9 March, 2006

That Sound You Hear is the Holocaust Cracking Up

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This is big. Really big. Helmut Kohl agrees with Ahmadinjad that The Holocaust (TM, R, Copyright, LLC) is pure D jewish BULLSHIT! Itz a-coming, you fucking kikes. Not all the jew-luvin’ Jerry Taylors in the world will save you from the wrath of Aryans bent on revenge. Truly, you have only your dirty yidden selves to blame. No JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

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    1. Fubar2 Says:

      Not so fast — who know what the truth is — from World Net Daily 3-8-06:

      Helmut Kohl’s chief assistant told WorldNetDaily the former German chancellor denies an Iranian newspaper’s claim that he agreed with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s assertion the Holocaust was a myth.

      Kohl “rejects firmly the insinuated quotes,” said Lutz Stroppe in an e-mail.

      “The quotations are completely fictitious and the story [is] without any basis.” cont. . . .

    2. Edward M Says:

      Fuck off you racist peice of shit. You nais disgust me. The Nazis killed millions of people and you think its a joke? You think its a joke thats millions of children died. You are a tough talker online, but I bet you are a pussy in real life. I wonder how long it will be until the FBI catches all the child porn sites you goto.

    3. DR Says:

      Kohl is a sheeny. A comment from a sheeny is like the wind: any direction, moves you, disappears. Means nothing.

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      A weak denial by Kohl. Probably claims in private he had one too many.

    5. John Ferguson Says:

      Of course, Kohl denies it. He doesn’t want his grandchildren blown away. He’s smart – drops the bomb and then backs off. The damage to the holohoaxers is done.

    6. Scandic Says:

      And this comes from the same Iranian media that claims Holocaust denial is illegal in Denmark.

      They’re pretty full of it.

    7. alan richards Says:

      I believe it is a host since Kohl is Jewish himself.

    8. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      What about the comment that he supposedly made about “Muticulturism” can only exist in Totalitarian Societies” or something to that effect.

      Was that a farce also? OY, what a tangle web these rascally hebes weave! It will take a 1000 years to clear up their lies after they’re gone, of course.

    9. Skorp Says:

      Is this site for real???

      I know that Anti-semitism exists of-course, but this honestly the first time that I’ve come accross it portrayed in such a nasty way (for real I mean, I often hear/see it with joking intent, etc…).

      None of you know me, or anything about me, why hate me?

      I’m so glad that people who are small minded enough to be that way are in the minority.

      What harm have Jews ever done anyway??? I know I’ve never done anyone any harm, I always try to be a good bloke, always try to do the right thing, always nice to everybody I meet….. what reason could anyone possibly have to hate me just because thousands of years ago I had ancestors that believed some different stuff to what other people did!

    10. mother fuckers Says:

      Hey assholes, quit you’re fucken bitching. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fucken nazis or tree hugging bitch. Thousands of people die each die and millions have been killed by others (such as the US) so just drink a cup of shut the fuck up.

    11. FuNny Shit but this is too far Says:

      lol i thought your segment on ‘nigger smell’ was halarious (http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/2005/ThomasA021405Olfactory.htm ) Although that segment was full of made up bullshit, I was still laughing my fucking ass off. (i dont believe the stuff written in it but its funny as hell)

      As for this jew thing- although most jewish people i meet (i went to a jew-filled school) is either full of themselves (ie. cocky bitches) or fucking dickheads, not all of them are like that. My theory is the reason they’re so full of shit is b/c stuff like this made them that way. Maybe if you leave them alone they’ll stop being dickheads and cocky assholes. How would you react if I started talking smack about your race/religion? Chances are you’ll get pissed off and fight back.

    12. Alex Linder Says:

      “There is no intelligent opposition to White nationalism” — see above.

    13. alphabeta Says:

      These fucking jews.

      Jewish communism in Russia (Lenin 1/4 jew, full:Trotsky (Bronstein), Sverdlov (Solomon), Zinoviev (Radomyslsky), Radek (Sobelsohn), Litvinov (Wallach), Kamenev (Rosenfeld), Uritsky, + the majority of other leaders and commissars) -> 10 million Ukrainian dead, 20 million Russian dead, development of Eastern Europe and Russia retarded for a century.
      Jewish money (Baruch) -> U.S. into WWI (Balfour declaration).
      Jewish media -> WW2 (God forbid Hitler should kick out the sacred sheenies, and have Germany run by Germans!).
      Jewish influence and media control in U.S. -> desegregation of blacks (Justice Frankfurter) -> uninhabitable cities -> white flight. ALSO massive non-white immigration (1965 Celler act) -> similar problems. AND post-war influence of jew-controlled U.S. on Europe -> massive non-white immigration. In sum the genetic destruction of our societies.

      And the response?

      “I always try to be a good bloke…”

      Not satisfactory.

    14. erich Says:

      Alex you need to go to wordpress.com and research some better “themes” for this site. WordPress is a great choice, but you need to change themes ASAP.


      Here’s where you can download this one:


      This one is good because it stretches all the way across for all resolutions.

    15. Veronica Clark Says:

      I suppose this is my own naiveness speaking, but…

      How can questioning the extent of an historical event — or for that matter ‘denying’ — be against the law? This is insane; that we should even have to condemn a man for speaking what he thinks and feels. What happened to freedom of speech?! Good Lord!

      I suppose the next thing we’ll see is an Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, an AmerIndian Genocide Remembrance Day, an African-American Slavery Remembrance Day…or possibly even a Nuremberg Mass Murder Celebration Day to commemorate and celebrate the murders of Julius Streicher, Adolf Eichmann, etc., since they were allegedly the most “evil” people who ever walked upon this planet.

      I am so fed up with these people who speak down from the “moral high-
      ground”. Shouldn’t we all be so fortunate to accuse everyone else of “evil” misdeeds when we ourselves have not looked into a mirror in decades!

    16. Long Knives Says:

      It’s important to understand the Jewsih question and it’s important to identify Jewish hedgemony and it’s effects on our society, adverse or otherwise. However it’s true that there are many nice Jews out there. The problem is the influential Jews and Hollywood Jews are often awful scumbags and these people have a very negative effect on our society. that being said many gentiles who are in positions of authority are trecherous and evil too.

    17. Lutjens Says:


      Friend or foe? You decide.

    18. Outis Says:

      I believe this blog format is a huge mistake. I know, it’s your call. If I don’t like it, make another one, etc. But seriously, the blog format weakens it. A templated VNN is a less effective VNN. I will literally beg you to retain the garrish old format. Sunlit Heights was a good idea, but why turn the mainpage into just another blog? Perhaps if you can give me your reason for changing it. Is it easier to manage?

    19. Alex Linder Says:

      We’ve gone to the blog for archiving. We’ll tweak the look some, but the guts of VNN will be the same as ever, no change in form or content, just appearance and no-hassle archiving, at long last. I prefer two column to three and will not change that.

    20. JC Says:

      Ms. Clark, what you find offensive is that which Kevin MacDonald calls The Culture of Critique. You can enjoy it 24/7, paid-for with your extorted tax dollars, at NPR.org and through your local affiliate.

    21. whiny white boy Says:

      Ya the holicast is all fake, so is the claim that hebe land has the A-bomb. Hey why not provoke them bastards and find out.

      Nice guns they make. happiness is warm 50 cal Desert Egel

      fart the power!

      Whitey out

    22. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Maybe if you leave them alone they’ll stop being dickheads and cocky assholes.”

      Tried that. It doesn’t work.

    23. whiny white boy Says:

      Whity here,

      Them jews think they is so smart being lawyers and doctors and such. FUck that. I is smarter them them. We whites outa rise up and take over them smart ass jews busines and rule da world.

      I have a dam jew bastard dentist, and I can do his job and makes lots o money. Stay tuned for my next report from my new denist busines as i will stik my blade is his head and become whity denist. Can’t be dat hard as jew boy been doin it for years.

      Whity out!

    24. van helsing Says:

      The more i read up on Stalin, I am convinced he was jewish, too, ergo FDR, another closet jew, would not have fawned upon him so and sent him so much money, dollar printing presses, ammo, tanks, planes.

      Stalin was an Ossetian in Georgia (or the other way around). His father’s name was Dzhugashvilli, which translates to jew-son. He did enter seminary, but all he did there was cause trouble. Pictures of him try to show him as a large and tall man, when he wasnt tall. Why would Trotsky and Lenin tolerate a goy so close to the helm? He had 3 wives, all jewish, in an age when there wasnt all this torrible jew-goy marriage we hear about these days. And he treated them like dirt anyway.

      Besides, he killed millions upon millions before during and after WWII. All white people, too.


      A casual observation:

      The French whined for years as Lance Armstrong decimated the European cycling pros at their own game. Seven straight T of F wins.

      You White Power babies have been whining for years that the Jews are taking over. Yea so what, someone has to win, and someone has to lose! Whine on loser. Ever notice how the losers complain the loudest, instead of improving their game they complain. Bla Bla Bla.

      If I were you I would encourage your sisters to marry Jews from NYC so that at least her kids will have a faint hope of defeating that pathetic White Whine gene that you seem to be possessed with.

      You White Whiners have been trying to get rid of the Jews for a couple of millennium, and as The Donald would say: “You’re Fired! Come on how pathetic is that, you cannot even get your shit together to defeat a couple of million Jews. Give up loser!

      And speak of conspiracies, you think every political event on the planet is a Jewish based conspiracy. Maybe this BLOG site is another Jew based conspiracy meant to confuse the real White Power babies.

      Whine On White Power Losers!


    26. alex Says:

      We have defeated you many times. Check the list of expulsions. The problem is that past expulsions were horizontal rather than vertical. So that today, jews hold the upper hand, and use it to hasten us, incrementally, to our genocide. But the truth about what you are is making its way to more people than ever, and the long-term prospects for jews on this planet are poor.

      What jews like you find genetically difficult to understand is that normal Whites aren’t interested in you. If you could live among us as a happy, successful minority, no one would give you a second thought. But you persist in irritating us, and one day enough Whites will think vnnly enough to give you what you deserve.


      So this is your best attempt to explain your White Power Whine? Pathetic. Please someone, anyone who does not sound like they have been lobotomized, chemically castrated, or someone’s prison bitch, please respond.

      Absurdly, you suggest that jews are genetically different and therefore cannot understand poor White Power Whiners like you (“What jews like you find genetically difficult to understand�). Yes this genetic difference now explains two things doctor (I am assuming you are a geneticist?):

      1) Jews are unbelievably successful because they are genetically superior (state of Israel in a wasted desert surrounded by their enemies, some of the best doctors, lawyers, scientists, and business men in just about every facet of business on the planet are Jews).

      2) White Power Whiners cannot get their shit together and become successful because they are genetically inferior (i.e. Get rid of the jews, stop whining and build successful businesses). You seem genetically designed, of flawed, to whine and bitch about other groups successes.

      New motto for White Power:

      1) Whine Power
      2) Waaaaaaaaaa!

      Would you like some white cheese with that wine?

      You will always be the slave of the jew until you play the game like a jew: education and business smarts (possibly genetics?)

      The jews are at the top of the business game, like a Gold Medal Olympic athlete. Which reminds me, didn’t the Germans clean up at the Turin Winter Games? See, you are good for something, now go slap on some ski’s and amuse me, I’m bored.


    28. Scrawl Says:

      APAININTHEASS…you are a sad little troll. Is it not you who is whining? Your arguments are juvenile and obviously from the mind of an imbecile. Grow the fuck up then shut the fuck up.


      That’s the Spirit!

      So now I am not speaking with Prison Bitch, I am speaking with the Prison Warden now?

      So I should “shut the fuck up� as I am a ‘Troll� and my “arguments are juvenile “. Fascinating harry potter talk. I did not realize that you can take grade 8 catch up courses as an adult?

      Whoops, sorry, I forgot you are the Mater Race. Or is that Masturbator Race? How do I address some one of your intellectual and physical stature? Your Majesty, Your Hineass? Do I curtsy or bow?

      Whoo Hooo!! This site is better than the National Lampoon site as it makes me laugh until I whine: “No more, I can’t take the humor and mad science�.

      I love the article on the Iraq Holly Cost conference the best. The White Whiners (or Wieners), team up with the sand niggers to dispel the jew myths. Did you mention to your new Iraqi friends that after you kill all the jews, you are going to wipe them out? Oh I forgot your sister married a sand man and you have turban clad kids. Whoops, sorry!

      Oh god I could go on for hours retard, or are you a retread?


    30. Shitforbrains Says:

      Come celebrate with us White Power Man.

      We have BIG Party in Baghdad to celebrate “Holly Cost is BIG JEW BOY Lie!�

      My Iraqi brothers and I would have you come to party to unite as one big army against the jews. We teats you to BIG Party surprise. Party will happen next week at the Baghdad Café on Ima Dumass Merican Blvd. Please you must ware pretty white tee shirst with BIG Merican flags so wee can find you.

      We tell stories that will laugh your head off! Let us toss you a celebration surprise, many smart Univercity professors will also attend. Like me for one.

      We will meet a ground zero to discuss some explosive ideas with you White Power Mans. We sing, We dance, We see if Iraqi woman wears panties under Muslim kilt.

      Come my brave White Mans, lets join together to fight jews boy. I loves Merica, Oh can you see, BLa, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Blaaaa. Beety Beep, Madon, Maryne Monrae, Jesuus Simpson, Monica Lewbinsky (I know she jew, but give great head).

      Ahmed Bin Bomin Shitforbrains

    31. Amme Says:

      honestly people, this is all bullshit.
      Everyone here is going on about hating Jewish people. But thats exactly what they are, PEOPLE.
      And about the whites are better stuff, iv met jewish people who are white? what does that make them?
      and the guy up there who is saying hes smarter than all the jewish Lawyers and Doctors, well, Im sure they can atleast spell and speak properly.
      Everyone on here who is being rude or such about people because of there skin colour or race ect, needs to get a life, cos you guys aint any better if you spend your days bitching about them, if you wanna be better than them, this isnt the way to do so, because reading this is giving me the wrong opinion about you guys.
      So please, go get a life or see a therapist or something.