26 March, 2006

Jewshot America to Sanction Honorable Belarus

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US and Europe Plan Sanctions Against Belarus

The United States and Europe said Friday that they would impose sanctions against President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus and other top officials for cracking down on a peaceful protest over his re-election, which was widely seen as a sham.


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    1. Tim Johnson Says:

      Notice it is precisely 6,000,000 jews, but only “millions of non-jews.” We’re an afterthought.

      What if a kid says “I buy millions, but I don’t go as far as 6,000,000. I believe 5,999,999 is more accurate.”

      Accusations of “insensitivity” and “racial incitement”? Labeling by kosher psychologists? Extra drug injections for the 6-year-old dissenter? Or just an extra dose of loxist animus against your blond daughter or son?

      Homeschool, homeschool, and homeschool!

    2. Tim Johnson Says:

      Oops, should be posted to homeschool story.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      Mr. Milinkevich called for wide sanctions against Belarussian officials, including television journalists who he said knowingly spread lies on state television.

      Lucky we don’t have to put up with that! With Jew-owned media you are sure to hear only the truth. If you don’t believe that, just ask them.

      Good essay, but I would like more information. It is likely that NED, USAid and George Soros have financed and organized the “youth” who so spontaneously come together in the capital. They have done so before. Consider:

      NED and USAid are run by top-brass politicians in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats. They financed the “Orange revolution” in Ukraine. (Ever wonder how dirt-poor Ukrainians could afford buses, hi-tech sound equipment, large plasma screens, laser pointers, orange tents, orange jackets, orange banners? The Yushchenko youth org got money directly from the afore-mentioned orgs.) The president in Georgia, ousted by demonstrators invading his palace while the police did nothing, said Western money and organizers were active there as well. And they financed Serbian cities and politicans that opposed Milosevic, as well as a Serbian “youth organization” that demonstrated against him.

      Money and media-savvy that was all new to Eastern Europe. It is more than likely that the same is true in Belarus.

      (George Soros is an especially vicious Jew: he pumps $300 million into Eastern Europe every year, through various organizations for feminism, homosexuals, Gypsies, and abortion. Who would waste money on making abortion even cheaper in Russia, where it is already used by more than half of all women? Obviously he just wants to kill as many Whites as possible.)