19 March, 2006

Jeboostan Losing Population

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jesusinside.jpg[T]he percentage of the population that describes itself as “nonreligious” more than doubled from 1990 to 2001, from 14.3 million to 29.4 million people. The only other group to show growth was Muslims. Article.

Revelation is opinion. Revelation is relativism. Religion is utopianism. Dumb christians think charlatans purchased by jews have the answers. Dumb liberals think dumb christians are the problem. In fact, the problem is jews, and the solution is getting rid of them. If you want to live in Normal White World, among other Normal Whites, then you must know, but will never learn from a christian, that that is impossible with jews running freely among you.

If low standards are the problem, then the sanctimonious escapism of Christianity is not the solution. All you need to qualify as a christian is to believe that men come back from the dead. Look at a christian, really look at it. Swaggart. Bakker. Falwell. Jesus. Robertson. Graham. Piss-all. The popes. They’re all cum-sucking gutter whores. Every last one of them. If they’re not sodomizing tots, they’re sucking off yids. Or delivering sermons on making Our Lady of Perpetual Bathtub Grime haven for lubricious mandingos, or chicleteetos from Yoocatan.

“I believe because I am aburd,” as a Church father said. To remove the pain of being a man, he made himself a christian. He did. You don’t have to.

It’s great to see increasing numbers of thinking youth turn the hose on Jeboo and the dirt-eating morontsia. No way out but through the Jew, say the chrisslings. But verily I say unto you…


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  7. 44 Responses to “Jeboostan Losing Population”

    1. johnny Says:

      Okay, atheist. So why do people believe? (I’ll be happy to reply to your attempted defense.)

    2. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Mainstream Christianity as practiced today has also become nauseating to traditional Christians like myself, as well. The doctrine of pre-Tribulation Rapture is a double-edged sword; its “escapist” aspect can promote passivity and personal irresponsibility. A person might decide to run up a $10,000 debt, thinking “I don’t have to worry about paying it back – Jesus will rapture me out of it.”

      The relentless culling and cherry-picking of the Bible is another problem. Homos now claim the Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:26-27 don’t mean what they say. The outlaw gay Mormon group Affirmation demands that bishops don’t inquire into the sexual practices of gay Mormons during temple “worthiness” interviews. Many Christians can’t even so much as agree on what the Trinity look like; some say they are an amorphous blob that is three-in-one, one-in-three, everywhere and nowhere at the same time, when a careful analysis of a multitude of related verses reveal the Godhead to be separate and distinct glorified personages, one in purpose but separate in appearance. And lurking behind the scenes, ready to exploit any division, is the eternal Jew. In his forthcoming book, Abe Foxman purportedly demands that Christians ignore large portions of the New Testament to avoid “offending” Jews. Of course, Jesus Christ offended Organized Jewry 2,000 years ago, chasing their moneychangers from the temple, and paid the ultimate price for that act.

      Which leads to the biggest problem: The “Judaization” of Christianity. We’ve seen the evolution of an abortion called “Judeo-Christianity”. Christianity evolved separately and must remain separate in order to retain its central premise of faith in a Savior to serve as an intercessor with the Father. Any marriage of Judaism and Christianity will end up being contracted on Jewish terms and can only serve, in the metaphorical sense, to dig up Jesus and serve Him up to His erstwhile tormentors to be crucified all over again.

    3. Jim Says:

      Johnny boy:
      People believe because it is easier than thinking.

    4. alex Says:

      Atheism isn’t a belief, no matter how much the ‘booheads want to claim so.

      People believe in Christianity for the same reason they believe in democracy or any other ideology – it provides answers, and nobody looks at you funny. More than anything they believe because that’s what they were told when they were young, and they no more question it than any other bogus hand-me-down. People believe because they have no imagination. The real world is more interesting that ‘booist science fiction, far more interesting. But facts and reality take brains and work, and it’s easier to go along with the prevailing lie. Jeboo, yeah. Sure. He died for our sins. Jewish socialist? Eh, so what? Leave your family and follow The joo-kook. Sure, you betcha.

      The only value I can see to christ-insanity is it gets people out of beds on sunday and even if for a fleeting moment focused on something other than football or internet porn or grubbing money.

      I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world, in fact I don’t think about it much at all – or i wouldn’t if the pope wasn’t eternally fellating the ADL, the L.A. Cardinal inviting Mexico to move here, and Pat (short for Pat-hological & Pat-hetic) telling his loam-lickers that miscegenation with the brown stubbies is the cure for America’s social ills.

      I had a particularly insane, although nondogmatic and not actually unpleasant, form of Christianity thrust on me as a youth. The ur-impetus behind VNN is my personal caustic rejection of those who face reality and go crabwise, as the late HST put it. So I laugh at these catholic intellectuals who claim the church is the source of all knowledge, and science in particular. It is not. Our genes are what make the difference between us and the equally-souled simians, not any utterly superficial, utterly unconsidered belief system centering around some fucking kike, #27 in the HSN messiah collection.

      Fuck jeboo and the stick he rode in on.

      Men don’t come back from the dead. You can believe that until the end of time, and unlike Jeboo’s heaven lottery, it’ll repay your faith with interest. Reality is for adults, and christianity is for adult children. “Put away childish things” – christianity is exactly that – a childish myth for men who can’t stand the pain of responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. “Jeboo died for your sins.” No. That isn’t possible. That’s happy ass-talk for adult clowns. I mean, have you looked into the eyes of the ‘man’ who asks if you’ve accepted Jesus as your “personal” savior?  Not much there, is there?

      There’s lots of room at the top, and that’s where you’ll find the thinking minority, and damn few chrisslings among them.

    5. Will Says:

      They believe because they are afraid of the cessation of consciousness which is death.

      Death is the mother of religion. Religion is the warm blanket that insulates the mortal fool from the fear of nothing.

    6. johnny Says:

      Well, you’re right that Christianity is wrong. Men can’t come back from the dead. But you fail to explain why people believe. Will also fails to help you out. Atheism isn’t a belief, but you get the same kind of inspiration from politics. Racism is – in effect – your religion. But your religion of racism is half logical and half bullshit like Christianity. The logical and correct part is that different races have different average intelligences. Very good. Already you are of the top 1% for acknowledging that to the degree that you do. Blacks and Mexicans and even Asians are definitely mentally inferior to Aryans. But here’s the half that’s bullshit. Jews are not in the business of enslaving and exploiting whites any more than Israel is in the business of enslaving and exploiting America. There is no such enslavement and exploitation. Everything that the Jews have been promoting has been out of self-defense. You say that this country’s being ransacked by minorities because of the Jew. Well, you forget that the Jew also has to pay taxes.

      And for you to support the Palestinians and say that they are oppressed by Israel is a complete contradiction Mr. Logical Racist because the Palestinians stand in relation to the Israelis as the Mexicans stand in relation to the Aryan Americans. The only difference is that Mexicans contribute a lot more to the economy and they don’t walk around blowing themselves up. So at least you should be able to sympathize with Israeli self-defense. But you are so hung up on the Jews as an evil people that you will do absolutely EVERYTHING to attack every facet of Jewish life: even if that means contradicting your own racist principles.

      There’s a very good reason that people believe in God. You alluded to it. It’s that people use religion to inspire them in the meaning of life. Racism is not the be all and end all of such inspiration. Racism is just a cheap recognition of two principles: that there are races, and that the Jews are responsible for postmodernism. Let me tell you: there’s more to the story than that. And when this world gets the full story, there will be a political revolution, but that revolution will not include the extermination of the Jews.

    7. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Will – your assessment isn’t true of all Christians, and certainly isn’t true of me. It’s a matter of logic; if there was no pre-mortal life, and if there is no post-mortal life, then mortality has no logic behind it. I am not afraid of death, although I don’t look forward to the physical pain that might be associated with the transition. This is a philosophical distinction that will not be resolved, and I’m not so sure it needs to be.

      Nevertheless, I have become familiar with those aspects of Christianity that have made it inimical to our interests, and have sought to rigorously expose those deficiencies, as I have in my previous post. A white homeland in North America will be large enough to easily accomodate Christians and non-Christians alike, as the sheer size of the homeland (particularly under the scheme proposed by Glenn Miller) would permit like-minded religionists to organize into exclusive communities. What’s of real import is that a white homeland would contain no non-whites, no Jews, and no whites who are active race-mixers.

    8. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Johnny – you state that Israel is not exploiting America. Have you not heard of AIPAC? Read former Congressman Paul Findlay’s two exposes on AIPAC, “They Dare To Speak Out”, and “Deliberate Deceptions”.

    9. johnny Says:

      AIPAC is just an interest group like the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation. As an interest group, it uses the freedom of speech to submit policy proposals to politicians. That is all that it does. It would be totally wrong to say that America is run by Israel. That would mean that Israel actually has political power over America, and that’s bullshit. You racists equivocate between speech and violence. If anything Israel is “run” by America. It’s America who forces Israel to engage in “peace talks” and it’s America that forces Israel to comply with those “peace talks.” A good illustration is that of Bill Clinton standing over terrorist Yasser Arafat and Shimon Perez as they shook hands. Before the event Perez told Clinton that he doesn’t want to shake hands with Arafat, but Clinton gave him an intimidating “recommendation” that he comply. You guys really do have it backwards on the issue of Israel. But as I say, racism is half-truth and half-bullshit. It’s not the full story. Alex Linder is not the messiah. You guys have a lot to learn.

    10. Carl Loerbs Says:

      To compare AIPAC to the CATO Institute or the Heritage Foundation is like comparing apples to broccoli; both are plants, but one is a fruit, the other a vegetable. Neither the CATO Institute nor the Heritage Foundation orchestrate the direction of millions of dollars in foreign aid to a nation that’s 25th in the world in average per capita income. Neither CATO nor Heritage have targeted Congressman for defeat the way AIPAC targeted Paul Findlay back in the 70s, leading to his replacement by the more-compliant Paul Simon.

      And if you doubt Jewish predominance in the elite captive media, ask yourself why is it that despite all the major outbreaks of genocide during the 20th century, the Jewish “Holocaust” alone gets the lion’s share of publicity. Or why is it that the Official Authorized Version of the Jewish Holocaust alone enjoys statutory protection in several European countries. These are classic examples of Jewish supremacism. If David Irving had publicly disputed the Law of Gravity instead of the Law of the Holocaust, he would not be in jail right now.

      We also don’t look upon Alex Linder as a “messiah”. Most of us were attracted to his cause because he doesn’t sugarcoat the truth. The SPLC makes no distinction between VNN and American Renaissance; hell, for that matter, the SPLC even thinks the Constitution Party is racist. So his premise is simply; if your’re gonna be a racist, be a racist. No Jews, Just Right also means No Bull, Just Fact.

    11. apollonian Says:

      Christianity: A Venerable Anti-Semitic Weapon
      (Apollonian, 19 Mar 06)

      Goshdarn it, but Linder/VNN in his above posting argues against a strawman and deliberately commits same fallacy. Christianity begins w. New Testament (NT) text and literature–everything after that, like PRACTICE of such Christian inspiration-ideal, is subjectivist “religion,” and people line up according to taste as is natural. People only use “faith” as when they’re young as they have difficulty in otherwise thinking with fullest confidence. Honest people gradually see faith is mere makeshift for kids.

      There’s no question NT lit. absolutely opposes Talmudism, hence Judaism, the definitive Hegelian “antithesis”–just ck such as Gosp. MARK 7:1-8, MATT ch. 23, all 39 verses, and esp. JOHN 8:44. Thus NT Christianity is aesthetic opposing Talmudism, affirming the Greek-Western objective reality against the Talmudic subjectivism, collectivism, hysteria, narcissism, and hubris. Christianity is rationalist health against the Talmudic madness and obsession.

      It’s disinfo and subversion, hence treason to white race to so misrepresent NT Christianity as Linder/VNN does–and this deliberate disinfo by Linder/VNN only serves the Jews and their “Sadducean” accomplices among the gentiles.

      But as long as Linder/VNN doesn’t censor honest defenders and appreciators of such Christian aesthetic on blogs like this one, he can pose as “devil’s advocate” against Christian philosophy for the white race and still do adequate job journalistically and conceptually as for art and rhetoric.

      Note Christianity was the weapon by which Roman emperor Constantine the Great was able to defeat the Jew-bankers of his time. By means of Christianity Constantine was able to rally the entire culture and civilization of the Romans against the Jews and their accomplices among the gentiles.

      Adolf Hitler, by contrast, was not so able to rally the entire Western culture, only a single, out-gunned, out-manned nation, those magnificent Germans who were set-up to be horribly murdered.

      And yes, Christianity became established which then became corrupt–as Martin Luther pointed out, but as long as it reproduces that basic NT text, we’ll always have something to fall back upon for reference.

      NT conspiracy theory-analytic-template allows us to isolate the weak-points of the anti-Christ, anti-white conspirators, so otherwise invincible, and their psychologic hold over the minds of the elders and the Mammonist imperialist enforcers. (See more of my expository essays on NewNation.org under “commentary” heading.)

      Thus by means of Christianity we can speak the “language” of the elders and “Judeo-Christian” (JC) dupes and enforcers who are led by such traitors as Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al. Thus we can persuade these otherwise good people, elders and JCs, they are betrayed and undone by their leaders, the modern equivalents of Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadduceans who murdered Christ.

      CONCLUSION: Christianity is eminently useful and we should respect it enough to defend it from misrepresentation as by Linder/VNN. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    12. johnny Says:

      Carl Loerb doesn’t effectively rebut anything that I’ve said. In fact, he make two classical errors: he equivocates and he puts words in my mouth. The equivocation lies in his and VNNs attitude towards the AIPAC is that it is some kind of KGB when in fact it is nothing more than a popular interest group that – again – uses the freedom of speech to push for certain policies. I didn’t say that AIPAC is synonymous Cato or Heritage any more than it is synonymous with the ACLU or Lambda. Rather, I only said that it’s an interest group like these entities. The interest group does not have authority over government policy anymore than any other interest group.

      Second, I never said that the Jews aren’t largely in control of the media etc., but that the postmodernism that they have promoted is an act of self-defense.

      Third, Alex has a shallow grasp on the “truth.” The “truth” that he understands is simple: that there’s such a thing as race, and that the Jews have promoted the ideas that are at the heart of postmodern culture. But there are higher truths. To say that “the Jews are a shit race” is not the truth. To pretend that the Jews are intent on the destruction of the Aryans couldn’t be further from the truth. That would be totally self-destructive. It would be self-destructive for the Jews to destroy the Aryans, and it would be self-destructive for the Aryans to destroy the Jews.

      If Alex Linder really thinks that the Jews are out to destroy the Aryans, then he couldn’t be further removed from the truth. Yes, race exists; yes, the Jews are influential and have taught people to blind themselves to race. But that’s all that Alex Linder can teach you. He’s not a real thinker. He’s a good writer, but he’s no philosopher of merit. There are better thinkers who have better ideas.

      I’m glad to hear that you don’t regard Mr. Linder as the messiah.

    13. alex Says:

      Nothing more than a special interest group. Careful, the jew in you is really coming out with a ridiculous statement like that.

      Which other interest group spies on the government (AIPAC) routinely, pays off cops to collect private information on tens of thousands of groups and individuals (ADL), yet continues to be paid by the feds to teach its agents lies about “the” “Holocaust,” and that honest White men like those at VNN are evil latent terrorists.

      You assume a modest tone, jonny, but it’s only because you I hold the whip hand here and you can’t shut me down.

      If you could, you would. That’s what jews do.

      The jews are more highly organized than any other group of people, and they knowingly advocate policies that shrink White freedom and destroy White communities. They advocate genocide, no matter what you want to say about it. VNN is the White response to the jews’ attempted murder of the White race.

      Philosopher? I don’t pretend to be one. I am wit and an analyst, and my business is connecting facts, and crystallizing the fresh associations in slogans that will stick in the mind of the newborn White man.

    14. alex Says:

      As for religion, there is no evidence that people fear death as much as someone says on here. There is no evidence that people think deeply about anything. In fact, only a tiny percentage of people are capable of thought. The vast mass reads or hears something that sounds good and repeats it. It might appear to be thinking, but a parrot appears to be talking. The mass are comfortable with the customary cliches, no matter who’s the source of them — and it never occurs to them that they aren’t thinking, because they lack the capacity to know any better.

      Racialism may appear religious, but only because our current structure and nations are so screwed that only a total change can make our fight worthwhile. There are no possible incremental changes that can be made. The Amrents love to say all we need is to restore free association, but that begs the question why we don’t have that association, and how we lost it, and that in turn opens the door to the jew question, which is a matter of biology more than anything.

    15. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Johnny – the crux of the issue is that Jews assert the right to think tribally, encourage non-whites to think tribally, but attempt to thwart every effort by whites to think tribally. Through excessive foreign aid to Israel, we’ve surrendered our treasure to them. Because of repetitive lawsuits filed by the Jewish-dominated ACLU against every public expression of Christian culture, we’ve surrendered our culture to them. And now, Abe Foxman in his forthcoming book expects us to surrender our religion to them. Jews have it better in America than in any other country in the world(including Israel), yet instead of a little gratitude, Organized Jewry (ADL, SPLC, AIPAC) is constantly complaining about “latent Anti-Semitism” and engages in chronic witch-hunts to extirpate even the least “traces”. This generates what’s called the “Pygmalion Effect”, or the self-fulfilling prophecy. The more Organized Jewry hectors us and lecture us on anti-Semitism and the “Holocaust”, the more resentment is build up, so now you have current (Ahminedejab) and former (Kohl) heads of state questioning the Holocaust. In some places, 6 year olds are frog-marched into Holocaust museums to look at pictures of dead bodies stacked like cordwood. Is this appropriate for a 6 year old to see? Why does the ADL have such a manic obsession with Holcaust indoctrination? We can only take so much of this stuff, and then we puke it back up.

    16. johnny Says:

      I don’t think that AIPAC should spy on America. I think that America and Israel should freely trade info amongst themselves as allies.

      As for the ADL, who can blame them for wanting to root out Jewkillers? Are you so stupid that you think the Jews are evil because they don’t want to be murdered by people like you? So I suppose good people commit suicide in your book.

      See how baseless you really are? The Jews act to defend themselves against people who think that the Jews are evil because they are successful. That is where it starts: with envious morons who hate the Jews for the same reason that a poor slob would hate the rich. You call yourself the good guys?

      And as for religion, you didn’t read me right, Alex. I said that religion is used to inpsire people in the meaning of life. I said that racism is your religion. Therefore, racism is used by people to inspire them in the meaning of life. Man has a desire to know the meaning of life for reason that you don’t know, but that I do know.

      “I am wit and an analyst, and my business is connecting facts, and crystallizing the fresh associations in slogans that will stick in the mind of the newborn White man.”

      You know how to appeal to the idiot. You’re a propagandist extaordinaire. If you win, it’s because you know how to talk a blue streak out of your ass. Everybody connects facts, Alex. It’s called thinking. Even monkeys connect facts. The question is not whether you connect facts, but at what rate. You don’t connect facts quickly enough to understand the full story. You can’t tell me the purpose of religion, and you can’t tell me why the Jews are hated before they act in their self defense, let alone THAT they are hated before they act in their self-defense. Your powers of analysis ring hollow. You’re like the blond haired kid who used to bully me in junior high school, calling me a retard because I was engaging in active contemplation while he was off talking to his friends. He was actually pretty smart, yet he was of another world.

    17. alex Says:

      Yeah that famous blond bully – staple of jewish motion pictures, next to invisible in real life.

      We are the response the murderous jews have brought forth. We are responding to Abe Foxman’s attempted genocide of our race. The jews are the aggressors.

    18. johnny Says:

      And I suppose you think the Jews want to wipe out the Aryan race because they get really bored reading the Torah all day.

    19. Tim Says:

      johnny is a jew. the jews are only successful because they swindle and backstab their way up to the top and erect vast spoils systems for fellow jews once they get there. In addition they immediately pursue policies to shut out opposition and neutralize their gentile opponents. jews fear whites because they know they are doing, and they know what they deserve. the jews deserve extinction for defining white survival as ‘racism’, and thats a (mormon) chrissling talking.

    20. johnny Says:

      I thought you VNN people were concerned with the facts. Are you so delusional as to suggest that the Jews are successful because they engage in fraud? The last time I checked, fraud is illegal for Jews as much as it is illegal for gentiles. What you say has no basis in reality.

      And then you say that the Jews want to kill the Aryans because they know that they engage in fraud. But it would be far far far more profitable not to destroy the Aryans and to engage in fair trade, than to engage in fraud and destroy the Aryans.

      Finally, “racism” is not defined by anyone as white survival. Racism is defined as self-destructive racial discrimination, in contrast to productive racial discrimination. It’s not bad to acknowledge the existence of race, or to act on it, but it is bad to do so in a self-destructive manner.

      When you speak of white survival, you refer to two concerns: the welfare state, and interracial marriage. Both should be eliminated. And I mean ELIMINATED. And that’s a Jew talking.

    21. Joshua Says:

      Alex, is it your atheist belief which gives you so much intellect? I’m amazed that you are able to block out the very foundation of the greatness of Western civilisation. Have you heard nothing of Martin Luther (probably too anti-semitic for you i would suppose. take a look if you care too.) Or perhaps John Calvin or Wycliffe, read upon them. Both Western civilisation and our faith in Christ were firm and stable at the greatest points in our history. When we were conquering the world, inventing dozens of worldshaking inventions, developing so many important scientific theories. Yet all you have to say about it is ‘F*(& these people and to Hell with these people its very sad, and on anohter note you should try to refrain from cursing it, like other inferior language corrodes the mind and thought inside. Also i would like to mention that after the Christ and the apostle Paul the jewish religion was thoroughly bankrupt which is why they turned from the traditional religion of law and worship of any diety and moved towards worshiping themselves, this happened as the Talmud was invented in 260. AD thru 550 AD. There is no real cause for attacking Christianity, in fact if you read Paul’s letters to the various nations and tribes you will find this to be true.

    22. Joshua Says:


    23. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex if you don’t change your evil ways you will burn in hell forever, tormented by every jew who has ever lived. Because that’s where jews will be, in hell with their father the devil! Waiting to torment you for eternity. Can you imagine having to be around, obnoxious, foul mouthed, lying, cheating, whining jews 24/7 in hell forever? It maybe heaven for the jews it will be hell for you.

      Repent now.

      I always wanted to try my hand at street preaching.

    24. alex Says:

      Edison made more inventions than any man I’m aware of – he was an atheist. The discoverers of the genetic code were atheists too. I’m aware of what Luther said. I’m aware of what Lutherans say today. Christianity isn’t stable for the very reason that, unlike science, it is based on lies. When you teach people to believe things that aren’t true, you destroy stability. If Jesus can come back from the dead, then anything is possible, and integrating races mere child’s play.

      You only see religion praised, but the more you think about it, and actually look at what it does, you will see that it is destructive.

    25. alex Says:

      It is a lie that men need answers about ultimate things – men aren’t capable of thinking about ultimate things, only a tiny minority. And the tiny minority can’t puzzle out answers anyway. The best we can do is the incremental tool by the one method that works: science. Science is knowing, religion is horseshit.

    26. johnny Says:

      That’s not true, Alex. Men do seek knowledge of the meaning of life. Further, science and religion is a false alternative. You forget philosophy.

    27. alex Says:

      Philosophy has established nothing beyond you can take the world any way you like. It’s just more opinion, more relativism. The fake-conservative’s beloved ‘revelation’ is just another term for opinion. Before computers men believed opinions were valuable.

    28. johnny Says:

      I also used to think that way about philosophy. Actually, that’s a postmodern (Jewish) distortion of philosophy. Actually, philosophy is not about opinion: it is about fact. Those who fail to measure up to reality in their philosophy are not really doing philosophy; they’re doing religion. “Religion” is bad philosophy; “philosophy” is scientific and good philosophy. Philosophy is a science, in a broader sense of the word. It’s a science that considers not the small amount of evidence, but the largest amount of evidence: the evidence presented by every experience in one’s life.

    29. apollonian Says:

      New Testament Conspiracy Theory: Clearest Dialectic Antithesis Of Talmud–Objective Versus Subjective
      (Apollonian, 20 Mar 06)

      To be honest, this blog (above) looks almost like a bunch of dumb Jews attempting to “philosophize” and pretend they’re “wise” like real white men–like the Greeks–excepting of course for my sterling rationalist analysis given above. Jews are foremost traitors and conspirators–precisely as they’re collectivistic, so obsessively, mere form of hysteria, the “virtue” of the Jews, Talmudism, and the subjectivistic madness.

      Essence and definition of human is thinking and reasoning which require objectivity for reliable abstractions built upon observations. But Jews as collectivist liars are best for conspiracy. Only problem for such as Alex Linder/VNN is too many would conspire with him, then it couldn’t be called “treason”–only an affected heresy (neo-Pelagianism) which Alex likes to dramatize.

      Thus Linder/VNN suffers puerility, and his cultural grasp has difficulty w. the historical comparison of heroes, Hitler and (Roman emperor and saint) Constantine the Great. Constantine succeeded against the Jews; hence it is Constantine’s example we should prefer to Hitler’s, victim of fate and circumstances, set-up by Jew conspirators to be assassinated along w. German nation.

      Alex Linder/VNN goes far too far if he says Christianity tries to teach lies–like about Christ arising after dying. Christ resurrecting is mere device of the plot of the New Testament (NT) plot-story–which u can take or leave, even as a child like Alex is trying to prove he isn’t by stubbornly misinterpreting the New Testament moral-ideal.

      For what would Linder say about Homer’s Illiad and Oddyssey regarding all the “miraculous” events related therein?–are they to be written off as mere “lies”? I wonder what Richard the Lionhearted at WhiteAlert.com could say about this important subject (literary comparison).

      Rationally or historically, we don’t know any guy or character like Christ–but everything else about the historical depiction is purest brilliance, accuracy, and radiance, presenting EMPIRE as of the Romans, dominated by such as those master conspirators, “scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees.”

      So one thing great about NT conspiracy theory is it provides perfect analytic for history, determined and cyclic in manner of Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West.”

      Thus we observe history determined, cyclic, and conspiratorial, the Jews occupying then a simple place–like “strikers” for soccer teams, master conspirators as they’re thematically collectivists. Jews then are master conspirators dominating a conspiratorial culture suffused with fraud. Note Michael Collins Piper demonstrates the leading position of Jew organized crime–they control organized crime, Jews and Talmudists. Gentile accomplices and dupes go along as they imagine it profits them.

      So who then are the gentile collaborators (corresponding then with “Sadduceans” as of Christ’s day) whom the Jews must have at the right moments?–obviously then these are such as Falwell, Robertson, Franklin Graham, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al., leading the elders and others called “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) a supposed alliance consisting of duped gentiles who presently serve so willingly in Iraq breathing the “depleted” uranium dust. (Also, see JBS.org on the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR.)

      Thus the Jew parasite kills the host, the reduction-to-absurdum of Jew disease/insanity. The most hubristic gentiles are killed, the disease leaving the host, though now much-reduced, yet now immune and strengthened in relative health, according to historical cycle and Darwinian survival characteristics of biology.

      Thus like Constantine the Great we await the historical moment to move against and crush the conspirators, Jews and “Sadducean” accomplices.

      Politically (practically) the only proper task is to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam–and this is precisely what Constantine the Great did, strengthening and providing for a great resurgence of the Roman Empire, driving out the Jew conclusively for centuries. No wonder Jews hate Greek reason and Christian honesty.

      If Linder/VNN wants to overthrow the Jew, it is such as the Fed fraud which must go as it supports the Jews most. Linder/VNN must start to more seriously applying NT conspiracy theory-analytic-template. Attacking Christianity and misinterpreting it so stupidly is what Jews, like above “Johnny” character, want most to encourage in whatever negativist, sly, and back-handed manner.

      Jews are insane and criminal conspirators, as their Talmud demonstrates so perfectly; they may not vote, own property, or hold office–this is one instantaneous and obvious reform a Constantinian revolution would enact.

      CONCLUSION: Hence Christianity is understood not as puerile “lies” (as per Linder/VNN), but rather as sublime Greek literature in style of Illiad and Oddyssey preceding: in same manner NT defends Western objectivity against Judaic subjectivism, heresy, narcissism, hysteria, hubris, and madness–it, Judaism, is nothing but a disease-of-opportunity and could only exist at behest of weaklings of mentality among the gentiles who allow themselves to be duped, like modern JCs. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    30. Olde Dutch Says:

      Just think, what it would be like Alex, to be forced to listen to jew devils like Johnny bullshit about philosophy forever and a day. The prospect of that should scare the living hell out of you. An eternity surrounded by jew know it alls’….the painting “The Scream” comes to mind.

      Remember men are imperfect. No matter what we do, even with the best of intentions, it will probably be wrong. No WORKS by a human being can provide for his salvation. Only belief in Jesus Christ will bring salvation!

      This is basically what John Calvin, John Wesley and most of the non-Lutheran German Protestant ministers of the Reformation taught. You can’t work your way into heaven! Think about the implications of that in regard to all of these so-called Christians who offend their neighbors with their behavior.

    31. Sulla Says:

      Christ-insanity – the bastard child of Jews. An overgrown cult that scurried its way into the halls of power in Ancient Rome and once that was done used stealth and steel to impose the ‘glory of christ’ upon people. I guess free will had little to do with it. It has a history of destroying superior religions, for example, Paganism that built ancient Rome and Greece adn laid our foundations for free thought, science and philosophy. The Founding Fathers were deists and many DESPISED this overgrown cult with its branches like a octopus’ tentacles from protestantism to Catholicism. Christ-insanity is a viral infection of the mind. Mental toxic waste and amply demonstrated by the bonehead Jebus cultists postings here.

      The TRUE religions of our ancestors are the belief in the Gods of old. Not the evil desert religion imposed upon us with lies, treachery, blood and tears. Look to your ancestral beliefs from Norse to Greco-Roman to Slavonic and Celtic. reject the filthy repackaged horseshit called Christ0insanity which is based on a non-humn character who never existed and has done nothing but bring misery in its wake.

      Fuck Christ-insanity for all ethernity. Tax the shit out of it. Confiscate all ill-gotten property from it. Hey, hey, ho, ho, Christ-insanity has got to go!

    32. apollonian Says:

      Comrade, u r truly sick, sick, sick. Don’t blame Christianity for ur own short-comings. U’re a repetitious moron who must be joking, esp. in view of my own persuasive efforts posted above. Why do I waste time here, anyway? (Answer: patriotism–there will actually be some honest rational people who will read this, eh?) Don’t tell me–but u’re really a Christian having some fun smoking people out, eh? Try to get a grip. A.

    33. Merovius Says:

      “Fuck jeboo and the stick he rode in on.”

      That sums it up, why can’t the christlings just stop being loud pain the in ass, jew tools even if they think they are not, they are. Who want to push in back into the darkages. And just nail themselves to a stick and die like their dead rabbi jewsus.

    34. apollonian Says:

      Merovius u’re an idiot–u don’t even read above postings, moron. A.

    35. Merovius Says:

      Prove your religious fables as real first or just shut up. Idiot I’am not the one who believes in people walking on water and coming back from the grave.

    36. apollonian Says:

      Those are plot devices, dear Merovius. Does it occur to one of skull’s thickness as urs there’s greater moral behind resurrection, etc.? Don’t bother me again comrade until u’ve read a good number of my essays on NewNation.org, under “commentary.” A blog is designed for people’s INFORMATION.

    37. Sulla Says:

      Hey Dipshit Apollonian,

      “Comrade, u r truly sick, sick, sick. Don’t blame Christianity for ur own short-comings.

      Christ-insanity is a pestilence that has dogged western civilization from the beginning. You’re such a doltish gasbag and can’t seem to help yourself with your constant apologizing and this fatal attraction of yours with a dogshit cult. You’re one weird fuck. Get the fuck outta here and go back to your Trooo Joooo wannabeites.

      “U’re a repetitious moron who must be joking, esp. in view of my own persuasive efforts posted above.”

      Hey, cuntwad, I used to be one of you types and the insanity that prevailed was overwhelming. At meetings cunts like you would be constantly trying to talk about Jebus and not dealing with the issues at hand. Of course, since you’re right and the rest are “lost sheep” you refuse to acknowledge their belief systems (which are natural white-bred beliefs, i.e. Heathenism). Rather, you obsess over a tired, worn-out, horseshit religion based upon some Kike who gave his last heave-ho on a fucking stick.

      ‘Why do I waste time here, anyway? (Answer: patriotism–there will actually be some honest rational people who will read this, eh?)”

      Exactly, why do you? Piss off asshole! Go to some Troo Jooo site and talk about the worthless Troo Jooo minutiae that only a Troo Joo (enough repetition for ya?) would appreciate. WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR STUPID FUCKING OBSESSION WITH A DEAD HEBE ON A STICK, GOT IT????

      “Don’t tell me–but u’re really a Christian having some fun smoking people out, eh? Try to get a grip.”

      I’ve seen firsthand the damage dumb assholes like you have on a viable movement. You’re constantly defending your Jebus obsession and obviously care more about that than in finding solutions (not your stupid fucking “solutions”) to real problems we face. Let me put it this way so your fucking pea brain can maybe grasp this if your Jebus Inside CPU will allow it to be processed: YOU are part of the problem. Your adherence to a worthless, useless, totally discredited religion makes any actions you may engage in redundant. YOU are a waste of time and you’re wasting OUR time. GO AWAY!

    38. Sulla Says:

      Apollonian defends this:



      Christian persecution against the Hellenes

      Is that what you’re defending dummy?

    39. Sulla Says:

      Hey guys, this is what Apollonian is defending. Is he an idiot? You decide:


    40. apollonian Says:

      Hey hello and thanks, “Sulla,” u desperate, hysterical fellow, yes indeed (I just now found ur precious thoughts expressed so eloquently). U pretend to speak for a bunch of people, but I say if u’re white u must be sympathetic to Christians against Jews. Don’t tell me about pagans; I doubt u know anything about the subject. U just try to intimidate ur way through any argument(s). If u’re white u can be rational, but u have greatest difficulty, don’t u? Tell me, is one of ur “solutions” Pelagian heresy, eh? A.

    41. Sulla Says:

      Good one Apollonian. Now I’m a nigger. Or is it I’m a Jew? And not only that I know nothing about Paganism, eh?

      Appy, baby, you just prove my point. Don’t you get it? You Xian cunts always try to usurp the *whiteness* element. When, in fact, you’re one of the major reasons why we’re in the shitty position we are in in the 1st place.

      Why are you back Appy? I thought that you didn’t like Alex because he doesn’t acknowledge your mental limitiations and is an atheist? How come you don’t post at Xian cunt sites? This is a PRO-WHITE site, not a Xian validation website. So, why don’t you get on your knees at some Mesitzo/Nigger church and continue giving Jebus head, errrrr….expressing your love….. whilst gibbering we be da troooo joooo to any moron who will listen. Buddy, you’re in the wrong place.

      Appy, seek help! Or, at least, go back on your meds.

    42. apollonian Says:

      Okay “Sulla” baby, I’ll let ur last be last word for this blog, and I’m willing to let public decide which voice of reason they prefer btwn us. Yes, u must be part Jew as u ignore my question about Pelagianism. U’re way too hysterical–like a Jew too. A.

    43. Sulla Says:

      Oh, Appy, now I’m “part” Jew? Sure, why not! Okay, now that we have that straight onto sanity.

      You know what? Your posts are much ado about nothing – they are really of no tangible value. Alex’s, however, are very apt and hit the issue/nail on the head. Whilst you’re waxing Xian cunt philosophically, wasting our time, not yours (if you have a job that is), the steamroller of white events keeps on going despite you trying to steer it towards your particular mental illness.

      Anyway, good to see you’re starting to disperse like any bad smell, although you were a particular smelly one. I’m sure you’ll be back, being mentally challenged like you are. Fucks like you always pop out of the woodwork and then retreat back into your bat cave for another annoying reappearance in a short period of time.

      Incidentally, YOU are the only one (aside from a couple others) who I have heard use this term “Pelagianism” which is a completely, totally, absolutely, irrelevant Xian cunt obsession that I, nor I doubt 99.99% of people out there, could give a shit about. You just don’t get it Appy, do you? The WN movement has ZERO to do with dipshits like you and you just don’t belong here. Like I say, find a bible study group, some support group or other mindless gibberers like yourself who will debate the meanlessness meaning of Pelagianism. Then you can move onto Trooo Jooooism and other irrelevancies.

      So, buh bye and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, Appy baby!

    44. Sulla Says:

      A new movie about the origins of the non-person called Jesus and how it is fiction gone wild.


      I’ve heard Appy (aka Apollonian) is a faggot and likes so-called nazis because he thinks they wear a lot of leather and it turns his 3″incher rock hard. Have any of you heard the same? Is Appy a faggot? Really?