21 April, 2006

Sonoma Kool-Aid Tasting

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[No smoking outside, thanks, but feel free to bring your nigger!]

A community as diverse as its landscape, Sonoma Country is located less than 30 miles north of San Francisco.

Our warm and friendly residents create memorable personalised experiences daily.

Welcome to Sonoma Country, your perfect getaway anytime of the year.



  • 7 Responses to “Sonoma Kool-Aid Tasting”

    1. wayne h. Says:

      This is typical of most advertising these days.The picture isn’t complete without a grinning nigger groping a white woman.how disgusting. The televitz is full of this diversity B.S. as well .When I see niggers I stay away.

    2. James MacElroy Says:

      One of the weaknessess of the jew is that he is so nervous that he will be caught lying, or that his lies won’t be believed, that he has to hit every nail so hard that it bends and its head breaks off. Here’s a perfect example. Talk about forced and unreal! HAWHAW! Unfortunately, the average P.C. goy is a stupid coward that has to grovel for peer/jew acceptance to feel alive — which is one reason why whites are dying out. What can be done? This is only one of the many reasons I do not own a TV and do not pay any attention whatsoever to the media.

    3. Megasaurus Says:

      Aliens gone multicultural!

    4. bubba Says:

      As Dr. Pierce said about california, “the multi, culti, capital of the world!” No wonder the mestizos are taking over, most californians’ brains are in la la land. So sad for such a beautiful state.

    5. van helsing Says:

      The laugh will be on the blacks as well.

      Their new cohabitants arent going to tolerate them.

    6. Orion Says:

      Man you guys don’t get it. The couple on the far left are high yella mestizos and there is an asian female in there as well. And all you can focus on is that nigger.

      That mestizo is just as dangerous and probably 99 % of the viewers didn’t even catch it.

      We are doomed.

    7. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      California passed 187 and anti-affirmative action 209. What have other states done?