Effects Whites’ Ethnic-Cleansing!

Roman Catholicism Encourages Illegal Immigration!

Illegals Work Hard at Stealing a Place at Our Table!

Catholic Charities Group Serves Open-Borders Immigration!

Hard-Working Illegals Work Hard at Gate-Crashing!

Illegals Take Far More Than They Give!

Mealy-Mouthed Politicians Excuse Migrant Law-Breakers!

Illegal Immigration Serves Globalism!

U.N.-Affiliated Organizations Oppose U.S. Sovereignty!

Immigrant Diversity Schemes Serve One-World Government!

America is a Nation-State of White Pioneers!

This is a White-Built America!

America is a White-Built Civilization!

Open Borders Destroy Property Rights!

There Can Be No Property Rights Without Secure Borders!

Immigration is Terrorism!

Pro-Immigration Groups Spread Terrorism!

Immigration Serves Greedy Corporatists!

We’re Citizens Not Immigrant-Consumers!

Immigration is Anti-White Terrorism!

Our Race and Culture are More Important than Profit-Making

Immigration is Anti-White Racism!

Immigration is Genocidal for Whites!

Traitorous Politicians Support Amnesty!

Cowardly Congressmen Represent Illegals!

Amnesty is Invitation to Law-Breaking!

‘Guest-Worker Program’ Means AMNESTY!

Guest Workers Never Go Home!

Welfare not Work is Migrant Attractor!

Open-Borders Immigration Destroys Civilization!

Migrant Invaders Hate Whites!

Mexican Migrants Take America for Mexico!

Hispanics Build Aztlan not America!

Hispanics Serve Mexico not America!

Capitalists’ Consumerism Demands Open Borders!

Unrestrained Capitalism Destroys Good Civilization!

Capitalist Traitors Welcome Immigrant Invaders!

Traitorous Business Owners Love Immigrant Invaders!

Immigrants Serve Materialism not Good Civil Society!

A Borderless World is Terrifying!

Cowardly Conservatives Defend Immigrant Invaders!

Are you rightists capable of

Just do it! Use my list without attribution.

Two pro-immigration slogans that are used to keep feds’ anti-white immigration, refugee and asylum policies on the books are:

“America is a Land of Immigrants!”


“Immigrant-Bashers are Racist!”

Well, America is a land built by white PIONEERS, for effecting a white nation-state FOR WHITE IMMIGRANTS!, as ALL NATIONS on earth were founded by race-specific tribes seeking a secure land in which to establish and carry forward their genetic line and resulting cultural proclivities (( read Founder John Jay on the matter, below )); and America had remained 90%-plus white until after passage of that socialism- and communism-serving Immigration Act of 1965, which shifted the traditional importation of whites towards importation of people of color from the Third World, in order to build a UNIVERSAL socialism/communism (a Marxian “United Nations” on American soil), and which RACE- and CIVILIZATION-DESTROYING shift in America’s social/racial policy — a socialist- and communist-effected shift within all white Western Democracies during the Left’s revolutionary 1960s — remains hidden behind this lie-built slogan: “America is a Land of Immigrants” .

Founder John Jay:

“Providence has been pleased to give this
one connected country to one united people
. . . descended from the same ancestors,
speaking the same language, professing the
same religion, attached to the same
principles of government, very similar in
their manners and customs, and who . . .
fighting side by side throughout a long
and bloody war, have nobly established
their general liberty and independence.”

Here’s the bottom-line reason something TERRIFYING this way comes, because of Marxists’ emotion-driven, racial-engineering schemes:

We humans have spent the last 4,000 years
engaged in bloody battles FOR THE PURPOSE
of establishing borders (see essay 5e,
“Mosaic Law and Borders”), which gene-based
need in human tribes ensures an absolute
in white Western democracies, as the Marxian
Left has IGNORANTLY set up conditions for
possibly millennia more of warring and
hardship, necessary to RE-ESTABLISH secure
borders for diverse racial tribes (we now see
this inherent drive toward race-Balkanization
in every white Western democracy).

Of course, the hard push by globalistic elites to increase inter-racial marriages (( aka RACIAL MONGRELIZATION, which is an underlying tenet of socialism/communism )) is an effort to erase the idea “race,” and which erasure requires a long-term dysgenic march toward the bottom of the human gene pool; that is, there can be no true equality until all humans are born with equal intelligence potential, which goal necessarily requires the heritably high-minded to be made low-minded, because the village idiot cannot be made high for lack of an inherent ability to do so.

In other words, whites must be made to give up their sons and daughters to indigenous blacks and Native Indians, and to invading Third World tribes…to be fair (( perfect fairness is the goal of socialism/communism; read my essay, “Your White Face,” in here: http://foundersamerica81.blogspot.com/ ; and read these two books to fully grasp what bloody future the Third-Way globalists have in mind for you and your offspring: “The Black Book of Communism” and “Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare” )).


  • 8 Responses to “Illegal Aliens Trash America”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Hey USA is for white Christians; every sane and rational soul understands or should. US Constitution is nothing but white Christian document. What we do now is assert that Christian character as Constantine the Great did back in 4th century, eh? Honest elections and death to the Fed. (See more expo by Apollonian on NewNation.org under “commentary” heading. Apollonian

    2. Outis Says:

      Who is the Founders’ America guy? anyone know?

    3. bob Says:

      Congressman Tancredo should be president, he would deport the illegals.

      Vote for him in the ‘FINAL FOUR’ in March Madness straw poll.

      He has 400 votes as of 9pm mar 31

    4. bob Says:

      Straw poll is at http://WWW.SURVEYSAINTLOUIS.COM

    5. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Who is the Founders’ America guy? anyone know?”

      Got on thus guy’s list about 2000, after writing to Brimelow.
      He was associated with the Heritage Foundation. His name is Richard Brule. We exchanged e-mails for a while.

    6. JimD Says:


      Non-White Immigration = White Genocide

      America is a nation of (White) Immigrants

      Your Mother always said, “What if everyone did it?”
      What if everyone had multi-racial children?
      Miscegenation = White Genocide

    7. jasonb Says:

      i glad someone has the balls to say it !

    8. Latino Lawbreaker Says:

      Mexico’s #1 source of income (except for oil pumped out of the ground) is remittances from the U.S.

      Think about it. They receive pure profit each year that’s bigger than the revenues (not profits) of any other industry in Mexico.

      Mexico would be very stupid if they didn’t do everything in their power to keep their lifeblood of welfare flowing.

      I would not be surprised if Mexico funds most of the pro-illegal immigrant right groups in this country (MALDEF, LA RAZA, etc). It’s a small investment to keep the money flowing back home.

      But what’s ironic is that they use our Laws. The Laws that we follow, that make this country great, so they can subject us with the lawless illegal immigration.