28 March, 2006

Update: Germar Rudolph

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germarrudolf.jpg Dear Friends,

Today, I received two letters from Germar Rudolf from prison. As most of you know, Germar is the outstanding Holocaust revisionist scholar that put the final and ultimate nail in the coffin of the “Auschwitz Gas Chamber” legend. The forensic study of this courageous and gifted former Max Planck Institute doctoral candidate stands as a classic of science and Holocaust revisionism. Let it suffice to say that Germar is one of the most outstanding men the Holocaust revisionist movement has ever produced. Not only is he a brilliant scholar, but he is also a good person. He deserves your support!!

Obviously, I cannot publish the letters because I don’t have his written permission to do so. But I believe I am justified in paraphrasing some of their contents, so as to keep Holocaust revisionists and others updated on Germar’s condition.

I get the impression that Germar is holding up very well and that he is in good spirits. He must be getting a ton of mail (that he very much appreciates), because he says that his thumb is sore from writing so much. He says that he has some trouble getting supplies for his typewriter. He is overwhelmed with material to read, as many people send him “all kinds of stuff.” His workout schedule is coming along well, as he exercises two hours per day six days a week. The food is very good, and he also buys supplements.

Surprisingly (!), the German authorities did give him Paul Grubach’s open letter to George W.Bush, in which I castigated Bush for his hypocrisy and double standards in regard to Holocaust revisionists like Germar Rudolf. Surprise(!), Surprise (!) again, as the German officials also gave Germar my open letter to the UN Iranian ambassador, in which I requested that he bring the case of Germar Rudolf before a UN human rights tribunal. And finally, we should be really surprised (!) that the German judge gave Germar at least one of my letters to the US German embassy, in which I castigated the German government for oppressing Germar!!!!

However, the Mannheim court did inform Germar that one of my letters was confiscated, which conclusively shows that the court does examine his mail and they do some censor some of it. Germar said that maybe the German judge did not like what I wrote, or perhaps he liked it so much that he kept it!!

Finally, Germar wants to make certain that the bond between him and his wife stays strong, and he suggested a way in which I can help him on this. This is all I will say on this matter, and I will help him as much as I can.

Paul Grubach

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  7. 2 Responses to “Update: Germar Rudolph”

    1. SHMUELY Says:

      Thanks for the supporting efforts, Paul, we in the know appreciate it very much. Germar is indeed one of the most able, qualified and productive people on the cutting edge of historical revisionism! We will miss his voluminous research and publishing efforts. We hope that M.S. will continue getting needed material into print, as it comes to him. We all wish Germar well, und Freiheit und Frieden.

    2. Apollonian Says:

      Germar Rudolf is mere money-making-grubbing Pelagian heretic (not unlike Willis Carto); don’t waste too much time or money on Rudolf who is someone used by oligarchs by way of getting patriots to waste money.