24 March, 2006

“Wonder Showzen”

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[Latest “spare no one but organized jews” comedy, from MTV. Hollywood has operated off the same worn-through stock of stereotypes for fifty years. The promise of White media is adding some new ones that reflect reality, such as the lying, ugly kike (Take Alan Dershowitz. Please.), the uncool nigger, the noble Southerner, the good German, the helpful priest, the loxist jew.]

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“Plastic Surgeons Without Borders” from “Wonder Showzen.”

MTV2’s “Wonder Showzen” aims to do for childhood innocence what “Chappelle’s Show” did for racial sensitivity. Just don’t call it “‘Sesame Street’ on acid.”

By Matt Haber

March 22, 2006 | What would you do if a microphone-toting grade-schooler in a trench coat approached you at ground zero and asked you to share your 9/11 memories — but insisted that you do so while wearing one of those Groucho Marx funny-nose-and-glasses get-ups? What if you were visiting the Statue of Liberty and a pigtailed little girl asked you — while the cameras were rolling — if she had the “freedom to smack you in the face right now”? What if she then hauled off and slapped you?

Welcome to “Wonder Showzen,” the MTV2 series that does for childhood innocence what “Chappelle’s Show” did for racial sensitivity. It’s a pitch-perfect (and pitch-black) parody of a kids show in which puppets, cartoons, industrial films and adorable child actors collide in what feels like a riot (in both senses) rippling through Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The result is often deeply offensive — and painfully funny.


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  7. 2 Responses to ““Wonder Showzen””

    1. Alex Linder Says:

      I have never seen this show, would be interested in hearing comments on it.

    2. Nxhiku Says:

      Probably the worst show of the genre. Rivaled only by “TV Funhouse”. Not just cruel but flat out sadistic. Use of actual, live children paints a whole new layer of sick. More than a few hidden-in-plain-sight hints and references to pederasty. Fake-a-loo “Warning/Parental Advisory at beginning, like BET’s UnCut or adverts for Girls Gone Wild. Makes fun of dead people (children included). Current promos for new season are parodies of the well-known killed-by-a-drunk-driver PSATs where a home movie of a child plays, then screen fades to the date of their death. Pretty sure it takes place in NYC, based on accents. Anti-Human venom spat from kippa wearing cobra.