26 March, 2006

The Jewing of Advertising

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Leo Burnett, whose agency is responsible for the loxist Washington Mutual campaign described in a post below, is credited with revolutionizing American advertising. We don’t know if he’s a jew but we’re just going to guess that he just might be, as he married a girl named Naomi Geddes. If he’s not, he’s pretty much the only non-jew major figure in American advertising in the 20th century. In that case he would join Alfred Kinsey, Alger Hiss and John Dewey as, in effect, goyfronts for radical jews.

How do you suppose this Leo revolutionized his field, going on to build today’s second largest agency – from scratch? Says Wikipedia:

Burnett followed [jew] Walter Lippman‘s philosophy of creating an image around the product. Until his time, advertising centered on long text descriptions of the product, with detailed arguments as to why it was better than competing products. Burnett concentrated on style, creating icons as a symbol of the product.

In other words, he emphasized style over substance. How jewish. He’s the perfect forerunner of the MTV-style spazvertising that is now ubiquitous. If you quit watching tv for even a few months, and then you pop in a tape, you will see tv obliterates faculties like a contagious Helen Keller. Fox’s in-house commercials are like a hand grenade going off in your face. The medium is spastic anymore. The shows are bad, but the advertising makes you want to go “Office Space” on the screen.

Jews have a long history of producing ads, buying ads, and censoring ads, here and in Britain.

Image over substance: the jewish way come the AmeriKwan way. Today Burnett’s successors peddle cool negroes as replacement therapy for a sick, aged Aryan America. For all their blather about diversity, they stick to memes and stereotypes that do not vary in the slightest. The effect is seen in polls showing tv viewers think America is 1/3 black and 1/10th jewish.

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    1. Will Says:

      Jews sure are a pretty looking people. Always so good looking, they’re. No wonder God chose them. Such incredible looks!

    2. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “…he would join Alfred Kinsey, Alger Hiss and John Dewey as, in effect, goyfronts for radical jews.”

      I think you’re too hard on Dewey here. He completely rejected Lippmann’s notion of government by the elite for the elite.


      “In 1922, Walter Lippmann published an influential book entitled Public Opinion. In this book, Lippmann was very suspicious and critical of any model of democracy that placed excessive faith and power in the hands of the public. For instance, he argued that participatory democracy was unworkable, that the democratic public was a myth, and hence that governance should be delegated exclusively to political representatives and their expert advisors.”

      “John Dewey, in his response to Lippmann, first in a review published in The New Republic (1922), and later in his book The Public and its Problems (1927), contended that democracy should not be confined to the enlightenment of administrators or to insiders like industrial leaders, and highlighted the importance of public deliberation in political decision-making.”

      Dewey, like the gentile Welshman (Robert Owen) who coined the term communism, also rejected the Marxist notion of class struggle. Like Owen, Dewey allowed for the possibility of class cooperation, or what MacDonald might call “hierarchic harmony”. See Dewey’s “Means and Ends” published as a rejoinder to Trotsky’s “Their Morals and Ours”.

    3. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Thick jewlips bogarting a Camel; noxious stink billowing from cavernous snoot-vents…..yea verily, a smoking hebe is surely one of the most revolting sights ever to sear a retina.

      Of course, there IS a very different kind of “smoking hebe” I would pay lots of money to see.